14 Surprising Viral Hotties Of 2015

In this day and age, tons of people follow the every move of their favorite celebrities. From your favorite pop stars to the actresses whose style game is always on point, from the latest dreamy Hollywood hottie to someone like the Kardashians, famous for basically perfecting the selfie game and publicizing their lives. These celebrities can get a little extra attention if they get caught in a scandal, or even if they just absolutely slay the red carpet on a certain occasion, but they expect the attention – it’s part of the job.

And then, there are the individuals on this list. They’re basically just regular people who ended up going viral for being, well, hot. There’s really no polite way to say it. They’re normal people whose Instagram accounts went from 100 followers to 100,000 followers in weeks, they’re models who starred in an incredibly minor print advertisement that ended up spreading like wildfire, they’re people who were just going through the motions of an average day of work when someone snapped a shot of them and shared it with the world. Wherever they’re from, whatever they did to capture the public’s hearts, here are 14 hotties who went absolutely viral in 2015.

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14 Ethan Renoe


Ethan Renoe, age 24 is one of the most recent hotties to go viral, after crashing a weather report while jogging topless. Renoe was going for a jog along Lake Michigan earlier this month when he accidentally ended up on live TV while Thaman Bradley was reporting. Being a good sport about the situation he asked the shirtless jogger "Dude, where is your shirt, man?" and Renoe responded with "It’s a great day for a run, [and] it’s too wet for a shirt," Ethan says. "I love running in the rain, and I’m also single!"

In a follow up interview with WGN, Renoe was asked about life since the run-in, he noted that he has had over 1,000 new friend requests on Facebook and has been asked out on many dates. He has also been a trending topic on Twitter, it is safe to say he won't be single for long.

13 Cindy Kimberly


Earlier this month Justin Bieber shared a a picture of a girl he was crushing on, asking his fans to find out who this beauty was. Well it didn't take long for the actual girl to come forward, shocked by the instant fame she received. Cindy Kimberly is the name of this once mysterious beauty who now has a huge fanbase with over 617k followers on Instagram (@WolfieCindy). Surely we will be seeing more of her in 2016.

12 Pietro Boselli


While the name Pietro Boselli might not be familiar initially, how about this one – the math-teaching model. That’s right, you know exactly who we’re talking about. Boselli, an Italian mega-babe, did his fair share of modelling in his younger years, and eventually went on to study mechanical engineering. While he was working towards his doctorate, he taught undergraduate mathematics at University College London. A student who understandably found him super hot did a little sleuthing and ended up finding out about his modelling career. The super brainy math model was born, and many have called him the world’s sexiest math teacher. Hey, no arguments here.

11 Hendrix from Target

via: youtube.com

Target, you have some explaining to do. Everyone who has been on the internet in the past year or two will remember Alex from Target, the adorable employee who captured the hearts of the world after getting his picture taken while ringing up purchases at the till. Well, it turns out that there are quite a few hotties amongst the group of Target employees – and in 2015, there was one in particular who everyone was obsessed with. We’re talking about Hendrix. The internet ended up calling the young hottie Hendrix because he looks a lot like rapper Future, and the one thing we know is that he works at a Houston, Texas Target. That’s right – a good ol’ southern boy. Here’s hoping Hendrix goes on to some big things.

10 Hailie Mathers

via: huffingtonpost.co.uk

Back in the day, Eminem rapped about his daughter Hailie Jade, and since Em has looked pretty much the same for the past two decades (with a few wardrobe upgrades), it can be easy to assume that his daughter is still just a toddler. However, that’s definitely not the case – in the past year or so, Eminem’s daughter started posting some selfies, and the world totally freaked out. Far from the baby that everyone remembered, Hailie is now 19 years old, blonde, gorgeous, and incredibly smart and talented. Unlike many celebrities’ kids, who end up spoiled with no real skill or talent of their own, it seems that Hailie has a good head on her shoulders.

9 Ashley Parker Angel

via: out.com

Back in the day, when O-Town was tearing up the charts as the latest dreamy boy band, every girl was obsessed with Ashley Parker Angel. Okay, he had frosted tips (a mistake that everyone crushing on celebrities during a certain era was forced to look past), but he was a definite mega-babe. Then, to our collective sadness, he basically disappeared. However, 2015 was the year of Ashley Parker Angel’s return – and oh, he definitely came in showing off all the goods. He posted several shots showing off his toned and trim body, including a selfie that basically set the internet on fire because it showed off, well, almost everything.

8 The Tiffany Men

via: time.com

Advertising can be difficult – marketing professionals at any big brand want their campaigns to stand out, but they want it to stand out for all the right reasons. Particularly in the realm of jewellry, it can be tough to differentiate one brand from another. Sure, Tiffany’s has the iconic blue box, but a ring is just a ring. So, Tiffany & Co. introduced a real life couple into an advertisement for engagement rings. What was all the fuss about? Well, they decided to feature an actual gay couple who were living in New York City. The duo was crazy hot, they looked absolutely adorable, and everyone was obsessed with the two Tiffany men in 2015.

7 Myspace Tom, All Grown Up

via: sugarscape.com

Everyone who was on the internet in the early 2000s will remember the social media trend that was Myspace, and everyone will remember the slightly dorky individual clad in a white t-shirt that was always in the top friends. Well, while it may have been years since you’ve thought about Myspace Tom, he’s still alive and kicking – and he’s come a long way from the dorky profile picture you might remember. Turns out, Tom is a photographer now, and a single selfie that he shared with the world went absolutely viral. We’re not saying that Tom definitely grew into his looks, but, well, the evidence speaks for itself.

6 Sara X

via: huffingtonpost.com

Sara X initially went viral with a video that showed off her assets in 2014, and all she could do with them. Yeah – we’re talking about the boob twerking, for lack of a better phrase. Well, she wasn’t content to be a one hit viral wonder, and pretty much twerked her way through 2015. She created several videos featuring her skilled body parts, and the internet absolutely loved it. I mean, if you’ve got it, flaunt (and twerk) it, right? We’ve got to hand it to the girl – she definitely took the 15 minutes of fame that her initial viral video granted her and parlayed that into another year of internet stardom.

5 Dr. Mike

via: ipnoze.com

We’re blaming all the drama and romance-filled medical shows for this one (looking at you, Shonda Rhimes and your cast of crazy hot doctors). Whether it’s because we watched way too many Grey’s Anatomy marathons and are desperately trying to believe that a McDreamy could exist in real life or not, women seem to love sexy doctors – and Dr. Mike stepped up in 2015. He has an Instagram account, like many individuals do, and someone found it… and the rest is history. I mean, he’s an insanely hot doctor, he takes his job seriously, he’s an animal lover… it’s surprising Dr. Mike didn’t go viral sooner!

4 Bean Curd Boy

via: cosmopolitan.com

Okay, let’s be honest – bean curd isn’t exactly the sexiest thing in the world to think about. When it comes to foods, it’s pretty far down the list of romantic options. However, when a model is the one selling it, things get a little bit steamier – just look at the viral popularity of bean curd boy. The man in question is named Yi Tin Chen, and he was brought to the internet’s attention when a local blogger started seeing the amounts of women flocking to his shop selling tofu. As Cosmopolitan said, “his bean curd literally brought all the girls to the yard.”

3 Miguel Pimentel

via: mensfitness.com

A lot of viral hotties end up being known more by their occupation or whatever scenario catapulted them to viral stardom, so we’re going to go ahead and assume you’re not sure who Miguel Pimentel is, but you might know him better as the hot cop. Pimentel does everything that a regular cop would – save lives, protect innocent citizens, etc. Super sexy. However, he also breaks up all the heroic stuff by taking half-naked selfies. Guess which reason the internet is obsessed with him? I mean, who could blame the guy – he obviously works hard on his physique. If you’ve got it, flaunt it!

2 Stanley from That’s So Raven

via: officialaeronautz.blogspot.com

That’s So Raven was a show that countless women of a certain age were obsessed with. I mean, how could you not be? She was a sassy teenager who got flashes of the future and had a blast with her two best friends. However, we’re not here to talk about the glorious diva that is Raven Symone. We’re here to talk about Stanley, a.k.a. Bobb’e J. Thompson, a.k.a. the one who got really hot. Thompson basically disappeared from our memory for awhile, and then re-appeared in a blaze of ab pictures. I mean, we’re not complaining, but who would have thought Stanley would end up looking like that?

1 Zach from Target

via: huffingtonpost.com

Okay, 2015 was a pretty big year for Target, based on the amount of viral hotties they’re producing. Not only are they the employers of countless hot, hot staff, like Alex and Hendrix, they also make some pretty admirable decisions when it comes to their advertising and policies (for example, removing gender-based signage from kids’ sections). One decision that went viral involved Zach Miko, a performer who also works as a “big and tall” model. That’s right – while some brands are opting to go increasingly over the top with unbelievably ripped models, Target chose someone who basically looks like perfect, cuddly boyfriend material. The internet loved the chocie, and they also loved Zach Miko.

Sources: cosmopolitan.com

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