14 Things That are Totally Fake About The Bachelorette (+ 6 That Are Actually Real)

The Bachelorette has been on the air for years and is one of the most successful spin-offs in the history of modern television. Focused on a woman looking to find love among a group of at least 25 men who are vying for her attention, The Bachelorette features loads of drama and intrigue.

As is the case with many long-running TV shows, by now, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that production of The Bachelorette runs like a well-oiled machine. In fact, the people that work behind the scenes on the series have figured out the best ways to make the show as entertaining for its fans as possible. However, while there certainly are elements of the series that are completely legitimate, there also are some things that are not as they seem to be. With that in mind, it is time to look at this list of 14 things that are totally fake about The Bachelorette and 6 things that are surprisingly real.

In order for something to be up for possible inclusion on this list, it first and foremost has to relate to an element of The Bachelorette in one way or another. On top of that, it either has to be a lot more real than a lot of viewers may realize or have an aspect to it that is totally put on. It should be noted that we do not have any relationships with the people involved in the show so when it comes to the real side of the list, we have relied on public information

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20 The Confessionals Are Highly Manipulated

Via popsugar.com

Presented as the ultimate opportunity for viewers to get inside the minds of the stars of The Bachelorette, confessionals give the events of an episode a running commentary of sorts. Obviously recorded hours, if not days, after the fact, it seems like it also gives the person talking the chance to reflect on what happened. However, it turns out that a lot of what you hear during confessionals is due to manipulation.

In fact, a producer revealed that when a contestant is too low energy, they would say things to them like “I know you’re way more fun” and “if you’re not into it, you can go home tomorrow if you want.”

Essentially a threat, things like that make it clear that contestants better be entertaining.

19 The Contestants Are Sleep Deprived

Via insideedition.com

Another example of just how far The Bachelorette’s producers are willing to go in order to make their show as entertaining as possible, they even go so far as to keep contestants deprived of sleep. At first blush, that may leave you wondering why they would think that doing so would make their show better.

If you have ever found yourself habitually tired, then you will likely know all too well how emotional and on edge you become.

With that in mind, it makes a lot more sense that contestants are prone to emotional outbursts at every turn, which is exactly what producers are hoping for.

18 The Romance Isn’t As Deep As It Seems

Via today.com

Clearly an effort to make entertaining television above everything else, if the producers of The Bachelorette really wanted to create healthy relationships they would run their show differently. This is obvious in many ways, including things like the competition and fame aspects of the series giving contestants reason to fake that they have feelings for their season’s Bachelorette. On the other hand, while watching the show, it seems like the contestants get to know the woman at the center of it all really well. However, according to former Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky,

"I would say you probably spend about 72 hours tops with the person you wind up choosing."

We spend more time with bag boy at our grocery store.

17 Producers Decide Just About Everything To Do With The Dates

Via YouTube.com

Among the biggest moments of any episode of The Bachelorette, when the woman at the center of it all goes on a date, it is the best opportunity for romantic feelings to blossom. Almost always presented as the idea of either the Bachelorette or the contestant that is on the date with her, in reality, that is not the case at all, at least until the final stages of a season. In fact, when asked about what goes into the planning of these dates, season 4 winner Jesse Csincsak said, “Everything until the final four guys is all producers.”

16 The Villains Are Pushed Into Their Roles

Via popsugar.com

Seemingly the worst fate that any “reality” TV star could find themselves in, ending up as the villain of a show like The Bachelorette leads to you being on the receiving end of a great deal of anger. While it may end up being pretty awful for the person at the center of the maelstrom, it is no coincidence that every season of the show features someone that fans have such harsh feelings for. Speaking about that fact, executive producer Mike Fleiss said,

“Now we're very careful in our casting to develop characters that the audience is going to root for and root against.”

We wonder if the "villain" ends getting compensated to play the part.

15 Contestants Are Molded Into Character Types

Via washingtonpost.com

One of the key factors in a particular season of The Bachelorette being a success, producers have to make sure that viewers have contestants to root for and against. For that reason, they do everything in their considerable power to mold contestants into the type of television character they need them to be.

For instance, they bring in stylists that make them visually fit their onscreen persona and they edit footage to portray contestants however they want.

More than that, according to season 4 winner Jesse Csincsak, “If a guy being himself gets ratings then they leave it be, but if not, they step in.”

14 The Food Is Decorative

Via theknotnews.com

The kind of thing that you are unlikely to notice at first but once it comes to your attention it becomes difficult to ignore, a lot of the time during dates on The Bachelorette, the food just sits there. Of course, there are notable exceptions to this, but a lot of the time, you tune in to see a pair of beautiful people sitting there with a gorgeous spread of food in front of them and they never touch it.

Former Bachelorette contestant Sean Lowe explained that the food goes untouched because “no one looks good eating and microphones pick up all kinds of chomping.”

So basically, they have to hide when they eat.

13 Producers Help The Bachelorette Remember Names

Via observer.com

Probably the most harmless deception included as a part of this list, this entry still proves how little impact the contestants have on The Bachelorette, at least early on. Introduced to at least 25 people vying for their love all at once, it makes sense that the woman at the center of all the drama may struggle to remember a few of her new acquaintance's names.

Still, when season 4 winner Jesse Csincsak revealed how much producers assist their main star during the elimination ceremony, it took us by surprise.

At lot more lengthy process that seems to be on TV, during eliminations, the Bachelorette meets with producers, is reminded of contestants names, and then asks three of them to stay at a time.

12 The Contestants Are Almost Entirely Isolated From Their Everyday Lives

Via abcnews.go.com

An aspect starring in a “reality” TV show that sometimes comes to the forefront, some series like Survivor and Big Brother give the fact that their stars are away from family and friends a lot of attention. On the other hand, The Bachelorette doesn’t focus on that aspect of things all that much, but that doesn’t make the isolation any less real.

In fact, according to several reports, even during the casting process, contestants are left alone in their hotel rooms, and while the show is filmed, they are cut off from the outside world.

Of course, there are exceptions to this rule as they will let stars know if something extremely serious in their personal lives comes up.

11 The Tears Often Are Coaxed Out Of Contestants

Via ihategreenbeans.com

Something of a pressure cooker, when the stars of The Bachelorette tear up, it isn’t exactly surprising for fans of the show. On the other hand, it is pretty astonishing to learn that oftentimes, those tears are the result of the show’s producers doing some pretty underhanded things. Able to learn a lot about their stars during the casting process, while filming confessionals, producers tie the events of the day to things they know their stars are highly emotional about. Willing to bring up things like the passing of a loved one, after talking about devastating aspects of their lives, the show’s stars are likely to cry at the slightest prodding.

10 The Final 4 Supposedly Are Chosen In Night One

Via thestar.com

Meant to be a process in which the Bachelorette gets to know her potential suitors better, the show makes it seem like the woman at the center of the show decides who to eliminate one day at a time. Of course, it should already be clear that oftentimes, things are not as they seem when it comes to “reality” television. Instead, according to season 4 winner Jesse Csincsak, a lot of decisions are made early on that have a lasting effect on a season of the show. A perfect example of that, he claims that on the very first night the show begins filming producers and the Bachelorette put their heads together and decide who the final 4 will be.

9 The Franchise Got In Trouble

Via today.com

An entry that is focused on both The Bachelorette and The Bachelor, the franchise as a whole was the subject of a class action lawsuit in 2012. Accused of discriminating along racial lines, the truth of the matter is that over 12 years there was only one non-Caucasian person that was cast at the center of the two shows combined. While that is pretty astonishing, one major reason this is the case is that each of the franchise's stars is chosen from a previous season’s pool of contestants and most people included in that group are Caucasian. Inspired by that fact to sue ABC, two would-be contestants had their lawsuit dismissed after they claimed the network was afraid to feature interracial romance.

8 Many Of The Contestants Did Not Seek Out To Be Part Of The Show

Via tenplay.com.au

Have you ever sat back and watched a premiere episode of The Bachelorette and found yourself wondering how producers find so many gorgeous people to take part in the show.

While most people may assume that the cast is put together solely from a pool of people that seek out the opportunity at love and international fame, many stars join the show through different means.

In fact, the reality is that the show’s producers hire casting people whose only responsibility is to seek out a slew of good-looking men they convince to audition to be a part of the series.

7 Contestants Only Leave Confessionals After Giving Producers What They Want

Via abcnews.go.com

Earlier on this list, we touched on the fact that confessionals may not be as straightforward as they seem to be, due to producers stepping in if contestants are not being entertaining enough. That said, it is time to make it clear just how far producers will go to make sure that they have the footage they need to make their show as dramatic as possible.

In no rush to finish filming an individual confessional, producers will not allow their stars to leave the recording area until they give them what they want.

As a result, whether they want a contestant to say something dramatic about the Bachelorette or their peers it is almost certain to happen.

6 The Contestants Really Do Spend A Ridiculous Amount Of Time Together

Via theverge.com

As anyone that has moved in with someone other than their family will likely be able to attest, even when you've already gotten to know someone, living together can be hard at first. Thrust into a much more difficult situation, The Bachelorette’s contestants suddenly find themselves living with a massive group of strangers.

More than that, their peers are also vying for the affections of their season’s main star and they spend almost every hour of their day stuck with one another.

In fact, season 4 winner Jesse Csincsak revealed that when the show goes on the road, it is a relief since during vacations, the contestants “are away from each other more.”

5 Many Of The Most "Spontaneous" Moments Are Planned

Via vulture.com

A show that appears to feature a lot of moments that come out of nowhere, a lot of the time, contestants seem to do wild things in order to grab the Bachelorette’s attention. However, whenever that happens, you can rest assured that in almost every case, that moment actually was planned hours in advance.

This is the case because the crew needs to be prepared to capture a lot of these so-called spontaneous moments properly.

As a result, most of these scenes were either suggested to the contestant by producers or the crew planned what took place after being told what one of the Bachelorette’s suitors wants to do.

4 Garrett Yrigoyen Really Did Like Some Awful Things On Instagram

Via justjared.com

If you keep up on the off-screen drama that sometimes surrounds the cast of The Bachelorette, then you likely already know about the negative coverage that Garrett Yrigoyen has received due to social media. This is the case because Ashley Spivey, a former contestant on The Bachelor, posted photos on Twitter of a pair of bigoted Instagram posts that Yrigoyen had liked in the past. The first of which peddled in a conspiracy theory and the other took a gross shot at liberal women. Apologizing for liking the posts, Yrigoyen said, “I didn't mean to offend anybody. I apologize for that still. I'm very sorry”.

3 An Infamous Walk In A Cast Wasn’t What It Seemed

via Toronto Star

An extremely memorable Bachelorette contestant, Justin Rego competed for the love of Ali Fedotowsky during the 6th season of the show. Eliminated in week 6, he didn’t last overly long, but he was involved in several crazy moments, including when it came to light that he had a girlfriend at home.

Opting to literally escape that moment, it wasn’t the only time that his actions overshadowed all of his fellow contestants on the show.

At one point, it seemed like he chose to walk 2 miles in order to see Fedotowsky despite needing to use crutches since one of his legs was in a cast. However, his fellow contestant Craig Robinson says that producers actually drove Rego there.

2 The Relationships Are A Lot More Successful Than On The Bachelor

Via womenshealthmag.com

The most recent relationship at the center of The Bachelorette, although they are engaged, many fans are unsure if Becca Kufrin and Garrett Yrigoyen will tie the knot. That uncertainty aside, they are still a couple which makes them a successful pairing for the show, at least currently. When you include them, that means that at the time of this writing, 7 out of the 14 The Bachelorette’s pairings are still together, including season 1’s Trista and Ryan. On the other end of things, even though 22 seasons of The Bachelor have aired at the time of this writing, that show has only resulted in 3 lasting relationships so far. To say that is an amazing difference is an understatement.

1 Things Aren’t As They Seem

Via heauxsmag.com

Owned by Disney which is one of the most family-friendly companies in the world, over the years the ABC network has pushed the envelope but its censors are pretty on the ball. An example of that fact, The Bachelorette can get pretty steamy but for the most part, the onscreen affection that the show includes is limited to kissing. For that reason, when things get steamier than that, the show’s audience tends to take note of that very quickly. However, what many viewers don’t know is that The Bachelorette’s producers choose not to include a lot of footage of the show’s main stars getting more physically intimate with contestants.

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