14 Celebs Jeffree Star Doesn't Mesh Well With (+ 6 He Loves)

Jeffree Star is one of the most well-known internet stars of the decade - and he’s not showing any signs of slowing down. In 2006, the celebrity became the most followed person on Myspace, which he was using as a platform to bring attention to his music career. In 2009, Jeffree did release an album called "Beauty Killer," which even featured a duet with Nicki Minaj.

The following year, the star went on several world tours to promote his music. In 2010, it was announced that Jeffree was working on a second album called "Concealer," which is why it was strange when he abruptly left the music industry in 2013 without putting out a second album and with no explanation. The following year, Jeffree completely rebranded himself by launching his cosmetics company, Jeffree Star Cosmetics. He soon began promoting his makeup on YouTube while also reviewing other products and giving makeup tutorials. As of now, Jeffree has more than 11 million subscribers on the platform and the number keeps rising.

Aside from his impressive career, there’s one more thing Jeffree is well-known for - his feuds. The celebrity has never been afraid to let his feelings be known online and has regularly called out fellow celebs, even if they were once friends. Keep reading to learn who Jeffree can’t stand as well as the famous people he loves the most.

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20 Dislikes: Kylie Jenner

via us weekly

Jeffree has had a long history with fellow makeup mogul Kylie Jenner. As early as 2016, Jeffree was extremely critical of her makeup line Kylie Cosmetics, Allure reports.

He’s targeted the quality of the products as well as their high-end price. In 2017, Jeffree had a problem with everything in her line, from Kylie’s new brush set to her holiday collection. In February 2018, Kylie Cosmetics finally removed Jeffree from their PR list.

As recently as this March, Jeffree was calling the reality star out online. He recently stated she only got her Forbes cover because he turned it down first.

19 Dislikes: Kat Von D

via teen vogue

Jeffree and fellow makeup mogul Kat von D have been feuding for literally a decade. Originally the two had been friends. But things went awry when they founded competing makeup brands. According to Jeffree, the feud began when his cosmetics line was "skyrocketing while hers was stagnant," Glamour reports.

Most recently, Kat responded to someone on social media by asking “Jeffree who?” and making it clear there was still bad blood between them. Jeffree then responded by reminding her that her ‘Jeffree’ liquid lipstick was still for sale.

"The fact that you have a face of a brand," Jeffree said, "And your name is on the packaging, and you couldn't even tell them and get my shade taken down? Can't relate. I own my own company."

18 Dislikes: Kim Kardashian

via TeenVogue

Kylie isn’t the only KarJenner that Jeffree has a problem with!

The celebrity has also taken issue with Kim Kardashian’s makeup line KKW Beauty. When Kim’s brand first announced the release of their powder contour kits (and Kim subsequently posted swatches of the products on social media), Jeffree couldn’t help but lash out online. “Looks like chalk,” he responded to Kim’s videos.

In response, Kim’s fans came for Jeffree online, even bringing up some controversial comments he’d made in the past. However, Kim eventually told her followers to stop. "I see that my fans are totally hating on someone like Jeffree Star for being honest about my struggle swatches," she said via social media, as Elle reports. "But because of his remarks, I'm learning... how to swatch properly."

17 Loves: Nathan Schwandt

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For the past four years, Jeffree has posted countless photos online professing his love for his boyfriend Nathan Schwandt. The couple met via social media while Nathan was working at a pet store. Nowadays, the two live in Jeffree’s elaborately decorated mansion and Nathan looks after their six Pomeranians full time. No, we’re not kidding.

Last September, the couple revealed on social media they were adopting dog no. 6, and they totally consider their dogs as their babies. “Nate and I just sat all 5 dogs down on the couch and told them they have a new baby brother coming this weekend!!!” Jeffree wrote. “We are going to film him coming home and meeting everyone!”

16 Dislikes: Jaclyn Hill

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Fans thought Jaclyn Hill and Jeffree Star were on good terms until things came crashing down in 2017. The two had raved over each other’s cosmetic lines, with Jeffree even defending one of Jaclyn’s infamous palettes against criticism.

However, something went awry behind the scenes if Jeffree’s social media posts were any sort of hint. "If you ask someone not to post something and they still do... What are the intentions?" he wrote. When Jeffree’s fans went for Jaclyn online, she asked Jeffree to tell them not to, which he didn’t.

The two have exchanged heated words since then, and unfollowed each other. "The truth ALWAYS comes out! No matter how long it takes,” Jeffree said in one of his anti-Jaclyn posts.

15 Dislikes: NikkieTutorials (Nikkie de Jager)

via revelist

After other makeup gurus called Jeffree out for supposedly not paying NikkieTutorials enough during a collaboration video, it didn’t seem like too much of a surprise when Jeffree publicly declared to the world that he wanted nothing to do with her.

"Her and I are no longer friends," Jeffree said, as Revelist reveals. "You can confirm that. But I still respect her hustle, and I watched first-hand how [Too Faced] [used] her and know how much she got paid."

Fans now suspect that their friendship ended during a press trip with Benefit Cosmetics, though it’s unclear why.

14 Loves: Danielle Bregoli

via youtube

Well, we didn’t see this friendship coming!

Danielle Bregoli, or Bhad Bhabie, is the sassy 14 year old who became an internet sensation after popularizing the phrase “cash me outside” on her Dr. Phil appearance. Since then, the rebellious teen has scored everything from a music deal to a cosmetics line.

This past January, Danielle was featured in one of Jeffree Star’s videos, proving that these two divas get along great. Jeffree captioned a photo of the two of them on his social media accounts with the words, “NEW VIDEO ALERT! Testing out the @bhadbhabie #CopyCat makeup products... link in my bio!”

13 Dislikes: Jackie Aina

via cosmo

We don’t think there was ever a time when Jackie and Jeffree were on good terms! Jackie let her followers know what she thought of Jeffree Star when she released a video stating she would never do a collaboration with him due to his previous comments about the African American community.

In response, Jeffree characteristically blocked Jackie on social media, which Jackie then revealed by posting screenshots of her online accounts. This prompted Jeffree to then write that Jackie had only used his name for publicity and to get video views, even going so far as to call her an “irrelevant rat.”

"Never forget that @JeffreeStar will call black women rats, uneducated, and broke when they do not worship him," Jackie then wrote online. "Please research who you support in the beauty industry; there really is a lot of [badness] you do not and probably won't see."

12 Loves: Miley Cyrus

via instagram

Evidently, Miley and Jeffree go way, way back!

A few months ago, Jeffree posted a throwback photo on social media featuring himself and the singer all the way back during her Hannah Montana days. The two were posing together at an event when Jeffree still had pink hair and Miley still had long, dark hair.

“Myself and the legend @mileycyrus #2009 #iconic,” he captioned the adorable photo.Peep her #Redbull.. back then so many people were mad she was drinking an energy drink in this photo. I think we both turned out alright.”

Who knows, maybe this means a Miley Cyrus X Jeffree Star collaboration could be coming our way!

11 Dislike: Laura Lee

via cosmo

Laura Lee is a popular beauty guru on YouTube, so it’s no surprise that her path has crossed with Jeffree Star's. But unfortunately, these two definitely don’t mesh well together.

At one point, the two seemed like pretty close friends alongside fellow YouTube star and makeup artist Manny Mua. But in 2017, Jeffree began hinting online that a close friend had crossed him. He later made it clear he was referring to Laura and went so far as to say her “soul is pure evil,” Seventeen reports. Since then, the two have never been on amicable terms.

10 Dislikes: Manny MUA

via teen vogue

When they first met, Jeffree and Manny MUA became good friends through their mutual YouTube gig (which is also how they became friends with Laura Lee). They even released a collection with Jeffree’s brand for a limited time. But after Jeffree’s drama with Laura, Manny wasted no time making it clear whose side he was on.

After Jeffree called out Laura on social media, she and Manny began posting photos together, even describing themselves as “best friends,” Elle reports. Their photos featured other beauty gurus Nikita Dragun and Gabriel Zamora, making it clear whose side they were on, too. Since then, there’ve been no mentions of Manny on Jeffree’s social media and vice versa.

9 Dislikes: Gabriel Zamora

via pinterest

Gabriel Zamora is another influencer who was quick to take Laura Lee’s side after her fallout with Jeffree Star, and wasn’t hiding it.

For instance, Gabriel posted a photo on social media featuring himself, Laura, Manny, and Nikita Dragun recreating a Kardashian-Jenner picture. But it was the caption that made it clear who it was for. "[Jeffree] is bitter because without him we're doing better,” Gabriel wrote.

He then created another post writing, “Imagine [supporting] a racist? I could never.” His words were in reference to controversial comments Jeffree had made years previously.

8 Loves: Demi Lovato

via LiveJournal

Demi Lovato is another former Disney star who Jeffree considers himself close to!

Just like he did with Miley, the celebrity recently posted a throwback photo featuring himself and a very young Demi. “#2009 with my boo,” the makeup mogul wrote, reminiscing how the photo was taken a decade ago (which is so hard to believe!).

Back in the day, Demi and her friends appeared in several of Jeffree’s online videos. And this most recent throwback is proof that the two stars have definitely remained tight throughout the years. #Besties!

7 Dislikes: Nikita Dragun

via Revelist

Given that Nikita aligned herself with Laura Lee following her drama with Jeffree Star, it’s no surprise that Jeffree quickly made it clear he’s no longer friends with her. In October 2017, fans noticed that Jeffree had unfollowed the fellow makeup artist along with many other beauty gurus on his social media accounts.

Nikita responded by releasing a series of social media posts making it clear she didn’t care if Jeffree was following her or not. "I know what I bring to the table. So trust me when I say I'm not afraid to eat by myself," she wrote. "Stop [dealing] with anyone who picks and chooses when they wanna [be] with you."

6 Dislikes: Jerrod Blandino

via allure

Jerrod Blandino is known as one of the co-founders of makeup company Too Faced. But rather than bonding over their creativeness and passion for makeup, he and Jeffree have unfortunately never gotten along well.

The feud began brewing between the two when Jeffree called out Jerrod online for underpaying YouTuber NikkieTutorials during a collaboration video - well, according to Jeffrey that is. The two makeup moguls began exchanging heated words online. At one point, Jerrod’s sister even got dragged into the social media row.

Fans shouldn’t expect a Jeffree Star and Too Faced collab anytime soon!

5 Loves: James Charles

via twitter

James Charles and Jeffree Star are both mega-stars on the internet thanks to their impressive makeup skills (we’re just waiting for when James launches his own makeup brand!). The two have starred in countless videos together mulling over their shared passion for beauty and makeup, and often pose together for events.

Last January, the duo got flack when an edited photo began floating around that made their makeup look bad. This prompted Jeffree to post a real photo of the two together, with the caption, "That photo of myself, @jamescharles & @Jaclynhill going around is photoshopped and has filters on it. Here is a real unedited photo. Sorry, we all actually know how to do makeup!"

4 Dislikes: Doe Deere

via pinterest

Doe Deere is the mind behind makeup company Lime Crime. She and Jeffree actually go way back after becoming friends at an event in 2013, only a year before Jeffree introduced his cosmetics brand to the world.

Unlike with some of his other feuds with fellow makeup moguls, Doe and Jeffree never battled things out online. Eventually, in 2015 fans noticed the celebrities were no longer pals after Jeffree posted a screenshot featuring one of Lime Crime’s 2010 social media posts. "So funny, we were just talking about how [bad] Jeffree Star is, and now we're on his page listening to his music. Haha," the post stated, as Revelist reports.

Jeffree went on to say that Doe was only his friend for publicity. "I would promote her brand so she would get more attention," he wrote, adding that Doe is "delusional."

3 Dislikes: MakeupShayla (Shayla Mitchell)

via pinterest

Jeffree Star ruined his chance of a friendship with beauty blogger Shayla Mitchell when Jeffree called her out at a 2016 event for supposedly telling another influencer to get lip injections. According to Revelist, Shayla had referred to the girl’s face as “disproportioned,” which didn’t sit well with Jeffree.

This caused Shayla to react online and the two were soon sending digs at each other through their social media accounts. Shayla said Jeffree “[was] making things up obviously for attention.” At one point, Jeffree wrote, "All these Instagram girls are all talk.”

Jeffree ended the feud by publishing screenshots of a conversation between himself and the influencer who’d been criticized by Shayla. She thanked Jeffree for "standing up for me and women everywhere."

2 Dislikes: His Fans

via ABC

Celebrities aren’t the only people Jeffree has gotten into feuds with. The makeup mogul has even called out fans online who were displeased with his products.

For instance, back in January 2017, a fan tagged Jeffree in an online post expressing her disappointment at finding a hair in her Jeffree Star highlighter. “I hit pan on my @JeffreeStar highlight and found HAIR embedded into it,” she wrote alongside several pictures of the makeup product. Jeffree sent out a few harsh tweets in response before blocking her account.

In the end, Ciera revealed she was able to get a refund for the hairy highlighter, which likely means Jeffree realized his mistake and had his PR team contact her.

1 Loves: The Dolan Twins

via Instagram

Need evidence that Jeffree Star likes someone? Just go check out his YouTube page! The beauty blogger has a habit of collaborating with the same people over and over again, which is proof that they must be besties IRL.

Jeffree has starred in plenty of The Dolan Twins's videos and vice versa. Last February, Jeffree took to social media to advertise his latest video with the twins in which he painted clothes on their bodies. Can we just take a minute to acknowledge how talented Jeffree actually is with makeup? This video is a must-see if you haven’t seen it already.

Sources: Allure, Revelist, Seventeen, Elle, Glamour

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