14 Crazy Celebrity Fashion Moments

People look to celebrities for fashion trends, and designers often dream of their outfits gracing the body of one... but sometimes celebrities have ideas of their own. Sometimes they want to make a bold statement, whether it be by donning a wildly unique outfit, or by wearing hardly anything at all. Here are some of the most memorable moments of crazy celebrity fashion.

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14 Alice in Wonderland?


In this November 2014 outfit, Nicki Minaj went a bit too Alice-in-Wonderland-at-the-Mad-Hatter’s-Tea-Party. While she has been known for her bold fashion sense, this outfit, though not atypical for Minaj, looks as though she’s playing dress up. It's as if she couldn’t pick a pattern, so she picked them all instead. Minaj looks as though she is channeling Alice who got caught up in grandma’s teacup collection. Gwen Stefani’s outfit in ‘What You Waiting For?’ may be a slightly better place to look for fashionable Alice inspiration.

13 McDonald's or Moschino?

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Katy Perry has had her fair share of interesting fashion moments, many of which involve wearing Moschino (she is one of their models, after all). Maybe one of the most bizarre moments was when she wore a Moschino outfit inspired by MacDonald's. Perry literally dressed like a MacDonald’s french fries container - complete with a matching clutch. From the Fall 2014 Ready to Wear collection, which featured many pieces with the signature red with golden arches, other high profile celebrities like Rita Ora and Amber Rose have also been spotted in this dress.

12 Bjork’s Swan Dress


In March 2001 Bjork wore her infamous swan dress to the 73rd Annual Academy Awards. While it secured her place on many worst-dressed lists that year, and many years after, her intuitions may not have been wrong at all. A poll in 2008 found it to be one of the most iconic red carpet dresses of all time, and it was recently featured in a retrospective exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

11 Kanye West


Kanye often has a great fashion sense, and even has his own fashion line. He and Jaden Smith may start the trend for men wearing skirts, but even Kanye has had a few missteps. Some commenters have described this as Kanye’s Middle Earth hobbit outfit, or perhaps it was meant to be a subtle nod to Star Wars. Either way, he looks like he’s playing dress up on a film set, especially since the colours would make for great camouflage. Maybe he’s just gotten ready for a paintball game…

10 Kim Kardashian

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Where there is Kanye, you’ll find Kim K. She, too, has had her hits and misses. Sometimes she picks the perfect outfit to highlight her amazing curves, other times, she picks outfits that highlight all the wrong areas. At the 2013 Met Gala she wore this head-to-toe floral Givenchy gown, which resembles a set of curtains… not in the Scarlet O’Hara kind of way.

9 Miley Cyrus


One day there was Hannah Montana, and the next… just Miley. Ever since, there’s been no shortage of crazy and unexpected fashion moments as Miley continues to push boundaries and try to shock. It’s hard to pick just one craziest moment. Maybe it's the time when she wore that giant foam finger, or that time when she wore a few strategically placed giant smarties, or the time when she wore a prosthetic penis during her tour, or maybe even when she wore pasties on Jimmy Kimmel… Really, it is impossible to pick just one.

8 Amber Rose


Props to Amber Rose and her amazing body. We all know it’s amazing because at the 2014 MTV Video Awards, she seems to have forgotten her outfit. She wore what looked to be a cross between one of the Victoria’s Secret fantasy bras, and a really insane necklace. It’s great to have so much confidence in your body, but there’s also something to be said for wearing great clothes. This also looks seriously uncomfortable to wear (and sit down in).

7 Britney Spears


Maybe going back to the 90s and early 2000s isn’t quite fair, but Britney certainly had more than her share of crazy fashion moments. Matching denim outfits with Justin Timberlake at the 2001 American Music Awards, a leather dominatrix outfit with a terrible hat at the 2002 MTV VMAs, the orange and pink full length coat and matching feathered fedora at the 2000 Billboard Music Awards... These are only some of her bizarre red carpet choices, and doesn’t begin to cover her fashion choices in her personal life.

6 Christina Aguilera


If we’re going back early 2000s Britney, we’re going back to early 2000s Christina too! From barely there outfits in bold colours to denim accessories, Christina certainly hasn’t been afraid to change up her look over the years. Crushed velvet, gold tie-dye, corduroy, crochet, pink feathers, orange eye shadow, dreadlocks, cornrows, maximized perms, and too much self-tanner… Where do we begin? Thankfully Christina’s style has only gotten more glamorous and polished over the past few years.

5 Madonna


Madonna has to be one of the inventors of crazy celebrity fashion. We have seen her fashion sense change through the decades from the 80's until now. From the iconic cone bra to dressing up as Marie Antoinette at the 1990 VMAs, she’s experimented with pretty much everything. She's even accessorized with a set of grills on her teeth for the 2014 Grammys. She’s certainly had better, more glamourous looks. Best not to try to decipher the 80’s.

4 Marilyn Manson


Even Marilyn Manson has had his share of crazy fashion moments. Known for his shock rock and extraordinary outfits and makeup, he’s had some bizarre fashion moments, to say the least. The psychedelic rainbow leopard suit he wore on the red carpet in 1998, paired with Rose McGowan's net dress (Maybe Amber Rose’s dress isn’t so bad after all), is among the most memorable. One can hope that he sticks to the goth rock chic he’s better known for.

3 Rihanna

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Like everyone else on this list, Rihanna takes a lot of risks when it comes to fashion, which results in some great, and not-so-great looks. They are certainly always memorable. From gorgeous, flowing gowns in bright colours, to structured frocks in bold patterns, she’s made some great choices. But some outfits have been very divisive. Her yellow Chinese couture gown with its memorable train (from the 2015 Met Gala) was loved by Anna Wintour, but the star of many internet memes.

2 Lady Gaga


At this point, it’s more unusual to see Lady Gaga in anything remotely ‘normal’ looking, but that doesn’t mean her fashion choices still don't surprise us. She totally commits to a look, whether it be with accessories like her elaborate headgear (a "hat" just just doesn't cut it), wacky hairstyles, towering shoes, or by making an entrance, like at the 2011 Grammys, when she was carried onto stage in what looked like an alien egg. Of course, there’s also the infamous meat dress that none of us will ever forget.

1 The Trend


For whatever reason, wearing Beanie Babies and other stuffed animals seems to be a trend, not just for celebrities with crazy fashion senses, but on the runway too (including at Moschino, of course). At the 2011 VMAs, Minaj wore an eclectic outfit, which included several soft toys. Other celebrities have also worn stuffed animal outfits. In a photoshoot with Sanrio, Lady Gaga wore a dress made out of Hello Kitty toys. There was also Gaga’s Kermit dress, which then inspired Rachel in Glee to create a Beanie Baby dress. In August 2015, Melanie Martinez wore what looked to be one giant blue stuffed bunny. Maybe you can still put that Beanie Baby collection to use after all…

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