14 Reasons We Want To Be 'Grace And Frankie' When We Grow Up

By this point, we’re pretty confident that when Netflix announces a new series that they’re working on, we’re going to like it. More than that. We’re going to love it so much that it consumes every waking thought that we have, we can’t stop telling our best friends to binge it immediately, and our coworkers get super sick of us talking about it. That is definitely true of the hilarious and sweet sitcom Grace and Frankie. Season two is now streaming on Netflix and we couldn't be happier to get more episodes with this dynamic duo. If you haven't jumped on board yet, here's the elevator pitch: sophisticated society woman Grace (Jane Fonda) and artistic hippie Frankie (Lily Tomlin) have realized that their husbands have been having a long-term affair. The two women become their own version of The Odd Couple and live together in an adorable and stylish beach house. They are basically the coolest characters ever. Here are 14 reasons why we want to be Grace and Frankie when we grow up.

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14 They're Both Relatable

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Okay, so maybe you're not married or even in a serious relationship, but you've definitely gone through at least one rough patch in your life. If not about 100. Hey, life is hard sometimes. It's inspiring to see two women going through a terrible time and trying to find themselves again and get over their pain. If you've never wanted to forget something that happened and become a new woman, well, you're just lying to yourself and everyone else, too.

13 They're Positive

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The two of them are always laughing. Sure, maybe they laugh at each other, or it's mostly Grace laughing at Frankie (or maybe the other way around -- it changes in every single episode). But the two women are pretty positive people. They don't want to just stay in bed and sob over the fact that their marriages are totally over and done. They want to live and try new things.

12 They Prove It's Never Too Late

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It's hard not to admit that this is a sitcom about people who are much older than typical TV characters. And that's what makes it so completely awesome and inspiring. Grace and Frankie, along with their ex-husbands Sal and Robert (brilliantly played by Sam Waterston and Martin Sheen), are in the next chapter of their lives. While Sam and Robert are willingly changing things, Grace and Frankie are basically being forced to. But after the first few episodes of season one, they pretty much have accepted their new reality and they seem pretty okay with it.

11 They Are Technologically Troubled

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You have to laugh when you see these two new friends getting used to technology. Grace has a fun new iPhone and she seems to know how to use it, so that's good, but when it comes to modern tech, Frankie isn't quite as masterful. There's a particularly hilarious storyline in season one about Frankie becoming super close to her tech support guy. She tells him all about her ex-husband Sal and the crazy drama in her personal life, and gets super excited about finally having a Twitter account. But she doesn't realize that you kind of have to get new followers, so eventually she gives up. The entire series is worth it for that one moment, to be honest.

10 They're Themselves

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Grace and Frankie couldn't possibly be more different, and yet that's exactly why they are the best characters around. Frankie is the definition of a hippie artist. She loves to paint and, well, her personality is so unique that it's kind of hard to describe. But she never feels bad about who she is, and she never makes Grace feel horrible, either. In a season two episode, Grace invites her old society ladies over for lunch, and she wants Frankie to be there, too. Frankie and those women are worlds apart and yet everyone pretty much got along.

9 They Say What They Want

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Another hilarious scene (there are literally tons, trust us) was back in season one when Grace and Frankie tried and failed to get the attention of a cashier. Eventually they scream that they're not invisible and they're sick of being made to feel that way just because of their age. It's super inspiring to see older women say whatever they want and stick up for themselves. It'll make you want to go after what you want and be more confident, too, and it's pretty cool when you get all of that from a sitcom.

8 They're There For Each Other

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The two were never super close, but they knew each other because of their husbands. Now, of course, they're roommates and new friends, so they had to get to know each other super fast. But they don't care that they're both so different from each other -- they're always there for each other because they're basically going through the exact same thing. It'll make you want to cherish your good friends now and forever.

7 They're Basically Lushes

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Grace really, really loves her martinis. So much that she seems to down at least one in every single episode of the show. You really wish Grace and Frankie were real so you could get drunk with them and chat about life. You know, girl talk. You're glad that when you're their age, you can still look forward to gushing with your best friends over booze. Thankfully that won't have to end, because it's so much fun and makes life worth living.

6 They Drive Each Other Crazy

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This is a good thing, though. First of all, it makes for amazing comedy. There would literally be no laughs in any show if the characters didn't drive each other absolutely bonkers. Second of all, it proves that you don't have to think that your best friend is perfect all the time, and you can admit that, hey, you've got your own flaws, too. You're going to fight with the people that you love and that includes your friends.

5 Their Beach House Is #Goals

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You know how you love Nancy Meyer movies because the houses are so crazy beautiful? That's how you're going to feel about the beach house that Grace and Frankie live in, if you don't already. It's hard not to be super sad that you can't live there. It's honestly like something that Martha Stewart would create.

4 They're Really Good Moms

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Grace has two daughters and Frankie has two sons, and while their parenting styles are incredibly different, they're both super amazing moms. They also prove that you really can be your own person even if you have kids, which is something that this gen definitely wants, because Grace owned her own company and Frankie has always been an artist.

3 They Never Lost Themselves

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These two ladies prove that you really can be your own person even if you have kids. Grace owned her own company (and her daughter Briana now runs it) and Frankie has always been an incredibly talented artist. Being independent and having a career is definitely something that the younger generation wants, so these women are definitely good role models for us.

2 They're Quirky

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Grace and Frankie are definitely the definition of quirky. Even though Grace probably thinks that she's super normal, she really isn't. She even stole a Vitamix when Robert was in the hospital and she had to pick up some stuff from the house. So she's as crazy as you can possibly find, and we love her for it.

1 They're Fun

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These women are always going on adventures, whether it's venturing into the world of online dating or taking a road trip to see if Grace's former flame is still interested. They prove that you're never too old to have fun and that your life is never over until it's actually over. Which is a really great lesson, no matter what your age or situation in life.

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