14 Celebs Who Need WAY More Than A Pedicure

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14 Celebs Who Need WAY More Than A Pedicure

The lifestyles of the rich and famous can often be grueling. When you spend long days on a stage or a set, it can do some damage to your feet. Not to mention some of these celebs get injured while shooting, so it goes without saying that those injuries would leave marks. No one is perfect, and sometimes a pretty face comes with some not so pretty attributes. Years of walking down red carpets in 6-inch designer heels can do a not so pretty number on your feet when corns and bunions can take shelter on the joints of your toes. We expect people with million dollar bank accounts to take extra care of their feet, but some of the celebrity feet you are about to see need more than bath salts and bubbles – they need surgery! They may be beautiful and glamorous but we can’t say the same for their feet and toes. While we sympathize with them, some of these feet are inexcusable. If they didn’t time because of their hectic schedules, then the least they could have done was provide more coverage for their feet. Here are 14 celebrities that need more than a pedicure (you’ve been warned):

14. Lisa Rinna

Soap opera actress and now Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Lisa Rinna, is known for her signature messy pixie cut and plump lips. She’s the definition of Hollywood MILF, but her feet aren’t so glamorous. She’s been open about her plastic surgery procedures, but we’re wondering why she hasn’t gone under the knife for her feet or at the very least stopped by a nail salon. Her toes look crusty and dirty while her nails look dead and dying. From the looks of her feet, she hasn’t had a pedicure in a very long time. This pampered housewife has been keeping up with her appearance and always looks refreshed. We wish we could say the same for her feet but we can’t. It’s hard to even believe that these unsightly feet are hers. We’re wondering why she decided to throw on sandals that day, leaving her funky feet out for display.

13. Iman

She’s tall beautiful and elegant, she’s basically an actual living goddess. Retired model and cosmetics mogul Iman knows how to take a pretty picture, however we can’t say the same for feet. The wife of the late legend David Bowie has walked on thousands of runways and posed for plenty of pictures, and we can tell her feet have got some mileage. Iman is a tall girl, so we’re not surprised her feet are a little larger than life, but it seems as though she shoved them in a sandal that is one size too small. Her poor toes look crammed between those cross-straps and there are definitely a few bunions hanging out on her toes. Those shoes actually look painful, but she’s got to be used to strutting around in highly uncomfortable shoes. She’s graced the world with her beauty and now she’s disgraced us with her not so beautiful feet.

12. Lauren Conrad

Fashion designer and reality TV star, Lauren Conrad, made us feel for her when Stephen continuously broke her heart. We also rooted for her when she left Laguna Beach to pursue her fashion dreams in Los Angeles. Unfortunately we haven’t fallen in love with her feet. Perhaps all those long walks on the beach did some damage or maybe a crab bit her on the foot and she contracted some funky foot disease. Either way, we would expect this Laguna Beach native to have her sh*t together, and by sh*t we mean her toes. She definitely needs to hit up her local nail salon and get some of that dead skin scraped off the sides of her toes. She’s not the worst on this list and we’ll give her some credit for that, but those toes are in need of some major TLC. Grab your girls and get a pedicure, Lauren!

11. Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes seems sweet. She always plays the girl next door and we love her for it. After a public and devastating divorce with Tom Cruise that led to a grueling custody battle over for their daughter Suri Cruise, Homes has been through a lot and from the looks of it so have her feet. We feel for you, Katie, but please give yourself and those toes some love. Holmes is a tall girl, standing at 5 feet and 9 inches, so we’re not surprised that she has larger feet. We’ll let this slide a little because we’ve definitely seen worse, but it might be time for her to call a celebrity manicurist to come handle that situation. From the looks of it, she might have a few bunions growing or maybe that’s just the shape of her toes. She’s definitely not the worst on this list, so we’ll cut her some slack. But her feet could uses some extra love and care.

10. Jennifer Garner

It’s hard to believe that these wonky toes belong to such a beautiful woman, but nobody is perfect right? Jennifer Garner is a beautiful actress, but we can’t say the same for her feet. It looks like she tried to shove her toes in shoes that are one size too small and her pinky toe went through a tragedy as a result. That poor little pinky has to hang out on top of the toe next to it. We’ll cut her a little slack considering this beauty has a genetic condition called brachymetatarsia, a condition that causes one bone in your foot to be shorter than the other, so unfortunately this is something a little pedicure can’t fix. It’s been said that the actress is rarely seen out in open toed shoes and we commend her for not being afraid to show off her “flaws” every once and a while. But maybe make that once and a while every blue moon because it looks painful.

9. Ciara

Ciara is a hottie with a body, and she can definitely dance her ass off. But perhaps all those spins and dips have done some damage to her feet. It’s been reported that the dancing diva allegedly had corrective foot surgery. Some time ago, she was seen in a wheel chair with surgical boots on both of her feet. After the operation, she then tweeted a picture of one of her new and improved feet. With a caption that read: “Free at last!! Now it’s one step at a time literally! I dance like an ol’ Granny with a lil 2step :).” Perhaps the negative Internet buzz surrounding her not so flattering feet drove her to go under the knife. However, there isn’t much of a difference in the before and after. We love you Ciara, but you might just have to take an L on this one. Your feet and toes aren’t your greatest asset, but we love you anyway.

8. Miley Cyrus

This former Disney star has made quite the impression over the years. With shocking ensembles and opinions, Miley Cyrus always seems to get everyone talking. This babe with a hot body certainly has strong opinions which we think are admirable, but we can’t say the same for her feet. We get it Miley, you don’t give a f**k but you should care about this. Get a pedicure girl! She always looks like she’s been walking barefoot around a farm all day. At the very least, she should wash them once and a while. The rainbow nail polish isn’t helping her either. It makes her feet look like they belong to a giant baby. She has a barley there pinky toe nail that makes us wonder how she managed to even get nail polish on it (we’re assuming she’s responsible for this horrible pedicure). I’m sure she was running around a stage or some music festival barefoot and we get it, but we don’t need to see your dusty toes Miley.

7. Paris Hilton

She’s fooled the world for years with a hot body and a face to match. She made us believe she was all beauty and no brains. Born into the Hilton Hotels Empire, this babe has always been loaded with cash, but she has managed to grow her own empire. Former reality TV Star and well-known party girl, Paris Hilton, has turned her fragrance collection into a billion dollar business. Not content with the success she’d already achieved, she also signed with record label Young Money Cash Money Records, joining rapper Lil Wayne. She may be an accomplished business babe, but her feet aren’t so bodacious. Standing at 5’8”, Paris wears size 11 shoes. We’re not surprised that she has her toes manicured, but that can’t do much for those long alien-like toes. If it wasn’t for the glittery sandals, we probably would have thought these toes belonged to a beefy man. Despite her not so glamorous feet, Paris remains fabulous.

6. Kate Moss

She’s one of the first people that comes to mind when we think of super models. Despite her shortcomings, she has made quite a name for herself since her modeling career began in the late 80’s’. When Kanye says, “You could be my black Kate Moss tonight,” you know you’re a pretty big deal. At 43 years old, she still slays fashion editorials and looks better than ever. She’s considered one of the most beautiful super models but even this goddess of a woman isn’t perfect. Moss stepped out in a strappy pair of high-heeled sandals that displayed some unpolished and unflattering toes. With disproportioned toes and a bruise baring big toe, Moss’s toes need a pedicure and then some. She looks amazing at any age, but her feet look as though they’ve been through centuries of torture and pain. Someone get her a Band-Aid, a nail file, and the number for the nearest foot doctor ASAP!

5. Oprah Winfrey

Famous talk show host Oprah Winfrey is basically like a modern day Mother Teresa, and we all wish she was our mom. This long time philanthropist has made an impact on the world and she has raised millions of dollars for charities. She’s a household name, but she won’t be getting any awards for her feet. It seems as though Oprah is so busy with all of the amazing things she does that she’s forgotten to look down and give her feet some love. We’re not surprised this media mogul doesn’t have the prettiest feet because she spent long days on set for years. A few bunions and corns are definitely hanging out and some lotion could be thrown into this situation. Her toes looked very crammed, like they’ve spent years and years hanging out together in the point of a heeled shoe and her sandals don’t seem to fit right. A footbath, rest and maybe even a doctor are needed.

4. Sarah Jessica Parker

She captured our hearts as Carrie Bradshaw on the HBO series Sex and the City and made Manolo Blahnik the “it” designer shoe brand but Sarah Jessica Parker blames years of running around in stilettos for her not so fabulous feet. SJP says that after twisting her ankle on the set of I Don’t Know How She Does It, she went to a foot doctor who told her that her foot does things it shouldn’t do, so we guess that’s how she does it. This style icon said, “For ten or so years, I literally ran in heels. I worked 18-hour days and never took them off. I wore beautiful shoes, some better made than others, and never complained.” While her feet don’t look as bad as you would expect, they do show some wear and tear, and SJP says that these days she’s throwing on sneakers so that she can give her feet some much needed rest.

3. Steven Tyler

He’s a rock and roll legend with big lips and big hair to match. Best known as the lead singer of the band Aerosmith, Steven Tyler has sung his way into our hearts. This former American Idol judge is definitely an icon, but he can’t make judgments about anyone’s feet. Tyler’s feet are at the top of the list for a good reason. That’s because his feet look like they got stuck in a garbage disposal and the blue nail polish isn’t making them look any prettier, but we appreciate the efforts. Years spent jumping around on stage has done some major damage to Tyler’s toes and it looks painful. It’s so bad we can’t even blame him for wearing sandals because any other type of shoe would probably cause excruciating pain. We would suggest he see a doctor right away, but it’s been reported that Tyler has already underwent surgery and it obviously was unsuccessful.

2. Ian Connor

Celebrity stylist and fashion icon, Ian Connor, has dressed and worked with big names like Wiz Khalifa, ASAP Rocky, Kylie Jenner, and Kanye West. While some recent rape accusations have landed Connor in some pretty rough situations (some that people might say have or will end his young career) and while most people might not even have a clue who Ian Connor is, he got some unconventional attention after he tweeted this picture of his unsightly feet with the caption “My feet made national news today.” All those designer labels aren’t going to make his feet look any better. In fact, we can’t even focus on any of those labels because we’re so distracted by his long discolored toe nails. We’re wondering if he’s even ever heard of lotion because his feet are so ashy that we’re wondering what his excuse is. For someone that calls himself the king of the youth, those feet look like they belong to an 85 year old man that walks on fire once a week. Connor needs to invest in a pair of nail clippers and a spa membership!

1. Adrien Broner

Professional boxer and former four-weight world champion, Adrien Broner knows how to take a beating. With some ongoing beef with Floyd Mayweather, Broner dishes the heat and the shade and apparently he takes it, too. He recently made a huge social media buzz after he posted this terrifying picture of his feet with the caption “I’m blessed to be in this position in my life but GOD finessed me on my feet……#StillGotLoveForUDoe.” And he’s absolutely right because his feet have never been blessed. We understand he’s an athlete and his feet have literally been through the ringer, but those feet don’t even look like they belong to a human being. It looks like his mother was a goblin and his father was a werewolf. This picture is hard to look at and makes us all very uncomfortable. His toes don’t look like they belong on the same foot and his brown discolored big toes are making our stomach turn. His feet are so bad we don’t even have any suggestions this is a situation even a surgeon can’t fix.

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