14 Celebs Nobody Realizes Have Fake Hair (& 11 Who Keep It Real)

There's so much a person can do with their hair. Whether they go all-natural or fake it and flaunt it, the many looks that can be achieved are amazing. Celebs always go the extra mile when it comes to going all out with their 'dos. Whether they are working or taking time off, these celebs show off a wide range of styles, from subdued to sleek to surprising.

Since stars can work with high-priced hairdressers and stylists, they can change up their look whenever the mood strikes. Glam for red carpets, cool for concerts, and romantic for roles. They change their color and cut regularly, use extensions for elaborate elegance, and even wear wigs to completely change up their look in an instant. One thing’s for sure, these celebs never have to live through a bad hair day if they have their hairdresser’s number on speed dial.

Here are some celebs that people may not realize have fake hair, and another group who keep it real…or at least they’ve been fooling everyone into believing so. No matter their choice in the 'do department, these stars certainly have their own brand of style. And hair is only a part of what makes their look their own.


25 Beyoncé


Beyoncé is a beauty, no matter how she chooses to wear her hair. Fake can be fabulous, real is ravishing, and a little bit of each is equally flattering. Her voice is powerful, her looks stop traffic, and her role as “mom” makes her a little more relatable.

When it comes to the superstar’s hair, it always looks amazing. She may add to it to wow the crowds at concerts, but her beauty is all her own…and she owns it. Jay-Z is one lucky guy, but something tells us he won’t be sporting a wig anytime soon! Beyoncé can be the one with the better 'do in that duo.

24 Gwen Stefani

HELLO! Canada

The talented and always unique Gwen Stefani has had so many signature looks over the years. Ever since she’s been on the scene, her look has been eye-catching and made her sparkle. Now that she’s dating Blake Shelton, he’s the lucky one who gets to see the glam gal up close and personal, as she wears her wonderful wardrobe and styles her 'do differently every day.

Her hair always looks awesome, but sometimes it’s not all hers. But who cares? If she can rock a fake look like the rock star she is, nobody notices if her hair grows from her head or came from somewhere else.

23 Rihanna

Via: bustle.com

Rihanna keeps it real when it comes to her personal and professional life, but as for her hair? It seems like the star doesn’t mind faking it to look fab. Her many looks only mean that she has access to tons of wigs, weaves, and who-knows-what-else, and every look is unique and suits her spirit.

Then again, Rihanna is so gorgeous that even a bad hair day wouldn’t dull her drama. She’s fearless even when she fakes it. That’s what makes this star so special. Whenever she’s seen in public, fans flock to see what her hair will look like. She’s never shy about sporting a new style, so it’s always an interesting adventure.

22 Lady Gaga

Via: time.com

This is certainly the year of Lady Gaga – from her major movie star role to her amazing Oscar win. She’s on top of the world and her talent only gets better with each passing year. Her looks have evolved over the years, from her wacky and wild costumes (who could forget the “meat dress?”) to her more elegant looks as of late as she rules the red carpet.

But one thing we know is that Gaga loves to stand out. Part of her style is seen above the neck…her hair. Often, she fakes it. No matter her 'do, Gaga knows how to make an entrance. Her hair always turns heads.

21 Jennifer Lopez


Jennifer Lopez always looks lovely, and her age is nothing but a number. She looks better than many women half her age, and her style is up to speed and always suits her body. Her hair is another way J. Lo expresses herself. She loves to try new 'dos whenever she can, matching her hairstyle to her fashion.

She goes curly, straight, long, short, and styles it with all sorts of new updos and unique twists. While we all know J. Lo keeps it real – she even sings about it – one thing that’s not always real is her hair. No matter what’s going on with her 'do, J. Lo knows she looks amazing. Practically everyone agrees.

20 Kim Kardashian West

Via: elle.com

Fans of the Kardashians also love their super cool style. The gorgeous gals take their style seriously, from head to toe. Speaking of the “head” part, Kim Kardashian West changes up her hairstyle all the time. Just tune in to any episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians and various looks will be seen throughout the program.

Whether she has a weave woven in or she adds elaborate extensions, Kardashian West knows what looks good on her head. With the finest of hairstylists ready to work on her look, she always has a hairdo that never falls flat.

19 Nicki Minaj

Via: biography.com

Rapper Nicki Minaj is never one to hide in the shadows. She was born to stand out and shine. Minaj is always fully made-up, wears costumes that leave little to the imagination, and does her hair differently every time she’s in public.

Her hairdos come in many forms, but the one thing nearly all have in common is that they’re fake. But when a gal like Minaj goes faux, she makes it fabulous. She isn’t afraid to rock bold and bright colors, super-long extensions, and wild shapes and sizes. The more, the merrier, and Minaj is all about the “go big or go home” mentality. If the hair looks good, then Minaj will pay the money to make it hers.

18 Tyra Banks

Via: today.com

From her days on the catwalk to her many roles as host on TV, the talented and gorgeous Tyra Banks is one of today’s most recognizable faces. Her look is legendary, from her many hairstyles to her gorgeous body. She’s no wallflower, so when it’s time to look wild, Banks will bring it.

She is best known for her “smize,” but her hair is also a standout feature. Often, Banks brings on the fake hair to add more flair to her fabulousness. She’s remarkably attractive, so no matter the hairdo, she always looks fashionable and fierce. Fake can be fantastic; one look at Banks is proof positive.

17 Katy Perry

Via: biography.com

The newly engaged Katy Perry must be over-the-moon with excitement as she prepares to walk down the aisle. Once the photos are released, fans will get to see what she wore and how she did her hair for the big day. And knowing Perry, her style and 'do are sure to be elaborate.

She’s always experimenting with her fashion and beauty, so her wedding day will be the perfect time to pull out all the stops. Perhaps she’ll go all-natural when it comes to her hair for the wedding, but Perry loves a fake look every now and then. Her hubby-to-be will likely be as surprised as the rest of us will when she reveals her beautiful bridal look.

16 Ariana Grande

Via: billboard.com

Pop princess Ariana Grande is a cutie. Her youthful looks keep her fresh and her beauty is evident from any angle. She’s quite petite but her voice is amazingly powerful. And when it comes to her gorgeous hair…it seems like she goes faux when she wants to be all about the hair.

She sports super-long ponytails that go all the way down her back, something she surely couldn’t grow on her own overnight. But this adorable look suits her perfectly, so she goes with what works. Changing it up is part of the fun of fashion, so we’re sure to see much more of these over-the-top tails in new styles as Grande continues to shine in the spotlight.

15 Blac Chyna

Via: foxnews.com

Blac Chyna is always doing whatever she can to make headlines. She got herself involved with the Kardashian crew by getting together with Rob and having his child. Aside from her boost in fame, she also boosts herself by dressing daringly and doing her hair with flair. She never seems to sport the same look twice, and from all the colors, lengths, and styles, it’s pretty clear that her hair is fake.

What’s not fake is her desire to be in the spotlight, so her many hairstyles help her garner attention. She loves her unique looks, so she will surely keep surprising us with new 'dos down the road.

14 Kim Zolciak-Biermann

Via: bankrate.com

The Don’t Be Tardy star is outgoing and speaks her mind. Kim also loves looking her best, especially when it comes to her hair. Sure, she has admitted to doing other things to make herself look better, but it is that long blonde hair she is most proud of.

While she tends to sport a similar style most of the time, that hair isn’t hers. Well, it is hers in the sense that she owns it, but that’s about the only way. Gotta give the reality star credit, though. Those wigs look wonderful. She’d be more than happy to agree.

13 John Travolta

Via: elle.com

Fans have adored actor John Travolta for decades. His talents are noteworthy and his longevity in the business proves he’s got staying power. But what hasn’t stayed around quite as long is his hair, despite what we see.

Just recently, Travolta took to social media to show off his bald head! A hairpiece may have done the trick in tricking everyone, but the jig is up.

Frankly, many people think this natural look suits him much better. Now he doesn’t have to deal with toupees to pretend he’s got a full head of hair. He can focus on acting rather than fussing with his follicles.

12 Wendy Williams

Via: ebony.com

“How you doin’?” Wendy Williams fans are so thrilled that she is finally back in her purple throne. After being away from her talkshow for weeks, the host with the most is back in action and ready to gab and gossip about the hottest stories in Hollywood.

As for her hair? Fake. She wears wigs on every show, often changing them up for new looks to wow her audience. Long, short, curly, straight…she has worn all sorts of wigs and each one has been wonderful. Known for her flashy style, it’s no surprise that Williams is all about the wig.


11 Jennifer Lawrence

Via: cnbc.com

Actress Jennifer Lawrence is super successful, partly due to her talent on screen and also for her seemingly down-to-earth personality that we see glimpses of during interviews. Speaking of being herself, it appears that J. Law doesn’t do the fake hair thing, not to say it wouldn’t be fun to see her with a different 'do.

She’s had plenty of cute cuts and styles over the years, but she usually plays it safe with a signature, simple look. Maybe one day we will see the star on the red carpet in a wild wig or some extra length thanks to the magic of extensions. Until then, we can expect her to hold her head high with natural hair.

10 Bethenny Frankel

Via: cnbc.com

Fans of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of New York know Bethenny Frankel for her no-nonsense attitude no matter the situation. She is bold, brass, and sometimes bossy, but that’s part of her powerful personality. She livens up the screen whenever she’s in the scene, showing her costars that she’s always in charge.

She has changed up her look over the seasons, but she never seems to stray from her natural hair. Perhaps she dyes it and she certainly plays around with different cuts, but unless she’s in costume, her hair is always hers. Maybe this season we’ll see a new side of Frankel, one that has even more fun with her hair.

9 Kendall Jenner

Via: vulture.com

Arguably the most natural looking of her sisters, model Kendall Jenner keeps her look simple unless she’s dressed for a photo shoot or runway show. Her gorgeous looks are always on point, so the fact that her hair is all hers isn’t a big surprise.

She seems to wear little-to-no makeup when she’s not working, but anyone as beautiful would probably do the same. While her sisters sometimes play around with weaves and extensions, Jenner is a no muss, no fuss kinda gal. Perhaps all that time getting done up for modeling gigs is plenty for the 20-something, so she lays off the extras (and extensions) during her downtime.

8 Gigi Hadid

Via: stylecaster.com

Another stunner taking the modeling world by storm is the blonde and beautiful Gigi Hadid. She comes from a modeling family, so the good genes are her family’s gift. Much like Jenner, she’s always being primped for modeling jobs, be it for fashion shows, magazine shoots, or other appearances. But when she’s not working, it seems like Hadid isn’t one to fuss over her hair.

She sports a natural look and it is lovely. It would be interesting to see her with super long extensions or even a wig that would make her look unlike herself. Maybe she’ll test something out and surprise us all.

7 Khloe Kardashian

Via: etonline.com

Khloe Kardashian may wear lots of makeup and she’s certainly concerned about her figure, but when it comes to her hair, she seems to wear it natural – at least most of the time. We’ve seen her with many looks over the years, but currently she has been embracing her looks in a way we’ve never before witnessed.

Now that she is a mom, maybe she will focus less on looks and more on more meaningful things. No matter how she chooses to do herself up, folks admire the reality star for keeping her cool during recent rumors about her relationship. And if getting her hair done helps her heal, then that’s a fine way to refocus.

6 Alicia Keys

Via: beautycrew.com.au

Alicia Keys is one of today’s most talented and influential musicians. She has won over a dozen Grammy awards and always keeps her fans on their feet. After recently successfully hosting the Grammys, she showed the world how she can take over the stage and run the show. And unlike most of today’s big female stars, she wore minimal (if any) makeup and kept her overall look nice and natural.

She’s embracing her natural beauty which is a solid message for girls and young women to receive. While there’s no problem doing it up when the mood strikes, it must be a relief not to worry about getting makeup done and spending hours on a hairdo. No matter her choice or anyone else’s, the fact that she’s flexible makes her even more fab.

5 Jennifer Aniston

Via: cbnews.com

Everyone’s favorite “friend,” Jennifer Aniston is best known for her acting roles, but she’s also admired for her lovely locks. Many people recall the “Rachel” haircut, which sent women to their hairdressers in droves to get the trendy cut. Aniston has updated her look since she appeared on Friends, but she sports her natural hair to this day.

It would be hard to picture the star in a wig or with a weave, but perhaps she has been fooling us all and wears one now. Guess we can never be sure, but it does seem like Aniston is a natural type. While the “Rachel” fad is long gone, fans still admire Aniston’s beauty, including her honey-hued hair.

4 Angelina Jolie

Via: today.com

Angelina Jolie has had dozens of roles on the big screen, and many of them required hairdos and styles that are nothing like her real hair. But when she’s not filming, Jolie is all-natural; she doesn’t even seem to wear makeup when she’s out and about with her kids.

Her natural beauty speaks for itself so she doesn’t need much to look like a million bucks. She keeps her hairdo straight and simple, without much styling unless she’s standing on a red carpet. With so many kids, who can blame her? She probably has no time to make an appointment with her hairdresser!

3 Bradley Cooper

Via: cbs8.com

Fans adore the handsome and hunky Bradley Cooper, now more than ever as he’s fresh off the fabulousness of A Star is Born. He grew out his hair for the role, beard and all. Some actors may have opted for a wig or extensions to get the right look, but unless we are being fooled, Cooper grew out his hair the old-fashioned way.

Some fans may prefer him with a shorter 'do, but since he made the effort to achieve this longer-haired look, he may as well keep it around for a while. Lady Gaga sure seems to like it!

2 Sara Gilbert

Via: cnn.com

Actress and talkshow host Sara Gilbert seems like she’s a no-fuss kinda female. Lots of makeup isn’t her thing and her hair curls naturally just as she seems to like it. If she were to one day wear a wig or fake hair in some other fashion, the world would be surprised.

Perhaps she’d try something just for fun, but the other ladies of The Talk would be talking about it for days. Gilbert is not the type to flaunt her looks, so keeping her hair natural seems to go with her personality. She’s interesting enough without the added bells and whistles anyway.

1 Yara Shahidi

Via: teenvogue.com

Youthful, talented, and beyond beautiful, actress Yara Shahidi is one of today’s most notable up-and-coming stars. Her praiseworthy work on the small screen on Black-ish and Grown-ish is attracting plenty of positive attention and she is proving she’s got the goods to back up the rave reviews that keep flowing in.

Her gorgeous hair is part of her personality, and she always looks amazing no matter how she styles it. Fans admire her hard work in the biz as much as they do her adorable looks. Expect to see this newly famous face for a long time to come. At just 19 years old, the world waits for so much more from the young talent.

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