14 Dark Circle Hacks You Need To Try

Whether it’s due to a sophisticated age, a long, long night of studying, working or tending to a teething baby or you’re just genetically prone to these deep, dark under-the-eye bags, it can be really frustrating trying to find a “cure” to stop them or at least cover them up. You don’t need to be self-conscious or try to wear your eyeglasses 24/7 in hopes that no one will notice. Instead, take a dip into the suggestions below to find one that works.

Lessen or be rid of that tired, Walking Dead look by doing a bit of extra work in the evenings or in the morning. From specific ways to use concealer to seeking out the help of green tea, we’ve got 14 dark circle hacks to experiment and find your Hallelujah moment with. And let us know what worked for you!

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14 Dip in Witch Hazel


Soak a cotton ball in witch hazel and place them under your eyes before bed. It’s a natural astringent, according to Cosmo, and all you need is a good five minutes to chill out the bags. The witch hazel will reduce the swelling and may have you feeling and looking better by morning with little effort on your part.

13 Apply Aloe Vera


According to eHow, aloe vera could help with both your under eye wrinkles and dark circles. With a bit of aloe vera gel, you’ll apply just a little– ever so delicately – under your eyes. But don’t rub it in, this will only make the situation worse. And then allow it to dry naturally over night, because of its Vitamin C, A and E content it proves to be a wonderful natural remedy.

12 Grind Your Coffee


With the help of Hello Glow, you’ll learn how to DIY your very own “Wake-Me-Up” Coffee Mask that de-puffs and gets rid of those dark under eye circles. Coffee grounds are the main ingredient and the caffeine will act as a diuretic to reduce swelling and puffiness of those bags. And as the tutorial states, your eyes will be “brighter, tighter and you’ll have an internal wake-up call.”

11 Green Tea Bags


To get rid of that darkness creeping underneath your eyes, grab some green tea bags! Make sure they’ve already been brewed a bit and place them in the sensitive area for a short period of time, allowing the tannins to treat the puffiness and darkness that you may have. And if you didn’t already know, green tea works to reduce the dark look by decreasing the dilation of the blood vessels under the eyes.

10 Add Cucumber

Keep some cucumber slices on ice before you decide to slap them on your eyelids. These veggies have natural, skin-tightening properties as well as astringent and anti-inflammatory effects. Used to lighten skin discoloration – which would be the darkness hiding underneath your eyes – lay them over your eyes for 10-15 minutes up to three times throughout the day.

9 Indulge in Veggies


Indulging in the right amount of vegetables – and fruits – are a great way to keep your skin looking healthy. Vitamin C, E, K, iron and folic acid battle dark circles so make sure you’re taking in enough leafy greens, berries and even avocado. It can’t hurt to make sure you’re stocked in all necessary foods when battling these blue-hues.

8 Perfecting Concealer


One of the most obvious choices when trying to hide your dark under eye circles, learn how to perfect the way you wear your concealer. Find some tutorials, like this one here, and practice banishing the purple half-moons from your face. There’s a lot of easy techniques, just search and experiment until you find the one that works for you. One of the most popular hacks is putting red lipstick under your eyes to counteract the purple color. Placing concealer over the lipstick can help get rid of those pesky half moons. Check out more here.

7 Use Fluffier Pillows


Double up on your pillows or use extra-fluffy ones to keep your head elevated at night. By morning the bags and the darkness may have subsided a bit. This will reduce any fluid build-up and decrease that overall tired look you may have when you first wake up. And when you’re puffy the dark circles look even worse. This plan isn’t foolproof but it’s worth a shot.

6 Invest in Almond Oil


Another product to try when fighting those dark circles that won’t budge is almond oil. According to LiveStrong, almond oil is a natural emollient, meaning it’s great for softening the skin and holding in moisture. This will help reduce dark under eye circles that are caused by dehydrated skin. On the other hand, it’s also a natural anti-inflammatory so it can reduce some of the puffiness as well.

5 Get Enough Sleep

Getting enough sleep may not rid your face of those dark half-moons but not getting enough sleep can certainly increase the darkness. Remember that dark circles aren’t caused by lack of sleep, instead they’re caused by anything from dehydrated, thin skin to allergies to your diet and age. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep, of course, but add an extra pillow or two underneath your head.

4 Frozen Spoons


Yes, we’re asking you to freeze some spoons here. Cosmo explained, all you need to do is place some cold, metal spoons over your eyes for a few minutes to tighten up the skin before you apply any makeup. Side note: frozen peas will work to and take care of your entire face! This will reduce that swelling which causes dark circles to be even more severe.

3 Slather on Parsley

You can create another face mask to help erase those dark circles and all you have to do is visit Hello Glow again to learn all about it. Mixing parsley and yogurt, this creation will help reduce the half-moons in a pinch. Parsley’s Vitamin C, chlorophyll and Vitamin K help lighten that delicate skin and tone down any puffiness.

2 Don’t Forget Sunscreen

This is something you should be doing no matter what, but with sunscreen’s help, you’ll be on the fast-track of ridding your face from them forever. According to Allure, the skin beneath your eyes is so thin; it’s prone to hyper pigmentation and skin cancer. Keep this part from burning by not forgetting to slather on some protection everyday.

1 Stay Hydrated


Those dark under eye circles will look even worse if your skin in dehydrated, which means, make sure you’re drinking enough water. Overall, your skin from top to bottom will look and feel healthier if your keeping up with your water intake. And stay away from too much alcohol because that can easily dehydrate you – according to Elle.

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