14 People Confess Dark Secrets That Would Ruin Their Relationships

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14 People Confess Dark Secrets That Would Ruin Their Relationships

We all have those dark, dirty secrets that we never want anyone to find out about. Sometimes we tell little white lies in order to not hurt someone else’s feelings but other times we just outright fabricate stories to cover up our own past indiscretions. When it comes to matters of the heart, people feel the need to show off the best side of themselves, especially when they find someone that they truly care for. Honesty is the best policy, but if someone has a skeleton or two in their closet, they’re more inclined to hide their secrets from the ones they love.

Once you’re in a relationship with someone and fall in love, it doesn’t mean that deal breakers are off the table. We’d like to believe that our partners love us unconditionally but let’s face it, if your significant other knew your worst and best kept secret, do you believe they would still stay with you? These real life people shared their private misgivings that they’ll never tell their partner because they’re sure that their relationships would end. As individuals we all have limits on what we will and won’t accept in relationships, but we can all agree that the people on this list have good reasons as to why they’ll never tell a soul their secrets.

14. The Ex Was Better

It’s not uncommon for people to be hung up on their exes, but it’s a doozy when you can admit that your current partner just can’t measure up to your previous partner in the bedroom. It sounds as if this guy has tried to communicate with his girlfriend that he wants to try some new things in the bedroom and she’s just not having it.

“She’s not as good in bed as my ex was. My ex was wild and was into trying a lot of things. If she wanted something, she just asks. She also didn’t have a problem letting me know when she wants to f–k. My current SO has a ‘I’m not a slut so I’m not gonna do that’ mentality. Our intimate life is pretty average and has been the same routine for the last 2 and a half years.”

13. Was Once A Working Girl

There’s never a good way to tell your boyfriend that you once worked as a prostitute, especially if that guy is more of a conservative, religious type. This woman clearly thinks that her “super-dorky,” Christian boyfriend (her description, not ours) may think of her differently if he knew about her days as a working girl.

“I just started dating a sweet, intelligent, hilarious, super-dorky guy. He is Christian and (I think) quite conservative. His family is quite traditional too. He held on to his virginity for a while and is definitely not the kind of guy who sleeps around. He is perfect for me in every way. I don’t want to f–k this up. I have no idea how to tell him I worked as a call girl for a while, and it’s not something I can keep from him with a clear conscience if this goes anywhere.”

12. Dark History 

Dating someone in recovery is something that takes love, time, and patience, but being with someone in the middle of their addiction is a feat that shouldn’t be taken lightly. This person admitted that they lied to their girlfriend about their heroin addiction and knows that if she found out, she would drop them in a minute.

“I am heavily addicted to snorting heroin. After a month or so we bumped into each other and I asked her out. One of the first things she asked me on our first date was if I was sober or not. I lied and said I was clean. We’ve been together for about 9 months now and I’ve been using for 3 yrs. I love her and I don’t want to lose her and I should get clean for my own good but I just cant stop.”

11. Pregnant And Married

Some secrets you just can’t hide and will eventually catch up to you. This woman says that even though she’s been separated from her husband for a while, she’s still legally married and the person she’s seeing doesn’t know. Now that she’s pregnant her partner is ready to walk down the aisle, but without revealing her secret, that can never happen — at least not without her becoming a polygamist. Hey, he just might be into that sort of thing, but we’re guessing he won’t.

“That I am still legally married. I don’t have the money for a divorce, left my husband four years ago in another state, and wouldn’t know how to contact him if I wanted to. Edit: To top it off, I’m pregnant, and my SO wants to get married. Not sure how to avoid shit hitting the fan.”

10. Embarrassed By Him

Why anyone would want to date a person that they don’t really like is beyond us, but it happens every day. This person listed off a number of traits that they can’t stand about their partner, but it sounds as if these two people just aren’t all that compatible unless one of them (him) changes.

“I’m often embarrassed to be around him in public. Sometimes he’s just too touchy-feely, he doesn’t know how to dress properly for anything more formal than Izzy’s, and he doesn’t know when to knock off the swearing. Just yesterday we were at an event where he started swearing in front of a bunch of children, at an event where swearing wasn’t 100% inappropriate. It’s just downright embarrassing and I know if I flat-out told him about it, there would be issues. I feel like we can never do nice things because of how he dresses and behaves.”

9. The Boring Partner

If you’re not emotionally, mentally, or physically stimulated by your partner, it may be time to reevaluate your relationship. This person would rather settle and have a “not horrible” relationship than break up and move on. You know things are bad when they say, “I have frequent thoughts about killing one of us to get out of the relationship.” Uh, just split up.

“I’m completely and utterly bored with her. She’s a boring person, boring in bed, boring to be around. She can be spiteful and is often really bitchy. All I want to do is get the fuck out of my hometown and see the world, but every time I think of moving or changing careers, she kicks it in the nuts and I give it up. The only reason I stay in it is that I think it’d be more of a mess to get out of than it’s worth.”

8. More Than One Partner

via everydayfeminism.com

All across the world people are involved in polyamorous relationships, that is, having intimate relationships with more than one partner. There are those that believe humans were never made to be in monogamous relationships and find the common practice suffocating. While it’s becoming something that more people are exploring, it still isn’t widely accepted by mainstream culture. This person clearly has a desire to open themselves up and engage in a relationship with one person, but for some reason they just can’t bring themselves to do it.

“I don’t cheat, I don’t lie, I don’t even cross the line, but I know deep down I am polyamorous. The only reason I keep it to myself is because I choose not to pursue the lifestyle… I just love.”

At least they’re staying faithful. That’s a plus.

7. Secret Money

Even the most honest of couples have one or both parties who like to sash away a little money for a rainy day. They can keep it in a separate bank account or just slip money under the mattress without their significant other knowing, but it’s common for people to hide money from their spouses. There are those that would find this practice to be the ultimate sign of betrayal, but what’s even worse is if your husband or wife has a secret credit card that they are racking up bills with. A quick credit check by this person’s partner can easily make this blow up into a terrible situation.

“Secret credit card. We agreed to never rack up bills but I did. I feel like a cheating hypocrite. Also, currently unemployed so no way to pay it off secretly.”

6. Psychotic Breakdown

Drugs can do a number on one’s mental state, and this person proves that you never know when something you use recreationally can make you snap. They were able to go about their daily life as if they were normal, but they were obviously dealing with mental issues that they hid from their loved ones. Revealing to someone that you’ve experienced a psychotic breakdown for years could be something that would make someone want to break up with you.

“I had a two year long drug induced psychotic episode where I thought God was talking to me on a daily basis through numbers. I seem like a completely normal, well put together, successful person. I snapped out of it recently, I don’t want everyone to think I’m crazy or need help. I figured things out on my own.”

5. Twin Love

Sibling love is something that’s unmatched, but these fraternal twins are taking family bonding to a new level. This man wrote that he and his twin sister are in love, but they can’t tell anyone for fear of being disowned.

“My twin sister and I love each other. We love each other more than siblings should.
I’m sure the incest would disgust a lot of people, and that alone would ruin a lot of relationships. Our parents and grandparents would probably disown and disinherit us. Other family would probably break off contact, and we’d lose a good chunk of our friends. I imagine news would spread like wildfire amongst our social circle. Our older sister might be the only person in our family who wouldn’t outright condemn us, and I’m not even too sure about that. Sometimes we think about running away to Europe or something, so we can start new lives with fake identities.”

4. Nude Urges

Many people have their own kinks that turn them on, but their relationships and fear of being judged can keep them from exploring them. While many people try to keep their nudes off of the internet, this Reddit user wishes they could post some.

“I really, really want to post nudes on Reddit. I get off on the idea of people looking at and enjoying my body but not being able to actually touch it. I like showing off my body.
But I have a wonderful boyfriend whom I’m very much in love with who would be devastated if I ever did. I have this throwaway that I made while drunk one night that I don’t know if I’ll ever actually use. The idea taunts me more and more, and it doesn’t help that I have pent up urges from not seeing my SO very often or that he doesn’t like sexting.”

3. The Breeder

We wish we could say something more about this, but he really explains his situation better than anyone else could. Here you have it folks: the breeder.

“I am a ‘breeder.’ I am a male who is interested in impregnating as many women as many times as possible anonymously. I haven’t actually followed through on it. I regularly post adds online looking for women who just want someone to impregnate them. I usually have had to back out because the women in question are usually a lot less healthy and attractive than she claimed to be, and I just can’t bring myself to knock up someone I am not attracted to. However part of me is terrified because I currently have 3 different women right now who want my babies over the next 2 months. Another that is near my city is ovulating next week, and she wants me to give her 3-4 children.”

2. The First Love

Being married to someone for 20 years is one heck of an accomplishment, but it’s a difficult one when you’re holding onto your first love from grade school.

“When I was in 8th grade I fell in love with my girlfriend. I never thought it would be possible for someone so young could have such strong feelings. The relationship didn’t last more than three months because my mom and step-dad divorced and I had to move. I thought about her every day since. I met another person and have been married for 20 years now. I have four kids and have no complaints about my wife. Five years ago through social media I was able to correspond with 8th grade girlfriend. It turns out that she still has feelings for me too. I have been faithful to my wife for our entire marriage but want more than anything to be with my first love.”

1. Keeping It In The Family

This would be a hard pill to swallow for anyone. This man had a one night stand with his brother’s wife and believes that his niece could actually be his daughter. Yikes.

“My youngest niece is probably my daughter. Brother’s wife before they were married, one New Year’s Eve, mid September baby. Neither of us have ever mentioned it since. Bad deal. Before her, I hadn’t done it, she came into my room near the end of the night wrapped in a blanket and got in my bed, before I knew it she’s backing up to me in bed bare [bottomed]. No pants on under the blanket. What happened next shouldn’t have, I know. But it did.”

Let’s hope that she doesn’t need a kidney one day only to discover that the father she knows and loves isn’t really her daddy.

Source: Reddit

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