14 Photos Miley Cyrus Wants Removed From The Internet Forever

Since leaving her Disney days behind, Miley Cyrus has made headlines for all the wrong reasons. The former Hannah Montana star ditched her wholesome and good girl image for questionable outfits, rowdy behavior and a tongue that refuses to stay inside her mouth. Miley's definitely marching to the beat of her own drum, and we commend her for being confident enough to break the status quo and live life according to her own rules. But that doesn't change the fact that her outlandish behavior has caused us all to cringe from time to time.

When it comes to being a celebrity, your life is on display at all times. Some famous people decide to play it safe by always putting their best foot forward while others simply DGAF. Miley is one of the celebs who couldn't care less what anyone else thinks of her. There's nothing wrong with being eccentric, grabbing life by the horns, and being unapologetic about your life, but we definitely think there have been more than a few times when Miley regretted some of her actions.

Here are 14 photos Miley probably wishes she could remove from the Internet forever.

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14 Lipstick on Teeth


This is one of those common struggles that every girl has to go through. Lipstick looks fabulous on our lips, but for some reason, it just loves to setup shop on our teeth. Putting your index finger in your mouth and slowly pulling it out is said to extract any excess lipstick from the inside of the mouth, but this trick sometimes fails us and we end up walking around with lipstick on our teeth all day. Being in the public eye means Miley is judged for every little thing and nitpicked about her outfit and makeup choices. If she were to hit the stage with a glob of red lipstick on her teeth, the media would've had a field day with her beauty blunder. We can't fault the girl for giving her teeth a bit of a scrub with her finger to ensure her teeth were lipstick-free, but this is definitely one of those embarrassing caught-in-the-act moments Miley surely regrets.

13 Getting Messy


This photo was taken long before Miley embraced her wild and carefree side, and we should've known she would be a handful and a hot mess in the next few years just by taking one glance at this picture. The singer and actress went out to enjoy a treat with some friends, and she clearly left her manners at home. When paparazzi approached her to take a photo, Miley opened up big and wide to show off a mouthful of whipped cream. To make matters even worse, she also had a bunch of her dessert spread all over her face. Getting messy while eating is bound to happen, but we can't help but think Miley's mess was done intentionally. This incident was definitely a precursor to her attention-seeking ways that we've seen in recent years. Let's just hope someone was nearby to hand Miley a napkin to clean herself up before she walked out the store.

12 Lighting Up


One peek at Miley's Instagram feed, and it's pretty evident that she enjoys sparking up during her free time. If she wants to document her love for marijuana in the privacy of her own home then more power to her, but Miley took her love for Mary Jane a bit too far when she decided to light up on national television.The singer was accepting the Best Video award at the 2013 MTV Europe Music Awards in Amsterdam. As she took the stage, she decided to light up and began smoking in front of the crowd. In Amsterdam, it's totally legal to purchase and smoke marijuana, but that still doesn't take away from the fact that Miley definitely raised eyebrows with her antics. We doubt she'll be putting down the joints in the near future, but if there ever comes a time when she swears off smoking, we're sure this is one picture she'll hope we all forget about.

11 Getting Wild


We've all taken photos that caught us mid-action doing something absolutely hilarious. We can't even remember what we were saying or doing at that particular moment, all we know is we were captured in the perfect way. For Miley, these action shots are quite typical, and each one is better than the one before. This particular photo shows the singer and actress out in public doing who knows what. Her arm is raised in the air, her hair is an absolute mess and we can't help but to LOL at the expression on her face. Either Miley was having a horrible day or she was reenacting a scene from Jurassic Park. It's not her best moment, but it's definitely not her worst either. We definitely can't fault her for getting caught in the moment, but that doesn't mean we're going to stop laughing at this picture anytime soon.

10 Mocking Asians


Miley is no stranger to criticism, and she has been caught in the middle of various scandals more times than we can count. Stirring the pot and facing the backlash are two things that she should be used to at this point, and it all started in her pre-tongue wagging days.

Three years after Hannah Montana came to an end, Miley, her friends, and her then-boyfriend Justin Gaston posed for a picture that she would later regret. Miley, who was 16-years-old at the time, pulled her eyes by their corners and slanted them in an attempt to mock Asians. The picture went viral, and the teen was blasted for the racist and insensitive photo. Miley apologized twice for her actions by saying, "I really wanted to stress how sorry I am if the photo of me with my friends offended anyone. I have learned a valuable lesson from this and know that sometimes my actions can be unintentionally hurtful." Many people accepted her apology, but that doesn't mean they'll ever forget the photo.

9 A Little Too Bold


We're all for a themed party complete with festive costumes to celebrate the occasion, but this particular outfit from Miley definitely gets a "no" from us. The singer attended Art Basel in South Beach Miami back in 2014, and she headed out wearing a sparkly metallic monstrosity. The singer donned a tattered silver wig, disco ball-like pasties over her chest, shimmery pants, and a silver thong worn over her clothing. Her outfit is the epitome of doing too much. Sometimes, less is more, but in this case, it couldn't have hurt her to throw on a matching tank top so she wasn't so exposed, and perhaps this outfit would've been doable if her underwear was worn the correct way.

We love that Miley is always experimenting with her look and her style, but this outfit is one that we'd much rather forget, and we're pretty sure she would want it removed from the Internet forever, too.

8 What Did Santa Do to Deserve This?


Here's yet another photo we think Miley will regret sometime down the road. The singer got into the Christmas spirit in the typical Miley way: By being flashy, a bit crazy and a tad bit inappropriate. The singer performed at KISS FM's Jingle Ball at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. The Christmas-themed concert is put on in front of thousands of adoring fans, and most artists put on memorable performances that people talk about for years to come. Miley definitely had people talking, too, but it was for all the wrong reasons.

Wearing a matching red crop top and briefs, Miley backed that thang up against Santa Claus and shoved her microphone into his privates. Immediately following the event, she posted this photo to her Twitter with the caption "Bad Santa," so it's pretty clear she had zero regrets at that moment, but we know she'll be covering her face in shame when she looks back on the photo in a few years.

7 Salvia Bong


In 2010, just five days after her 18th birthday, Miley was pushed back into the spotlight and blasted for an inappropriate video that was leaked and went viral. The video was shot during her birthday party at her Los Angeles home, and in the video, you can see the singer and actress smoking salvia out of a bong.

The video brought attention to the psychedelic herb which is legal in California, and it also shed some light on Miley's hard partying ways. She was forced to address the incident to numerous news outlets after the video was leaked, and she expressed regret for her actions. Miley was quoted as saying, "I made a mistake...I'm disappointed in myself for disappointing my fans." We believed her at the time, but years later, it's pretty clear Miley is a fan of smoking, so how sincere was her apology? She's now open and honest with her drug use, but this particular photo was pretty much the end of her good girl image.

6 Cop a Feel


You definitely won't see Miley standing five-feet away from her fans when it comes time to take a picture. The singer allows her followers to get up close and personal with her, and they take advantage of each and every moment. During a meet and greet for one of her tours, the singer, wearing a long-sleeve crop top and high-waisted briefs, allowed a fan to cop a feel. But not only that, she posed for the picture looking wide-eyed and feigning shock, but she wasn't fooling anyone.

Many of Miley's meet and greet photos show her doing some pretty questionable acts with her fans, but her crazy behavior is why they love her so much. We hope she doesn't regret these photos when she's a bit older, but we wouldn't be surprised if she tried to get this particular photo scrubbed from the Internet forever.

5 No Razor Needed


Miley is a fan of freeing the nipple, so it's no shock that she's also an advocate of embracing your body in its natural state.

Miley was invited to induct legendary rock star Joan Jett into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. While giving a speech in front of thousands of people, she got a bit too animated, raised her arms in the air, and exposed her unshaved armpits. Everyone went absolutely nuts over her lack of grooming, and it turned into such a huge deal.

Miley wasn't embarrassed nor surprised by everyone's reaction, and little did we know, it wouldn't be the last time we would come face to face with her hairy pits. She later took part in a photoshoot with famed photographer Terry Richardson, and she put her hairy underarms on display once again. We love that Miley doesn't have a care in the world, and she's not about to conform to what society tells her she should do.

4 Embarrassing Selfie


Miley was caught in bed with Harry Styles, but it's not what you think. The singer got a bit strange on us all when she posted this photo of herself online. The photo shows Miley and her sister Noah cuddling up to a cutout of One Direction's Harry Styles. They're puckering up to give him a big kiss and snuggling up to him underneath the covers. We wouldn't be surprised if millions of teen girls around the world have had similar moments like this, but Miley is a public figure, so when she takes interesting selfies like this one, she is bound to end up being featured on every single gossip website.

Thankfully for Miley, Harry didn't request an order of protection against her, and we'll also do her a major favor and just pretend like this photo never even existed.

3  Too Much Skin


Before taking the world by storm with her skimpy outfits and wacky onstage persona, Miley was having fun and living her life like any normal teen. The only difference was: Miley was still in the spotlight at this time, and her every move was being watched by the media.

A photo of Miley leaked online, and it had many parents outraged. They still remembered her for her time as the lovable Hannah Montana, so coming to terms that she was growing up and becoming an adult was difficult for some fans to grasp. The photo showed Miley lying in a bed with a guy, and her tummy was exposed. This wouldn't have been a big deal if she was much older at the time, but parents thought the star was being irresponsible and showing a bad example to her legions of fans. If only they knew things were only going to get worse from here.

2 Ew, Gross


While on vacation in Miami, Florida, Miley spent some time on her hotel balcony to soak up the sun and to give the paparazzi their money shot. The singer was dressed casually in a cutoff T-shirt with her hair in a messy and disheveled bun. She ventured onto the balcony while holding her cell phone, and proceeded to spit across the railing. Thankfully, no one was below her. Can you imagine walking by and all of a sudden, Miley Cyrus' loogie is dripping down your hair? Gross.

Photographers caught Miley mid-spit, and the photo was immediately plastered all over the Internet. Miley was blasted for being rude and unclassy, but she definitely didn't mind. While most people would have opted for the bathroom to dispose of their bodily fluids, are we really supposed to be surprised that Miley decided to make her release right there on her balcony? Nothing she does will surprise us at this point.

1  Her Infamous VMA Performance

Miley and Robin Thicke's epic MTV VMA performance will go down as one of the most iconic presentations we have ever seen. It was at this moment we realized Miley was a bit off her rocker...but in a fascinating way, of course. She was crass and a bit vulgar in her actions, but Robin and her fans seemed to enjoy it.

Miley and her foam finger took the stage in a nude-colored outfit. The two proceeded to gyrate, bump and grind against each other all over the stage in the most awkward MTV moment ever. Miley twerked, shook her butt and bounced around the stage without a care in the world, but this action shot of her bent over in front of Robin is what stood out to us the most. We definitely think they took things a step too far. This photo captures one of Miley's most inappropriate moments that can never be unseen.

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