14 Foods That You Should NEVER Eat Again

Snacks infused with chemicals, dyes and preservatives and fast food chains serving up meals full of processed “meats,” it seems as though there’s more edible to stay away from then fresh grub to nourish ourselves with. It can be scary as we try to eat healthy and then a new study comes out stating our favorite fruit or veggie is now basically awful for us or that we are basically eating it all wrong. There is a lot to learn when concerning the food we eat. We just want to help you out and to make sure you have as much knowledge on this as possible. And with that being said, we wanted to feature 14 foods you should not be eating. Write them down, put them on a list, make a mental note and steer clear away from each of the bullet points below.

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14 Fruit Juice


A quick way to spike your blood sugar without reaping any benefit is grabbing a big glass of OJ in the morning. People assume that juice is “healthy” because it’s made with fruit, but the fact is that it’s really just a glass of sugar and calories without any of the fiber or nourishment that’s in a fresh piece. Also, it contains fructose – which is the natural fruit sugar – that can do more harm. In fact, according to Cosmo, it can trick your body into gaining weight by blinding its ability to recognize when it’s full.

13 Margarine

Although we all once thought that margarine was the healthy alternative to butter, that myth has been completely busted. Margarine is packed with trans-fat which increases cholesterol levels. It also contains a lot more ingredients than butter, and the more ingredients means the less “real” components there are. The advice here is to stick with smaller amounts of butter and add in some olive oil too.

12 Canned Tomatoes

Canned tomatoes may not be everyone’s first thought in a list of “foods to never, ever eat” but they can actually be pretty dangerous. According to Prevention, the resin linings of tin cans contain bisphenol-A, a synthetic estrogen that has been linked to ailments ranging from reproductive problems to heart disease, diabetes and obesity. And the worst part is that the acid from the tomatoes causes the BPA to hop right into every bite.

11 Non-Organic Strawberries


Strawberry farmers apply pesticides to their fields and Robert Kenner, director of the documentary Food Inc., wanted to film the workers covered in suits to protect themselves from the harmful, dangerous chemicals being applied to the fruit and show everyone what they’re getting when buying one of the popular of berries. The farmers didn’t want the process shown, but Kenner hasn’t touched a non-organic strawberry since – maybe everyone else should follow his lead.

10 Table Salt

Plain and simple, table salt causes hypertension. And it’s not even real. Starting out as sea salt, it eventually becomes a faker version of what’s found in the ocean. It goes through a process making it stripped of all of its natural-elements and replaced with potassium iodine – in toxic doses. And did you know that to become white again, turning purple after being stabilized by dextrose, it has to be bleached?

9 Swordfish

According to Women’s Health Mag, swordfish is notoriously high in heavy metal. It’s a neurotoxin that can be harmful to developing children (pregnant women definitely need to stay away) and may even induce a heart attack in some adults. And if those health scares aren’t enough, when fishing for swordfish the gear used is notorious for also killing sea turtles and sharks.

8 Food Dyes

Food dyes are synthetic chemicals and if that simple fact isn’t enough to stop you in your tracks maybe these facts will. These dyes have been linked to hyperactivity in children and cancer in animals. To be more specific, red 3 caused cancer in lab rats. Next time you’re at the grocery store keep a keen eye on every and any nutritional label that you place into the cart.

7 Corn

According to Prevention, today’s corn plants are like tiny little pesticide factories with roots. It’s also been genetically modified and treated with certain kinds of pesticides that are killing bees. Who wants to grab a cob off the grill that has so much going on with it other than a fresh bite of food – that's been tampered with out in the field?

6 Sprouts


Here’s another food that wouldn’t be on everyone’s top list for “foods to never eat.” In fact, sprouts may just be one of the riskiest items you have in your kitchen. Why? Raw sprouts have been the source of so many major food recalls that they’re just not worth the risk. Over the last 20 years, sprouts have been the source of 20 major outbreaks of foodborne illness and they’re often found contaminated with E. coli, salmonella and listeria.

5 White Chocolate

White chocolate isn’t really chocolate at all. And it has none of the benefits that a real piece of dark chocolate contains. All this sweet treat is … is sweet. According to Men’s Fitness, a mere 3 oz. serving of white chocolate contains 50 grams of sugar (which over 12 tablespoons). And we all know what happens when we consume too much sugar: weight gain, tooth decay and an increased risk for diabetes.

4 Fast Food Burgers

In an article by Forbes, we learn that the meat in most of our favorite fast food burgers pose major health risks. And it’s not even because of all the scary ingredients that are inside the patties, instead it’s because of the cooking process that make experts advise everyone to run. A lot of times these hamburgers are not fully cooked on the grill, instead they’re moved to a warmer with the assumption that they’ll finish by the time they’re served up to customers.

3 Artificial Sweetners

Like food dyes, this isn’t a food on its own but it is an ingredient in plenty of our choices. Did you know sweetners are actually sweeter than real sugar? And because of this, they reset your taste buds to crave sugary foods – according to Cosmo – which have a lot of people grabbing other not-good-for-them snacks. It’s essentially tricking your body, while others who consume less of these artificial sweetners have been known to have more energy than those who do.

2 Buttered Microwave Popcorn

This may be one of the saddest on the list for Friday night, at-home movie lovers who also love a bag of popcorn with their blockbuster. Diacetyl is found in a lot of butter flavoring and this chemical is so harmful to factory workers that its caused the occupation disease “popcorn lung,” and we’re ingesting it with every bite of the “movie butter” bags we love. And even though a lot of companies switched from diacetyl once this news was released, the newer additive can actual change its form to diacetyl under certain conditions.

1 Ice Cream Sundaes from Chain Restaurants

Here’s another total bummer, especially for the kids! Prevention advises to steer clear from ice cream sundaes any of the chain restaurants for a few simple reasons. The portions are way too supersized and the ingredients list is too long (and probably unreadable by most). And a lot of the ice cream is infused with corn syrup, cellulose gum and vegetable shortening – all derived from genetically modified corn and soy.

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