14 Of The World's Young And Single Heirs

They are stunning to look at.

They have bank balances most of us only dream about.

They always look like they jut got back from a holiday; well, their lives are a permanent holiday.

Nope, not the Rich Kids of Instagram. Compared to these guys, RKOI are 'common peasants.' whats a weekend on an island when you can own the whole thing? Meek Mill was right when he said “It's levels to this.”

Who 'dares' shade the RKOI? The kids of the worlds top billionaires, of course.

These kids seem to have it all; cash, jewelry, personal fashion consultants; Charlotte Casiraghi has her riding clothes designed by Frida Giannini, Gucci's creative director. Don't bother looking them up, they're made only for Charlotte and never retail for the general public.

While some of them don't let it get to their heads, there are those who flaunt their parent's wealth at every opportunity. You only have to scroll through Instagram to find them. Some have also attended the best schools in preparation to take over 'the family business', but others are content to travel the world spending that trust fund money.

But just like the rest of us, many of them struggle to find love. For some, they seem to get dumped..A LOT; others just can't find someone on their 'level' and the rest just don't seem to want to settle down.

Whatever the reason, there are quite a number of single, filthy rich heirs out there; here are 14 of them.

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14 Lapo Elkann


This 37 year old Italian entrepreneur is famous for having a 'wild streak'. Son of Margherita Agnelli, the heiress to the Fiat empire, Elkann also runs his own successful businesses. He is the President of Italia Independent (eyewear brand), Independent Ideas (advertising) and also the Director of Brand Promotion for the Fiat Group.

The stylish bachelor has been ranked on many best-dressed lists and is described as 'single but available.'

13 Stavros Niarchos III


Grandson of a Greek shipping tycoon, Stavros III is reportedly worth a cool $4 billion. One of the more reclusive heirs, this dreamy eyed hunk has had relationships with Mary-Kate Olsen, Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton.

The 29-year-old has spent the last few months globe-trotting with new girlfriend, Aussie model Jessica Hart.

12 Ekaterina Rybolovleva


The 26 year old daughter of AS Monaco football club owner, Dmitry Rybolovlev, is a keen equestrian who has won many competitions. Ekaterina reportedly owns a $88 million New York apartment and the Greek island of Skorpios. Heir to a $9 billion fortune, Ekaterina is also at the helm of many of her father's businesses.

Ekaterina is also passionate about helping others. On her 25th birthday (held on HER island, of course), she asked guests to make donations to select charities, instead of bringing gifts.

11 Paris Latsis


Grandson of Greek shipping magnate, Yiannis Latsis, Paris was relatively unknown till he dated Paris Hilton in 2005. Announcing their engagement in May 2005, the couple called it quits only four months later. He dated Twilight actress, Nikki Reed for about a year before they split in 2010.

Even with a family fortune of over $5.3 billion, Paris is currently single and staying out of the limelight.

10 Jamie Johnson


Heir-apparent (first in line to succeed) to the $600 million Johnson & Johnson pharmaceutical empire, 35 year old Jamie prefers film making to being a heir. Drawing from his experience on growing up rich, he made the 2003 documentary Born Rich, followed by 2006's The One Percent.

Johnson generally keeps out of the limelight and it's not known if he is dating anyone at the moment.

9 Prince Azim Haji Bolkiah


Third in line for the throne of Brunei, the prince is notorious for the lavish, celeb-packed parties he throws. Counting stars like Micheal Jackson, Aaron Paul, Usher as pals, the 'Playboy Prince' is also fond of splashing out on his celebrity friends. In 2006, he reportedly hired a private jet to 'drop off' a $5 million necklace for Mariah Carey.

With an estimated net worth of $5 billion, the diminutive, raven haired prince also uses his position to raise awareness for social issues.

8 Prince Albert von Thurn und Taxis


With assets spread across art, real estate and 32,000 hectares of prime German woodland, the 32 year old prince is pretty well off. The 12th prince of the House of Thurn and Taxis, Prince Albert is both a keen business man and a champion racing car driver. Often counted among the world's youngest billionaires, a title he first held at 8, Albert is worth an estimated $2 billion.

Like most real blue bloods, there is little information available about his daily activities, but we know it will be a grand affair when this moneyed gearhead chooses to get married.

7 Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum


The Crown Prince of Dubai, is a real life Errol Flynn. With hobbies like horse racing, kite boarding, sky diving, surfing, you can't keep this man down. The London School of Economics graduate is considered one of the world's hottest young royals.

With an estimated family net worth of over $4 billion, you only have a peek at his Instagram page to see how the other half live.

6 Anastasia Potanina


Daughter of the publisher of the Russian Cosmo, Anastasia isn't your typical heiress. Yes, she is in line for a $14 billion fortune, but she chooses not to sit around acting prim and proper. Anastasia is a former Russian aquabiking champion, but an accident has forced her to quit the sport.

The super fit heiress has since turned to sports management and getting in as much skiing as she can.

5 Siddharth Mallya


The 28-year old son of Indian industrialist Vijay Mallya, is a business man, actor and model. Heir to his fathers $800 million empire, Sid divides his time between acting and hosting his online chat show. Described as an 'Indian Russel Brand', he answers questions sent to him on social media on the light-hearted show.

He started dating Bollywood actress, Deepika Padukone in 2011, but called off the relationship in 2012.

4 Alexander Soros


Like his multi-billionaire dad, George Soros, Alexander chooses to spend as much time making money as he does giving it away. In 2012, the NYU grad established the Alexander Soros Foundation, to promote and reward defenders of social justice and human rights.

The eligible bachelor is also a keen property investor with homes in Berkeley, Lower Manhattan, the Bay Area and South Kensington, London.

3 Sofia Barclay


26 year old Sofia is the granddaughter of media and real estate tycoon, Sir David Barclay. With an estimated inheritance of $ 3.2 billion, the Westminster-educated beauty chooses to indulge her creative side, and has been linked to art, theater, singing, and films.

Sofia is another heiress who avoids the spotlight, she is rumored to be single.

2 Barron Hilton


Most lists of sexy heirs would be considered incomplete without Paris Hilton on them; but not this time. Only one Hilton will be included here and the honour goes to Barron Hilton II.


For a Hilton, the 26 year old is a bit of an oddball. Except for the alleged attack by Lindsay Lohans 'friend' in 2013, he has generally kept out of the spotlight.

With grandpa Conrad worth $4.5 billion, single Barron is content to share his fabulous life with the world on his Instagram page.

1 Prince Henry of Wales


This 31 year old is considered England's favorite ginger (Sorry, Ed Sheerhan). Even as fifth in line to the throne , the Prince doesn't let his Royal status get to his head. After a ten year stint in the Army, this blue blood is trotting the globe, serving as a patron for a ton of causes he cares about.

With his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II worth an estimated $450 million, this Prince is set for life. His last reported relationship was with Cressida Bonas and it ended in 2014.

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