14 Reasons Why We Love Bubbling Face Masks

Face masks that bubble, foam, and fizz? It might sound like the latest gimmick in skin care, but a lot of good is going on when you put on a fizzing face mask. That is why so many of us are making the switch from the drab clay masks of yesterday to these newer masks that bring back a bit of fun to our beauty routines.

First of all, we all love trying out something new. When a new type of product hits the market, many of us start digging around on the internet for more information on it and then we rush out to get our hands on the item. For me, I was told about bubbling face masks by a friend who had just ordered some Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask. She is always sharing her latest discoveries with me and I was immediately intrigued by the face masks.

After scouring the internet, reading the reviews, and ordering the products, I have fallen in love with these new, oxygenating face masks that turn a drab routine into something almost comical, yet well worth the effort. There is a definite difference, before and after, when we use these products and continued use gives us the healthier skin we are all lusting after.

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14 They Are Deep Cleaning


So what exactly do the bubbles do that is so great for our skin? Why are these face masks better than traditional face masks? Because of the foaming action found in bubbling face masks, they clean better than other face cleaners. According to Kate Somerville, “Foaming formulas penetrate more easily and help to remove oil, dirt, and impurities.” She should know. She has her own bubbling face treatment called EradiKate Foam-Activated Acne Treatment that is used to stop acne breakouts.

13 Spa Feeling at Home

With a three year old running around the house, I don’t have the time to run out to the spa. Whenever the opportunity presents itself, I will spoil myself with a face mask or some other skin treatment because, hey, moms deserve to be pampered, too. Being able to put on a bubbling face mask, relax, and have a few giggles is a great way to relax. My youngest daughter gets to point and laugh at me (she gets a warm washcloth to put on her face - great way to get her to clean off the cookie crumbs) and my oldest daughter gets to test out new products right along beside me. It’s family spa time.

12 Evens Skin Tone


Do you have problems with uneven skin tone? If your skin creams don’t seem to be helping, maybe adding an oxygenating face mask can help improve your cream’s performance by clearing out and unblocking your pores. Many bubbling face mask users report that the masks help lighten up their faces and improves their skin tone over time. One review reports that she uses the bubbling mask once a week on her face and she uses the mask daily on her trouble spots to help even out her pigmentation.

11 Removes Black Heads


If nothing else has worked for your blackheads, it is definitely time you tried a bubbling face mask. A popular bubbling face mask for blackheads is Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask. Many blackhead sufferers report that this mask obliterates their blackheads after a single use. Others say that it is only through continued use that they are able to get rid of their blackheads altogether. Milky Piggy does not contain any animal ingredients and is made with clay, charcoal, and carbonate.

10 A Little Goes a Long Way


With nearly all of the carbonated face masks, you only need to use a little bit of the product at a time. A thin layer of the mask on your skin goes a long way as it begins to immediately bubble and fizz. Some products come with a small applicator, but truthfully I find it a whole lot easier to apply the masks with my fingers. I am able to control the amount I put on my face better this way and the container of goop lasts a whole lot longer.

9 Removes Pollutants


Bubble masks have a detoxifying effect on our skin. The carbonated bubbles lift the dirt, oil, and pollution  up from our pores so that we can wash them away. Sephora Bubble Mask Detoxifying & Oxygenating is a great mask to use after a long day of walking the city streets, going to the demolition derby, or after being anywhere there are loads of people, traffic, and air pollution. Sephora’s bubble mask contains no Parabens and it is not tested on animals.

8 Works Fast


Don’t have a lot of time to kill on a traditional face mask? No problem. Nearly all of the bubbling face masks work fast. From start to finish, using and washing off the face mask can take anywhere from five to fifteen minutes. That is a lot quicker than the traditional face masks that you are supposed to leave on for anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes and then take forever to rinse off your face.

7 Safe for Sensitive Skin


If you have sensitive skin, like I do, you know that you have to be careful when trying out new products. All too often I have gotten red or broke out in a rash when trying out a new product. We all have different levels of sensitivity. I have found, however, that most of the bubbling masks have been gentle enough for my skin. Malin + Goetz Detox Face Mask is a nice mask that is gentle on my skin, but still gives me a good bubble and tickle when I use it. Use it just once a week for a deep clean.

6 Part of a Skin Hydrating Routine

How are bubbling masks used on dry skin? First, dry, flaking skin needs to be hydrated. The first product used to fix dry skin is an exfoliant which removes the dry skin flakes. After this is done, however, you still need to hydrate your skin. Bubbling face masks help hydrate your skin deep into your pores. After you have done the bubbling mask, you need to use a moisturizer on your skin. I prefer using natural oils at this point, but you can use whatever moisturizer you prefer.

5 Makes Our Skin Brighter


The Peter Thomas Roth Brightening Bubbling Mask is pricey, but it is great for brightening up our skin. The mask feels cool on the skin as it bubbles and tingles. It is almost like a mini-massage and it is very relaxing. This mask begins working within 30 seconds after putting it on and contains symwhite (a natural skin whitener), bearberry extract, licorice, and mulberry.

4 A Great Pick-Me-Up

Work is stressful, your relationship is in the pits, and all this emotional nonsense is wearing down on your skin. You look into the mirror and it is blahville all over. It is time to take a bit of time for yourself and give your face a pick-me-up. That is the one thing I love about nearly all face masks: they make your skin look better. Bubbling face masks can get rid of the dull skin look in a matter of minutes without a huge mess and next to no fuss. It is a great, rejuvenating experience.

3 They Contain Antioxidants


We aging beauties need a little something extra in our beauty products, although the young ones among us would benefit from the little extras as well. Not only do the carbonated masks make our skin feel rejuvenated, many also contain antioxidants. LING Sparkling Makeover Mask is made with rose petal extract that helps improve the texture of our skin and replenish our skin’s nutrients. It has all of the bubbling action of the other face masks and it gives our skin a youthful glow.

2 Soft, Silky Skin

The first thing I noticed after using one of the bubbling masks I bought was that my skin felt softer and smoother than it has in a long time. I use a lot of natural oils on my skin to keep my face from drying out and I am sure that helps trap pollutants in my pores. The oxygenated face masks lift away the oils and dirt, leaving behind soft, supple skin that just begs to be touched. After drying my face, I apply a light coating of coconut oil and my skin looks absolutely great.

1 It’s Simply Fun


Many bubbling face mask users report that they laugh at themselves when they use the masks. That is a good thing. Not only are we cleaning our skin and making it feel smoother, we are also reducing stress by having a chuckle at our own expense. The bubbles are also lightly tickling and the experience of wearing a bubbling mask is oddly soothing. It is a win win situation all the way around.


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