14 Rules Stars Have To Follow In The Most Exclusive Celebrity Rehabs

For many celebs, a stint in rehab is a rite of passage. For others, it’s a media opportunity for redemption. American rehabilitation programs are not subject to strict regulations and there is a lot of room for creativity when it comes to treatment. Some people think the best way to treat drug addiction is by learning to empathize with animals, others think the best treatment is being forced to sit in a sauna. Whatever your preference, just know, it’s going to be costly. Treatment centers rely on celebrities for marketing and credibility but charge exorbitant amounts of money in order to attract these stars, with features like spacious bedrooms and personal yoga instructors. Things become complicated when stars don’t behave themselves after the treatment is over. After all, it doesn’t look good if Tiger Woods drunkenly crashes his SUV into a fire hydrant after spending 3 months at your facility. Here are 14 crazy rules celebrities have to follow in rehab, wrought with as much scandal, greed, and problematic tactics as you’d expect from an industry supported by wealthy people with too much fame and freedom. Which do you think about celebrity rehabs?

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14 They're Forced To Divulge Their Most Personal Wrongdoings In Order To Be Let In

Spiritual River

Scientologists attempt to break you by hurling insults at you, Dr. Phil is televising the kidnapping of your teenagers as therapy, and cults are attempt to keep you by isolating you. As mentioned before, the loose regulations surrounding the industry create space that allow questionable practices to take place, often at the expense of vulnerable patients. Because patients seeking out treatment are often desperate, they may not realize they are being abused or taken advantage of. One anonymous writer explained that when she entered a facility she was made to sit in the centre of the other patients and forced to divulge her wrongdoings in order to be let in – a practice that would never occur in a reputable facility.

“I told them every awful thing that I had ever done while drinking,” she writes. “They voted if I was worthy of their mercy.”

Talk about a red flag.

13 They're Humiliated And Punished With Strange Techniques

One of the most insane methods used in Narconon and by Scientologists is the practice of attempting to break patients down by forcing them to admit their insecurities and then using these insecurities against them. At Monarch, a boarding school featured on Dr. Phil, students who transgress or act “out of agreement” were given labour to do in isolation, or forced to not make eye contact or speak with anybody else at the facility, sometimes for weeks at a time. One anonymous writer explained that for a period of time she was not allowed to ask any questions at all. Leah Remini, an ex-Scientologist, has explained that the Church forces its members to confess wrongdoings and insecurities and uses them as blackmail. Nicole Kidman is believed to have left Scientology after being blackmailed during her marriage to Tom Cruise.

12 The 'Purification Process' Is Traumatizing


No mention of Scientology rehab would be complete without talking about the Purification Rundown - a detox method used by all inductees of Narconon, new Scientologists, and regular Scientologist members dealing with drug addiction. Peaches Geldof was mentioned to have attended Purification sessions at the Los Angeles Scientologist Celebrity Center during her time with the Church. Reddit user Crackerz explains that Purification involves “being dosed with niacin, exercising for 30 minutes, and then sitting in a 165 ° sauna for 4 to 5 hours a day; 7 days a week, anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks. They make you drink tons of water and take salt pills to help you retain it so you don't dehydrate. Immediately after sauna you are given… lecithin to drink to replace nutrients. A solution they call cal/mag is also given as a sort of cure all, vitamin replacer.” That sounds absolutely bananas, and the process is not considered scientifically viable.

11 Famous Individuals Have Been Forced To Count Their Calories

Many women in Hollywood battle eating disorders. Stars like Demi Lovato and Nicole Ricci have undergone treatment for their issues, which can be rigorous and involve intense discipline. Much of this discipline can actually be sourced from the eating disorder itself, which manifests as disciplined – yet totally unhealthy – tendencies towards restricting food. People in eating disorder treatment must consume a minimum amount of calories per day, and this is closely watched by staff. For people in eating disorder inpatient programs, treatment is often only the first step in recovery, which can last a lifetime in itself once foundational habits are developed in rehab. Demi Lovato was quoted by Women’s Health saying “I get envious towards people who don’t struggle with an eating disorder because I think my life would be so much easier.”

10 They've Been Kidnapped By Program Directors

Dr. Phil is one of the most questionable figures on daytime television. Besides making Danielle Bregoli famous, he often uses his show to promote companies that claim to rehabilitate troubled teens through unproven forms of therapy. These companies often prey on wealthy Christian families, who make up much of Dr. Phil’s audience. Many teens admitted into programs that have been endorsed by Dr. Phil suffer from neglect when denied medical treatment, and many graduates of these programs often develop PTSD following their stays. Some teens featured on Dr. Phil claim to have been “kidnapped” by program directors, an experience that is often filmed, despite the fact that the practice has been labelled as traumatizing and unnecessary. Counsellors often go to extreme lengths to prevent patients from escaping, with one report detailing “[his] boots were taken away at night to prevent him from escaping on the freezing cold ground.” Why don’t more people know about this?

9 They're Forced Into Useless Therapy Sessions

While popular among the celeb rehab crowd, forms of therapy that include spa treatments, yoga, and riding horses do not technically have any scientific backing. The problem is that because celebrities are paying top dollar for their experience, these facilities must find ways to fill the days of their patients, otherwise they might get bored and fall off the path of sobriety. Critics, including family members of the celebrities in treatment, believe that the endless rotation of activities give patients an experience closer to that of a teen summer camp than a serious treatment program. In the sketchy troubled teen programs endorsed by Dr. Phil, therapeutic methods can have no scientific base at all, serving only to drive the patients to exhaustion. This includes being forced to chop down trees and dig out the stumps, a popular task at the Monarch School, a boarding-school rehab facility in Montana that is now closed.

8 More Often Than Not, The Celebs Can Become Addicted To Rehab

How can you tell if a rehabilitation program might be a scam? There’s no end date. Many programs have been cited as scamming patients out of their money by not offering a plan towards completion. While a 3 month stay at an upscale rehab center can cost an average of $30,000, some programs force the patients to become dependent on the program. Kind of making them dependant on the program. One anonymous writer who detailed her experience with a religious program wrote that she was forced to get a job while receiving treatment – and forced to give her paycheque to the organization! She realized that the operation was a scam when it became apparent that “there was no end to this program. No graduation day.” Imagine how much money these facilities, who are often owned by the same company, can make on repeat offenders like Lindsay Lohan and Tiger Woods?

7 They're Tricked Into Becoming Scientologists

Narconon is a rehab company that operates as a front for the Church of Scientology. It uses Scientology’s pseudo-psychology as a basis for its treatment program and operates in numerous facilities across the world, often denying a connection to the Church. Patients, which include Scientologist celebrity Kristie Alley and the late Peaches Geldof, spend their days learning much of the same material as new Scientologists learn, completing the same classes and workbooks. Narconon also uses bizarre methods in their treatment, calling them “Training Routines”, some of which involve sitting still for hours as a time in total silence. During this routine, patients are often made to sit in pairs and stare into their partner’s eyes, sometimes while receiving verbal abuse. Many people complete the program without knowing of its Scientologist affiliation, and there is no record monitoring the success of its patients.

6 Men Can't Wear Shorts

Remember when the only thing people were talking about were sexist school dress codes? As if boys are going to be distracted by bare shoulders to the point of failing their classes. In Meadows, a luxury rehab facility made famous by Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, and Tiger Woods, that is exactly the thought behind the no-shorts rule that applies only to men. Men and women are segregated by gender in this ultra-lux facility where many people are being treated for addiction to physical intimacy issues. Men are not allowed to wear shorts because they can apparently be triggering for men dealing with these issues, although no assaults have been reported. Meadows costs upwards of $36,000 a month for treatment, and while the celebrity affiliations lend it some credibility, Harvey Weinstein was heavily criticized for leaving the facility after only one week in treatment. Has anyone checked in on Tiger Woods?

5 They're Forced To Pay A Premium

While luxury rehab facilities might boast amenities like gyms with personal trainers, juice bars, and sprawling campuses, there is often no evidence that proves their treatments are more effective than average rehabilitation programs. So why do these companies charge top dollar? Because celebrities won’t seek treatment if they feel like they aren’t being met at their level. This means that celebs are often treated differently than patients in regular facilities. Betty Ford, which was mentioned on this list, is one of the most affordable programs, costing $26,000 a month split between all the patients. Tiger Woods was reported to have paid $36,000 for his stay at the Meadows, and Lindsay Lohan paid nearly $60,000 a month at a facility called Wonderland. It’s pretty much the same as paying for a membership at any hot yoga studio, but you get to sleep there.

4 Even When They've Paid For Privacy, They Can Be Exploited By Cameras

Screener TV

It’s no secret that some low-level celebs will do anything in order to advance their careers. Often, this takes the form of trying to appear on as many reality shows as possible. One of these shows, Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, featured many celebrities of different calibres and detailed their attempts to achieve sobriety. The only problem is that celebs featured on the show had difficulty staying sober after treatment. Following their appearances, WWE wrestler Chyna died from an overdose on prescription drugs and alcohol while Grease actor Jeff Conaway died from the exact same thing. Sean Kinney, from the band Alice in Chains, spoke out against Celebrity Rehab while his bandmate was on the show, saying “It exploits people at their lowest point, when they're not in their right mind, and the sad part is, this is like entertainment for people when it's actually a life and death situation.”

3 Some Are Secretly Inducted Into Cults

It’s no secret that the rehab industry is very loosely regulated. This allows corporations to operate facilities while meeting the bare minimum care requirements, charging whatever price they want in order to keep funnelling in money. Unfortunately, this also allows religious groups to operate under the guise of rehab programs in order to attract recruits. Many of these facilities are operated based on the principles of Synanon, a cult-rehab program made famous for its crazy methods of rehabilitating its patients. Methods used by these groups involve the use of particular language and key words in order to create an us-versus-them mentality towards patients and the outside world, while others focus on therapy meant to isolate the patient and force dependency on the group. Even Alcoholics Anonymous, the most famous and widely accessible rehab program done by celebs like Alec Baldwin, has been accused by critics as being a cult.

2 There Is A Weird 'No Dirty Talk' Rule

Kevin Spacey and Harvey Weinstein checked into Meadows around the same time for treatment relating to their sexual misconduct. While both were forced to spend their free time wearing pants to avoid encouraging inappropriate thoughts and behaviour, they were also subject to a rule forbidding them in engaging in any sort of “dirty talk”. This included anything inappropriate that could trigger a relapse in their behaviour, and was taken very seriously. Monitored by staff around the clock, patients are reprimanded for not failing to follow this rule. At Monarch, patients were forbidden from any sort of gossip related to other students while also not being allowed to discuss things like music or sports. Weinstein is currently in outpatient treatment at Meadows, where he is not subject to the no dirty talk rule. Hopefully he doesn’t see any men wearing shorts either.

1 Celebs Have To Clean Their Own Rooms


The Betty Ford Clinic is one of the original celebrity rehab facilities. It was once the most affordable and is generally considered to have credible programming due to the long list of success story celebrity patients, which includes Drew Barrymore and Liza Minelli. Betty Ford is actually one of the strictest luxury rehab facilities, one of the reasons being that celebrities are treated like regular patients and expected to do their own chores. This can’t be said about other rehab facilities like Passages or Cliffside, where celebrities are often given internet access, room service, and free roam away from the facilities. The Betty Ford Clinic is where celebrities go when they “are serious about wanting to get well,” because for the ultra-rich, making your own bed and doing your own dishes is considered punitive. The same people would probably think Orange Is The New Black is a pretty scary show.

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