14 Steps To Walking Like A Model

There is nothing sexier than the runway model walk. The steady gaze and purpose in each step is stunning. The sheer confidence alone is enough to leave one breathless, and that confidence is exactly what you will get when you master the model walk.

Many women wish they could walk like a model and a few women actually take that desire a step further by going to modeling classes just to learn the walk. If you are a do it yourselfer, you can learn to walk the walk right now. From top to bottom, learning to walk like a model is a full body activity that is easy to learn but takes time and a lot of practice to really master. Be prepared to spend time every day practicing and perfecting your walk.

So get out those high heels in the back of the closet and dust them off. You are about to learn the steps to not only walking like a real model, but you are going to change your life by showing the world just how confident and secure you are in your own body. You are going to absolutely rock the beach and draw eyes at every party. Own it.

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14 Before You Begin

Before you begin learning how to walk like a model, you need to watch professional models on the catwalk. Head over to YouTube and pull up a few catwalk videos. While watching the videos, examine how the models hold their head, what they do with their mouths and eyes, their arms, and how they move their legs. Watch how they sway their hips and the placement of their feet as they walk. After watching a few catwalk videos, you will be ready to start practicing how to walk like a professional model. Clear up some space on the floor and get ready.

13 Eyes Straight Ahead

After you have watched a few runway walks, begin practicing a walk with your eyes straight ahead or looking into the distance. Worry about nothing else but your eyes. Models do not make eye contact while on the runway. It makes them look aloof and classy. It also keeps them from becoming distracted by the audience. If you are unsure of your footing, you can make quick glances down with just your eyes to make sure that the area in front of you is clear of any obstacles.

12 Head Up

While you are keeping your eyes straight ahead, you also need to keep your head and chin pointed straight forward. The only time professional models turn their heads is when they are posing or turning on the runway. Keeping your head facing forward as you walk gives you a sense of purpose that others will immediately pick up on. It makes you a woman of power, whereas walking with your head down makes you appear weak and depressed.

11 Lose the Mouth Tension


While keeping your eyes straight ahead and your head up, you will probably find that your mouth tenses up. Get rid of the angry looking mouth tension by either slightly parting your lips or by keeping your lips closed but your jaw relaxed with your teeth not touching inside your mouth. Losing the severe tension in your jaw line with help you lose the tension in the rest of your body and make you appear more relaxed with yourself. Whether a model smiles or not depends on the instructions given to her before the show. Since you are doing this walk for your own confidence, you decide on whether or not to smile.

10 Straight Posture

Professional models have beautiful posture, and it is something we all need to work on even if we aren't models. Practice standing up straight and imagine a straight line traveling through your spine to the top of your head. Avoid slouching and avoid looking too stiff. You can work on your posture by sitting up straight on a yoga ball for 15 minutes a day and by walking with a book balanced on top of your head.

9 Arms Swing Naturally

As you are walking, allow your arms to swing naturally at your sides. Don't keep your arms stiff and straight like a robot, but don't swing them around like a windmill either. Instead, allow them to gently sway at your sides. As for your hands, you can leave them relaxed and natural or, depending on what you are wearing, you can place one or both in your pockets.

8 Feet Straight

Avoid walking with your toes pointed outwards or inwards. As you walk, your toes should be pointed straight ahead. There is no exception to this rule. If you have problems with your toes pointed out or in, you will need to practice every day and all the time to train your toes to point to the front. Having been pigeon toed in my childhood, my mother constantly reminded to keep my toes forward. It took serious effort, but eventually I perfected forward pointed feet. As an adult, I don't even think about it anymore. It happens naturally.

7 Hip Sway

As you practice your walk, pay attention to what your hips are doing. They should have a natural sway to them. You do not need to force a sway or have an overly exaggerated sway. A slight sway is feminine, although you can also practice a full out swagger sway to show off ultimate confidence in party settings.

6 Find Your Rhythm

If there is music playing, it is easy to find a rhythm for your walk. If there is no music, you will need to find your own rhythm or practice a favorite one. Start by practicing your walk to different songs with different rhythms. When you find a rhythm you like the best, continue to practice it until you can walk to the rhythm without the music playing.

5 Walk the Tight Rope


Bring your legs together when you are walking. Pretend that you are walking on a tight rope as you place one foot in front of the other. If you are having problems with this, try and practice walking on a balance beam or simply put masking tape on the floor in a straight line. Practice walking while looking down at your foot placement the first few times. Gradually work your way to having your head up as you gain more confidence with this type of walk.

4 Break Out the High Heels

After you have practiced your walk in bare feet or in flats, it is time to break out the high heels. Learning to walk in high heels with confidence takes time. Remember that even the best supermodels have the occassional runway tumble. With that in mind, practice your walk in high heels as often as possible. Plan to practice for at least 30 minutes a day or longer if you are actively seeking a modeling career. One trick professional models do is wear their heels on the treadmill to practice their walk. If you don't own or have access to a treadmill, you can practice in your home or be more daring and practice walking in heels outside on the sidewalk.

3 Strike a Pose


The other day, as my mother and I were talking about the elegance of runway models, she brought up that when she was in school, girls were taught about poise. They would have lessons in school on how to properly sit, walk, and even get in and out of a car. When models reach the end of the catwalk, they pause and pose. They show off their class and elegance. Practice your walk and end it with a pose by leaning on one hip. Give it some attitude and practice a sexy look, a cocky flounce, or a steadfast look of supreme confidence.

2 Show Attitude

Every supermodel who has walked the runway has her own unique attitude. Think about who you are, your background, and how you want to portray yourself. Put your thoughts into your walk. For example, if you feel that you are more of a country girl and a dreamer, your walk will be more calm than if you view yourself as an inner city diva. Take what you have got and express it in the way you move your body as you walk. Show your thoughts with your eyes and portray a feeling such as tough, sexy, powerful, or simply awesome.

1 Walk Like You've Got Sex

According to The Daily Mail, supermodel Cara Delevingne got the best advice when she was told to "walk like you're having sex and like you've had loads of sex." Delevingne was not born with the perfect walk and she admits she had a heck of a time learning how to walk in heels. Just by changing her thoughts and mental attitude, she was able to create her signature sexy tomboy walk.

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