14 Of The Most Expensive Celebrity Beauty Treatments

In Hollywood, great looks and money practically go hand-in-hand. Talent? Not necessarily, as tinsel town seems to be a land where beauty almost always wins out over talent and brains. And for this reason, many of its celebrities go to any and all lengths to ensure that they look their best, never mind their craft. They have more than enough cash flowing out of their pockets anyway, so why not splurge? And it’s not just limited to Hollywood. High-profile royals and politicians who are constantly in the limelight shell out a hefty amount as well, to ensure not a hair is out of place in their public appearances.

Many of celebrities’ beauty routines and treatments border on outrageous when it comes to how much they cost, considering the millions of people in the world who live below the poverty line. But many of them have no qualms about shelling out that much money, so long as the treatments are effective and they achieve the desired effect. Here are some of the exorbitant beauty treatments some of our favorite celebrities have and how much many of them cost.

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14 Jennifer Lopez (Human Placenta Facial)


JLo is known to be the epitome of a diva. She demands first class treatment everywhere she goes and has a battalion of assistants and staff waiting on her hand and foot. Added to that, she’s known for her extravagant tastes and flamboyant lifestyle, so it comes as no shocker that she’s willing (and able) to spend thousands to ensure she always looks fabulous. She is said to regularly get a human placenta facial from Lancer Skincare twice a week. The treatment is said to cost $1,000 per week.

13 Jennifer Aniston ($8,000 a month in health and beauty treatments)


She was catapulted to fame when she starred as Rachel Green in the hit comedy show Friends. Not only did Jennifer Aniston become one of today’s most beloved and endearing actresses, but she also was touted as a trend-setter with her signature layered haircut that was copied by thousands of girls the world over. She’s the poster girl of what looking great is in your 40s and it’s no secret that she splurges to look amazing. She reportedly spends $8,000 a month to take care of herself: $900 a week for private yoga sessions, laser peels that can cost up to $1,500 per session, and facials for $500.

12 Jessica Simpson ($1 million full body beauty treatments)


For the longest time, Jessica Simpson was under fire by the media for her erratic weight. Sometimes she’d be strutting around with her love handles and bulges on full display, other times she was a skinny waif. She decided to take matters into her own hands by trimming the fat and ensuring she continued looking beautiful. Simpson is said to spend $1 million a year on beauty treatments. She allegedly spends $1,000 a week for tanning, $1,000 a week on eye lash extensions, $2,000 a month on cellulite treatments, $4,500 on her personal trainer, $50,000 on bust enhancements, and $230,000 a year on hair maintenance.

11 Bar Refaeli (Gold Bee Venom Facial)


As a sought after model and prominent name in Hollywood, her job is to stay beautiful. Bar Refaeili is no stranger to trying new beauty treatments, as pictured above, you can see her trying the Gold Bee Venom Facial which costs £1,000 per session. She has also tried other beauty treatments such as a vampire facial.

10 Victoria Beckham (Sheep Placenta Facial)


She is undoubtedly one of the wealthiest celebrities in the world and that’s only by her own merits. Victoria Beckham first came into prominence as Posh Spice, the “sexy one” in the all-girl pop group The Spice Girls, but she made her wealth with the fashion empire she built. She’s also known for her expensive tastes and extravagant lifestyle so it’s no surprise that she splurges to retain her youthful glow. She spends $500 for sheep placenta facial to prevent skin breakage.

9 Angelina Jolie (La Prairie Caviar Cream)


While it’s true that she must have a houseful of staff to help tend to her and Brad Pitt’s homes and six children, it’s been pretty apparent (at least based on photos) that Angelina Jolie is a hands-on mom. Juggling motherhood, being a wife, an actress, director, and UN ambassador is no mean feat. So it’s hard to blame Jolie for investing in beauty treatments to retain her looks. She uses La Prairie Caviar Skin Cream, which is rich in oil and protein to give that lovely glow. The cream costs $710 for every 100 ml.

8 Madonna (Cellupulse Wave Therapy)

She’s pushing 60, but you wouldn’t think so when you see how she looks and the way she struts her stuff onstage during her concerts and performances. Madonna is known to be an avid practicioner of Kabbalah, a form of Jewish mysticism and she allegedly bathes in Kabbalah holy water because she believes in its spiritual properties. She also regularly undergoes cellupulse wave therapy, which requires a machine that costs $75,000. She obviously had no qualms about purchasing her very own apparatus.

7 Demi Moore (Austrian Leech Therapy)


Ever since Demi Moore re-appeared onto the Hollywood scene as the main villain in the film Charlie’s Angels 2: Full Throttle, men and women alike have drooled over and admired her youthful looks and smoking-hot body. It’s hard to believe that she’s 53 and has three grown-up daughters, who by the way, look merely like her younger sisters rather than her offspring. Moore is said to retain that youthful charm by using Austrian leech therapy, letting leeches suck her blood as a means of cleansing and detoxing. It’s unknown how much such a treatment costs, but it surely can’t be cheap.

6 Beyonce (Gold Manicure)


It’s no surprise that Beyonce makes it to this list, given her very extravagant lifestyle. Beyonce sure can afford to have a sky’s the limit attitude when it comes to her spending habits because she’s frankly one of the richest women in the world, with a net worth of approximately $450 million. She earned her stars as part of the all-girl R&B group Destiny’s Child and has gone on to be one of the music industry’s biggest solo artists. Beyonce always looks her best and that’s partly because of all the beauty treatments she spends on. She once got a gold manicure that allegedly cost $85 per finger or $850 total.

5 Serena Williams (Evian Bath)


She is currently the queen of tennis, as she is currently ranked number one in women’s singles tennis. It’s a well-deserved title, as seen in the way she powers through matches and Grand Slams, mesmerizing the crowds especially when she plays against her older sister Venus. After rigorous training and hard work, Williams once treated herself by taking an Evian bath. She bathed in Evian water at Hotel Victor in Miami, where a 350-gallon tub was filled with 1,000 litres of the pricey liquid. The service cost approximately $5,000.

4 Mila Kunis (Ruby and Diamond Facial)


Mila Kunis has certainly made her way up in the world. She migrated to the United States from Ukraine because her family didn’t see any future there for them, hence beginning a new chapter in her life as a naturalized American. Kunis got her start in Hollywood by playing Jackie Burkhart in the hit comedy series That ‘70’s Show. Today, she’s one of the industry’s A-listers. She is said to have indulged twice in ruby and diamond facials, which are said to cost $7,000 per treatment. The precious stones are said to be perfect exfoliators and a source of antioxidants.

3 Rihanna (Hair treatments and styles)


Being one of the most successful solo artists in the music industry, not to mention constantly landing in the gossip columns, Rihanna undoubtedly feels a whole lot of pressure to always look great even while the paparazzi chases her around town. She employs a personal chef and personal trainer to make sure she retains her trim figure and she’s said to have a particular obsession with her legs, always ensuring that her long gams are toned and smooth. But her biggest splurge is actually on her hair, as she’s said to spend $20,000 per week (or roughly $3,000 a day) on hair treatments and hair styling.

2 Catherine Zeta-Jones (Caviar Hair Treatment)


Angelina Jolie isn’t the only one who indulges in caviar to make her look and feel beautiful. Welsh beauty Catherine Zeta-Jones is also one for such treats and pampering. She broke into the Hollywood scene in the 1998 film The Mask of Zorro, in which she starred opposite Antonio Banderas. She has come a long way since then, winning an Academy Award for her supporting role in the movie musical Chicago. Zeta-Jones is said to enjoy a luxurious caviar hair treatment at Hari’s London Salon. The treatment costs $150 per session.

1 Gwyneth Paltrow (Stem Cell Transformer)


It’s no surprise that Gwyneth Paltrow wouldn’t spare any expense to ensure she remains youthful-looking and beautiful. She is, after all, a health buff, as she writes a weekly lifestyle newsletter on wellness and has authored several cookbooks featuring healthy recipes for the family. Given her devotion to living a good life, she also looks fantastic. But that’s due also in part to her beauty treatments, the most expensive of which is the stem cell transformer which contains snake venom. Each treatment is said to cost $195.

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