14 Celebs Who Came Clean About Their Plastic Surgery

Have you had work done? It’s a question that you may be able to ask your closest friends in a hushed tone (and even then you brace yourself for backlash just in case), but it’s not typically a question you can openly ask just anyone. It’s one of those unwritten social rules we all just seem to know and adhere to, right? But unfortunately for celebrities, this “rule” doesn’t seem to apply to them. Journalists continually ask celebrities about any plastic surgery they may have had. And we all seem to wonder why they don’t just admit to it right away. Some aren’t ready to face further questioning, others would just rather not have to talk about something so personal publicly. But some celebrities seem to eventually break the silence. Here are a few who went from keeping mum to talking publicly about the plastic surgery they’ve had done.

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14 Kylie Jenner

Kylie is one of the most recent to come clean about the work she’s had done. When this teen’s lips suddenly looked beautifully plump, rumors started to fly. Was she just growing up? Did she have lip injections so young? Kylie often danced around the question talking about her makeup routine and how she used both lip liner and lipstick together to create a plump look. Beauty bloggers, teens, and young adults started trying to get Kylie’s look following her instructions ( dubbed “the Kylie Jenner Challenge.”) Funny enough, no one could get results that matched Kylie’s using makeup alone. Kylie finally fessed up to getting lip injections. During an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kylie admits she simply wasn’t ready for the line of questioning that would come with her admitting to getting work done.

13 Caitlyn Jenner


Before her transition, Caitlyn had some work done as Bruce. People wondered why such a handsome man was having work done on his face at such a young age. In an interview with Dianne Sawyer, Jenner admits it was more than just plastic surgery and there was more going on behind what people saw outwardly. She had been taking hormones and prepping for transition for about five years in the 80’s, around the time of having a nose job and electrolysis. Of course, the change in appearance was noticeable. Having as Jenner put it “lost [her] nerve,” and decided to not go through with her transition, Jenner publicly explained that her surgery was “preventative.” It wasn’t until decades later that Jenner finally let us in on the bigger picture of her early plastic surgeries.

12 Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman has always been known for being a naturally beautiful woman. So when she suddenly started looking a little different and sporting a very tight face, people questioned whether she had gotten work done. Kidman initially stayed quiet but later admitted to having Botox injections and regretting it.

11 Heidi Montag

Heidi is now the poster child for those who tend to get carried away when it comes to plastic surgery. But before having a multitude of procedures done in one day, The Hills good girl turned bombshell simply had a nose job and breast augmentation. Though it was obvious she had work done, she didn’t say much about it at first. She later began adding more to the list of things to fix. Her chin, her cheeks, her thighs, her breasts (again.) Heidi now admits to regretting getting so much done saying it caused her a lot of pain and corrective surgery.

10 Adrianne Curry

America’s Next Top Model star Adrianne Curry stayed quiet for a different reason than most in the limelight. While married to Peter Brady, aka Christopher Knight, she had a miscarriage which left one of her breasts much larger than the other. She had a breast augmentation to “even them out.” Still understandably emotional and mourning the loss of her child, Curry decided to wait a little bit before speaking about her surgery.

9 Ashley Tisdale

Die hard High School Musical fans may have been the first to notice Ashley Tisdale suddenly looked just a tad bit different. Before, Tisdale could barely say a word and rumors were flying. The young actress was starting to break into the music industry and many suspected she has changed her nose to please industry professionals. Tisdale then spoke of her plastic surgery publicly saying it was done to correct a deviated septum and she does not take plastic surgery lightly.

8 Julie Chen

During an episode of “The Talk,” co-host Julie Chen confessed a plastic surgery secret she had been holding onto since the beginning of her career. At the age of 25, Chen had plastic surgery done to make her eyes look bigger. She explained she has been told by both a new director she worked for and an agent she sought for representation, that she would not have a successful on camera career unless she had surgery to make her look bigger. Chen says her decision to have the surgery divided her family and cause a lot of discord but she refuses to let the decision haunt her: “Every decision I've made...it got [me] to where we are today, and I'm not going to look back”

7 Iggy Azalea

Four months after getting a breast augmentation, Iggy Azalea admitted to Vogue magazine that she “got bigger boobs.” She explained she had thought of getting them her whole life. Many believe Iggy has had more than just her breasts done, but that is all the female artist has admitted to so far.

6 Ashlee Simpson

In 2006 many noticed Ashlee Simpson’s look had changed. Sure, she changed her hair and was constantly mixing it up fashion-wise, but that wasn’t it. It was her nose. And while Ashlee herself didn’t confirm or deny the rhinoplasty procedure right away, her father did let the cat out of the bag by explaining “there was a real problem with her breathing and that was cured.” Ashley later confirmed having the procedure done in an interview with US Weekly.

5 Jessica Simpson

Unlike her younger sister, Jessica Simpson did wait for her pops to spill the beans. After getting lip injections, she later opened up about regretting getting the procedure done in the first place. If you ask me, that girl is a beauty all on her own!

4 Britney Spears

Early on in her career, many suspected Britney Spears had some work done. It seemed as though she had a breast augmentation but many argued she was just a growing girl. After all, she was still a teenager. In 2008, however, Rolling Stone magazine reported Spears did have breast implants as a teen but later had them removed. Though Britney has never confirmed or denied Rolling Stone’s report, she has admitted to getting lip injections and “other stuff.”

3 Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie Lee Curtis is known both for her talent and for “aging gracefully” (Oh, and that Activia jingle is with her for life now.) But recently she admitted she had tried some plastic surgery. Specifically, liposuction. She wasn’t very satisfied, however, saying she didn’t feel like it really worked.

2 Betty White

Yes, the iconic Betty White admitted to having work done on her face decades later. She confessed to having her eye lids done in 1976 and “scolding herself” for it. Thankfully today, she is no longer upset with herself and is actually glad she had it done.

1 Jane Seymour

Jane Seymour is seemingly ageless. So it’s no surprised she’s been asked if she’s had any work done. She recently admitted to having a breast augmentation about 20 years ago stating “things weren’t what they had been” after breastfeeding her children.


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