14 New Year's Eve Looks He Will Love

When you think of New Year's Eve you think of sparkles - sequins, glitter, confetti, and twinkling lights reflecting off a flute of champagne. It is a sight to be seen, and a difficult one to stand out in. Skip the little black dress this year and wear something that will turn heads from the other side of the room, even though the only head you need to turn is his. This new year, you will seem like the only person in the room, with a little help from us with finding the perfect New Year's Eve outfit and your radiant smile.

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14 Short Fitted Dress

It's short, it's fitted, and it can be his favorite color. This simple dress can speak volumes when paired with the right accessories and is great for the budget, since you probably already have one in your closet! That, and men are generally easy to please, so without too much effort or money this will put a smile on his face.

13 Fitted Low Back Dress

via: etsy.com

There is something very sexy about a woman's back. A dress that is fitted everywhere with a low back holds just enough to the imagination to allow him to keep his composure in a public place. He will love putting his hand on you lower back as you speak to a group, and feeling the spark between you. How low can you go? Tailbone is dangerous territory, try to have it end centered between your hip bones or higher to ensure sitting down is not too revealing.

12 Long Skirt High Slit

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When your skirt hits the floor there is not much to tease with, unless the slit comes up to your mid thigh. One slit up the side is all you need to pop a leg out when you sit and show a little skin, enough to get his head spinning. This look is also slimming and comfortable and a classic look for any type of party.

11 Red Dress

via: aliexpress.com

Be the pop of color in a sea full of black and metallic. A red dress is sexy and seductive, and a must during the holidays. Short, long, sequins, silk - anything goes with a red dress, as long as you wear it with confidence. Red is naturally a head turner and draws people's eyes without them even noticing. So if you want him to see you this New Year's Eeve, and maybe only you, this should be your dress of choice.

10 Mesh Dress

via: claytonladuerotary.org

Peek-a-boo indeed. A mesh dress is the perfect mix of classy and sexy. Men can't get enough of see-through attire on a sexy woman, but women can sometimes feel uncomfortable with the idea. This is the best of both words and is designed to make you look amazing. So, while other women are all covered up, you can give him a little something extra.

9 Tube Top Dress With Black Choker

via: people.am

Maybe sparkles and color are not your thing. A tube top dress with a black choker is a modern spin on the little black dress, but in a far more fashion forward and "stand out" kind of way. He will love that you broke the mold, and that everything touching your body is form fitting. Even the choker is a turn on for some men. It is a New Year's Eve look that he, and every fashionista around, will love.

8 Flapper Dress


Take him to a simpler time when fun, partying, and sex were all there was to be had. The flapper dress may not be form fitting, but it is just as flirty, as it moves with your body in all the right places. Drag him out to the dance floor for some old time dancing fun, but good luck getting him to focus on dancing, and not just on you.

7 Sequins Skirt And Blouse

via: lookbook.nu

This youthful look is cute, simple, and totally on trend right now. Don't be scared of a patterned sequin, you can pair it with a simple white, black, or cream blouse for a trendy fun look. And don't be scared of a little color either! Just because it's New Year's Eve doesn't mean it has to be gold (although that is super cute). Pick your favorite color (or his) and ring in the New Year with smiles all around.

6 Leather Pants And Sparkly Tank Top

via: meagansmoda.com

Men love leather, so being able to incorporate that into your New Year's Eve outfit will blow his mind. Stand out amongst the sea of dresses and wear pants this year - you won't regret it. A sparkly top will ensure that you are on theme and will shine as brightly as a diamond. This look is slimming, sexy, and jaw-dropping. Own it.

5 Knee Length Loose Spaghetti Strap Dress

via: aliexpress.com

For those that don't like skin tight clothing, a loose knee length dress with spaghetti straps is comfortable and adorable. The thin straps are all the femininity you need to show off your beautiful neck and shoulders, and a little sparkle can go a long way. You can wear this with heels or flats and know that you will be 100 times more comfortable than any other girl there (unless someone pulls up in a onsie), and will still be able to keep his attention.

4 Leggings, Pumps, And Peplum Top

via: lookbook.nu

High fashion, great for the waist, better for the hips, amazing for the bum, and creating the illusion that your legs go on forever. This outfit is made for the body, and for making sure he will be eyeing it up and down more than once  throughout the night. He can bring you to a classy gala, a dance party, or a casual dinner, and you will fit right in - while still standing out.

3 Tight Black Bodysuit With Sequins Blazer

via: dailymail.co.uk

Not for the faint of heart. This outfit keeps few things to the imagination, which is why he will love it. A full black skin-tight body suit will show off every curve, while a sparkly blazer will bring the evening to life. The blazer also acts as a slight distraction from the fact that your outfit is nearly painted on and adds "style" to an otherwise "straight sexy" choice. If he had on something this tight you'd see his heart pumping in his chest... among other things elsewhere.

2 Flirty Corset Top And Feather Skirt

via: thelondonite.com

Feathered skirts are in right now and their delicate angel-like structure is an alternative to things that sparkle. They are flattering to the waist and hips and the generally corset-like top paints your figure to perfection. He will love the innocence you are portraying, while secretly wishing that you would not be as innocent with him. Be on trend and on his mind with any color you choose.

1 Leather Dress With Chunky Metallic Jewelry

via: pinterest.com

On the flip side, maybe a harder, edgier look is your style, and the one that the man of your dreams is looking out for. Find a partially or fully leather dress (long sleeve would be vixen, while sweetheart neckline would be teasing), and pair it with a chunky gold and crystal necklace that will make the whole outfit pop, like his eyes right out of his head.

sources: pinterest.com, glamour.com, seventeen.com

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