14 Makeup Tricks You Need To Know

I've never been one of those girls that knows all the makeup trends and how to properly apply each product. I still don't understand why there are different brushes for different things. My daily routine consists of foundation, mascara, and Chapstick. I've never been able to blend eyeshadow and have given up on understanding contouring. I do the bare minimum and call it a day, and that's not because it's overtly complicated, it simply takes up more time. I'm all for anything that enables me to sleep longer, and contouring doesn't sound like one of those things. However, those once "time consuming" (anything longer than 3 minutes is time consuming) tasks have been brought into my realm of possibilities, thanks to these makeup tricks.

Learning how to properly apply mascara for example, is a big win for me because now I spend less time wiping excess mascara from my eyelids, thanks to my freakishly long lashes. Don't get me wrong, there are so many things I still just don't get, but with these makeup hacks I can at least pretend like I do. Not to mention the fact that all these little hacks add up to save time in the morning, allowing me to look better (or at least more like a female) and feel better while still getting my eight hours of sleep (or ten, whatever).  In a society with the phrase "I'll sleep when I'm dead" it's important to have these little hacks in our back pocket so make room for the things that really matter.

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14 Turn Eyeliner to Gel

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Trying to get that smoldering effect with your pencil eyeliner? Turn it into gel in a flash with this simple trick. Hold the tip of your eyeliner over a lighter for one second-remember back in Kindergarten when you learned fire is hot? Make sure not to leave it over the flame for any longer, otherwise you'll start melting your makeup. Going along with the hot theme, let it cool for at least 15 seconds and voila! Instant gel liner for that sexy, smoldering look. This will also help the tip from crumbling as you apply. Who knew fire could solve some of life's problems?

13 Brush Mascara Towards Nose

Trouble waking up in the morning? Join the club. I struggle to get out of bed no matter how much sleep I've gotten, but now your mascara can help add to the illusion of alertness! Instead of using an upward sweeping motion to apply mascara, try sweeping the brush down and towards your nose. This trick does double duty, by first making your lashes appear fuller and secondly, making your eyes look wider and thus more awake. If you're like me and have long lashes, it also helps eliminate mascara on your eyelids. I've been doing it all wrong for year.

12 Heat Your Lash Curler

Continuing in our lash theme, let's talk about curling. I recently began curling my lashes; I hate having things that close to my eye, but the pros outweighed the cons. To get your lashes looking their best, try heating up your lash curler, either by running it under water for a few seconds or using a hairdryer. Remember, the point isn't to singe your hair off completely, so don't let it heat up too much. Doing this is the same as curling your hair; the heat helps the curl set and last longer, which is especially helpful if you have shorter lashes that tend to stick straight out.

11 Apply Eyelash Glue with Bobby Pin

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Let's just get the eyelashes over and done with, shall we? I very clearly remember my first false eyelash application, mainly because I managed to glue one of my eyes completely shut. I had globs of glue all over my lid, one end was cemented down while the other was poking up and out and my eyes were incredibly red. All in all, not exactly the success I was going for. I wish I'd known about this little trick and in case you don't, definitely give it a try, it works wonders! Instead of applying the lash glue to the line of the lashes, apply the glue to the tip of a Bobby pin then use the pin to apply to the lashes. It gives you much more control and accuracy so you won't end up looking anything like me.

10 Toilet Seat Covers to Blot

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Who knew toilet seat covers had more than one use? Not me, until recently.  The beginning of the day starts off strong, but come mid-day it can look as though someone slapped a fresh piece of pizza against your face. Oily skin can be a menace, especially when working in a busy office; you don't always have time to reapply! Well, fear no more! In a pinch, run to the ladies room and use one of the toilet seat covers as a blotting pad for your face. It's made with some of the same absorbent materials that the face blotting pads are made with, and they're free, so why not?

9 Applying Lipstick

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Filling in your lips to make them look full, but keeping their shape and ensuring the color doesn't run onto your skin, is no easy feat! It takes me ages to apply lipstick, especially when it's a bright color like red, because the smallest of slip ups is very obvious. The next time you attempt to make your lips look like perfection, try this little tip! Start with a liner (the same color as the lipstick you plan on wearing) to draw an X onto your upper lip, to clearly see the shape. Then simply fill in with your lipstick for a flawless application every time!

8 No Lipstick On Teeth

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The lip lessons don't stop there! Whenever I apply lipstick, it looks like a 5 year old did it for me, with most of the color ending up on my front teeth. Not exactly the classy look I'm going for. The next time you apply your lipstick, remember this trick to ensure it stays where it is supposed to! Slap on the stick, then stick your index finger in your mouth, close your lips around it, and slide your finger out. Any excess color will come off on your finger, not your teeth. Of course it's always better to do this with clean hands, and be sure to wash your hands after, to avoid staining all your clothes!

7 Apply Perfume To Pulse Points

I used to spray my perfume in the air then walk into it. It would last for about three seconds before I could no longer smell it anymore. This gets people into trouble, as they'll just spray on more and this quickly becomes a never ending cycle leaving your aroma off putting, to say the least. Instead of dousing yourself in fruity smelling chemicals, try this instead: spray your perfume on your pulse points, meaning a little behind the ears, inside of the wrists, throat, inside of the elbows, and behind your knee. This will keep you smelling fresh all day long.

6 Dab Bruises With Mouthwash

Clumsy much? Nothing better than an important meeting and you have a big welt on your knee because you hit it hard while riding your scooter to work (yes, that's a thing that actually happened but no not to me). When in a pinch, carefully dab a bruise with a cotton ball soaked in mouthwash. This amazing product not only keeps your pearly whites healthy but is good for skin issues like this.  Mouthwash helps clear up bruises faster, instantly reducing their size and color, paving the way for some foundation application!

5 Apply Foundation To Center Working Outward

So here's something that I've been doing all wrong, ever since I first started applying makeup. I'd just slather it on, vaguely blend it in and call it a day. This, of course, leads to the appearance of a mask. The color of the foundation stops dead in its tracks around the jawline, leaving a very pale neck and an obvious line of makeup. Instead, apply foundation to the center of your face, starting around the nose, blending as you work your way outwards. As you work your way to the outline of your face, the makeup blends around your edges and gradually fades out leaving a soft natural look.

4 Apply Concealer In Triangle Shape Not Dabs

Finishing up with foundation or concealer, I always thought it was better to gingerly dab a few drops just under my eyes rather than streak it across, letting it settle into my fine lines. That's still true to a point, you don't want gobs of foundation on your face. However, it is better to create more of a triangle under your eyes than to dab it under. This helps lighten the area just under the eyes, making your eyes look brighter and as we've just learned, helps in the blending process so it's not so obvious we are wearing makeup in the first place.

3 Making Eyeshadow Pop

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If you're gearing up for a night out on the town, don't forget to make your eyeshadow pop! Typically when I try to apply shadow I end up with the majority of it on my cheekbones, or forgetting I'm wearing any and rubbing my eyes. A blue coating on your fingers doesn't make for a good look, trust me. To really grab some attention, before applying your shadow, color in your eyelid with a white eyeliner pencil, or even a white shadow. Apply your color on top of the white and the shadow will intensify dramatically!

2 Nude Eyeliner On Bottom Lid

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We go to extremes to look wide eyed and bushy tailed but we can't be well rested all the time. Sometimes you just got to have that fourth shot of tequila, and sometimes that falls on a Tuesday. It can't be helped. The next time you're not feeling your best (aka hungover) keep this tip in mind. Applying a nude eyeliner to the inside of your bottom lid will really make your eyes pop, instantly making them look wider, giving the added benefit of making you look awake. If you can't feel better, you can at least feed into the illusion that you do.

1 Using A Spoon To Apply Eyeliner

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Putting on eyeliner is one of the most difficult tasks in the universe. I've never been able to get the lines to match and then it starts to compound, until your entire eye has a think line around it making you look like you're headed to the ultimate rave when you're really just running late to a ten a.m. meeting. To avoid this disaster, use the handle of a spoon set against your eye to draw the line extending from the corner. It's much more manageable to get a straight even line that matches with the other.

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