14 Photos Of Nail Art Like You've Never Seen

Tutorials done by bloggers and beauty extraordinaires, Youtube videos, step-by-step directions which includes a picture guide, there are tons of ways to find help in the beauty department when it comes to the surfing the Internet. But in the process of finding everyday how-to’s you may stumble upon some mind-blowing styles as well, from eye makeup to our fingernails it’s all right there in front of us ready to be envied and used for inspiration.

Take these incredible bits of artistry for example, you may not want to replicate them for Friday night’s blind date but you can sure find the beauty and talent in each design. So let’s take a peek at this roundup shall we? And have fun sifting through this compilation of 14 crazy nail art photos. Some are gorgeous, some are a bit bizarre, some have a smidgen of a ‘creep” factor, some are even wearable and others are simply innovative and worthy of a bit of awe!

14 Extreme Florals

Check out these extreme floral nails! Although they’re a bit too long for most of us, these fingers look like they were dipped right into the tropics. We’re not terribly sure how usable these digits will be once she’s finished at the nail salon but its' hard to deny the “crazy” talent it took to put this compilation of florals together, into one tight and slender spot.

13 Ice Princess Stilettos

It looks as if these extra-long stiletto nails were made for Queen Elsa herself! There’s an iciness about this design and a bit of a witchy vibe as well. We may not see this type of nail art on the everyday woman, but it’s hard not to appreciate the beauty in technique and precision of design – even if this type of length isn’t something you’re feeling up to trying.

12 Zoo Visits

Similar to its purely floral predecessor, these nails took a trip to the zoo and brought back some animals. Again, we’re not sure of the actual functionality of this design but it’s quite incredible when it comes to the work done when the medium of the artwork is a nail bed (phony or not). We suggest not petting your pup with these ones though.

11 Monsters, Inc.

If you want a set of nails inspired by your favorite movie then visit Kayleigh OC for some inspiration. Just check out these Monsters, Inc. nails that truly look like they were styled with the story in mind! Although they’re not the most beautiful of designs, they’re quite impressive. And they’re perfect for Halloween or another type of themed event!

10 Little Swimmers 

Yep, there’s even a sperm-inspired manicure floating around the Internet. And although this may not be as extreme in the design department as others, it’s a bit crazy in the sense that there has been a lady out there with tiny little sperms sitting and adorning her nail beds. Aren’t they cute? And for what it is, it’s quite the sophisticated styling as well.

9 Glow-in-the-Dark

These nails might not actually glow in the dark but they sure do look like it, don’t you think? These hand-painted beauties remind us a bit of lava lamps, and seem a bit like miniature weapons but also find a way to impress us with their coloring, its addition of glitter and its lengthy appeal as well. And Obsession Studio has a lot more of these designs to ooh and ahh over too!

8 Sea Foam

Are these not some stunning nails? These come with a tutorial which make the design even more accessible and impressive. Adorn yourself with this look for special events, vacations or just to celebrate the warmer seasons of the year. Whatever the case, it’s hard not to be wowed over this marbled, ocean-inspired style.

7 Overly-Accessorized

If you took every color and accessory that you’ve ever seen and loved and then added them to your nails, then this just may be what you’d end up with. These nails are riddled with embellishments from crystals to jewels to glitter galore, they are full of girlish charm but they’re also totally and completely over-the-top too!

6 A Pirate’s Life for Me

These nails were created and designed for Britain’s Nail Olympics and we can’t help but sing “Yo Ho Ho Ho A Pirate’s Life For Me,” when we glance at this finger art – from the treasure chest to the plank, this hand tells a story. This look is from the “fantasy art” category, which is quite fitting, don't you think? It's hard to imagine a full competition full of hands that look like this!

5 Dripping in Gold

The theme we see here is: GOLD! Covered in gold, dipped in gold, encrusted in gold, sparkling in gold …. the texture, the sparkle, the chains, the embellishments and more come together to create an extreme 14K style.  Although this style may be a bit extreme you can't deny the beauty here.

4 Watercolor

Here we have a style that’s more subdued and wearable than the rest of this list of outside-the-box nail art but deserves a feature for its watercolor assets. Looking like a painted canvas on each finger – and made with the help of polish nail art pens – these beauties can literally be done right at home! We love the mixing of colors and romantic style, that’s much more impressive and pretty than the usual pink, red or black mani.

3 Converse Sneaks

So, how does turning your nails into little converse sneakers sound? For something extra funky, quirky and charming too, why not try out this style at home? You don’t have to add a ton of embellishments or dangled items to make it pop as the colors and funny design does it all on its own, and definitely shows off a unique personality as well.

2 Bridal Glam

Yes, these nails were worn by a bride on her wedding day! Encrusted in crystals, polished in glitter and adorned with some 3-D florals, there’s a definite bridal sense about the overall look but there’s also an extreme style behind them that make us natural nail-doers go, “Woah!” This length and shape is super trendy right now and we predict she could cut the cake all on her own with these beauties.

1 Caviar Covered

These caviar nails are really just nails completely covered in beads or sprinkles. Although we are absolutely swooning over the idea of an accent nail adorned with this fun texture, we can’t help but think of how amazing it would be to have every digit embellished with these little beads – whether multi-colored or even a monochromatic, metallic finish as well!

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