14 Photos Of How The Kardashians Treat Their Kids

Love them or hate them, the Kardashian family has been in our lives for over a decade, and they don't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, there's only more of them now, as four of the sisters have children. Yup, Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, and Kylie all have offspring of their own, and the sisters often give us a glimpse into what motherhood is like for them on their reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, as well as their various social media accounts. So today we thought we'd check out how motherhood is going for them, and if they seem to be doing things right. Not to spoil anything, but we doubt any of them will get a 'mom of the year' award anytime soon, and if you keep scrolling you'll see exactly why.

Here they are, 15 photos of how the Kardashians sisters treat their kids.

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14 Kourtney Seems Pretty Calm Whenever Her Daughter Slams Her Face Against Something

Via: pinterest.com

Now, it's not a secret that kids are clumsy and prone to tripping and falling, but what surprised us is just how chill Kourtney Kardashian seemed when her daughter Penelope slammed her head into a car door. Usually, parents freak out and panic more than their kids, but not queen Kourtney, the oldest Kardashian sister has no time to stress — it causes wrinkles.

13 Kim Was Known For Dragging Her Toddler To Front Row Fashion Shows Because Paying For Babysitters Is Always Such A Rip-Off

Via: pinterest.com

Who could forget the countless times Kim and Kanye dragged baby North to fashion shows? Seriously, it's not like these two can't afford to have a football team of nannies taking care of the little girl, but no — for some totally unexplainable reason they preferred having her at the show, so she could cry and steal everyone's show. Jay-Z, Beyoncé, and Anna Wintour don't understand it either.

12 Kylie Loves Accessorizing With Heels, Purses, And A Baby — Preferably In One Hand While Walking Down Some Stairs

Via: instagram.com

One thing that freaks us out about Kylie Jenner as a mom is how casually she carries her baby. Seriously, we know she's a pro in heels and all, but we just don't think having little Stormi in one arm while walking down a set of stairs in sky-high heels is safe at all.

11 And Khloe Seems To Keep Her Daughter In The Fridge For Extra Freshness

Via: instagram.com

Okay, fair enough, she doesn't actually keep baby True in the fridge (at least we hope so), but we still had to poke fun at these photos. Like, who just casually decides to have a mini photoshoot with their daughter in front of an open fridge? Yeah, Khloe Kardashian does.

10 The Sisters Love Dressing Their Babies Into Costumes Because One Can Never Start Experiencing The Discomfort Of Halloween Looks Early Enough

Via: instagram.com

In the photo above you can see the barely one-year-old Chicago, Stormi, and True rocking some elaborate Halloween costumes. Now, we know the Kardashian's love dressing up for Halloween, but is it really necessary to put your precious little baby through this discomfort? At least wait until they're at an age they can actually have fun dressing up.

9 Oh, And If It's Not Haloween They Make Them Wear These Over-The-Top Sunglasses That Can't Be Comfy To Look Through

Via: instagram.com

Yeah, it's pretty much clear by now that the Kardashian sisters will do anything to get that perfect insta of their kids, and if that means making them wear these ridiculous name sunglasses, then so be it. Honestly, we hope they put them on Stormi and True just for the photo, and don't make the poor kids wear them regularly.

8 Kim Lets North Wear Makeup — And While We Must Say Her Looks Slay, It's Still Too Much For A Six-Year-Old

Via: pinterest.com/instagram.com

To be honest, we're absolutely not surprised that North's makeup is totally on point — it was probably done by a makeup artist after all, but we do think it is ridiculous that a six-year-old rocks any makeup at all, let alone such dramatic looks. Kids should stay kids for as long as possible, and not worry about their appearances much, because trust us — that phase will come naturally.

7 Meanwhile Kylie Lets Stormi Play With Her Makeup So We Wouldn't Be Surprised To See A Stormi Makeup Look Soon

Via: instagram.com

Okay, hopefully not that soon, but if little Stormi follows in cousin North's footsteps, a Kylie Cosmetics x Stormi Collection could come out in just a couple of years. Meanwhile, Stormi will keep on playing with mommy's makeup pallets and swatching those eyeshadows in hopes of finding her perfect shades.

6 Oh, And When Khloe Takes True Out Of The Fridge She Puts Her In The Sink So She Can Too — You've Guessed It — Play With Makeup

Via: instagram.com

Are we taking it too far with this fridge joke? Okay, we will stop — promise. But the places Khloe takes photos of her adorable daughter True just have us wondering what on earth she's thinking. And once again, a prime example of a Kardashian kid playing with makeup, tell us something new.

5 The Kardashian Kids Are Spoiled With A Ridiculous Amount Of Toys And Clothes Because One Can Never Have Enough Of Anything

Via: instagram.com

Now it's no secret that celebrity kids have plenty of clothing and toys, but we'd prefer to not know that, thank you very much. The world is pretty much dying because climate change is real and we keep buying more unnecessary stuff, so seeing Stormi and North's rooms and closets full of things really riles us up.

4 Which Is Probably Why She Got Her — We Repeat, Six-Year-Old Daughter — A Phone

Via: instagram.com

Now, honestly, we're not too sure whether this is North's very own phone, but she sure seems to know how to handle it. Screen time for anyone, but especially young kids usually does more damage than good, and parents really need to be aware of how much time their children spend with devices. Kim K clearly couldn't care less.

3 Oh, And Kourtney Isn't The Only One Who Couldn't Care Less If Her Child Faceplants — Kim Is So Used To It She Doesn't Even Notice Anymore

Via: tumblr.com

Remember how we opened our list up with Kourt not caring that her daughter hurt herself? Well here's sister Kim pretty much behaving the exact same way. North, unfortunately, seems to be a bit clumsy and has clearly already fallen a couple of times, which Kim definitely got used to by now.

2 But Honestly, If There's One Thing We Are Super Jealous Of — Besides Crying At Fashion Shows And Having The Newest iPhone —It's The Birthday Parties These Kids Get

Via: pinterest.com/instagram.com

Hey, at the end of the day bad parenting is easily fixed by throwing your child an incredible birthday party, right? Well, no, that's definitely wrong, but we can't help but be jealous of the parties these toddlers get thrown. Seriously, what do we have to do to get an invite?

1 And Lastly, Both Kylie And Khloe Know That Having Claws Is The Best Way To Protect Their Kids From Any Danger — The Only Problem Is How Does One Change Their Diapers?

Via: instagram.com

To wrap things up we wanted to point out something we noticed about Kylie and Khloe — the two always have super long nails. So long that we honestly wonder how they manage to pick up anything, let alone their daughters. We definitely can't wait for this trend to be history, and we bet little Stormi and True totally agree.

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