14 Snapchat Fails You NEED To See

Snapchat has brought us some of the most hilarious fails our eyes have ever seen. The app - which allows users to post pictures and videos that are deleted in 24 hours - has become a gift and a curse for many. While some people are more willing to post risqué and embarrassing content because of the app's ability to delete things after a certain amount of time, nothing that's removed from the Internet is really gone forever. Even though taking a screenshot on the app is a big no-no, some people DGAF about the etiquette rules, and their swift fingers have saved many hilariously awkward snaps that are epic failures.

The next time you feel compelled to post something on Snapchat, just remember your epic fail isn't safe in the hands of your followers. Before you know it, you may end up going viral like these 14 Snapchat fails you NEED to see.

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14 Need a Hug?


The things people will do in order to feel loved is baffling. Dating isn't always easy, and finding someone to give you the love and affection you desire can be a lifelong journey, but this guy definitely went a bit too far, and he came across slightly desperate...and a little creepy.

It looks like he has completely given up on finding a love interest, and instead, he's more than content with creating a girlfriend using Snapchat's drawing function. On the app, you can use a variety of different colors to draw anything your heart desires. This Snapchat user put his imagination and creativity to the test by drawing his very own bae. The drawing surrounds him and his enclosing him in a big bear hug. The guy looks pretty happy and comfortable with his pretend bae, so we're not going to rag on him too much. If he likes it, we love it.

13 Going Natural


This is clearly a joke, but it's still funny nonetheless! A woman posted this "natural" selfie on Snapchat, but her look is anything but au naturale. Her face is heavily made up to the point where it clearly took her a good 30 minutes to apply her makeup. From her mascara-coated eyelashes to her heavily drawn eyebrows, there's nothing natural about this look at all. This woman reportedly used 112 sticks of eyeliner to give her eyes this darkly-rimmed effect. We definitely admire her dedication, because it takes some skill and talent to really pull that off! We love that she's poking fun at others who insist that they're going makeup-free when you can easily tell they're wearing just as much if not more products than the next girl. If you feel more comfortable wearing makeup then go for it! But there's no need to pretend like your skin is perfectly flawless. We all have imperfections that drive us crazy.

12 When Bees Attack


This has happened to all of us at some point: You're driving around in your car when suddenly, you notice a bug flying around you or a creepy bug chilling on your passenger seat. You're trapped behind the doors of your vehicle, and there's really nothing you can do at the moment except for completely freak out! This Snapchat user documented what happened when a bee entered their car, and as you can see, it resulted in an all out battle that ended with some perfectly fine food getting utterly destroyed. The driver's terror caused them to fling their taco at the bee, and we can only hope the poor little fella was able to escape unscathed. Sure, bees can be quite frightening, but did the little insect really deserve to have all the contents of a crunchy taco hurled at its little body? On top of that, it's going to be a pain to get that car cleaned.

11 What's Taking so Long?


We really hope this is a joke, but we're leaning towards this being a real life moment that actually happened. In this epic Snapchat fail, a girl can be seen getting all dolled up in the bathroom. A bunch of beauty products and styling tools are strewn across the counter, and she's in the middle of curling her hair before a night out on the town. The only problem is, her hair curler is completely unplugged. The caption reads, "What is taking so long??" with a circle and an arrow pointing at the plug.

This type of beauty mishaps has happened to the best of us, but this girl's BFF is definitely to blame in this situation. She could've at least given her airhead friend the heads up that her curler wasn't getting hot because the stupid thing was unplugged, right?!  There are just too many fails going on in this picture for us to comprehend.

10 Stuck


I'm sure this has happened to everyone...you're dying from hunger so you hit up the local vending machine to grab you some food. But the machine jams up, and your delicious treat gets wedged inside. At this point, not only are you without any food, but you just wasted your money, as well. In most cases, you can give the machine a bit of a shake to release your snack, but sometimes, even that doesn't get the job done.

This Snapchat user got the genius idea to remove his sandwich by ordering a drink. In his mind, once the drink dispensed, it would knock the sandwich down the chute, and he could gather both of his items and go about his day, but things didn't go as planned.

Instead of the drink serving its purpose and pushing the sandwich down, both items got trapped! Ugh, we can definitely feel his pain.

9 Hungry Seagull


Nothing is more refreshing than eating an ice cream cone on a hot summer day. For most ice cream lovers, their biggest fear is for their scoops of ice cream to topple over and fall to the ground just as they're about to go in for a lick, but this Snapchat proves that gravity isn't the only danger to a delicious ice cream cone.

The photo has the caption, "Tried to take a photo of my ice cream. Got photobombed by a seagull." The photo shows a hungry seagull going to town on the ice cream like there's no tomorrow. As hilarious as this photo is, we have to give this guy some props for maintaining his composure in this situation. He could have easily shooed the bird away and told it to scram, but instead, he sacrificed his own sweet tooth craving to make one seagull's day. How incredibly nice of him.

8 Bad Day


Wow, somebody definitely lost their job on this day! A Snapchat user was at the right place at the right time to capture this complete fail. While driving along the street behind a hearse, the unthinkable happened. The driver must have slammed on the brakes, causing the casket to completely break through the back window of the vehicle. The aftermath includes the hearse tilted at an angle and partially lying in the street!

I can only imagine what was going on inside the driver's head as someone's loved one is lying in the middle of the street. Let's hope the casket was empty, but something tells me it wasn't. At least there was some kind of locking mechanism on it to keep the body inside safe and sound because seeing a corpse lying in the middle of the road would've turned this Snapchat fail into a complete epic disaster.

7 Who's This?


You may not ever want to cop to going home with someone, and regretting the entire incident the morning after. But this Snapchat user had no shame in her game. She snapped a photo of her embarrassing hookup for all of her followers to see, and thankfully, someone saved the picture so the rest of the world could laugh at this unfortunate incident.

The girl is lying beside a man in bed, and she has a look of complete horror on her face. The caption reads, "Who's this," confirming she clearly has no clue who the strange man is beside her. We hope she's just joking around, and the guy is her boyfriend or husband, but something tells us she's dead serious. The look on her face says it all: She's absolutely mortified.

We just hope that poor guy isn't one of her Snapchat friends, or this situation will become even more awkward.

6 Defeat


You know the struggle of cooking your favorite meal only for things to end up going horribly wrong, right? This Snapchat fail is something we can all relate to. Maybe not to this epically tragic extent, but it's relatable, nonetheless.

This Snapchat user captured the exact moment when a spaghetti dinner went from delicious to disaster. The cook is sitting on the floor, covering her head in disgust and regret, while a kitty cat is cleaning up the mess and having the time of its life. The caption reads, "This is what defeat looks like," and we can't help but to agree. Hopefully they weren't too hungry, because it looks like dinner is going to be a few hours late.

The bright side is, by the time the cook snaps out of her funk, the entire mess would've been cleaned up by the hungry kitten. It's a win-win situation for all parties involved.

5 Laundry Day


This is the type of incident that will scar someone for life! A Snapchat user decided it was time to grow up and tackle the task of doing their own laundry. But a simple household chore went completely wrong when the washing machine burst into flames! How does something like this even happened? Did they load fire fluid inside of the machine instead of fabric softener? I didn't think anything like this was even possible.

Instead of getting their soiled clothes all nice and clean, this Snapchat user most likely had to deal with some charred clothing instead. We sure hope there was a warranty on that washing machine, and let's hope the entire contents from this Snapchat user's closet aren't inside the fiery machine.

We're not going to even talk about why they decided to snap a picture instead of calling for help first. And they could've at least tried to fan out the flames.

4 Bae Caught Me Sleeping


There are a bunch of "bae caught me sleeping" Snapchat fails floating around the Internet, and they're all equally hilarious. This trend began when some Snapchat users posted photos of themselves "sleeping," and blamed their "baes" for catching them off guard. The bad part was, these people would take photos in front of mirrors, or reflections off of household items would expose them as being fake, single, and clearly starving for attention. But "bae caught me sleeping" won't be going away anytime soon, and now, Snapchat users are finding more creative ways to take photos of themselves all in the name of a good LOL.

This girl is definitely a selfie-taking pro. How she was able to take a Snapchat photo using her feet is beyond us, but we just can't stop ourselves from laughing. This takes some true talent to pull off, don't you agree?

3 Don't Show Anyone

There's a Snapchat fail floating around of a girl standing in front of a mirror while showing off her assets. The caption of the photo reads, "Show anyone I'll kill you." The recipient of the photo obviously didn't take her warning to heart, because the photo has since gone viral, making the girl the laughing stock of the Internet. Another Snapchat user decided to recreate this epic fail using a Barbie doll, and the end result is priceless.

Barbie stands completely undressed with her hair all disheveled. The "Show anyone I'll kill you" caption is also in full effect. This is definitely a hilarious recreation of the actual photo, but who knew Barbie even had a Snapchat? We knew she had an Instagram account, and she even started vlogging recently, but we didn't know she was sending nudes on Snapchat, too. How naughty.

Let's hope she learned her lesson and will keep her goodies in the goody jar moving forward.

2 Caught Her Cheating


OMG the embarrassment *face palm*. It really doesn't get any worse than this. We're pretty sure this guy is going to look back at this moment in a few years and slap himself because this is something that definitely should've been kept quiet. It's just too bad he didn't have a good friend around to tell him this was NOT a good idea.

When it comes to matters of the heart, we can all do some pretty crazy things that we later regret, and this guy decided to document his heartbreak for all of his Snapchat friends to watch in horror. The guy suspected his girlfriend of cheating, and the first snap starts with him letting everyone know he's about to catch her in the act. Before we know it, there's a photo of his girlfriend undressed with a pillow covering her body. The caption simply reads, "Destroyed." Sure, we feel a bit sorry for him, but he had to have known what was coming. Did he really need to take photographic proof of the evidence for the world to see?

1 Rejection


We've all been rejected whether we want to admit it or not. Most of the time, rejection happens in private. Maybe a series of text messages go unanswered or we get unfollowed on our crush's social media accounts. My point is, our rejection isn't plastered online for the world to see...like this guy getting put in the friend zone.

A Snapchat user captured a guy putting the moves on a girl who just wasn't feeling it. The caption says, "He's been trying to kiss her all lunch." Clearly, the girl wasn't having it, but this guy was persistent. He was determined to get that kiss no matter how many times he had to embarrass himself!

Unfortunately for him, his determination has landed him the number one spot on our Snapchat fail list. If someone is dodging your advances, save yourself the humiliation and just throw in the towel. Give it up and move on or you may be the next person added to this hilarious list.

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