14 Points He’s Checking Off Before He Pops The Question

Major holidays have passed and there is still no ring on your finger. Why? You have both talked about it and it seems like you are on the same page when it comes to what you want in life and who you want to be with. So what is the hold up? Men have a bit of a checklist in their mind regarding who they want to spend their life with (and this is not to say that women don't). Not things like 'hot', 'likes sports', and 'makes a good sandwich'. But things that actually are key for a life long partnership, things that he needs to see and hear before he can be certain you are the one.

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14 Children

It's one thing to want kids and that is all well and good to have a chat about, but does wanting them mean you will be good with them? If a man is set on having children he will be watching for instances that show that you like to be around little ones and know how to handle certain situations. He may invite you over to meet his nieces and nephews or his friends kids. It is not a set up by any means and may even be completely subconscious, but it is something he may be waiting to see. It is also very important to have discussed having children, wether this is something you both want/don't want.

13 Driven/ambitious

You don't have to be an entrepreneur or be trying to climb the corporate ladder, but he wants to see that you are passionate and driven about things in your life. He can see that you will continue to be independent and have a love for a variety of things in your life. It can be quite weighing on a man to be the only thing in your life that matters, so seeing that you have other passions will set him at ease.

12 Looking for monogamy

Do your eyes wander? Do you flirt with other men? What kind of comments are made in regards to commitment and loyalty? He just wants to know that if he commits to you full time and whole heartedly that you will do the same. It is natural to have doubts and to wonder what is out there, but when you find the right person, the person you are waiting for to pop the question, then you should be decided that he is the one for you and that all flirting and effort will be directed towards him. Men are fragile this way.

11 Intelligent

Looks only last so long then what will be left? He wants to make sure you are not just a pretty face so that when you are both sitting on a porch somewhere in your old age there will still be conversation to be had. There may just be a few situations or conversations he is waiting to happen to make sure that there will never be a dull moment.

10 Honest

Not that it would ever be a set up but situations often arise where there is a choice between honesty and fibbing to preserve feelings. What will you choose? If you knew he knew the truth you'd likely tell it, but what if you didn't? And what if he didn't? Would it matter? Men admire honestly and respect it knowing that they can trust you with their hearts and their head(s).

9 Kind hearted

Kind hearted over cold hearted. When you are with someone for the rest of your life it is pretty important to know that they are kind at heart and truly good. This comes with time and experiences so if you're wondering why he is holding off it may just be because he is feeling things out, immersing himself in your love, and just spending time understanding your intentions.

8 Outdoorsy

This is usually preference of the couple on whether or not you are outdoorsy at all, but some amount of nature seeking is always good. He may want to see that even his prime and pristine damsel can hit the slopes once a year or hike to a beautiful outlook. Small little trips could keep things spicy and fun in your relationship and when its a 50 year marriage you may need a few things to do outside of the house!

7 Can take her anywhere

There are a lot of places to go and a lot of opportunities to be had. Many men are looking to see if the love of their lives can partake in the various experiences ahead. Hiking, to the ballet, family dinners, beach vacation, weekend in vegas. Whatever it is, if the two of you can dress up and dress down and still have an awesome time then you are all set up. So show him every side of yourself and get out there.

6 Similar interests

As is with dating, having a few similarities in your interests will open up lots of opportunities to continue to do things together. It takes a while, though, to discover exactly what those interests are. It is one thing to be able to say "I like bowling", "me too". But it is an entirely different thing to go out and do it a few times and make sure you love doing it together. He wants to be able to explore these and get comfortable with them.

5 Similar goals

This is what separates the 'fun now' with the 'compatible later'. You may have discovered that you both love bowling, but do you want to bowl every saturday for the rest of your lives? What are your future goals? This can be an easy conversation, but the difficult part comes in when one starts catering to the other in order to try to make it work. Only time will tell if you are both actually unbiasedly on the same page for the future.

4 Supportive

He wants a cheerleader. He wants someone that will stay by his side 'through thick and thin' but wants to make sure of that before he ties the knot. Support him, make him feel taken care of and loved. Let him know what you are in his corner and that you have every intention of hearing out his goals and dreams and helping him in anyway you can (just as he should for you).

3 Lovemaking is great

Marriage is a long time without good sex. With a little luck and a little time you will both be completely compatible in bed and know exactly what the other one wants and needs to make mind blowing moments together. This is likely not one holding him back, unless there are already issues that you need to discuss, but it is something he has a checklist for. If there are any awkward or delicate discussions needing to be had, may as well get them out.

2 Keeps a clean house

Living together comes with a whole set of learning and challenges and at the very least having a clean and uncluttered home will help minimize stress. If he is a neat freak it will be important that you are able to keep a clean house. If he is messy then it may just be his dream come true to be with someone who will help him shape up. No need to go out of your way to clean his house or yours, but basic cleanliness and tidying could ease his mind.

1 Family/friends likes you

Try to set up events and outings where his friends and family have the chance to meet you. Dinner that you cook, a night out bowling, having people over for games, there are a number of options to get to know the people in his life and allow you to get to know them. From here they may just give you a raving review which could be the tipping point and reassurance he needed to pop the question.

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