14 Celebs And Their Favorite Brands

We all have our favorite places to shop. Whether it’s that one brand of jeans that always fits us perfectly or the best place to grab some killer accessories, it seems like we all have our go-to spots. But what about celebrities? The ones who get freebies from the best designers, have help dressing from head-to-toe for any big event and truly have the pick of the litter when it comes to fashion of all sorts, do they have favorites too? Well, of course they do!

Today, we’re divulging 14 of our favorite celebs and their favorite brands. Even though these actresses, singers and reality stars have access and the means to grab anything from anywhere, what are the brands they look to first? Maybe you’re looking for new designers to uncover or maybe you just want a bit more insight on your fashion idol’s personal style and taste, whatever the case, take a peek and enjoy!

14 Eva Longoria – Victoria Beckham


Yes, you read that right. Eva Longoria’s favorite brand is that of another celeb. Best friends and cheerleaders for each other, the saucy Latina actress has been seen wearing Beckham’s clothing time and time again. And a lot of it includes chic, beautifully cut dresses that show off her petite frame and bring her a pop of color. Posh Spice knows how to make sleek, contemporary designs and Longoria knows how to wear them!

13 Taylor Swift – Free People


Ms. Swift has a bit more of an affordable taste when it comes to favorite brands. In fact, she loves the popular Free People label that tons of young ladies around the globe swoon for as well. According to WWW, she’s completely smitten with the brand being seen in their clothing more times than one can count – from their bohemian styles to their bowler hats, she seems to be quite in love with the FP style!

12 Kate Winslet – Stella McCartney


According to Glamour UK, Kate Winslet is known for more than all of those killer performances in all of those killer movies, she is also one of Stella McCartney’s most loyal fans! Although the actress has been wearing the brand for years, we’ve gotten to see the line and Winslet’s style evolve together into something that always puts the Titanic star at the forefront of all “Best Dressed” lists and under plenty of envious eyes.

11 Christina Hendricks – Vivienne Westwood


You don’t have to have the body that Christina Hendricks has to wear Vivienne Westwood, but it certainly helps to make those gorgeous clothes look even more amazing. It also helps that the Westwood style includes a lot of corsetry which holds in Hendricks' assets while flaunting all of the right curves – and that works great for the actress, seemingly as though she has talked about the lack of designer clothes that fit her shape.

10 The Kardashian Klan– Balmain


It’s been more than obvious throughout the years that the Kardashians are big advocates for the Balmain brand – People can share a bit of that background with you, including their best friends status with the label’s creative director, Olivier Rousteing. And all you have to do is compose a quick Internet search to find tons of beautiful looks from these ladies wearing the high-fashion label’s best looks.

9 Rita Ora – Levi’s


Not every piece of clothing that celebs wear has to be straight off the couture runways or from a high-fashion label that the average person cannot afford. Even uber famous performers like Rita Ora like to slip into something a bit more comfortable and casual such as a perfectly-fitted pair of Levi’s jeans. And to be more precise, she’s seen here in their vintage line!

8 Kate Middleton – Alexander McQueen


It’s no surprise that the Duchess of Cambridge is in a love affair with the Alexander McQueen brand. In fact, even her wedding gown was designed by Sarah Burton, creative director for the luxury, high-fashion house. But that’s not the only time we’ve seen her dip into Burton’s visions, she’s been caught on numerous occasions in some of those gorgeous, chic dresses and coats for various events.

7 Blake Lively – Chanel


Blake Lively is also having an affair and it’s with Chanel. Besides being an ambassador for the brand she’s also a huge fan of the label! And according to Who What Wear, her go-to handbags can be found at Chanel, especially their Boy bag collection! She loves their timeless and classic shapes mixed with the contemporary trends of the present day.

6 Kirsten Dunst – Rodarte


Not only is Kirsten Dunst a fan and advocate of the Rodarte brand but she’s also longtime friends of the designers (and sisters) behind the label – Kate and Laura Mulleavy. And now those same designers are venturing into filmmaking with their famous actress BFF in tow! Dunst is actually a muse for the entire line of Rodarte and the Bring it On leading lady has included their pieces in several “must-have” items lists.

5 Rachel Bilson – J. Crew


So where does Rachel Bilson, America’s sweetheart and Hart of Dixie star, love to shop? At J. Crew, of course! They’re a bit preppy, a lot classic and you (and the celebs) can grab all of your basic and staple wardrobe pieces at this one store. It’s no wonder Bilson loves to pop into the store for her everyday needs and fill in her, presumably, high-designer closet with their items.

4 Anne Hathaway - Valentino


When asked on the red carpet, “Who are you wearing?” this Oscar-winner will more than likely say “Valentino.” It’s no secret that the two are close pals and cheerleaders for each other, and some of her most stunning looks have come from Valentino’s designs. And when she got married, who did the actress turn to in creating one of the most perfect wedding gowns we’ve ever seen? It was no other than Valentino who brought that blushing ball gown to life!

3 Lady Gaga – Armani


Just like Style Bistro said, “Lady Gaga is “gaga” for Armani!” In fact, Armani was the go-to designer for creating new and innovative looks for the singer. He ended up completely dressing the extravagant performer for one of her tours. Every outfit fit her with precision and bold dramatics – it’s really no wonder that someone with such a unique style tends to move toward a high-fashion label like this.

2 Lauren Conrad – Rag & Bone

via Denim Blog

Lauren Conrad is a designer herself but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have a string of brands that she goes to for specific needs and to fill out her own closet. And when it comes to denim, she’s been seen wearing Rag & Bone's gorgeously fitted skinny jeans on several occasions. These may be a tinge out of the “everyday” person’s price range but they’d be a great splurge item, especially if they fit like this!

1 Selena Gomez – Versace

via Versace

When it comes to the red carpet, Selena Gomez sticks to Italian designers and one of her favorites is Versace since it “captures the body so well.” She’s been seen in this high-label’s duds on more than one occasion and has even popped up on the "Best Dressed" list wearing the brand!

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