15 Signs He's Taking You For Granted

Remember how your guy used to be all sweet to you? Telling you how beautiful you look and opening the doors for you? Yeah, those were the days. Now, he barely looks at you let alone says anything about your looks. But you're torn, and don’t know what to do. Maybe you two are just in some sort of funk. A bad rut that you can get out of. Or maybe, it’s something more. Maybe he’s showing his true colors and he’s merely taking advantage of you. Here are 14 signs to know for sure.

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15 He Expects A Lot From You

Your man always expects you to have dinner waiting for him when he comes over, or beer in the fridge when he’s thirsty. He expects you to change your plans with your friends and hang with him because, well, he simply wants to change your plans because he can. And all those sweet things you did in the beginning like texting him to have a good day or rub his shoulders after a long day? Well, he expects all that now, too, even if he is acting like a jerk.

14 He Tunes You Out When You Talk

If you have a problem with him, you let him know. Communication is key in your book. But in his? Not so much. He completely tunes you out when you start talking about anything, especially when it has something to do with your relationship. He’s either texting with a friend, playing on the computer, or watching TV when you try desperately to get his attention.

13 You’re Not A Main Priority

Back in the day you were probably a top priority on his list, but nowadays you’re far from it. He puts everything ahead of you, including his gym buddy he rarely talks to unless they are together lifting weights. Sure, you expect his family, friends, and work to rank high on his list, but what about you? Aren’t you supposed to be up there, too?

12 Doesn’t Take Your Feelings Into Consideration

He hurts your feelings and doesn’t seem to care. When he upsets you, he simply leaves the room rather than try to figure out what's wrong. In his mind, you are just an annoying drama Queen. And what’s worse is when his friends or someone he knows is rude to you, and he doesn’t stick up for you but sides with them instead.

11 He Doesn’t Ask For Your Opinion

He wants to go to a game this weekend but doesn’t ask you whether you guys had plans or if you want to come. Instead, he tells you he is going with some friends and that’s that. Your opinion doesn’t seem to matter when it comes to his decision making, no matter how big or small the decision is.

10 He Takes From You Without Ever Giving

He’s always happy to take from you without ever reciprocating. He knows you love him and will do anything to make him happy, even if you aren’t happy doing it. No, you don’t want to wash his dirty laundry but he needs clean clothes and you care about him, so why not? But does he ever go out of his way to do something kind for you? We didn’t think so.

9 Date Night Is Long Gone

In the beginning, you two were always going out for date night. Between grabbing drinks, shooting pool, and heading out to listen to live music, your weekend was packed. Nowadays, all it consists of is hanging home on the couch - that is, unless he’s not out doing his own thing and leaving you behind in the dust.

8 He Makes Time For Everyone But You

When it comes to his friends, he jumps at the opportunity to hang out with them. But with you? Never. He’d rather plan an outing with that guy he hates from his office than plan a night out with you, his girlfriend whom he’s supposed to love.

7 He Doesn’t Appreciate Anything You Do

You slave in the kitchen all night to make his favorite meal to celebrate his big promotion at work, and what does he do? He calls to cancel on you because he’s going out with friends from work. He knows that you’ve been cooking up something special but doesn’t seem to care. All he cares about is his new paycheck and the flaunting it to his coworkers.

6 You’re The Only One Making Contact

Sure, you guys talk. Well, when you call and text him. That is, as long as he responds or actually picks up the phone. He’s very hard to reach these days even though you know he’s never without his phone, which makes you wonder why he can’t just pick up when you call, or at least text you back.

5 And The Only One Trying To Make Plans

And speaking of you being the one to initiate contact, you are also the one who is always trying to make the plans. You’re the one calling the restaurant, trying to make a reservation or calling an uber so no one was to drive. You’re the one constantly asking him to go out instead of hanging home, and it’s getting exhausting.

4 He’s Forgotten How To Pay You A Compliment

Gone are the days he used to tell you how nice you looked in his favorite dress. Now, he hardly makes eye contact with you, let alone scope out what you’re wearing. He doesn’t tells you how nice you look or what a good job you’ve done on anything - dinner, work project, a client meeting with his clients. Nothing.

3 He Never Says He Loves You Unless You Say It First (If That)

Okay, he may still say I love you, but you are normally the one who has to say it first. He never comes up to you and says those three little words out of the blue. And when he does say them, he’s hardly convincing. It’s more of a grunt rather than actual words coming out of his mouth.

2 He Isn't Worried About Losing You

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A partner is normally interested in who you are going out with or what you are doing. Sometimes in a relationship it is completely normal to wander off in fear that maybe one day you and your partner will no longer be together. The thought of losing him scares you, but you feel as though he doesn't feel the same. He acts as though he knows you will never find anyone like him/or better than him.

1 He’s Just Kind Of Rude To You All The Time

Honestly, the guy is just a plain ol’ d!** these days. He doesn’t appreciate you, doesn’t care what you’re up when you’re not together, and doesn’t want to do anything with you except order pizza and getting intimate. Kind of makes you question whether you want to be with him down the road, doesn't it?

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