14 Reasons Why You Should Get Busy More Often

It goes without saying how vital a healthy physical bond is to the success of a relationship. A relationship is just not complete or fully satisfying without that physical intimacy between lovers. As long as both parties are meeting each other's needs, the physical closeness strengthens the emotional bond between a couple, fortifying it's very foundation. And of course, I don't have to tell you how fun it is or how necessary getting some action is for our sanity and emotional health!

Hey, there's no shame in admitting that we all have needs... and getting those needs met feels amazing, in SO many ways #obvi...But did you know that getting busy between the sheets has real, tangible health benefits too? Yes, really!! Like we need more reason to want hanky panky with our hot boy toys, but hey, it's nice to know that it's not just immensely pleasurable; it has purpose (besides making babies) and can truly help make us more physically healthy. Let's go ahead and look at 15 reasons why you need to get busy more often—like yesterday! Now, there's less and less reasons to be a prude. Moral of the story: life is short, so go get yo' some!

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14 Good Lovin' Lowers Blood Pressure

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We know how important and healthy aerobics is, being linked to reduced risk of heart attack and diabetes. Physical relations involves a lot of aerobic activity, and aerobics of any kind has positive impact on lowering blood pressure. Studies have found real correlations between physical intimacy and healthier levels of blood pressure. But get this! It's not just the actual activity that has a positive effect, it's the pleasurable sensations you feel and their results that have a favorable effect as well. Reaching climax releases endorphins, serotonin, and the hormones phenyl-ethylamine and oxytocin, all proven to help lower stress levels, which in turn helps lower blood pressure. So, you know what this means—even more reason to help each other reach your peaks of physical pleasure. And this sort of aerobics is way more fun anyway!...if you get my drift.

13 Getting Busy Eases Depression

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Having a healthy love life, and emotional and physical intimacy is paramount to our emotional health. As human beings, it is so vital that we have that kind of physical connection and closeness with each other. Of course, it's not surprising that a little loving with our partner helps make us happier, but you will be pleased to know that it really can help ease depression as well. The relationship between sexual intimacy is a little complex and paradoxical, as we know depression can rob you of the sex drive you need to have to get out of the emotional slump in the first place. But as physical relations lowers stress, and improves sleep, it can also ease symptoms of depression. Also, when a man reaches climax, the load he releases brings a lot of its own benefits—one being proven in studies to help with depression.

12 Gettin' Freaky Burns Calories

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Think about it. All that action between the sheets, the thrusting in and out that gets your heart rate up? Yep, that totally counts as exercise! Maybe you can't quit the gym totally, but physical relations has to count as some good aerobic workout, right? In fact, sources say that intercourse helps tone muscles in a woman's pelvic floor. And like any good exercise, it burns calories! Sources say it can burn up to 144 calories an hour! So don't feel so guilty about that piece of chocolate you indulged in for dessert because you can totally burn it off with a little lovin' that night! Just keep in mind, that like Rihanna's song, "Work", you gotta put in the work to reap the benefits. So ladies, if you get my drift, don't just lie there and be lazy—take some control, get on top and burn off hundreds of calories, while you're at it!

11 Making Love Helps You Sleep Better

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This goes back to the hormones released through intercourse. During physical relations, the body produces endorphins, aka neuropeptides, which put you in a delicious state of euphoria. You physically feel great and calm, much less stressed, and immensely relaxed, so it makes sense you would be able to drift off to sleep afterwards more easily. Sources even say that after intercourse women release more estrogen, which helps encourage the body to reach deeper levels of REM and consequently, have improved sleep. Studies even show correlations between physical relations and decreased insomnia. The reason why men conk out so quickly after intercourse is their bodies experience lower levels of "energy-producing glycogen...[which] leaves men feeling sleepy" according to Best Health Mag. And did you know that getting sufficient sleeps helps maintain a healthy libido too? There you have it—sex and sleep working in tandem for optimal physical health.

10 The Physical Passion Strengthens Your Bond

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Yes, it's important for a couple to regularly make love, and pleasure each other and all, but it's even more important that they maintain open, honest communication with one another and nurture their emotional bond along with their physical one. At the core of healthy physical intimacy is a deep love and respect for one another. Cultivating emotional health will in turn deepen a couple's passion and attraction for each other, helping make their physical intimacy that much more satisfying. We already explored how intercourse releases all of these powerful chemicals and hormones that have great health benefits. Well, oxytocin is also referred to as the "cuddle hormone" because it helps you feel closer to your partner, helping us "bond and build trust", according to upliftconnect.com . It also encourages the need to continue being physically close after relations. Now you know why you want to cuddle so much after some lovin'!

9  Shagging Lowers Stress

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We know physical intimacy greatly helps our emotional health, alleviating symptoms of depression, so it makes sense that it helps make us happier and stay happier. Also, since engaging in relations is basically an aerobic workout, exercise also releases endorphins that help reduce stress. Unfortunately though, high stress levels affects our libido and sex drive, so when we're crazy on edge, we're usually not in the mood to do the very thing we need to do to decrease our stress—another paradox! Sources say couples who regularly have physical relations are happier, healthier, have lower stress levels and are more likely to go the distance. Also, the trust and strong emotional bond they build through the consistent physical closeness helps them navigate stress and tension in their lives better.

8 A Lil' Hanky Panky Can Ward Off A Cold

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Does this mean I can finally end the parade of pacing up and down in the "cold and sinus" aisle of the pharmacy on the hunt for the perfect cold medicine during flu season? Well, having a case of the sniffles doesn't exactly make you want to get it on with your partner, but if you can prevent the nasty virus in the first place with some fun in the sheets? Ummm, can you say winning? Sources say that sexual relations just once or twice a week helps produce antibodies called immunoglobulin that can build up immunity against colds! The pleasurable physical sensations and closeness you feel from intercourse can also ease cold symptoms like aches and pains. And we know that a little dose of sexy time helps you sleep better, also greatly helping the body fight off a cold.

7 Gettin' Some Keeps You Glowing

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That's right! Perhaps the greatest beauty tip requires no makeup at all, just some good loving and action in the sheets! Physical relations greatly boosts and improves circulation causing more oxygen to be pumped through your body, brightening up your skin, plumping up your lips and making your hair shiny. As intercourse helps eliminate toxins in the body and balance hormone levels, it can also prevent breakouts and acne. So, glowing skin, beautiful hair, and on top of that, physical relations keeps you looking young! Intercourse boosts production of collagen, preventing age spots and wrinkles fighting saggy skin and keeping the skin plumped and supple. Studies have even shown that there is such evidence that having regular relations will literally keep you looking younger from couples who have relations less frequently. As if you needed more reason to want to get it on—sex is basically the fountain of youth!

6  A Sesh In The Sack Shortens Your Period

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I know you may not be up to getting freaky between the sheets when your monthly visitor makes her undeniable, not so subtle, appearance. But you will be happy to know that if you do engage in physical relations at that time of the month, it can significantly shorten the duration of your period. During climax, the contractions may encourage your uterine lining to shed faster, shortening your period by a few days!  Also, the pleasure inducing hormones oxytocin and dopamine can greatly help ease the cramps and aches you can experience during menstruation. And a climax? Yeah, you guessed it. It works wayyyyy better than Advil or Ibuprofen ever could! Now, all you have to do is convince your boyfriend to have some, well, messy fun with you in the sheets or shower. Good luck with that!

5 Getting Lucky Keeps Your Heart Healthy

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We're not talking about your heart in the romantic sense, although of course physical intimacy helps us fall in love and stay in love. But did you know that sexual relations has substantial health benefits too? Regular hanky panky is very good for your heart, even helping to prevent heart disease. In one study, men who had relations with their partners at least twice a week had reduced risk of heart attack than those who only engaged in sexual activity once a month. Disease can sometimes be linked to high levels of stress and anxiety. Since physical relations help lower stress and anxiety, couples with satisfying love lives are also at reduced risk of developing heart disease. So, keep your heart healthy and have some fun in the sack with your partner!

4 Hooking Up Reduces Pain

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This goes back to the hormones discussed earlier. During climax, those awesome feel- good hormones and chemicals, serotonin, phenylethylamine and dopamine can help alleviate everyday aches and pains, ease arthritis and even reduce chronic pain. Sources even say that physical relations is linked to helping relieve pain associated with headaches. Again, this has to do with the contractions of pleasure literally killing off your headache! Interestingly, endorphins have been shown to have comparable physical structure to that of morphine, helping it behave in the body similarly as well, so it makes sense it would help alleviate pain. So the next time you have a migraine, instead of reaching for the aspirin, get it on with your man and see how much better you may feel—naturally!

3 Boom-Boomin' Boosts Self- Esteem

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We all know how much pressure there is to be sexually active and how frustrating it can be when were not getting enough lovin' or any for that matter, whatever the case may be. It can make us downright miserable, lowering our self -esteem and making it that much harder to get a healthy love life up and going again. It can even make us feel very alone and doubt our sexual identity. So, consequently, it makes sense that regular physical relations greatly helps boost our confidence and self-esteem. Being satisfied physically and having our sexual needs met makes us feel desired, loved and beautiful—feelings that can be key to emotional health. These positive feelings can also make us feel more confident and in control of our sexuality and identity, making us feel empowered to take on challenges, and that anything is possible. So, basically getting it on with your partner can help give you that push to get that dream job, or maybe just take more selfies!

2 Lusting & Thrusting Keeps Your Brain Sharp

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Regular physical relations is not only good for your heart, reducing stress and pain, it's super healthy for your brain too. Source say that physical intimacy increases production of brain cells, keeping you sharp, and this may be due to the fact that intercourse stimulates a part of the brain that doesn't normally get used as often, further improving your brain power. Since physical intimacy has been linked to increased growth of neurons in the hippocampus, and the hippocampus is the memory-center of the brain, regular sessions in the sack can also improve your memory. Additionally, it is especially important as we age to maintain consistent physical relations, as it will improve cognitive function and keep us sharper longer.

1 Fooling Around Is Fun!

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Okay, so this one's not really scientific, but the truth is, physical intimacy is undeniably fun and exciting. It's thrilling to get close to a new partner on that level for the first time or to be able to continue exploring and loving on each other's bodies even when you're in a full blown relationship for years to come. Being able to share each other's bodies, live out each other's fantasies and make each other feel good is an exhilarating experience. And we all know how damn amazing it feels to reach physical peaks of pleasure, inducing a state of utter ecstasy and euphoria. As long as you are with a loving, trusting partner and have mutual respect for each other, your time together in the sack will be more likely to be that much more satisfying. So, you know what you have to do—grab your special partner, put on some Rihanna, or Drake, or whatever floats your boat, and get it on!

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