14 Pics Of Kylie Expertly Hiding Her Baby Bump & 5 That Were Just Released

Unless you've been ignoring all social media for the past day or two, chances are you've heard that the youngest Kardashian-Jenner sister, Kylie, has officially had her baby. While big sister Khloe was totally fine with showing off her bump and talking about her pregnancy in public, Kylie handled things a little differently. As the message she shared on Instagram says, "I understand you're used to me bringing you along on all my journeys. My pregnancy was one I chose not to do in front of the world.... I needed to prepare for this role of a lifetime in the most positive, stress free and healthy way I knew how." We totally get it — while it was likely stressful to keep things quiet, it was probably nothing in comparison to what it would have been like to be hounded by paparazzi all the time.

Plenty of people endlessly analyzed all the shots that Kylie shared throughout her pregnancy, in which she expertly hid her bump, which meant a lot of people weren't quite sure if she was actually pregnant or if it was some elaborate stunt. Now that her baby girl is born, she shared a few shots taken during those nine months in which her bump is on full display.

Here are 14 shots of Kylie expertly hiding her bump, and 5 adorable shots she shared since giving birth.

14 Pics Of Kylie Expertly Hiding Her Baby Bump:

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19 Shots That Are Cropped From The Ribs Down


If you hadn't heard all the rumors about Kylie Jenner's pregnancy, chances are you would just think this is another selfie she took — which is perhaps the most expert way of hiding a bump ever. After all, it's not as if she's concealing anything in this photo or making it obvious that she isn't showing off her stomach — she's just making sure that it's cropped in a certain way that cuts that particular body part out. Plus, when you get a close-up look at her flawless skin and perfect pout, it's easy to be so distracted that you totally forget about any bump rumors you may have heard. While she still probably has some light make-up on, we have to admit, we love the more natural looking Kylie — she's gorgeous here.

18 Shielded From The Paparazzi By Her Sisters

via: instagram.com

Whether you love or hate the Kardashian-Jenner sisters, one thing is for sure — they all stand up for one another. I mean, who can forget Kim drinking that vile concoction on a talk show, purely to avoid having to answer any questions about her sisters? It wasn't even her secret, yet she was protecting it as fiercely as if it was — that's sisterly love right there! This photo of what we can only assume is Kourtney and Khloe hugging Kylie tight is the perfect illustration of what a bond these ladies have. Rather than allowing the paparazzi to potentially snag a photo of Kylie's stomach, they've straight up enveloped her in a hug and are probably slowly moving somewhere out of sight. It's not the most subtle way to hide a bump, but it's pretty darn effective.

17 Her Consistent Strategy — Bump Or Baggy Shirt?

via: cosmopolitan.com

One thing that Kylie had working in her favor was her diverse style. Now, there's no denying that she definitely rocks a lot of bodycon clothing that shows off her curves — a lot of her wardrobe consists of crop tops and tight dresses. However, she does also rock baggier outfits from time to time, repping a bit of street style. So, it almost wasn't even noticeable when she decided to wear almost entirely baggy outfits during the months of her pregnancy — it seemed like she was just feeling that part of her style more. This baggy t-shirt shows her expertly hiding her bump because it's almost impossible to tell whether some of that volume is a bump or just all the extra fabric and room under the baggy shirt. Clever!

16 A Rare Magazine Cover That Features Only Her Face

via: instagram.com

There's no denying that Kylie has an absolutely gorgeous face, but she's also got a killer body, which means a lot of the photoshoots she's involved in showcasing her physique as well as her expert contouring skills. However, when she was put on the cover of this magazine recently, it was a totally different side of Kylie — up close, with almost her entire body cropped out, and anything visible covered in a thick knit sweater. There's no denying the shot is gorgeous — she looks so young and fresh, and we absolutely love the red lip paired with the bright red sweater — but it was likely also decided upon when she requested that her bump not is photographed in any way, shape or form. It looks natural but you know she planned it carefully.

15 Posing In An Oversized Jean Jacket

via: instagram.com

The reason so many of the shots where Kylie is hiding her bump are so well done is she's often wearing things that we could totally see her wearing on any day. Take this jean jacket, for example. While she's carefully only included the top part of her body, hiding her belly from view, we could easily see her pairing this oversized jacket with a tight bodycon dress and rocking it as a super chic outfit with major street style vibes. Her hair and make-up and nails are on point, so it just seems like she made a purposeful style choice, not that she's hiding something underneath all that denim. We wonder if she got new, oversized clothes when she realized she wanted to try to hide her bump, or if these were pieces she already had in her closet.

14 Rocking A Puffy Winter Jacket — In California

via: instagram.com

We don't get the opportunity to see the Kardashian-Jenner sisters in winter gear too often because, well, they live in California! There just isn't much use for them, at least not the super warm, down-filled kind with big fur hoods to keep your neck and ears warm. That is, unless you're trying to hide a bump. This picture is brilliant because all you can focus on is the glam shot she's shared — that voluminous fur collar/hood, her flawless platinum locks, the stunning nails, it's just all so Kylie. The way she's posing even makes it look like the jacket is nipping in a little near her waist, not like it's stretched to the limit trying to accommodate her bump. Seriously clever — we didn't know the girl had it in her to hide something like this from the world!

13 An Oversized Shirt That Hides Every Single Curve — Including A Bump

via: instagram.com

Okay, we have to hand it to Kylie — one of the reasons she managed to hide her bump so well for all those months is because she always looks so utterly glam, all the time. While pregnant women are often said to have a certain glow, the fact is, many of them are so tired and busy trying to grow a human being that they don't really have time to spend hours on hair and make-up. Kylie, it seems, still made time in her schedule for her glam squad to get her all dolled up for any selfies she wanted to take. When her hair and make-up are as spot on as they are in this photo, who on earth will notice the outfit? Sure, it's a bit of a strange look, but Kylie's also known for her willingness to experiment with her style, so it kind of works!

12 The Family Calvin Klein Ad — With A Blanket Incorporated

via: harpersbazaar.com

While the Kardashian-Jenner family members all have their own projects and interests that they're pursuing, they often get tapped to star in something as a family because, well, the world loves this family! Calvin Klein decided that the Kardashian-Jenner sisters would make the perfect models for their next campaign, and photographed them posing in a variety of Calvin Klein gear while lounging on some blankets. At first glance, you wouldn't think anything of this photo — they look totally natural, they're all in similar gear, etc. However, if you look a little closer, you can see that Kylie is purposefully covering her stomach with the blanket. Sneaky! You can see some skin on top, and Khloe's arm is positioned in a way that it seems natural to be covering her stomach, but you know this pose was done for a reason.

11 Posing With A Friend, Folding The Waistband And Bunching Her Shirt To Create An Illusion

via: instagram.com

Okay, obviously this shot was from a little earlier on in her pregnancy — you can't hide a 9-month bump with a bit of strategic fabric placement, that's for sure. However, it just proves that she was always super careful with what she showed off. In this shot, she's exposing some of the skin on her belly, something you would think she'd never do if she were pregnant. However, she's also folding over her pants a bit and bunching her shirt in a way that makes it a little less clear what her shape is. She's also careful to angle her body in a certain way, to ensure she's not caught in profile or anything like that. It looks like a carefree photo, but you know she probably took quite a while to decide on the pose.

10 Strategically Angling Her Body To Create An Optical Illusion

via: instagram.com

Now, we know that this shot was taken at Kylie's baby shower, but back when she first shared it, the world just thought it was some gorgeous ladies hanging out at home in their robes. I mean, Kylie is wearing a super thin, short white robe — surely she couldn't be hiding a bump here, right? Wrong. If you look closely, you can see that she's angling her body in a certain way, and her spot on the edge of the group means she can hide some of her body behind the shape of the mirror's frame as well. All those years of selfies definitely paid off when it came to hiding her pregnancy — she knows how to work her angles like no one else. We would never have guessed based solely on this photo.

9 Showing Off Her Watch In A Close Cropped Shot

via: instagram.com

Again, it would have been a huge mistake to try to go through insane set-ups just to hide a bump. If she was constantly taking photos of herself standing behind a chair or holding something in front of her, it would be way more obvious that she was hiding a certain part of her body, aka her bump. However, Kylie took a more subtle approach, swapping out her full-body selfies and figure-hugging outfits for shots that showcased her face, and kept other parts of her body cropped out of the frame. In this shot, all we can stare at is her gorgeous watch and her stunning face — we're not even thinking about what she might be hiding outside of the picture frame, which just proves what an expert she is.

8 Rocking A Sultry Look — And Trading Her Bodycon Clothes In For A Baggy Turtleneck

via: instagram.com

We're not sure if she was just hormonal and craving comforting outfits that wrapped her in warmth or what, but one thing is for sure — we've never seen Kylie rock as many turtlenecks as she did during the months of her pregnancy. Both in personal selfies and in professional campaigns, Kylie was all about the turtlenecks. In this shot, she's rocking a black knit turtleneck that totally obscures her body. However, her face looks absolutely stunning, and it's honestly all we can focus on. We thought her glow was courtesy of expert make-up application, but it turns out it was probably that pregnancy glow coming through here. Either way, she looks absolutely gorgeous — taking stunning selfies is definitely a pretty solid strategy when you don't want people to focus on your body.

7 Skipping Out On The Family Christmas Card Entirely

via: harpersbazaar.com

Everyone who knows anything about the Kardashian-Jenner family knows that they take their family Christmas card very, very seriously. Each year is seemingly more elaborate than the last, and they pretty much always manage to get every single family member in the shot. With schedules as busy as theirs, that's no small feat! However, this year, they went for a simpler look, with jeans and simple white tops. Kylie would look totally frumpy if she wore a huge, baggy white t-shirt alongside all her sisters in their more form-fitting tops, and it would look obvious that something was off. So, instead, she decided to just stay out of the family card entirely — it's not the most subtle method, but at the same time, no one can guess exactly why she declined to participate.

6 Calvin Klein, Part Two — Still Strategically Placing The Blanket

via: harpersbazaar.com

It seems like the folks at Calvin Klein wanted a variety of shots for their Kardashian-Jenner campaign, so Kylie had to get creative throughout the shoot to keep that bump hidden — and she certainly did. In this shot, where the family is all standing rather than lounging on the blankets, Kylie's rocking an all-black outfit and holding a blanket in front of her stomach. It seems natural — Kendall and Khloe also have blankets in their hands, and everyone is at different angles from the camera, so Kylie angling away doesn't seem too obvious. However, looking back at this shot, we can tell that she was clearly trying to hide her bump, and doing a pretty amazing job at it. Seriously, she's a bump hiding pro — any celeb who wants to keep their pregnancy on the down low could take her tips!

5 That Were Just Released:

5 Looking Like A Blissed Out Mama In The Sunshine

Daily Mail

We have to admit, we kind of weren't sure what kind of a mother Kylie Jenner would be, and if she would make her baby a priority, but this photo kind of changed our mind. This shot, which she shared after she had her baby, shows her looking super zen and happy, lounging in the sunlight while rocking small bottoms and a sports bra. We kind of imagine that this is what Kylie looked like for the entire 9 months, whenever she wasn't out in public — just relaxing and enjoying her private journey to motherhood, letting her belly hang out and just living her life. It's kind of adorable — and it shows that, even though she wasn't sharing photos of herself with her fans during that time, she took plenty just for herself.

4 Looking Like A Totally Glam Mom To Be

via: dailymail.co.uk

We have to admit, this is kind of what we envisioned Kylie Jenner would look like during her pregnancy — full glam. She's rocking the same kind of bodycon dress she rocks on a regular basis, her hair and makeup are on point, her nails are done, and she just looks flawless. And, it doesn't look like she gained a tremendous amount of weight during her pregnancy — although we have to wonder if the way Kim was treated during her pregnancy and the way the public was constantly criticizing her weight had anything to do with Kylie wanting to stay out of the public eye during this time in her life. It can't be easy to see shots of yourself splashed across the tabloids when your body looks different than it normally does.

3 Posing With A Friend And A Super Extra Wall Of Flowers

via: mirror.co.uk

Now that she's released a few more shots, we can tell that this party where Kylie and several of her friends were rocking satin pajamas and hanging out at home was actually her baby shower — and it looks amazingly extra. In this shot, she's posing with a friend in front of a wall of flowers, while rocking satin pajamas and fuzzy slippers. Her hair and makeup are totally on point — and oh so Kylie — but her stomach is bigger than we could have ever imagined it. The fact that she managed to conceal her bump for so many months is nothing short of amazing — although we're glad she was able to let some of her close friends in on her journey with her, provided they promised to keep any photos to themselves until she gave them the green light.

2 An Artsy Shot With Sister Khloe

via: thesun.co.uk

As excited as Kylie and Khloe both were to go through a pregnancy and welcome a baby into the world, we have to imagine it was even better to get the chance to do it together. They're both in very different stages of their life, but to be able to experience a lot of the same things at the same time was probably a lot of fun, and helped them grow even closer than they already are. This artsy selfie proves that perfectly — we can't even imagine how many shots Kylie and Khloe must have taken together, posing with their bumps and documenting every moment of their respective pregnancies. And honestly, how amazing do they look? If it weren't for the bumps visible, you would think this shot came straight from a spread in a magazine.

1 A Friend Literally Kissing Her Bump At The Baby Shower

via: mirror.co.uk

We have to give Kylie's friends a whole lot of credit for their role in helping her keep her pregnancy journey private. Especially given the way she essentially disappeared for a few months, minus a few shots she released during that time that expertly hid her bump, any information about Kylie's pregnancy was definitely highly sought after. It would have been very easy, and likely very lucrative, for any of her friends to go to a tabloid or gossip website and spill everything they knew, including pictures. However, they all respected her request to keep things private for the time being, and we see in photos like this adorable one where her friend is kissing her belly that she obviously has a fantastic relationship with her friends, which is amazing. It seems like she had a lot of support during her journey.

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