14 Signs You're The Mom Of Your Friend Group

We tend to fall into different roles based on our personality types as we go through life, and nothing brings out our true characteristics like being comfortable around our friends. Heck who we are around our friends can even be entirely different than who we are at work or even around our family.

That being said, some people are more responsible than others, and if you have a tendency to keep things under control and handle your business...your friends might want in on some of the action. Having you as the responsible friend means that they can let their hair down and be the responsible person for once. That's all great if it works for you, but it can make you feel a bit like the mom. Here are some signs you’re totally the mom of your friend group.

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14 You’re Always The Least Drunk Friend

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It’s not that you don’t drink, but you seem to have a sense of coherency about you that doesn’t always seem to stick with everyone else. When you get drunk you’re more likely to sit down and think about all your life choices as opposed to dance on the tables an do body shots, so even when you are drunk, people are constantly asking you why you’re not drinking and trying to get you more drinks that you don’t need. You usually get tired first and leave before everyone else… that is if you’re not the designated driver.

13 You Feel Like You’re Always Giving Someone A Ride

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It feels like that because you are. It’s not that you love driving to the airport to pick anyone up at 10pm, but the thought of your friend out there in the cold trying to find an Uber just makes you nervous. Not to mention, since your friends know that you’re so reliable, they sometimes corner you into driving places because you’re the least likely to get drunk. You don't really mind because if someone has to do the job then you feel like it should be you, but that doesn't stop you from feeling a little resentful of feeling like you're driving the team to soccer practice half the time.

12 Everyone Gives You The Bill To Split

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Eating out with a group can be totally annoying to completely insane when it comes to splitting the bill, but you never have to worry about getting gipped again since you’re the resident bill splitter. It’s sort of a hassle but you would rather do it yourself than risk letting someone else do it wrong. You’re not a fan of the “split it evenly” suggestion either. If you didn’t eat any of the $17 guacamole or drink from the community beer pitchers you’re sure as hell not pitching in on any of it. You prefer to calculate it down to the last penny even if you’re missing out on the table convo for a few minutes.

11 You Carry Things In Your Purse For Them

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For some reason your friends are always either carrying too much in their purse or they’re trying to go without one, so they end up asking you to hold random things. Sometimes it’s their cash, sometimes it’s lipstick, and in the worst case it’s keys. But you do it because you care and you also know that you’re a million times less likely to lose anything than they are so you feel a sense of responsibility about the duty. If someone asked you to hold something and you said no you would probably feel a little guilty about it.

10 When Making Plans You Always Consider Lunch

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You’re all in for heading to that daytime birthday party before the night out, but first you need to know if food will be served at the party and if not where else it will be coming from. You’ve seen your friends drinking on empty stomachs and you are not going to let anyone barf this time. You generally like to know what sort of food is going to be served no matter the circumstances, just because you like to feel prepared and know what you’re getting into. Upon arrival you will assess the spread and make suggestions to your friends who have dietary restriction. Or just diets.

9 You’re The Escort To Your Single And Confused Friends

Some of your friends are totally independent regardless of their relationship status, and then you have those friends who go through a breakup and act like they can’t even manage a trip to the grocery store anymore. So they call you. It’s not that you really serve much purpose other than just being a companion on the journey, but you can tell they need you by their side so you’re cool with it. You just have to make sure that they stay on track and don’t try to also throw in a mall run when you only committed to Whole Foods.

8 Your Friends Call You When They’re Sick

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When anyone gets sick in the group you’re the first to know, because not only are you reliable enough to bring by soup and Gatorade, but you have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to treating ailments. You’ll break down the difference between a bacterial infection and a viral infection, determine what can be treated with antibiotics and what can’t, and offer up some natural cures that have been used in the family for generations. Who else is going to inform your friends that chicken noodle soup actually has some real healing properties? You practically have a pharmacy at your house and they know it.

7 You Give Advice Even When You're Not Qualified

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Collectively your friends have dated way more guys than you have, but for some reason you can always clearly see what the problem is when they can't, so they come to you. All the time. Sometimes you even have to give your friends conflicting advice based on what they need to hear, and this makes you wonder if they would be better off consulting with a professional. But of course that's what friends are for, and you're happy to set people straight when they're on the wrong path or be that shoulder to cry on when you were totally right about that guy being a jerk.

6 You Tend To Clean Up During The Party

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It doesn’t matter whose party it is, if there are people gathered in a home partying, you can’t resist the urge to start cleaning and organizing things. Even though the hosts are always adamantly claiming that it isn’t necessary, you disagree. If it was your home you would much rather prefer that people not leave puddles of wine on the carpet for you to discover the next day, so when you see someone spill, you’re going to handle that ASAP. This doesn’t bother you because if you weren’t cleaning you would probably be listening to someone cry in the bathroom about a recent breakup anyway.

5 You Help Get Rid Of The Creepers

You see guys coming from a mile away to hit on your friends and while you’re totally the wingman in most circumstances, when it’s an obvious no you throw yourself in the way to stop things immediately. You’re way better at getting rid of weird guys than your friends are, so everyone lets you handle it. Sometimes your friends just don’t want to be rude and don’t know how to nicely turn someone down, and sometimes they say no and the guys are particularly resistant. You always know exactly what to say.

4 Questions About Clothing Always Defer To You

If anyone has any question about what to wear, you’re their girl. You have all the weather apps on your phone so you know whether the squad should bring out jackets or not, and you also know the difference between cocktail attire and black tie. Not to mention, you’re an expert on judging the appropriateness levels of outfits depending on the crowd whether there's a dress code or not. You're the one who encourages the friend to button up for the interview and let her hair down for the date.

3 You’re Sometimes Appalled By Their Language

You’re no prude but when your friends are loudly discussing their sexcapades in public you’re the first to give them a look like “keep it down.” And you’re fine with cussing but you really don’t feel like the f-word is necessary when describing how gorgeous a purse was. You're generally the last to know about new slang words and frequently look things up on Urban Dictionary in an attempt to stay in the know. Not that you plan on using words like "fleek" but you at least want to be able to understand why someone would.

2 You Keep Snacks In Your Purse

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You don’t always need to munch on some almonds during a night out, but sure aren’t going to be caught without the option of having a healthy snack in case hunger arises. This is particularly helpful for your friends who “forget” to eat dinner and threaten to ruin the fun by drinking on an empty stomach. You come to the rescue every single time. This also works out great at the movies, in the car, or literally anywhere else you guys could possibly be when the mood strikes. No one goes hungry or experiences a blood sugar dip on your watch.

1 You Feel Like You Have To Schedule “Me” Time

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Like any real mother, sometimes you just need to get away from your posse. You love them but they’re a whole lot of work and they don’t always have your best interest in mind. It’s exhausting. If you happen to schedule yourself a night in on a night that your friends are going out, you practically have to shut your phone off otherwise they’ll start texting you to analyze text messages for them when you’re just trying to put all of your focus on your Netflix queue. You sometimes feel like you’re playing hooky from your social life and you’re totally okay with that.

sources: buzzfeed.com

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