14 People Confess The Stupidest Reasons Why They Dumped Someone

People have their deal-breakers when it comes to relationships. You wouldn't blame someone for breaking up with their SO if they found out they were a liar or they were too flirtatious with other people etc. That's pretty reasonable stuff. But some people break up with their significant other for the most ridiculous reasons.

Their reasons for breaking up might be petty AF, but they're also hilarious. For example, there's the girl who broke up with her boyfriend because she found out that he put water on his cereal instead of milk.

Sometimes you can relate to the petty reasons why people have broken up with their significant other. You know deep down that it's not a valid reason for breaking up with someone, but at the same time you can tell that the habit which they are breaking up with them for would get so annoying. And if your significant other is starting to annoy the hell out of you or making you cringe there's only so long you can handle it before you're just like NOPEEE!

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14 "We don't argue enough. You obviously don't care about this relationship."

"'We don't argue enough. You obviously don't care about this relationship.'

I'm sorry for compromising."

Surely, a lot of people would be happy if there were few arguments in their relationship. If someone said this to me I would be like WTF and be furious. I'd probably give them the argument they're looking for, for saying something like that. But then again, some people are into drama - they feed off it and actually enjoy it. You could also argue that in some relationships the arguments represent fire and passion. But we're not in a movie, this isn't Vicky Christina Barcelona. I'd bet on the large majority of people preferring a chilled significant other to someone who creates arguments for no reason.This person also mentions compromise which is another thing people strive for in relationships, surely.

13 When his hair comes off and you're suddenly over it...

"He shaved his face. I'd only ever seen him with a beard. He really needed that beard."

Some guys just suit a beard and it's true that a guy can look like a completely different person without his signature fuzz. It sounds like in this case, not only did the guy look different, the girlfriend or boyfriend found him a lot less attractive without his beard. Yes, it is a shallow reason to break up with someone. But you do have to be attracted to the person that you're dating. If you don't fancy your SO anymore you might want to break up with them and that's okay. Some people are into looks, some people are into personality. That's just the way it is. This person definitely went on Bristlr (the dating app for people with beards and beard-lovers) after their breakup.

12 When she legit cray

"She stops answering my messages to "test" how much I want to be with her. I refuse to even ask why she's ignoring me out of spite. Haven't talked to her since.

Pretty silly on both our parts."

I don't think it's silly on both their parts. I think it's silly on the part of the girlfriend who decided to test her boyfriend. Playing games like that is unfair and just loony. In most cases that kind of thing is going to backfire and in this case it did. When it comes to dating, people should just be straight up about how they're feeling because it's unlikely that the games are going to work in your favor. It might be fun at first, but it's not fun when the other person gets tired of the games and dumps you.

11 When somebody makes you cringe there's no continuing with the relationship


"I had a boyfriend who wore his shirts tucked into his underpants. I managed to put up with that, until he took a plastic carrier bag on a flight as hand luggage. That was the last straw."

When somebody makes you cringe there's no continuing with the relationship. Because once one little thing makes you cringe you start noticing other cringey stuff. This confession proves my point. Once the girl started cringing at her boyfriend's underpants trick it just went downhill from there. Some girls might be okay with their bf tucking their shirt into their undies and using a plastic bag as hand luggage, this girl isn't one of them. She wants someone who is a bit classier because she finds this kind of behavior really cringe.

10 When you're basically dating the grudge

via horror.wikia.com

"Girl I dated screamed in her sleep. Dated a month before I couldn't take it anymore. I'm talking full on, bloody murder, screaming. Didn't even wake herself up, it was the weirdest thing. I was living with my dad at the time and he told me that he didn't want her sleeping in the house. I asked her about it a couple times and she thought I was joking every time."

I'm not surprised that this person broke up with their girlfriend. Waking up in the middle of the night screaming is some kind of Paranormal Activity ish. It would scare me half to death. What they should have done though is film her doing it as proof because clearly this girl didn't know that she was possessed or having some sort of night terrors.

9 Super annoying

"She used the word 'super' as a prefix for describing anything. She was always super-frustrated, super-happy or super-tired. The coffee was super-caffeinated, food was always super-delicious and all our dates were super-romantic. The places we visited were always super-beautiful, the people were super-nice, the culture was super-interesting.

Even the negative things were still super. Cheetos were not super-healthy, that salon did not do a super-good job, that book was not super interesting. You get the picture. I think she said the word super about a 100+ times of day. Mind you, she was not a 'super' enthusiastic or excitable girl. She was actually sort of monotone and mild mannered."

That would annoy me too. Describing everything as super this or super that is so chipper it's borderline creepy. I'm not surprised that she got super dumped in the end because she sounds super annoying.

8 What kind of madness is this?

"He used water in his cereal instead of milk."

There has to be something wrong with a person if they put water on their cereal instead of milk. Who does that? It's pure madness. I can't even imagine what the cereal would taste like. It might be like having a glass of water with lumps in it - ughh! Or it might be like having soggy, mushy cereal that is completely tasteless. No thanks. You just can't replace milk with water. You can't just use extra water instead of putting milk in your tea. You can't make ice cream without milk or cream, it would just be sugary ice. Joking aside, I'm not sure someone putting water on their cereal is worth breaking up with them over. But it certainly makes them rather an odd person.

7 Oopsy!

"I broke up with someone for being too ambitious in college. He then went on to get a job offer from Goldman Sachs before he even graduated. Jokes on me, I guess."

The description of "too ambitious" isn't exactly clear here. They might mean that their boyfriend spent too much time studying and not enough time with them. They might mean that their boyfriend spoke too much about their future plans. Or they might mean that their boyfriend took himself too seriously, while they were just chill during college. Who knows? What we do know is that this person regretted their decision because their boyfriend's level of ambition paid off and he snagged a top job. It just goes to show that the qualities you look for in a significant other might change as you grow up and your level of responsibility becomes greater.

6 Once you see it, you can't unsee it

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"I found out my bandmates called her Furby when we weren't around. From then on, it was all I could see when I looked at her. I made the mistake of opening my eyes once when we were making out, and her stupid f--king Furby eyes were staring right back at me. In their defense, she really did look like Furby."

I totally get this. It seems a bit harsh but once you get something stuck in your head like this, you can't just forget about it no matter how much you want to. Plus, in this case it's even worse because lots of people find Furby creepy. Furby was cute when we were kids but not anymore. Have you seen the videos of possessed or haunted Furbies on YouTube? They will put you off Furby for life.

5 That's just wrong

"He ate chicken wings with knife and fork..."

This is as bad as someone putting water on their cereal. People who eat chicken wings with a knife and fork are in the same category of freaks and weirdos. I've heard of people eating pizza or a hamburger with a knife and fork too. It's so stupid. Are they trying to be fancy? Food like that isn't supposed to be fancy. In my opinion, if you're going to eat chicken wings with a knife and fork you don't deserve their deliciousness. I'd be way more impressed by somebody who puts the whole chicken wing in their mouth and pulls out a clean bone. That's a skill a lot of us would like to have, because we're normal - not the kind of strange person who eats chicken wings with a knife and fork.

4 This is how you remind me...

via funnyjunk.com

"She said nickelback was modern day Shakespeare."

Oh man. So, it's not unusual for somebody to call a musician or writer "a modern day Shakespeare". But if you're going to make such a claim, you have to choose a worthy musician or writer to make the comparison. Nickelback are not in that league. They have a particularly bad reputation for making crappy music. Users of the music-based dating site Tastebuds once voted Nickelback the "biggest musical turnoff". So it's not really a surprise that this person broke up with their gf. There's a major dating tip right there, if you want to hold onto your girlfriend or boyfriend don't profess a love for Nickelback because you're going to get kicked to the curb.

3 Fake nerd

"I met her in a bookstore, her apartment was full of books... that she apparently kept only for looks. She was nice, but pretty dumb, and just liked to look nerdy. I felt a bit deceived, broke up when I just couldn't handle it anymore."

This is a nightmare of a person if you ask me. I would have broken up with the girl straight away, not "when I just couldn't handle it anymore". It's not about someone being smart or dumb because I'm a believer of people having different types of intelligence. It's the deception that's the deal-breaker. If someone is willing to go into a book store and put up books in their home to pretend that they're the cool nerd, then what else are they lying about? You would never know what's real or fake.

2 You like me, you really like me

"He constantly told me how much he liked me. BIG turn off. He also rearranged my living room once without saying anything. (This was after 3 weeks of dating)."

It's in our nature isn't it girls - we can't help but prefer the challenge. If someone likes us we run for the hills, but if they don't give us the time of day we're intrigued. We'd rather chase after the ones who aren't into us. It's silly, but we go for the unavailable people over and over again. The second part of this statement is a legit reason for breaking up with someone though. If I found that someone had been moving my stuff they would be right out of the door. Bye bye! It's an invasion of privacy for one, and it's just a weird thing to do when you have only been seeing someone for a few weeks.

1 Harry Potter and The Crazy Girlfriend

via imgflip.com

"She staunchly refused to say "Voldemort" and got angry at me for saying it."

So, we all have our nerdy things that we fangirl over. But this is a little excessive, don't you think? I would have loved to be sitting there eating popcorn when this girl got angry with her boyfriend, "How dare you talk about he who must not be named!" Lord knows how she would have reacted if he said one of the unforgivable curses. That probably would have sent her into a serious rage. I wouldn't blame the guy for saying Voldemort on purpose just to rile her up. It's not being mean because it's just stupid. Fair enough if the pair were 11 years old or something, but it doesn't sound like it.

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