14 Celebs That Refuse To Bare It All For The Camera

There are plenty of celebrities that fans have seen a lot of skin from. Whether it was a full-frontal scene in Forgetting Sarah Marshall from Jason Segel or a peek at Julianne Moore’s body in Boogie Nights, fans have become desensitized to nudity in films. A lot of actors have no issue with baring it all, for example, Lena Dunham seems to be quite comfortable getting naked for the camera. But there are other stars that aren’t okay with showing off their birthday suit at all – and some may even be surprised at who they are.

Insecurities, moral standards and the like are just some of the reasons why celebs like to stay clothed – or at least use body doubles. Yes, fans may be getting tricked into thinking they’ve seen their favorite actors naked, when in reality, an entirely different set of skin was used to complete the scene! Below is a list divulging 14 celebrities that refuse to take it off for the big screen – with some even holding no-nudity clauses in their contracts!

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14 Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson has gone on record, with Allure magazine, stating, “I will never do nudity . . . I don't care if I frickin' could get an Oscar for it, I'm not going to do it. Those accolades mean nothing to me. I don't think people deserve to see what's under my clothing. That's only for my next husband--ha-ha-ha.” Even though her daisy dukes may have been cut pretty short, it looks like fans won’t be getting a sneak peek of this Sweet Kisses singer anytime soon.

13 Isla Fisher


Isla Fisher is an actress that includes a no-nudity clause in her contracts, according to Entertainment Weekly. And although fans may believe to have seen some of her skin in Wedding Crashers, they’d be sadden to know that it wasn’t Fisher’s body. She decided to use a body double and has been quoted saying, “I feel like if you have a female comic character and then you see her nipples, then she is no longer funny, which is clearly wrong, but that was my theory, and that’s why I didn’t want to do it.”

12 Scarlett Johansson


This talented beauty will not take it off for the big screen and this rule has not hurt her career seeing as she still manages to snag some amazing roles. She has had a no nudity clause in her contract since the age of 22, according to the Huffington Post. The star takes this rule very serious, as when nude photos of the star ( or possibly edited to look like the star) were leaked a while back, she contacted the FBI about the matter immediately.

11 Anna Kendrick


Jessica from Twilight turned into a real life movie star after her role in Up in the Air, but that doesn’t mean she’ll strip for a role on the big screen. According to The Telegraph, Kendrick doesn’t believe she will shed her clothing for bigger, or more adult roles as she continues to grow an as actress. Speaking about going nude for a part she stated, "I am not criticizing people who do that [nude scenes] but I plan to keep doing what I am doing and hope it keeps going good."

10 Blake Lively


Some may think that having a beautiful body should constitute no qualms about showing the goods, but that’s not necessarily true. Especially when it comes to blonde bombshell Blake Lively. According to Inquisitr, she has no interest in appearing nude on camera. She was quoted, “When I see nudity in movies, I am always distracted by it. I know that if I am watching a scene and someone has their boobs out, then that’s all I’m looking at – I can’t help it. I just don’t think that will ever be right for me.”

9 Mandy Moore


Mandy Moore is known for her sweet girl image, charming movie roles and now the voice of Rapunzel in the Disney movie Tangled. And that may be why she’s decided against getting nude for a role on film. According to her IMDB page, concerning nudity, she’s said, “It would be completely uncomfortable to walk down the street and know that the person passing by had seen me without my clothes on. I've turned down several roles where the producers or writers wouldn't budge on that point. I'm not saying that it's wrong for someone else to do them, but I think there's a way to be feminine and sexy without posing half-naked.”

8 Emma Watson


Despite growing out of her famous Harry Potter character, Hermione, Watson doesn’t want to dive into the deep end of “adult” roles just to shed that family-friendly image. The NY Daily News reported that the actress doesn’t feel it necessary to become risqué in film just to separate herself from the longstanding part she’s had. She said, "I'm not going to get my kit off in a film, just to leave Hermione behind.”

7 Christina Hendricks


Christina Hendricks is an actress that wants to explore the entertainment world with different types of roles, but that doesn’t mean she wants to strip for it to come to fruition. Known for her gorgeous, curvy figure, she doesn’t want to show off every bare inch. According to Daily Mail, “She would love to do more movies and is in the process of considering projects to tie in with the show’s hiatus. She has noticed though that a good number of roles she’s being offered require her to go nude. Clearly everyone wants to see more of Christina but she doesn’t want to be over exposed in the wrong way."

6 Julia Roberts


This Pretty Woman won’t be doing any nude scenes anytime soon. In 2009 she was reported saying, “You know it’s not really what I do, so if you are going ask me to do it, you have to expect it to be toned down. You know, as a mom of three, I feel like that.” And for those fans who didn’t know, Roberts decided on using a body double for her iconic role in Pretty Woman.

5 Sarah Jessica Parker


Sarah Jessica Parker is another actress that enforces no-nudity clauses in her contracts. In fact, in all of her years on Sex and the City she was the only actress of the four that fans never saw in the buff (she had that strict, no-nudity clause after all stipulating that she would never go fully-nude)! Fans may have seen Carrie in beautiful lingerie or undies but never in her birthday suit. When it comes to Samantha, of course, the story is a bit different.

4 Allison Williams


This hot Girls star may be on a show that’s known for its raunchy sex scenes and nudity but you won’t see Williams naked anytime soon. According to Break, the actress wouldn’t reveal what her contract states but she did divulge that fans won’t be seeing the goods. She was quoted stating, “I’m not planning on getting naked.” And although viewers have seen plenty of intimate moments with her character, there’s no slip of a breast or tush in sight.

3 Jessica Alba


Yes, even Jessica Alba – with a seemingly perfect body – has decided to leave nude scenes out of her acting career. And fans may be surprised as to one of the reasons she’s keeping her breasts on lock down. According to E!, she doesn’t want her grandparents to have a peek! She states, “It would be weird at Christmas. And, I mean, really, if you look at the movies I have done, getting naked would never 'elevate' the picture."

2 Megan Fox


Despite her sexy image and hot bod, Megan Fox said, “no” to nudity in 2009. Parade revealed that when asked about baring all for the big screen she explained, “I haven’t even thought about doing nudity in films, but I’m gonna say that I’m leaning towards ‘no,’ as of right now. I can’t speak for the future. People change. It can be beautiful. And it can have a great impact. And it can win you an Oscar. I mean, not the nudity itself, but the role.”

1 Rachel Bilson


Sweet and stunning Rachel Bilson, known for her roles on The O.C. and Hart of Dixie, doesn’t want to be stripping for any roles either. In 2008 People reported that the actress almost didn’t appear in the film, The Last Kiss, because of her stance against doing any nudity. She reveals, “Movies can be sexy or sexual without showing things. It's almost a deal breaker. The movie was rated R, and they like to put in nudity wherever they can, but I'm pretty strong willed and believe it can be avoided."

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