14 Of The Absolute Worst Celeb Eyebrows Ever

Raise your hand if you never thought in your life that you would care nearly as much about your eyebrows as you do now. The Instagram age has truly made it impossible not to be self- conscious of your appearance every second of the day. As if Hollywood wasn’t enough to make us fanatic about our looks and keeping up appearances, the social media world has completely made us all superficial since its popularity grew to the point of no return from 2010 onward.

As they say, eyebrows frame the face. Now that the trend of having excellent eyebrows has taken the world by storm, it seems to be one of the features we zero in on people, especially celebrities. After all, celebs are supposed to be tip-top, blemish free and camera ready at all times right? Plus unlike the rest of us that actually have to pay out of pocket for things like food and clothes, they are afforded the luxury of having a team of personal stylists, image consultants and makeup artists that are paid to make sure their uber-famous clients are absolute perfection.

So how in the world did these celebs end up with such horrible looking eyebrows? From casual paparazzi snapshots to the red carpet, these celebs unfortunately must live with the shame of walking in public with terrible (and embarrassing) eyebrows. Most of which were horribly over plucked. To the point that it should be a crime.

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14 Olivia Wilde

We all know that eyebrows were stylishly thin in the early 2000s as well. Hollywood loved this trend. If you look at this picture of Olivia Wilde, her brows look terribly overarched. Why are they so overarched? They look almost like… triangles … or like the mountains peak. And whoever tried to fill them in did not fill the in all the way, because the bottom portion is clearly fuller than the top for some odd reason.

I’m not sure who‘s responsible for these poorly groomed brows, but it’s a shame that the beautiful actress had to take pictures with them looking this way. It is a shame that whenever we watch episodes of the O.C. we will have to look at her poor, innocent eyebrows. I assume a more more makeup, less natural look was goal, however the least that can be done is a proper grooming and shaping of the brows. We hope she later fired her brow person.

13 Christina Aguilera

Remember when she was a majestic genie in a bottle? She was so natural looking, rolling around in her music video, asking to be rubbed the right way. But then came the over plucked eyebrow, too much makeup phase, with a bolder and badder Christina.

Can we also point out that the tan of her skin makes this look even worse? We’ve got tanned skin, too much blush, jet black hair, a full face of makeup including a bold red lip and dramatic doll baby lashes that made her blue eyes sparkle, only for this entire look to be solidified with painted on brows. She most likely waxed off all of her brows and instead drew them on every day. This is really such a shame. It is a wonder how her brows grew back in so nicely after such a traumatic time.

12 Gwen Stefani

We can't begin any bad eyebrow list without mentioning Gwen, her super thin eyebrows, over plucked and barely there brows from the 90s still haunt us today. There are many pictures online of the No Doubt singer and her sparse brows from two decades ago. We wonder if she looks back fondly on her fashion choices or if she is horrified. Most of us who grew up in the 80s and 90s know that looking back on our teenage years can be quite nostalgic but also terrifying. For those of you reading this that grew up in the late 90s, early 2000s consider yourselves lucky. The fashion trends have been more neutral, you weren't growing up when white eyeliner was a trend. Or when thin eyebrows and tons of bright makeup was a trend. As you will notice, most of the pics that will follow, include celebs from a few years back. Most know better now.

11 Carrot Top

We all know Carrot Top best for his crazy wild, unruly, out of this world red hair. It’s what made him stand out, what made him… carrot top. It’s his trademark basically. Although he may care about the hair on his head, it doesn’t seem that way involving the hair from his brows.

Firstly, let’s zoom in on their shape shall we? Well, that’s the thing: they don’t seem to have a shape. They just seem to be … there. Just sitting there like two caterpillars that lost their way on his face.

Secondly, here we go with the mismatched colors again. Look, Carrot Top, if you’re a red head, why in the world would you and should you have black/brown eyebrows? It doesn’t match dude. It looks unnatural, uncool, and just weird man.

Clearly he was trying to imitate Ronald McDonald.

All we ask is that you match your eyebrows with the hair on your scalp, or at least make sure the colors aren't too far off.

Thirdly, their shape is still throwing me way off. I guarantee you it has nothing to do with his facial expression in this photo. They just look that bad everyone. They just look that bad.

10 Raven-Symone

Oh snap! This is NOT a good look!

We can tell she’s rocking the au natural look, and she would’ve got away with it too if it wasn’t for those medaling eyebrows! Who thought to shave off half of her brows though? Did she do this to herself? Who told her it would be ok to do this? I’m not sure what sort of phase she was going through during the time this picture was taken, but one thing is for sure: this look goes down on the list of regrets.

Raven, we love you, we really do. You first charmed the world as the pretty little angel on The Cosby Show. You gave us a glorious childhood starring in That’s So Raven on the Disney Channel. It still goes down as one of the best family sit coms in history (at least according to me) and we will forever be grateful. However, we can’t let this faux pas slide: these half shaved eyebrows have got to go! It’s not cute. It’s not edgy. It’s not flattering. It’s just wrong!

9 Lil Kim

Ok Kim, if you’re going to profess yourself as the Queen Bee, you’ve got to at least keep it all on point, including the brows.

I’m not sure what is going on here in the first or second picture. The picture on the left features bleached brows that were thinned out before being lightened. The picture on the right shows a completely different look, we do appreciate the natural color of them but we're not loving the super thinned out straight brow look. How can we have dramatic falsies, a smoked out under eye, and obviously overdone blush, to having almost no eyebrows? Someone couldn’t fill them in with an pencil or pomade? I’m pretty sure the cult favorite Anastasia Beverly Hills was in existence at this time. Their famous dip brow or brow wiz could’ve done the trick. But no, instead whoever was in charge of doing her makeup wasn’t aware of the need for either one, making Kim look like this.

8 Demi Lovato

Clearly overarched drawn on eyebrows have never been a good look for anyone, not even Demi Lovato. These are actually reminiscent of the famous Instagram eyebrows: overarched, over highlighted, and way too dark for her hair color. *sigh* Social media trends should really not be taken seriously.

I mean really, who sat her down in their little makeup chair and decided that this was the look they would go for? Who decided that this would look the most flattering? Who determined that this was a look worthy of any event? Did she even look in the mirror after this? Did she really look at herself and approve of what we are seeing right now? This isn’t good. This isn’t right. It’s wrong in so many ways. It’s the wrong color, the wrong shape, the wrong way to do anyone’s eyebrows. We're so glad that Demi now sports a more natural look. One that we love.

7 Miley Cyrus

Well look here at miss Hannah Montana. Oh yeah sorry, Hannah was apparently murdered according to Miley in an SNL skit back in 2013. We can’t really argue with her on that, because it looks like the former Disney Channel star and America’s sweetheart of the 2000’s was trying her hardest to make it known that the sweet southern girl on TV was far removed from her real life personality.

Since then she’s been documented by the media carrying out numerous buzz worthy and even controversial antics, since 2013. She shaved her head, twerked on national TV, and even bleached her eyebrows, which probably turned out worst of all. I’m not too sure who began the whole bleaching of the eyebrows trend, but I have yet to see one person it looks flattering on. Miley, you are no exception.

Good thing she’s gotten her life back together by now. She’s making appearances again, she’s back with her ex-fiancé Liam Hemsworth, and her eyebrows appear to be natural again. You go Miley. You go.

6 Pamela Anderson

Who’s a 90’s kid? Whether you are or aren’t, I think we all can remember or reminisce the 90s era of the pencil thin eyebrows. Oh how we cringe looking back on it today, just as how we cringe at the teased hair and blue eyeshadow of the 80s! Looks like along with Gwen Stefani, Pam tried to bring that sentimental era back as well. Sorry Pam, you can’t get away with it either.

Not only do these brows look drawn on by a preschooler, but they don’t even look real! It looks like there’s absolutely no hair in sight, not even a strand. This look also tends to age people, don't you agree? It makes her face look aged and we all know her to be a real beauty. In her defense, we all liked the thin eyebrows in the 90s and most people sported them but now looking back on this trend, it may be one of the worst ever.

5 Geri Halliwell

Every young girl in the 90s can recall how popular the Spice Girls were. Kids and teens were obsessed with everything Spice ever since the girl group released their first song 'Wannabe' in 1996. Everyone had a favorite Spice Girl, one that they followed up on and cared more about. Geri was a big influence for many girls and unfortunately her over plucked eyebrows were something that also became a trend. During that time (once again we can blame the 90s), no one knew better, thin eyebrows were admired and highly sought after. It is only now looking back on this time that we realize just how harsh this look was. At least we still get to see the singer from time to time and now you can see her sporting a much more natural brow look.

4 Angelina Jolie

*In my Tyra Banks voice* I was rooting for you! We were all rooting for you!

Angie why! Why did you disappoint us like this Angie! The queen of Hollywood has committed one of the most offensive crimes in makeup history: magic marker eyebrows! Angelina is truly the crème of the crop! She also is the woman crush Wednesday of almost every person on this planet! She is the embodiment of class, beauty and grace! How could this happen to her! It is hard to remember her ever looking like this.

We don’t blame Angelina though. We blame her makeup artist who had the audacity to make a joke out of her this way. This is completely unacceptable! How does a professional get away with something as terrible as this? It even looks like they were trying to pull off a natural look? We have a flawless complexion, nude lip color, natural lashes, and a subtle eyeshadow look. What is natural about these eyebrows right here? At least we can rest easy knowing this beauty is back to her natural ways.

3 Drew Barrymore

We love her, we've seen all of her movies, which include some serious 90s classics. Landing roles in way over 13 films during the 90s, we have seen Drew Barrymore's eyebrows transform over the years. In this picture we can honestly say, they have almost disappeared. We can't blame her for over plucking, it was such a popular trend during this time. But she sure does have some of the thinnest brows on this list. Don't stress though, today her brows are full and beautiful. As is her hair, and her makeup looks are much more toned down. If we can be honest though, the lipstick color she is sporting in this picture is currently a hot trend. It would be great if we could know where it's from.. Also another thing we love and need to know about is her velvet shirt, because that is back in style and super hot this holiday season.

2 Lady Gaga

We know, she is the queen of transforming her look. The chameleon of all chameleons but this look, along with the meat dress she once wore is a big NO! Who looks in the mirror before stepping out and thinks, "ya this is the look I want! This is super hot!" No one, that's who. How do we go from not totally done in one picture to totally overdone in the other? I don’t think this should have ever been allowed. We get it, she likes a dramatic look but this is just another celebrity attempt at the bleached brow look. As we mentioned earlier in this article, it is not okay. We can't understand why this trend ever started but we bet Lady Gaga is the one who started it. We know it was hot in Hollywood earlier this year, or was that last year? Anyways, but why? Kim tried it and even she could not pull that look off.

1 Lindsey Lohan

Besides using a foundation that clearly doesn’t match her skin tone, and she is probably going through a tough time in her life, it surely doesn't help when your esthetician obviously hates you. Not only are her brows dyed way too dark for her complexion and hair color but they are too thin for her as well. The picture does capture her at an awkward moment, making her look funny but you can't argue with us, this brow look is too harsh for Lohan.

Just like Demi, the eyebrows are too dark and her hair is too blonde to be paired together for a look.

If there is one thing we can learn from this list it is that hopefully we can all learn from these celebrity eyebrow fails. From crazy arches to severely over plucked, none of these styles will ever be stylish again.

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