14 Foods You Didn't Know You Were Eating Wrong

Admit it, you love food. We all do, even if we're on diets or are picky eaters. But what we don't know is that we have been eating some of our favorite foods totally wrong our entire lives.

Yes, there are ways to eat food wrong and not just because of etiquette but to make our lives easier, have less waste and get more out of our food than we ever thought we could.

It's not our faults that we've eaten certain things wrong our entire lives, we can blame our parents and society. But thanks to the Internet, now we can get on track with eating things properly and not feel judged by making a mess while trying to eat something saucy or sweet.

Below indulge yourself with these tips and tricks and take note for your next meal or snack time.

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14 Apples


We’ve been taught to eat apples around the core since we got our first teeth in, but there’s actually another way—the proper way—to eat them.

Eating an apple from either the bottom to the top or vice versa gets rid of the never ending core.

But, why should you eat the apple this way? Because you get not only more bang for your buck but you get to eat the entire apple instead of tossing it away into the trash or leaving it to compost.

Every apple that isn’t eaten from the bottom to the top leaves about 15 to 30 percent of leftover apple. If you add that up, that’s hundreds of dollars wasted each year on apples.

Especially if you are an ‘apple a day’ kind of person, according to a study by The Huffington Post, they concluded that if apples are priced at $1.30 per pound, you’ll be set back $137 a year, wasting about $42.

So start eating them right, even if people around you will think you’re a bit seedy to do so.

13 Strawberries

The most annoying part of eating strawberries are the leaves on top of them. Some of us pick them away, others cut off the top part and some people just use them as a handle as they suck up the berry but all of these are the wrong way to eat strawberries.

The easiest way to eat strawberries without the stem and leaves is with a straw. No, this isn’t a horrible attempt of a pun, it’s very real and works. Insert the straw into the strawberry nose first and push it through until the straw pushes through the other end, this will push the leaves and stem off in one quick move.

If you think that’s wasting part of the strawberry just suck up the chunk left in the straw. 

12 Bananas


You’d also think eating a banana would be a breeze after millions of years of human evolution, but apparently we still can’t figure it out.

Instead of peeling the banana from the stem at the top of it, turn the banana upside down and peel it from the bottom to the top.

No, I’m not monkeying around, it really does work and yes — it’s so easy that even monkeys can do it.

According to Daily Mail, over 100 billion bananas are consumed worldwide and Americans eat them more than any other fruit on the market.

So, if you read this and start peeling your bananas properly and the word of peeling them properly spreads, maybe generations to come will be eating them properly — the monkey way.

11 Oranges

How can you eat an orange wrong? It seems pretty straightforward, peel it, throw the peels out and suck up the juicy insides, right? Wrong. So terribly wrong, your first and biggest mistake is peeling the orange.

Also, the little skin that’s leftover underneath your fingernails is just not fun. So here’s how to fix that for your future manicures.

Don’t peel the orange, instead make a few small cuts and then the orange will unravel the citrus carpet out for you. Then you can pick away at the vitamin C slices one by one without any little skin creeping under your fingernails.

10 Cupcakes


Those beautiful little works of art we call cupcakes apparently have a proper way to be eaten too. According to Food Best, we’ve been eating them all wrong but they’ve come up with the solution.

Instead of tackling the icing first by slowly licking it off and giving someone that creepy stare as you do it, or by hoarding it into your mouth in one scoop, or getting icing everywhere but your mouth, simply cut the bottom of the cupcake off and put on top of the icing.

By making a cupcake sandwich, you’ll never have to worry about people judging you in public again. Instead, people will be pretty impressed and may just take after you.

Also, if you start eating a cupcake like this, you’ll have a perfect cake to frosting ratio and will have a sublime time in every bite.

9 Chinese takeout


It's always a struggle when you're fishing for a noodle, a shrimp or even just a piece of broccoli in a Chinese takeout box. So, some of us just dump the food into bowls or plates of our own while others stubbornly pick out their favorite parts of the dishes.

But, who likes doing dishes? If you didn’t want to cook, you most likely didn’t want to have the hassle of doing the dishes so start eating takeout the right way which is also the easiest way possible.

How can you do this? Well, it’s quite simple since the boxes are made out of cardboard and are merely glued together to stay upright. If you carefully pull the sides down on the boxes, you have a plate. But, seriously peel it carefully so you don’t make a mess.

8 Ketchup 


Foodbeast has done it again! They’ve saved us from dipping fries or burgers into ketchup cups like fools.

We’ve all been using ketchup cups wrong and we’ve been facing the struggle from this horrible mistake our entire lives from fry dipping to smearing our burgers with extra ketchup.

The little ketchup cups that are dispensed in fast food joints around the world have a little trick to give your dunking and dipping needs more square-footage.

If you have ever wondered, why the cups seem to be rolled up by glue, you might have thought there was a trick there but never bothered to play around with it and keep up with your ketchup ignorance.

But if you fan out the ketchup cups, like Chinese takeout boxes, you can make the ketchup cup into a plate by rolling out the glued sides, thus optimizing your ketchup lathering needs. 

7 Chicken Wings

They’re a love-and-hate thing to eat, but no one can ever really turn down a wing night with their friends even if you might be scared to have all the sauce smeared around your mouth and on your chin.

But eat them like a lady, nice and neat with all the meat.

How do you do this? Take out the connecting cartilage between the two bones. Put that aside and grab the small bone first and twist it until it’s loose and pull it out. Repeat this with the biggest bone in the wing then sling back the wing with no trouble.

This way you get all of the meat, flavor and won’t be self conscious on hogging all of the napkins, wet naps or even making a fool of yourself in public by looking like a cavewoman while eating.

6 Sushi


Before you head out for sushi with friends, rethink your strategy on eating sushi. Like many things in life, sushi is an art and even eating it is too. The art is to enjoy the delicate balance of flavors and texture, but how do you achieve this?

Well, the ways you can’t are by soaking it in soy sauce, slathering it in wasabi, or squishing it in between your fingers. You also don’t dunk the rice base into the soy sauce too much because it’ll ruin the flavor and fall apart. You also don’t have to use chopsticks either because sushi is a sensual experience, so you can use your hands.

In all reality, you don’t need that much soy sauce or wasabi either, since the sushi is already seasoned with a custom blend by the chef/cook that prepared it. You also don’t put the rice base onto your tongue, but rather the fish part of the sushi.

Now, you can enjoy the full flavors of this Japanese tradition without butchering it.

5 Flaxseeds


If you’re a health nut, you most likely enjoy the health benefits that are locked inside of these little pods. Inside these seeds, you get your fiber, omega-3s and lignans, but these good things are trapped inside of the flaxseeds.

You may sprinkle them into your morning smoothie or onto your yogurt but the best way to eat them is by grounding them up.

Experts say that eating ground flaxseeds is better for you, so try to buy them pre-ground. If you can’t buy them pre-ground then throw them into your coffee grinder or a spice mill to not flush away the health benefits these pods give you.

4 Black Tea

People are drinking more tea than ever and with tons of coffee and tea shops, it’s easy to add sugar or milk to black tea for whatever your reasons are to do so. But, the next time you’re at the coffee shop reaching for the milk to add in, stop.

Studies throughout America have shown that while pouring in some dairy to black tea doesn’t affect the antioxidants in the steamy drink, it does affect other benefits you are trying to avoid.

By adding milk into your tea, you can negate any cardiovascular benefits you're trying to reap. The milk’s protein binds with the catechins (which is an antioxidant that promotes weight loss by increasing your energy) in the tea and can make the beneficial compound harder for your body to absorb.

So stick with the simplicity of the name, black tea and drink it black.

3 Greek Yogurt

First off, everyone who loves greek yogurt needs to learn a quick fact before they learn that that they've been eating Greek yogurt wrong this entire time.

Do you ever pour down that watery substance atop of your Greek yogurt? It looks kind of gross, right? Well, it’s not. That watery part is whey which contains protein and vitamin B12, along with calcium and phosphorus.

Instead of dumping it out, stir it into the rest of the yogurt. Now onto the rest of the yogurt fiasco people have been dealing with.

As for the fruit in the centre or the bottom of the container, you don't eat it seperately.

Simply just keep mixing the fruit cup part into the yogurt as you eat it. Problem solved so get stirring!

2 Tomatoes

Tomatoes are amazing when fresh and ripe because they burst flavors into your salads and sandwiches. They are even a great juicy snack if you munch down a few cherry tomatoes from time-to-time, but eating raw tomatoes is not the way to go.

The best way to eat them is by cooking them. To be more exact heat your tomatoes up to 190 F ( about 89 C) to get all the health benefits you want.

This way you can get the most of the antioxidants and you can spice up your dishes while cooking at home.

1 Broccoli

Growing up, the myth is that most of us hate eating broccoli because it looked funny, tasted weird or simply scared us for no apparent reason, but now we’re adults and we deal with broccoli on a regular basis.

We try to cook it to become more than just a boring vegetable we know that’s good for us by steaming it, dipping it raw into ranch dressing, or frying it up with a stir fry —but let’s face it, there’s only so much you can do to spice up broccoli.

But if you want reap the benefits broccoli provides like Vitamin-C, chlorophyll, antioxidants and so forth try not to boil or fry you broccoli.

According to CNN, a 2009 Chinese study found that to keep all of the health benefits intact is by steaming your broccoli. The study also found that the two biggest ways in losing nutrients were by boiling and frying it.

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