14 Glitter Trends You Need To Know About

It is glitter time! The glitter DIY fashion projects continue to trend everywhere on the internet, at parties, and even at the bars. Women and those few, brave crazy men are just looking for any excuse they can find to add a bit of dazzle to their looks. Meanwhile, cosmetic grade glitter is hitting the shelves in a vast array of colors that will please everyone’s seasonal color palette.

What exactly is glitter made from? Most of the cosmetic glitter you find on the shelves is made from plastic. The plastic is coated or painted with coloring and then cut down into a circular shape with a machine. Craft glitter is usually made out of metal, cut into sharp angles, and can be dangerous if you get them into your eyes. At all times, use cosmetic grade glitter on your body and face, instead of the craft glitter.

Can we make our own glitter? There are ways to make glitter for craft projects, such as salt glitter, but none of the methods are recommended for face or body glitter. Always play it safe when using anything on your skin and only buy glitter that is made for the face and body.

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14 Glitter Hair Roots


What do you do when your dark roots are starting to show? Well, if you don’t feel like heading to the beauty salon to get a touch up, you can always break out the glitter. Glitter roots are a huge trend right now. All you need to do is apply some hair pomade on your showing roots in your hair part and sprinkle on some glitter. The glitter says, “Hello, there! Never mind the dark roots because my stuff sparkles.” You can also use this same technique to add some glitter to your hair buns or along your hair line when you wear your hair back in a ponytail.

13 Glitter Pits


Could this be a signal that the end of times are near? As #GlitterPits trend on Instagram, women are quickly growing out their armpit hair to join this sparkly trend. That’s right! Women’s armpit hair is also trending as some women are giving up pit shaving to take a more natural body path. That’s fine by me, but what is the deal with the glitter? I guess that everything that glitters is awesome, so ladies are applying some body oil onto their pits and sprinkling them with glitter. Sounds itchy, doesn’t it?

12 Glitter Body Spray


Need some sparkle and shine for your night out? Do you want to stand out from the crowd? Glitter body spray is available in all sorts of varieties, from a light body shimmer to a heavy coating of glitter. Some of the glitter body sprays have a bad smell, so read online reviews before buying them. These sprays are great for going out to the bar with friends, the dance clubs, and it is fun to bring along to your friend’s house just to try it out as a joke.

11 Shoe Sparkle


How about a pair of shiny new glitter shoes? I remember loving my glitter shoes as a child. By the time I was a teenager, there were no glitter shoes left in my size. How come only the kids get to have fun? Thankfully, we have evolved! Glitter shoes are for everyone: women, children, and even the men. All the top shoe designers have glitter shoes on the market, but you can also make your own awesome and unique glitter shoes with just some glue and craft glitter. Awesome fun and an awesome mess.

10 Glitter Pills


Wouldn’t it be neat if we could poop glitter? Okay, maybe not. It sounds more like something an ex-boyfriend would try out after a few shots of cheap bourbon, but I just had to share this with you. On Etsy you can buy pill capsules that are filled with glitter. If you swallow one, the capsule will dissolve in your stomach and the glitter will come out in your poop. The sellers have noted they just wanted to see if people would buy these pills and that they are in fact not to be ingested.

9 Glitter Nail Polish


All that glitters might not be gold, but it could be your nails. Glitter nail polish used to suck. I know because I would always buy some for Halloween when I was a kid and it always ended in a mess. The new glitter nail polish on the market today is completely different. In fact, the stuff is a gift from the gods because it doesn’t clump up and make a mess like it used to. There are all kinds of glitter polishes on the market that range from tame to completely wild, and can accommodate all lifestyles and moods.

8 Smart Phone Cases


Glittery phone cases are everywhere, but there are oodles of DIY glitter smart phone case tutorials online, too. Get your glitter game on by making your phone sparkle just as hard as you do. You can make or buy cases in every sparking color you could ever want, from little glitter specks to larger shaped glitters, such as stars, moons, and flowers. It is hard not to go crazy with these glitter phone accessories.

7 Glitter Fake Eyelashes


The fake eyelashes available on the market today are just too incredible to pass up, especially the glitter lashes. You can get these fake eyelashes covered in just about every glitter color you can imagine, from gold to rainbow. If applying fake eyelashes isn’t your cup of tea, there is also glitter mascara. A fun gold glitter mascara to try out is Hard Candy Lash Tinsel Glitter Mascara Gold Digger.

6 Glitter Hair Clips


If messing with jars of loose glitter just isn’t your thing, don’t worry. You can get into the glitter action with all the glitter hair clips that are on the market right now. You can add a touch of glitter to your hair without getting the stuff all over the place. There are also glitter hair bands, head bands, barrettes, bows, butterflies, and other trinkets you can add to your hair for shimmer and shine. If it is just not enough, get some tinsel hair clip extensions and get wild.

5 Glitter Eyebrows


Have you seen it yet? Glitter eyebrows are everywhere and they look so incredibly awesome. Another hot glitter trend, women are shaping their eyebrows, applying a base to them, such as liquid eyeshadow, and then carefully drizzling cosmetic grade glitter onto the eyebrows while keeping their sensitive eyes covered. And that is the key part: protect your eyes from getting any glitter into them. If you wear contact lenses, this could easily turn into a disaster.

4 Tattoo Glitter


Body art, from permanent tattoos to henna designs, are still totally in. Now that glitter madness has taken over the internet, you can add glitter body art to that list, too. There are a number of glitter tattoo kits on the market that let you create your own glitter tattoos or provide you with stencils for pre made designs. While not permanent, some of the kits help you to create glitter tattoos that last for several days.

3 Glitter Eyeliner


Make your eye color pop with some contrasting glitter eyeliner. There are a bunch of glitter eyeliners on the market that come in sets or are sold separately. Some are painted on and others are pencilled on. The paint on glitter eyeliner can really help you make a bold statement whereas the glitter eyeliner pencils allow you to work in finer details and keep your looks a bit more reserved rather than all out glitz. Great for parties and the holidays. My favorite? Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner.

2 Glitter Pubes

Be prepared to go where no glitter should ever go: the pubes. Back in the late sixties, women would spice up the bedroom by sprinkling a pinch of glitter onto their pubic hair. Of course, women actually had long, full pubes back then, but the trend is coming back. These days, just to be creative, women are using stencils to create designs with their pubes and, afterwards, they are adding a sprinkle of cosmetic grade glitter onto the remaining hair. It might sound kind of fun, but be careful about getting anything into that sensitive area that does not belong there.

1 Beard Glitter

Finally, there is a way to make our men all sparkly and twinkly, especially if they insist on keeping a beard. The Gay Beards are believed to have started this crazy glitter trend and it has since gone viral on Instagram. They use a beard oil to get the glitter to cling to their beards and then just drizzle a jar of glitter over their face mops. It looks like oodles of fun and you can always add some matching glitter to your own hair so that you and your man can sparkle together.

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