14 Crazy Pics Of People Partying Way Too Hard

With each passing generation, we learn new ways to do all sorts of things. From doing business, making technology, architecture, and art to fashion, makeup, shoes, and hairstyles –we are a culture of adventurers and pioneers. We really pride ourselves on trying new things, trying to invent and push limits, and taking things way above and beyond. If we apply this same attitude to parties, we can only image the lengths that people will go to in order to have the time of their lives. Some partying styles might be more dangerous than others, so beware; however, there are safe limits and those should be observed and respected. Capturing these insane party moments is a way of documenting our history as human beings on planet Earth. It’s for future generations to look back and either laugh at us or be in awe of us. Sometimes, if there’s no proof, people will say it didn’t happen. Therefore, it’s lucky for these party peeps that someone did capture all this insanity with their electronic device of choice so that we can study it in our lifetime and so that others, who outlive us or who have yet to be born, can see how utterly cray-cray we were.

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14 Letting it all hang out

via dailymail.co.uk

There’s been some rumors that a good party is one that gets the girls dropping their panties or taking it all off; and then to do it in public makes it epic party status. There are the ladies who swore they were not gonna drop their panties or take them off, but as time passes and as parties go hard, this rule is hard to ignore. Whether it involves dropping your panties, taking it all off and partying in the buff, or liberating ideas about bodies and clothing, a party that's got you dancing in the street in your bloomers is a good one indeed.  Street parties are a classic, but when naked bodies get involved, then the party gets written into history. The party-goers in this pic have chosen to bare it all, good for them. It looks like a lot of fun.

13 A long strange trip

via decentralizeddanceparty.com

Only those who attended this party know where it was located, what it was all about, and how to get there. It seriously looks like some undisclosed area that took some super sleuthing in order to acquire the rights to party there. It doesn’t look of this world even and perhaps it’s not. These party people look like they are out of their minds and maybe they are, maybe they are on a high that we have yet to experience. They look like they might not even know where they are or that a party is happening, literally, all around them. Whatever they’re on and wherever they are, it sure does appear to be jam packed full of sound, bass, color, excitement, and interesting characters. What more do you need in a party than those five things anyways? The guy with the leisure suit and helmet looks equipped for any situation that may or may not happen at this particular party. Party on, dudes.

12 Stuck in the middle

via bajiroo.com

It goes without saying that most parties include dancing. Many comedians have talked about how women love to dance out their rage. Rage they’ve collected throughout the week that they can’t, and often don’t, direct at the source. They dance out the rage they feel regarding work, relationships, family, themselves, and life in general. It looks like this girl was trying to do just that and in the process got stuck in the middle with these guys who, by the way, look like they also have some rage to dislodge, displace, and dissolve. If they could only realize that despite their difference they have a lot in common perhaps they could start a dance off and take the party to a new dance-out-your-rage level. So the next time two strange guys sandwich you at a party, ask if they’re dancing out their rage. If the answer is yes, break it down for them. If not, break away.

11 Single beer bong parties are so 1990s

via izismile.com

Yo, this party has taken things too far. If dudes drinking at a party isn’t bad enough, this party is really pushing the douche dude envelope. First of all, there are only dudes, so we can only assume the sausage fest is full throttle testosterone run and fueled. Second, while they’re smiling now, by the looks of their gear and their beverage of choice, it’s safe to say that in a few hours things will be getting pretty ugly. Fights might break out, vomiting might happen, lost boys just wandering aimlessly, drunk dialing people. Finally, insanity happens when dudes don’t drink responsibly. A multi-tubed beer bong spells trouble with capital letters. The insanity is not this contraption, but that which is soon to follow. Ladies, it’s a good thing we can’t see ourselves at this party, i.e in the photo. We’re insane, but not that insane.

10 The party so good it gives you ugly face

via bajiroo.com

Who doesn’t love a house party? Everyone loves a house party. Don’t believe me? Just look at the countless movies made about house parties. They started decades ago and are still a popular genre today. Movie goers see house parties on screen, try to copy them, and often times, fail miserably. This house party doesn’t look like an entire failure, but there are hints that there’s something sinister going on here. For while it looks like everyone is really enjoying the music and each other’s moves, there are some that seem utterly horrified. No matter what kind of party you attend, should people start getting ugly face, it might be a sign to bolt. While most house parties are pretty innocent, one can never be too sure of the mental or emotional state of those invited. It could mean it’s the best party in the world for some, but for others it means goodbye.

9 Because the party isn’t a party unless a guy in a plastic bubble arrives

via suitelife.com

Ain’t no party like a party where people show up in inflatable balls and decide to be carried around by all those in attendance, for who at a party doesn’t love the bubble guy. The party goers are happy to help this dude get the party bumping and bouncing. In some parts of the world, the more inflatable toys there are the better. Foam parties are huge, too. The gimmick? Give the kids what they want. A bubble bath filled with toys. A bar filled with bouncy things. Foam, rubber, water hoses –the list goes on and on. There is always some new trend in the party world that trumps the last trend. Each time bigger and better, each time a little more insane. But it’s what the kids want. Can you imagine what some of the parties will look like in the future? I see daredevils, stunt men, and fire.

8 Just gross

via fasteddie.wordpress.com

It is one thing to get so excited at a party that you feel nervous, a little twinge of butterflies in the stomach and other restless, dizzy feelings associated with being elated. Some might feel such feels because they have social anxiety and that’s a real thing. But some might feel these feels because of some self-induced state from which there is no return. This dude might have taken himself there; he might have taken himself a little too far with the bottle and is now suffering the consequences. Worst of all, just as his friends are all in peak party mode, he’s all –“I think I need to lie down and shut my eyes or maybe just puke” status. He’s hurting and to prove that he partied like a real animal is the photographic proof which he might not ever live down, ever.

7 When being a human at the party sucks, so you become a trashcan instead

via izismile.com

So, you went to the party a human and came out the other end a trashcan. It happens. Maybe not to the best of us, but it happens. It could happen to the best and the worst of us, it could happen to you, to me, to us. Being human is hard at parties. That’s why people become wallflowers or robot dance machines or any number of characters. Escaping human identity is fun. And, depending on your levels of stress and your lifestyle, oh so necessary. Clearly, this guy is on that level. He’s beyond his human form and wants to be an inanimate object just for the night. Either that or he’s had a few too many, passed out, and his so called friends turned him into a trashcan. Either way, this is pretty insane. Don’t be trashcan dude and don’t let your friends turn you into trashcan dude. If they do, find new friends.

6 Nap time

via izismile.com

Surely there are party-a-thons at any given space at any given time. They go on for hours and days and even weeks. Some call them touring with the band. Others call them adolescence and their 20s. Still others call them summers. In the summer, partying is taken dead a$$ serious. People do not come to play, they come to smash the party on its face and then rebuild it into whatever they want it to be. They go all night and all day. And they rarely rest. These people are not party animals but party beasts; and they come in all shapes and sizes and you never know you’re with one until you see them in action. Summer parties bring out the beast. What’s dangerous about the summer party beast is that dehydration is real, the sun burns, and daytime partying is way different than nighttime festivities. For those who go beast for the first time, they will look something like these folks –in serious need of some rest and relaxation before the beast awakens again.

5 Wet T-shirt competition

via bajiroo.com

Wet t-shirt contests can be a sign of a good party. It can be. Surely, for a group of inebriated guys, that sounds like the best party ever. Now we know. But it looks like the tables have turned and now it’s the men who don the wet t-shirts. Of course, the aim is a little different, but overall, the point is the same. It’s about getting out of control, losing inhibitions, being free. This dude wanted to get extra. He wanted to get extra wet, extra sloppy, extra drunk. His friends are on board for going the extra mile, too. All involved seem pretty content with themselves. In fact, they seem to be loving it. If nothing else, this dude has got an unquenchable thirst and slamming drinks might, just might, satiate his cotton mouth.

4 Dudes in tutus

via boardgamegeek.com

Clearly, things are on point at this party. The vibes are nearly tangible. It feels like a rock and roll time, off the chain, and bold af. The fact that the woman is enjoying herself so much and doesn’t even recognize those around her is a sign of a killer party. Dude in the ballerina tutu, fishnet gloves, and pasties brings this party to mountain top status; scratch that, he’s aiming for inter-galactic vibes. And everything is in pink. Ladies, we know that pretty in pink is the ish. Dude has brought a whole new party game by strapping on these trappings and giving zero f*#$s. What’s going down here looks like a real genuine exchange of energy, too; even the spirits have come to the party and were captured as rays of light in the photo.

3 Unless bottles are popping, the party ain’t

via padraigoconnor.wordpress.com

Models popping bottles. Rappers popping bottles. Random people popping bottles. Yes, people, bottle popping is a sign that a party is legit on point, lit, and beyond. Champagne is the drink of the rich and famous and nothing says extravagance like spraying it all around a party. Wasteful? No, this is luxury, this is status, this is high class. Drenching bodies in champagne is decadent. It’s classy. It’s what we see in music videos and photos of famous people when they party. So clearly if we want to break barriers on partying, we gotta take our partying to a new status. Don’t be afraid to pop bottles. Don’t think of it as wasting money or good champagne, think of it as revealing your elegant style, your ability to liberate, your knowledge of how to pop that cork and get the party started.

2 When the shirts come off, the party animals have been unleashed

via bajiroo.com

There’s something about guys taking off their shirts and the ultimate party experience. But this photo is other world stuff. Dudes are beasting through beers and blinding eyes with all that skin. Maybe that’s not so crazy. Actually, it’s not. We’ve seen that here and there and everywhere. Dudes get topless and drink beer; it’s socially acceptable. Dudes smash beers all the damn time. What’s got this photo on extra is the dude wrapped up in a garden hose, spraying himself in the face, and covered with beer bottles. His dudes around him either seem totally amused or so lost in their own personal party. Regardless, the whole scene makes us wonder how things got to this level and who’s idea it was to snap this photo. This is backyard partying at its best, I guess.

1 Drenched in wine is so divine

via danielochoadeolza.tumblr.com

While this picture surely looks suspicious, it can only be the infamous bull run in Spain where wine is poured and drank by the gallons and people throw their own bodies in front of bulls, then escape at the last second, hopefully, unscathed. Partying in Europe is a different type of party. Ideas about drinking and nudity are not the same as they are in The States, drinking rules are hugely divergent, and attitudes about work and play not what we might expect. The photographer caught a very interesting moment where a woman looks as though she’s been seduced by not just the wine or Bacchus, but the circle of men and the environment, the ritual bloodshed of bull’s blood. It feels very controlled and wild at the same time. Essentially, it’s both and it’s beautiful. This takes insane partying to a new height where new highs can be felt.

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