14 Celebs Who Look Awesome In Gym Clothes

Rocking gym clothes is no easy feat. Most of the time, you haven’t got a lick of makeup on, your face is all red and sweaty and the hair on your head looks more like a bird's nest rather than a cute, messy bun. And when it comes to clothes and the athleisure fashion trend that has been sweeping the nation, it seems impossible to make sweats or a baggy t-shirt look cute, both in and out of the gym.

But for these following 14 celebs, nothing is impossible. Not only do they have killer bodies and impeccable commitment, but they would make Drake so proud with their “sweat pants, hair tied, chilling with no makeup on” looks that they use to take them to and from the gym. No changing required. Read on for these 14 celebs who look so awesome in gym clothes they just might inspire you to workout.

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14 Khloe Kardashian


With Khloe practically living at the gym and her beauty and fashion game being on point as of late, it was only a matter of time before she combined the two. This has transformed her as one celebrity we can always look to for looking amazing in gym clothes.

One look at her walk-in extravagant 150 square-foot closet explains why she always maintains her chic and trendy styles. All of her favourite pieces, such as her Chanel backpack, Nike sneakers and some of the many tank tops and leggings she has, are on display here, along with her workout accessories.

13 Kate Hudson


With her own athleisure fashion line, Fabletics, it’s no wonder that Kate Hudson knows how to style up her workout gear. She wears lots of her own products, even hitting the red carpet in them at times, thereby further proving and promoting their versatility. While at the Kate Hudson & Fabletics Benefit Bright Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Event, she wore her 2016 line’s “Femima” tank and the “Amara French” miniskirt.

She told People, “I think you can dress [athleticwear] up however you want to dress them up. You just add your own thing to it — however that is. Some people wear heels with sweats, and I’ve been known to wear wedges with my sweats.”

12 Gigi Hadid


Model Gigi Hadid came hard on the scene in 2015 with everyone wondering who this new blonde bombshell was who was appearing in major fashion advertisements and runways all over the world. Her romantic life was in magazine headlines, her beauty covered and replicated in beauty blogs and she was photographed on the streets for her chic style, both in and out of the gym.

Most of her coveted gym looks comes from her ability to accessorize her workout look. One day, for example, she was photographed in a bomber jacket, Yeezy 350s and orange coloured glasses that went well with her pumpkin orange and black leggings.

11 Taylor Swift

Via: www.thedressdown.com

Taylor Swift is one celebrity who is notorious for hitting the gym looking more like she's arriving to a red carpet event. She's been photographed in the past wearing dresses, heels, full makeup and styled hair - and all this is even after she's had her workout.

Regardless, whether she’s hitting the gym in 5-inch heels or actual workout clothes, she still makes it look fierce. The times where she does look appropriately dressed, she tends to wear a lot of short shorts, slouchy sweaters, tennis shoes and a purse, one of her signature accessories, clung to her arm.

10 Miley Cyrus

Via: www.blogiliates.com

Before Miley Cyrus traded in her yoga pants for strawberry hats and nipple tassles, she could be seen rocking the just-came-from-the-gym look on a daily basis like no one else could.

Most of these fashion changes came from when she took up doing Pilates almost religiously and began losing weight after going gluten-free. Pilates is known for its challenging ab exercises and Miley showed off her progress in teeny crop tops and her long legs off in stylish leggings, like the Body Language ones (shown above) she was often photographed wearing.

9 Kendall Jenner

Via: www.pinterest.com

As a high-fashion model, Kendall Jenner knows all about making even the simplest outfit look fabulous. And since staying fit is a huge part of her job, so she can often be photographed hitting the gym solo, with one of her sisters or with model gal pal, Gigi Hadid.

When she does, some of her workout style favourites that she wears from the gym and to brunch include deep v-neck sports bras, retro backpacks, high-waisted Nike leggings, vests, a bright bomber jacket, neon sneakers and halter style crop tops. As is a trend around most of the Kardashian family, Kendall also supprts brother-in-law Kayne West by wearing a pair of his Yeezy sneakers.

8 Jennifer Aniston

via: www.pinterest.com

Since her Friends days, women all over the world have wished for a slim figure like Jennifer Aniston. And now that she’s in her late forties and still rocking it, that hasn’t changed. The recently married star is known for her love of yoga and spin classes and most of her workout clothes are perfect for both these workouts. She can often be photographed wearing racer back tanks and tight-fitting yoga pants.

As the spokesperson for Smart Water, Aniston also looked absolutely stunning and toned while posing for one of their advertisements in a black sports bra and black yoga pants.

7 Kourtney Kardashian

Via: www.dailymail.co.uk

Kourtney Kardashian looks so good in her workout gear, so much that sister Khloe declared her to be a “MILF” while taking a selfie with Kourtney during their workout. Kourtney, who has been looking slimmer than ever lately after her split to longtime boyfriend, Scott Disick, dressed in an all-black ensemble that showed no signs of her being a mom of three.

That wasn't the only time she looked awesome in workout clothes. Back in September, she was photographed leaving the gym looking every bit glammed up in Yeezy sneakers, a Karl Lagerfeld t-shirt, black leggings, her hair down and red lips in tow.

6 Julianne Hough

Via: www.zimbio.com

Working out is a major part of actress and professional dancer, Julianne Hough’s, life. In fact, it’s so much a part of her life that she’s releasing her own athleisure collection in March. All of the clothing, which will be sold exclusively with Lord & Taylor and Hudson’s Bay Co, will be versatile and stylish enough to wear for all occasions including working out, grabbing coffee, running errands and even some formal settings.

Some of the Grease star’s favourite workout styles include printed leggings, loose racer-back tanks and colourful bandeaus. She wrote on her website that her personal dance uniform includes a flannel or denim button-up wrapped around her waist.

5 Vanessa Hudgens


When a person loses weight, one of the first things they want to do is show off their progress. And that’s exactly what former High School Musical star, Vanessa Hudgens, has been doing lately. Her style has always topped fashion charts and Pinterest boards for being trendy, so it’s been no surprise that her workout style had been doing the exact same.

Whether she’s leaving the gym with her sister Stella or with boyfriend, Austin Butler, her gym go-tos include slouchy t-shirts, baseball caps, tight leggings, crop tops, jean jackets and flannel tops. All styles that give her the “cool girl” vibe instead of a disheveled “just hit the gym” look.

4 Cameron Diaz


Actress Cameron Diaz hasn’t gotten her muscular arms and toned body from sitting around all day with hubbie, Benji Madden. No, the girl puts in work, and that means that she has a whole closet full of gym clothes which look amazing on her.

She doesn’t shy away from bold workout gear either. She is often photographed in neon-coloured sneakers and eye-catching printed pants. By layering her outfits with t-shirts and comfy-looking sweaters, she looks casual, trendy and as though she isn’t afraid to get a little sweaty. Some of her other workout clothes favourites include Melodie yoga pants, capri pants and off-the-shoulder tops.

3 Alessandra Ambrosio

Via: www.vogue.com

As a Victoria Secret model and as someone who has modeled for the brand’s athletic clothing line, it’s no surprise that she looks just as amazing while hitting the gym in her free time.

In the past, the avid yogi has been photographed wearing an all-white workout ensemble with her tank top tied at the waist. Another time while strutting down the street with her green juice in tow, she had on blue sunglasses, a white crop top sweater, tennis shoes and bright patterned capris. Another brand the Brazilian model also loves is Electric Yoga, a athletics line that has moisture-wicking fabric and stylish items that motivate you to show off your new digs in the gym.

2 Jennifer Lopez


Jennifer Lopez doesn’t look as good and ageless as she does at 46 without working out on a regular basis. She is known for being a fashionista and is often hitting the ‘best dressed’ lists of popular fashion blogs and magazines. Because of this, she remains looking just as  glamourous while heading to or leaving the gym.

One day she was photographed showing off her incredibly toned abs while she walked down the street and threw on her sports bra. Her hair was done and styled in loose waves and she had on her signature hoop earrings. Other styles that she makes look red-carpet worthy include her Britney Spears-inspired tight crop tops and brightly coloured leggings, which she pairs with a tight bun on top of her head.

1 Lea Michelle

Via: www.dailymail.co.uk

Lea Michelle is one celebrity who can inspire us to put down the bag of chips, get off the couch and go workout from simply one glance at her fun and adorable workout outfits. As a singer and actress, it’s part of her job to stay in shape and she does so in the funnest ways and by posting pictures for all her followers to see.

While out for a spinning class, she wore a matching printed black and white sports bra and pants with a pink-banded waist. While out hiking (which is one of her favourite ways to break a sweat), she looked casual and cute alongside her boyfriend in her baseball cap, tank top, brightly-coloured sneakers and yoga pants.

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