14 Celeb Moms Who Pay The Most In Spousal Support (+ 6 Who Pay A Ton In Child Support)

When people marry, the furthest thing from their minds is that someday they will prematurely part ways. No one heads into matrimony thinking that a divorce is an option. Sadly, for many couples, forever isn't in the cards and they do decide to split.

When couples divorce it is scarring, sad, heart-wrenching and sometimes downright confusing.

Often they think that the junkiest thing that will come out of a divorce is loneliness. Little do they know that divorce is expensive. The more equity and money that a couple has, the more complicated and pricey a split becomes.

No one knows this better than celebrity couples who never made it to forever. Some former spouses have had to pay astronomical sums of money to their former husbands or wives. Actor Mel Gibson paid his ex-wife Robin half of his 850 million dollar fortune. Rupert Murdoch forked over a billion dollars when he divorced his wife, Anna.

Guys. One. BILLION. Dollars.

Wealthy fellows aren't the only ones writing checks when they break off marriages though. These fifteen famous ladies shelled out serious cash for spousal support, and five of them pay generous sums of money for child support.

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20 Excess Alimony: Kirstie Alley Had To Give Her Ex A Lump Sum

Kirstie Alley and her former husband Parker Stevenson were married from 1983 to 1997 and enjoyed quite the lavish lifestyle thanks to Alley's acting success on the fan-favorite television show Cheers. When they decided that marriage was no longer in the cards for them, the couple underwent a pricey divorce process.

Stevenson demanded that the high profile actress pay him a massive sum so that he could continue to maintain the lifestyle in which he became accustomed to during their marriage. As a result of the court's decision, Alley paid her ex-husband six million dollars in a one-time payout. At least it's done and over with!

19 Excess Alimony: Anna Faris Ended A Costly Marriage

Actress and mother of one darling son Anna Faris recently went through a pretty high-profile break up with her super good looking ex-husband Chris Pratt. But many people aren't aware that her split from The Guardians of the Galaxy hunk wasn't her first divorce. Before Pratt, Faris was married to her first hubby, Benjamin Indra.

Once Faris's acting skyrocketed and Indra's stalled, things between the couple stalled as well. Faris, being the primary earner in the relationship, had to shell out some serious dough in spousal support. Her divorce cost her $900,000. It's a wonder these celebrities ever get married a second time!

18 Excess Alimony: Elizabeth Taylor Made At Least One Millionaire

Radar Online

Ms. Elizabeth Taylor is no stranger to divorce. She is nearly as well-known for her breakups as she is for her work on the silver screen. In her lifetime, Taylor married eight times! Some marriages and divorces gained more attention than others, and perhaps the most talked about one was her divorce from construction worker Larry Fortensky.

The unlikely couple met while at a recovery center and despite the twenty year age difference, decided to give marriage a go. Not surprisingly though, the union didn't last, and when it crumbled, Fortensky became a millionaire thanks to his spousal support settlement.

17 Excess Alimony: Martina Navratilova Overpaid And Didn't Even Get A Wedding

Former tennis professional Martina Navratilova thought that she had found her forever love with Toni Layton. The couple stayed together for eight years before finding themselves in the center of a pretty complicated "divorce" as a result of their long-term domestic partnership. Navratilova offered to pay her ex a lump sum of $200,000, but Layton was not having that!

She threatened to release private details about the athlete unless she received a more substantial amount of money. Whether her lawyers worked serious magic or Navratilova didn't want her unkept laundry aired, Layton's wish was granted, and she walked away with 2.8 million dollars.

16 Excess Alimony: Janet Jackson's Ex Annoyed Millions Out Of Her

Janet Jackson does not have an excellent track record when it comes to marriage. She recently parted ways with the father of her only child, and from the looks of things, that divorce won't be pretty or cheap.

But before there was Janet and Wissam Al Mana, there was Janet and Rene. Janet had previously played wifey to Rene Elizondo for nine years, and when that relationship hit the skids, Elizonda tried to squeeze more than a few pennies out of his famous ex-wife. He asked the courts for 25 million dollars in spousal support, but after a two-year legal battle Jackson ended up paying her ex fifteen million to just go away.

15 Excess Alimony: Roseanne Barr Mistakenly Skipped A Pre-Nup

Actress and comedienne Roseanne Barr might be all about the laughs, but there was nothing funny about her divorce from her Roseanne costar and fellow comedian Tom Arnold. Barr and Arnold were married for four years, but in 1994 things started to go south and they began the divorce proceedings that would ultimately end their union.

Things weren't so cut and dry in the courtroom, however, because the couple had previously decided against signing a prenuptial agreement. Without any legal documents in place to safeguard Barr's fortune, she ended up having to pay her ex-husband upwards of fifty million dollars. Yikes.

14 Excess Alimony: Christina Aguilera Paid Her Ex To Finally Move Out

Pop star Christina Aguilera and her first husband Jordan Bratman had a prenuptial agreement in place when they wed, but her divorce still cost her far more than she was ever expecting. When Christina fell for another man and moved him into her home without first moving her husband out, things got weird.

Imagine living in a house with your husband who you are trying to divorce, the child you have with him, and your new boyfriend. No thank you. To hurry up and close one chapter of her life so that she could freely start another, Aguilera paid out an undisclosed sum of money to Bratman.

13 Excess Alimony: Mel B. Made Drama (And Major Payments)

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Former Spice Girl Mel B is another lady who has been unlucky in love and equally as unfortunate in the courtroom. Her latest break up with second husband, Stephan Belafonte, has caused quite a stir, but her first major breakup, with first husband Jimmy Gulzar, resulted in quite the payout.

Mel really cannot catch a break with it comes to tying the knot. Gulzar and Mel's marriage ended on not so happy terms, with him accusing Scary Spice of big mistakes during their union. After some divorce drama and hurt feelings, Mel ended up paying Jimmy 2.8 million dollars in spousal support.

12 Excess Alimony: Jenifer Lopez Wasn't Married Long; She'll Pay Out Longer

Jennifer Lopez is gearing up to walk down the aisle with her new fiance Alex Rodriguez, but this won't be Lopez's first crack at marital bliss. Jenny from the Block has been hitched three times already, and when those relationships didn't shake out, the megastar paid for it, literally.

Lopez wed her second husband, backup dancer Cris Judd, in 2001. Their marriage lasted less than two years, but the spousal support that Judd received from his ex-wife will certainly last him much longer than that. She paid him a whopping fourteen million dollars in the divorce. Fortunately, ex-hubby Marc Anthony has his own millions to work with!

11 Excess Alimony: Mary J. Blige Funds Her Ex's Lifestyle

Mary J. Blige likely felt wholly blindsided when her husband Kendu Isaacs apparently found love outside their marriage. She did what any of us would do and kicked him to the curb when she found out. Even though he had done Blige wrong, he still had the nerve to ask the judge presiding over the divorce to award him $130,000 a month in spousal support.

Ummm, no way. Mary didn't have to give such an extravagant amount, but she was ordered to pay Isaacs thirty grand a month to accommodate the standard of living of which he had become accustomed to.

10 Excess Alimony: Jessica Simpson's Ex Likely Still Has Her Millions

Jessica Simpson might have once belted out that she wanted to love Nick Lachey forever, but we're sure she didn't want to have to pay millions for it. The pop sensation and boy bander fell in love as youngsters and became music's very own Ken and Barbie. They had their fairytale wedding as well as a reality show, and then they broke up.

The world was stunned, but no one more than Jessica, who discovered two crucial lessons during the year she became single: Chicken of the Sea is, in fact, tuna, and divorce is crazy expensive. She was ordered to pay Lachey 12 million dollars in spousal support.

9 Excess Alimony: Aisha Tyler Had To Pay Out In The End

Aisha Tyler's divorce came as a total surprise to many, considering that she and her hubby Jeff Tietjens had been seemingly happily married for 23 years. Unlike many of the couples on this list, this pair parted ways respectfully and full of love and admiration for one another.

The former college sweethearts kept everything cordial as could be, and Jeff supposedly never even asked for any spousal support yet reserved the right to do so later on. "Later on" rolled around and Aisha was ordered to pay her ex-hubby $31,250 a month for four years plus an additional five hundred thousand dollars, totaling roughly two million dollars.

8 Excess Alimony: Jane Seymour's Spousal Expenses Made A Dent In Her Earnings

Jane Seymour and David Flynn were husband and wife for ten years. In that time they had amassed quite a bit of property that had to be divided up when they parted ways. Flynn and Seymour split the value on their five million dollar ocean-front mansion, and on top of that, he requested that the actress pay him monthly spousal support to the tune of $20,000 every thirty days.

He ended up getting the courts to agree to half of that and Seymour was forced to bid farewell to ten grand a month. The sum put a dent in her wallet, but not in her heart. She married again a year later, but that union also ended in divorce.

7 Excess Alimony: Kim Basinger Paid Her Ex To Keep Him Quiet

Actress Kim Basinger was once the wife of makeup artist Ron Britton. They spent eight years together as man and wife but sadly their union wasn't meant for all time. During their divorce dealings, Britton demanded that his ex pay him $12,000 a month in spousal support, or he would tell the world every juicy detail of Kim's "flamboyant romances."

She did agree to pay him $9,000 every month, and she let him keep their 700,000 dollar home in the San Fernando Valley. Basinger went on to marry actor Alec Baldwin, and they had daughter Ireland together, but that marriage didn't make it either.

6 Tons Of Child Support: Sherri Shepherd Pays For A Child She Never Sees

Womens Health Mag

Comedienne Sherri Shepherd has now been through two divorces and has said that even if she did ever want to marry again, she could not afford to do so! Shepherd was first married to Jeff Tarpley from 2001 to 2010, and then again to Lamar Sally from 2011 to 2014. While she and Sally were married, they began the process of welcoming a baby into the world via a surrogate.

When the marriage crumbled though, Shepherd took herself out of the mom role and now has nothing to do with the two-year-old's life. She does, however, still pay her ex-husband child support for him, and their acrimonious divorce wasn't cheap, either.

5 Tons Of Child Support: Madonna Had To Pay Out For One Of Her Many Kids

Entertainer Madonna is known for setting records and making jaws drop. We bet she never thought she would do so because of a divorce settlement though. When Madge divorced the father of her son Rocco, Guy Ritchie, she ended up with one of the most expensive divorce settlements in history.

The agreement ended up being somewhere in the ballpark of $76 to 96 million dollars. We can understand why Madonna never married again after the dust from her divorce settled. Plus, her ex wound up with custody of their then-teen, and there's no telling how much of the settlement amount was child support.

4 Tons Of Child Support: Britney Spears' Prenup Protected Her... To An Extent

When we all heard that Britney Spears had hastily married dancer Kevin Federline, everyone thought the same thing: this is going to end badly. We weren't wrong! Brit Brit and Kevin managed to welcome two sons, practically back to back, into the world before breaking up for good.

While the couple did have a prenuptial agreement in place before walking down the aisle, that all fell apart when Britney went off the rails and custody was turned over to her former husband. She was ordered to pay Kevin twenty grand a month in child support for her sons Sean and Jayden.

3 Tons Of Child Support: Halle Berry's Ex Cleared Her Out

Beautiful and talented actress Halle Berry is the proud mother to two children by two separate men. After breaking up with the father of her oldest child, daughter Nahla, the model took her to the cleaners in hopes of scoring some financial aid. Following some back and forth, Berry ended up paying $16,000 in child support each MONTH to the former model. These payments will continue until Nahla graduates from high school.

It's a good thing that her second baby's daddy has a lucrative acting gig of his own and doesn't need a dime of his ex's money. Berry's son's father is famous actor Olivier Martinez.

2 Tons Of Child Support: Anne Heche Forks Over Cash To Her "Lazy" Ex

Actress Anne Heche was once connected to television host Ellen DeGeneres, but then changed fields and married Coley Laffoon. She dabbled in domesticity for a minute there, and the couple even had a son together. Happily Ever After was not exactly in the cards for this couple, though, and they divorced eventually, leaving some financial mess to sift through.

After throwing some ugly words back and forth (such as calling Laffoon lazy), Heche ended up having to pay her ex-husband and the father of her child a serious sum of cash. She forked over a lump sum or $275,000 as well as almost $4,000 in child support.

1 Tons Of Child Support: Kailyn Lowry Had To Bend To Her Ex's Demands

MTV reality Queen Kailyn Lowry has done pretty well for herself, all things considered. Not only does the mama to three rake in some serious dough starring on MTV's Teen Mom, but she has also started up her own hair care business to better support herself and her children.

Her first son's father, Jo Rivera, decided to take Kailyn to court for child support late last year. His business ventures didn't seem to be faring as well as Kailyn's, and he needed a couple of helpings of her pie. To say that Kailyn was surprised at the turn of events is an understatement. Homegirl was NOT happy about the prospect of having to pay the married father of two.

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