14 Pics Of Celebs Grocery Shopping Like Normies (+ 7 Who Wouldn't Do It Themselves)

"I love @wholefoods so much, there aren't actually words." Not the first time Ariana Grande has thrown a tweet out to Whole Foods. "Sesame tofu" makes Whole Foods Ari's happy place, but it does involve going there.

In 2019, Kylie Jenner's $10,000 annual Postmates splurges made giant headlines. Whether it's clothing fittings or cars, this Kardashian-Jenner doesn't seem massively into going and getting things herself– when your $900 million net worth makes Forbes's cover, you can afford the delivery fee.

Celebs seem to come in one of two categories when it comes to groceries. One half doesn't leave the house. Everything is delivered, and we'd never see them pushing a cart around Target. Then again, faces like Britney Spears basically live in the Walmart parking lot.

"A single carrot." Amazing what Kylie Jenner will order. To be fair, her BFF Jordyn Woods does seem like a fairly good cook according to Kylie's IG, but you won't see this girl pulling a Britney.

Bumping into celebrities grocery shopping? From someone who's run into both Justin Bieber and Emma Watson at a grocery store, it's pretty neat. Of course, the whole store goes nuts, but please– it was The Biebs.

It's time for the pics. No makeup, looking like normies, pushing that cart. Well, that's one half of the list. Here are 14 celebs who grab their own groceries like normies (plus eight who wouldn't be seen doing it in a million years).

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21 Kylie Jenner: $10,000 A Year On Takeout, Including A Single Carrot

via: peopledotcom

This girl's glam room just got a giant feature in Architectural Digest. Speaking of digesting, here's something for you: Dlisted's recent report that Kylie Jenner spent $10,000 on takeout in one year alone.

"I was making matzo ball soup and had all the ingredients but carrots." Kylie ordered a single carrot from Bristol Farms as part of her $10,000-a-year Postmates order.

Kylie frequently orders cream cheese bagels, miso ramen bowls, plus food from Le Pain Quotidien. Ralph's grape jelly also wound up on the list. Then again, so did nail polish remover. Kylie in a grocery store? Like we'd ever see that.

20 Jessica Alba: Putting The Paparazzi On A Time Out

via: themirror

Jessica Alba doesn't have the time of day for, well, perhaps the paparazzi. Less about the acting and more about the mom duties, Jessica is now a mother of three, plus CEO of the Honest line– it's ethically-sourced all the way for this girl. She told Hello:

"Even if you go to a grocery store there's gonna be healthy options." Right there. Proof that she's doing it herself (well, without the pics).

This is one celeb you'll see grocery shopping a lot. In 2016, a 4th of July run saw Jess fill her cart to the point of overflow. It was this pic that rocked the internet, though. Kids make it hilarious, sometimes.

19 Chrissy Teigen: The Cap'n Crunch Stand-Off

via: refinery29

"Chrissy Teigen Buys Cap'n Crunch Like Everyone Else and Doesn't Care Who Knows It." Kudos to Working Mother for picking a headline that says it like it is. For this mom? It's 50% glam and 50% the cereal aisle, so it would seem.

Rich she may be, but Chrissy pushed the cart. Chrissy actually posted this hilarious moment on IG. The caption more than aired her views:

"I used to assume people who got photographed in grocery stores weren’t really buying stuff they like and were getting paid for something but turns out the paps actually come inside the grocery store and capture your most [personal] grocery cart items."

18 Ariana Grande: Does It (But Spot The Louis Vuitton)

via: twitter

"Lashes and diamonds, ATM machines, these are a few of my favorite things." Ariana Grande has definitely upped the glam since "7 Rings" dropped, but it turns out this girl isn't above hitting the grocery store (and there's one in particular).

"I love @wholefoods so much there actually aren't words. just fruits and veggies and sesame tofu and friendly, peaceful people everywhere."

This tweet from Ari joins a string of others sending out the #Love to Whole Foods. Ari did stop for a fan pic during this grocery run, but look carefully, and you'll spot the Louis Vuitton. Groceries? Yes. But in style, please.

17 Justin Bieber: "I Had To Order Water Instead Of Soda," #ChildhoodMemories

via: splash

Here's something neat from someone based in London. When Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin made the local news in 2018, it was for eating at Rosa's Cafe– Brits call these super-cheap cafes "greasy spoons."

Justin Bieber may have millions to his name now, but this Canadian kid grew up on hard times. "I remember sitting in restaurants with my mother and she'd make me order water instead of soda," IB Times quotes Justin saying.

Keeping it real with Hailey, here is Justin being the biggest normie ever. Delivery? Not for the Biebs.

16 Angelina Jolie: Six Mouths To Feed (But $900,000 A Year On Nannies)

via: twitter

Once a bit of a "savior of the planet's poor and needy," Angelina Jolie managed to earn herself a less-savoury rep in 2017 as her marriage to Brad Pitt collapsed. "12 years of hell" was Brad's story following the split, New Idea reports.

At 43, Ange is now a single mom of six. That's still six mouths to feed. Angelina has been spotted fairly regularly grabbing groceries with the kids, but don't think heavy cash isn't being spent.

A staggering $900,000 a year on nannies alone is New York Post's report of what childcare expenditures are like for this celeb. Props on pushing the cart, but seriously, those nanny fees.

15 Mariah Carey: Thinks Electricity Is "Free," #Unlikely

via: dailymail

From someone who nearly fell over while watching the interview, you've got it on good authority– Mariah Carey does think that electricity is "free in America." The interview posted by MC Box is available for your viewing on YouTube.

"Pay who, what? Bill, who?" The interviewer had to break down the meaning of a "bill." $535 million can change a girl.

With that Forbes-listed net worth, the "All I Want For Christmas" singer isn't one to be seen in the Walmart parking lot. Suites and private jets are Mariah's lifestyle now, although we're kind of glad– if you haven't mastered electricity, you'll struggle at the grocery checkout.

14 Taylor Swift: Whole Foods All The Way

via: justjared

That's $320 million you're looking at. Taylor Swift has a pretty high spot on Forbes's celeb net worth list– probably enough to buy that Whole Foods store. Groceries? This girl grabs her own, though. Turns out, Tay-Tay can whip up a storm in the kitchen.

"I love making buckwheat crêpes with ham, Parmesan cheese, and a fried egg on top. It's my go-to breakfast."

Speaking to Bon Appétit, Taylor revealed just what she does with those groceries, but it's seeing her there that really matters. Looking like the biggest normie ever in a summer dress and sneakers, here is the great Taylor Swift picking out her fruit and veg (like the rest of us).

13 Kim K: Renting Out The Entire Grocery Store Doesn't Count

via: pinterest

Kim Kardashian yearns for the normie life– apparently. Earning $5 million "in 5 minutes" made TMZ's headlines in 2018 as Kim raked in the cash with her fragrances. Turns out a piece of Kim's life just doesn't feel complete, though.

“This sounds so crazy and it may be unrelatable, so I’m sorry — but [what I really asked for my birthday was], ‘Can someone rent out Ralph’s [grocery store] for me for one hour?’

"I want to go to Ralph’s with my kid in the cart and go through every aisle," Kim added while on The Ellen Show. If the Biebs can, Kim, so can you...

12 Kaley Cuoco: $1 Million Per Episode, Still Grabs Her Own Groceries 

via: gotceleb

It's a double whammy with Kaley Cuoco. $1 million per episode on The Big Bang Theory may have made Forbes's headline, but remember who the guy here is. Karl Cook is Kaley's husband (and heir to a billionaire empire, Pop Sugar reports).

Not a designer bag in sight. No Fendi, no Furla, no Louis Vuitton. The girl behind BBT's Penny braves the LA sunshine like a complete normie to buy her groceries (and she doesn't care who sees it).

Kaley eats the "same little bit of peanut butter on toast" every morning, Women's Health Mag reports. And now we know where she gets it.

11 JLO: $20 Million Per Cycle, Something Says Probably Not

via: pinterest

It's hard to disrespect Jennifer Lopez. People try, but we adore this idol way too much. Pulling herself out of total poverty, JLO is now such an A-lister, we're beginning to think they need to invent a whole new category for her.

"Love Don't Cost A Thing." Lyrics are one half of JLO. Getting paid $20 million per American Idol cycle is the other.

As Fox News reports, JLO can command up to $20 million per cycle (and that's without World of Dance). Jen is super into her nutrition, but we tend not to see where she gets the ingredients.

10 Mila Kunis: Moved To America With $250, Hasn't Forgotten It

via: zimbio

Keeping. It. Real. If anything sums up Mila Kunis, it's those three words. Ducking the cameras with Ashton Kutcher seems to be what Mila puts most of her effort into these days.

"I grew up poor. My husband and I both did," Mila told Today. "Ketchup soup" might be something Mila doesn't want her kids to ever know, but this actress has made it clear. She doesn't want to raise "brats."

This girl pushes her own cart, she goes to regular stores and she hasn't forgotten moving to the US with $250. As Biography reports, those $250 were for the entire family.

9 Drake: Randomly Drops $50,000 To Pay For Everyone's Groceries

via: instagram

Drake is one good guy. 2017 was the year this rapper brought "God's plan" to the world, and it looks like he meant it. As Capital Xtra reports, Drake walked into a Miami grocery store and dropped $50,000 to pay for everyone's shopping.

"No one knew he was coming at all, we just came to do groceries. Cameras were being set up so we were all wondering what was to happen,"

Guille Deza said about the event. Yes, it's an event. Amazingly though, it's not a pretentious one. Also, to pay for everyone's groceries in person, you kind of have to be there yourself. Thumbs-up, Drake.

8 Demi Lovato: Can't Watch A Movie Without Sour Patch Kids

via: justjared

Behind closed doors was the deal for most of Demi Lovato's 2018. After taking the time she needed to heal, Demi is back in the Hollywood circle (and she's got a new man). Pulling a Kylie Jenner was never this girl's style, though.

"I hate going to the movies without Sour Patch Kids on hand," Demi told Us Magazine. While an impressive nutrition portfolio is what we see from Demi's interviews, she isn't above being a normie. We all like candy with a movie.

Postmates is available to someone with an income like Demi's, but it looks like this girl is all set. Grabbing her own here, Demi does the grocery run herself.

7 Bey & Jay: $1.16 Billion Joint Worth, Don't Hang Out In Target

via: femalefirst

Something's going on with Beyonce. While this ultimate #Queen will forever be a symbol of feminine empowerment and strength, Beyonce needs to watch out. Throwing out a diva vibe won't get you more IG followers. Hint: It kinda might alienate them.

Beyonce and Jay-Z are worth a staggering $1.16 billion, Forbes reports. Beyonce is the unarguable ruler of female hip-hop, but she's got the diva demands to match.

$900 titanium straws and hand-carved ice balls to soothe her throat was The Daily Mail's report of Bey's demands. Somehow, we aren't picturing Bey grocery shopping. We certainly don't see it.

6 Sean Penn: Seems Cool With It

via: E! News

Don't think for a minute that Sean Penn is one of those celebs who "isn't worth all that much." $150 million is Sean Penn's net worth, according to Celebrity Net Worth– being a Hollywood heavyweight comes with a paycheck to match.

No, he isn't the world's most "relevant" guy. Sean Penn grocery shopping, though? #Priceless

Sean was still dating Charlize Theron back here in 2014 when they were spotted grocery shopping. That's one Oscar-winning actress, one A-lister and a cart. Oh, and the fact that Sean starred in a movie called Milk. Fitting. Or 21 Grams? Those stores let you weigh your own, right?

5 Zac Efron: Only This Guy

via: stereogum

Literally, only Zac Efron. Cruising through a grocery store on a skateboard is something we'd expect from a paid ad by Nick Jonas. Doing it for real (with this much swag) isn't a skill. It's a gift.

We quite like that The Daily Mail called Zac "Speedy Gonzales" during this Los Feliz, California trip. Turns out, the guy is pretty generous. In 2016, a Baywatch fan broke his smartphone while trying to film Zac.

"He allowed me to come on set to meet him properly. And also bought me a brand new phone. Which was $949.99 retail," Today reports the fan saying. What a dude.

4 Kendall Jenner: Kinda Ruins It When You Learn The Camera Crew Was There

via: irishmirror

Kendall Jenner learns from the best. With Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Kris Jenner and the entire Kar-Jenner clan as her entourage, this is a model we expect to come with some #Attitude.

We were kind of hoping this Williams Sonoma trip would be a genuine grocery run, but the pics accompanying Celebuzz's report of the trip came with the all-too-familiar. Yup, the camera crew.

Kendall will hit Coachella (presumably, the VIP section). Aside from the odd grocery run with Hailey Baldwin back in the day, we don't see much of this girl coming with a #Normie. Also, that makeup is way too perfect.

3 Chris Hemsworth: Thor Buys His Own

via: popsugar

The Hemsworth brothers have done pretty well for themselves. Liam is now married to Miley Cyrus. Luke is handling Westworld. Way more famous, though, is Chris Hemsworth. Thor turned this guy into an icon, but this Aussie actor keeps it real.

Chris called raising a family "the greatest experience you can have". Thor has earned $90 million, but the grocery run is still cool with him.

Speaking to Lifestyle about life with Elsa Pataky and their three kids, Chris seemed perfectly at ease with the normie life. Getting papped in a grocery store parking lot isn't a problem, with or without the Forbes-listed wealth.

2 Britney Spears: Basically Lives At Walmart

via: zimbio

You can take the girl out the trailer park, right? Britney Spears is the reason we still crank up "Baby One More Time" in the car. Unlike Mariah Carey, the rags to riches story hasn't forgotten its beginnings for Britney.

"Cinamin Toast Crunch." Britney struggles with the spelling on her grocery lists, but at least she's doing the run herself. Her cute lists also include "tomatoes (big ones)", plus the incorrectly-spelled "mayenaise."

As Dlisted reports, Britney also isn't above leaving her lists lying around the parking lot. A Vegas Residency she might have, but this girl buys her own groceries.

1 Kourtney Kardashian: When The Pics Are This Old, #QuestionMarks

via: stylebistro

In 2018, the Kardashians went to a Calabasas grocery store as part of KUWTK filming. The glam squad was likely on hand, and they were getting paid to shop. Real grocery runs? Well, look at this pic of Kourt and estimate how many years ago it was.

While Kourtney Kardashian has a touch more of the #Real than her sisters, being a Kardashian still labels her with a #Status. Private jets and limousines are the lifestyle, Chanel and Prada are the labels, and no, she doesn't run around Kroger.

Kourtney's last "appearance" in a grocery store seemed to be an IG-posed snap with Kim. Of course, Kourt was complaining that they don't stock anything gluten-free.

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