14 Celebs In Their 40s That Are Still Sexy AF

Staying healthy and fit is something we often associate with age. As we age, it is easy to think that our attractiveness (and health) will decline, but that isn’t always the case. When health, passion and creativity are priorities in your life, aging can be a benefit to a successful career while keeping a genuine sex appeal intact. These 40-something celebrities challenge the idea that youth is equivalent to sex appeal. From ventures in acting, comedy, charitable work, television hosting, music and more, these stars prove that the 40s club isn’t a Hollywood death sentence, it’s an elite group of seasoned professionals that are well established, confident, healthy and inspiring. Instead of being loud, uncertain and wavering in their beliefs and styles that are often common ground for twenty-something stars, these veterans have gone through all the awkward, challenging and often embarrassing self discovery stages of their work and personalities. This legwork in their career (and personal) development allows these stars to skip all the insecurities that come with being young and get down to business. Whether they grew up in the spotlight, have famous parents, have changed careers, have kids, are single, married or a combination of these things, these 15 40-something celebrities continue to hold our attention as their careers evolve. Confident and sexy, these celebs clearly have no regard for slowing down simply because they’ve entered their 40s. These stars each show us how to defy the notion that aging reduces your sexiness while remaining true to yourself.

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14 Jennifer Aniston

From the sweet hearted character of Rachel on Friends to a vibrant, healthy, independent single woman, Jennifer Aniston has always inspired us to pursue our passions in style. While Aniston may make subtle changes to her appearance over time, she has consistently remained fit and looking radiant, proving that age is nothing but a number. From her fit figure to her long dirty blonde hair, great facial structure and winning smile, Aniston is a knockout. In her mid forties, Aniston looks healthy and confident. Her calm demeanor, upbeat personality and down to earth approach is something everyone can learn from. Aniston has proven that being consistent in taking care of both your body and mind will keep you both looking and feeling great no matter what your age.

13 Charlize Theron

With a robust acting portfolio and various film production roles over the years, South African actress and producer Charlize Theron is knockout on all fronts. Just coming into her 40s, Theron keeps up her appearance and health by taking on active film roles like Imperator Furiosa in Mad Max: Fury Road and Ravenna in Snow White and the Huntsman. Theron carries herself with an air of confidence that can only come from a deep appreciation for herself and the life she has built. Charlize reminds us that to have a successful and fulfilling life, we have to take pride in ourselves and our work. Her talent combined with her unique look makes Theron endlessly attractive.

12 Ryan Seacrest

From television host to powerhouse radio host, there seems to be nothing that entertainment guru Ryan Seacrest can’t turn to gold. From his time hosting American Idol where he openly bantered with the judges and consoled the nerves of contestants to his hit radio show “On Air with Ryan Seacrest”, the man has the entertainment industry in the palm of his hand. What Seacrest teaches us about aging while remaining in shape and youthful is that we have to dig deep and pursue our passions. If we idle around and think opportunity will just come to us, we won’t go anywhere. Seacrest has made a career for himself by being charming, healthy, and not being afraid to say “yes” to a new opportunity. Seacrest is a clean-cut powerhouse of talent and sexiness.

11 Drew Barrymore

If any childhood star has overcome adversity in the public eye, it’s Drew Barrymore. As a legacy baby to prominent Hollywood actor John Barrymore and having been in television and film roles her whole life, Drew always had a spotlight shining on her. Despite a challenging childhood filled with drugs and partying, Barrymore pulled herself together and while remaining consistent in her acting career, she has truly found her place in the world. What makes Barrymore both sexy and approachable is her appreciative attitude and true love of life. She goes to the beat of her own drum, has an untouchable boho chic style and a contagious laugh. Despite having relationship troubles over the years, Barrymore proves that in staying true to yourself and having faith that things will get better, you can build your dream life.

10 Amy Adams

From Disney retellings to classic novel reboots and superhero films, actress Amy Adams has done it all. With her signature fiery red hair and variety of acting roles, Adams is an actress that proves you are as young as you act. From her role as the tough and rough around the edges Charlene in The Fighter, the bubbly and naive Giselle in Enchanted or her well loved role as Lois Lane in Man of Steel, Adams shows that you need to be diverse and active to maintain a balanced and healthy life. While she takes a wide variety of acting roles, Adams still makes time for her family, showing that you can be a strong, in charge career woman with a growing family.

9 Bradley Cooper

Rom-com regular and all around heartthrob, Bradley Cooper makes 40 look dead sexy. From action/adventure roles like Rocket Raccoon in Guardians of the Galaxy, comedic roles in films like The Hangover, and feel good romances like Silver Linings Playbook and Burnt, Cooper is everywhere on the silver screen. But what is it about Cooper that keeps our eyes transfixed? Sure, his gorgeous eyes, play-with-me hairstyles and generous smile are enticing, but it’s his unguarded, inviting demeanor that keeps us coming back for more. With Cooper, there is a sense of both confidence and venerability that is irresistible.

8 David Beckham

Soccer superstar, a posh wife and beautiful children, what more could a man want in life than to emulate David Beckham? The man oozes sex appeal yet he remains relatable with his clear devotion to his family life. On social media, Beckham takes time to balance his posts with his latest business ventures (like his fragrance, clothing line and mobile apps) with family life and stories of charitable causes and young people making a difference in the world despite their own struggles. Keeping in shape just as he was when he was in his football (soccer) prime, Beckham has the whole package — he’s generous, humble, healthy and puts his family above all else. Beckham shows that fame can be used to help others, and that health and wellness are requirements of staying vibrant and attractive at any age.

7 Kate Winslet

Whether you’re new to Kate Winslet’s exquisite style and impressive acting skills or you’ve been watching her career evolve since her breakout as Rose in Titanic, the fresh 40 year old has plenty of style and sex appeal to go around. Despite being a healthy size, Winslet’s weight has been a topic of discussion over the years in Hollywood circles. Despite the often unrealistic expectations of Hollywood on women, Winslet has stood firm in promoting a healthy body image. Kate’s ability to evoke raw emotion in her acting roles, and her ability to stand up for what she believes in while remaining tactful and calm is something everyone can learn from. Winslet’s comfort with her body is nothing but sexy as she promotes being healthy and happy rather than chasing an unattainable standard.

6 Tobey Maguire


The classic misunderstood underdog of a character, Tobey Maguire is someone who’s sex appeal is understated. Maguire’s appeal isn’t one that puts everything on the table at once, you have to pay attention to him to really see what makes him stand out. Best known in his role as Peter Parker in the Spiderman film franchise, Maguire has been given a bit of a “good guy” label in acting. His role as Parker let us see a vulnerability and perseverance that few can match. While Parker is simply a fictional character, his appeal is mirrored in Maguire thanks to his quiet, polite yet alluring nature. Maguire’s lithe yet strong figure, baby face features and light blue eyes give him that guy-next-door look that he has maintained despite his success. Tobey isn’t an actor who’s caught up in his fame, he simply love what he does and does his job well.

5 Zach Braff

Slapstick style humor and a knack for memorable ad campaigns, Zach Braff shows that sometimes the most appealing people are the ones who can make you laugh without reservation. Best known for his time as Dr. John Dorian on Scrubs and as Andrew Largeman in Garden State, Braff has a way of making audiences laugh easily. Braff’s disarming humor, nice guy demeanor (so long as he’s not being punk’d) and relaxed style make him both entertaining and attractive. What can Braff teach to younger funny guys (and girls) like himself? To be consistent. Find what you’re good at and what you’re passionate about and just go for it.

4 Eva Longoria

A powerhouse of beauty, kindness, and talent Eva Longoria is a showstopper. As Longoria has grown before our eyes on the screen from her beginnings on The Young and the Restless to her roles in Desperate Housewives and The Sentinel, Longoria has proven that she is both beautiful and talented. What we learn from the newly 40 year old Longoria is to not be afraid to go out on a limb and try something new, that it’s okay to have multiple interests and to use your growing status to stand up for things you believe in. Longoria shows that giving back (through her involvement with Saint Jude’s Children’s Hospital and other childhood developmental organizations) helps you grow as a person while helping others.

3 Will.I.Am

Image courtesy of colorsoul.com.au

Will.i.am’s stylish yet eccentric style shows off his edgy, creative mentality without being so bizarre that he looks unappealing. Will.i.am shows that you can inspire kids to expand their ideas of what is cool and interesting through his work with his television special i.am.FIRST: Science is Rock and Roll, which his website notes aired on the Science Channel and aims to teach kids the connection between music and science. From creating killer beats to helping kids and promoting environmentally friendly actions like recycling, Will.i.am is an entertainer that shows us if you’re wiling to be creative, there’s no limit to what you can do. His devotion to helping others while still being stylish and edgy make Will.i.am sexy and inspiring.

2 Jimmy Fallon

Late night funny guy Jimmy Fallon has been a staple in television comedy for years. From his beginnings on Saturday Night Live in the late 90s to his most current venture as host of The Tonight Show, Fallon has proven he is here to stay. Fallon is sexy because he can make fun of you and make you laugh while being a genuinely nice person at the same time. Fallon’s goofy smile that got him criticism in his early days on SNL became one of his most attractive features — Fallon enjoys finding the humor in everything yet he knows how to balance serious situations with grace and respect. From his dark hair and eyes to his easy smile and kind nature, Fallon is a 41 year old star who makes being in your 40s seem like the most fun time in your life.

1 Hilary Swank

From emotional coming of age stories to heartfelt romantic roles and hard-hitting dramas, actress Hilary Swank is a testament to the idea that things only get better with age. Swank has always been attracted to roles that are emotional and thought provoking, proving that she is not only physically beautiful, but that she has an interest in being involved in films that aren’t just entertaining, they’re motivating and inspiring. Swank’s long light brown hair and generous smile haven’t aged much since her early days of acting. While she’s able to adapt to roles well, Swank’s fairly consistent look (and killer body) show that being grounded in who you are and being passionate about your work will only make you sexier. Confident, talented, and versatile, Hilary Swank always keeps us coming back for more.

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