14 Boyfriends Who've Already Made Too Many Mistakes This Year

These dudes are totally sleeping on the couch tonight. It's an archaic punishment, but man oh man does it ever work. Most readers know precisely what it's like to sentence a boyfriend to the couch after a misdeed. Hey, you may even know what it's like to ruin your back on those uncomfortable IKEA sectional pillows. Either way, chances are you can relate to this article. On the other hand, perhaps you haven't experienced boyfriends who are this irresponsible, inconsiderate, and downright stupid. Honestly, we're curious to know how these dudes even landed a romantic partner, to begin with. After seeing these photos, you'll wonder too. These dudes seem to have sentenced themselves to live forever alone. Without further ado, here are 15 boyfriends who are sleeping on the couch tonight.

14 Quality Time For Mr. And Mrs. Youtube... And The Randy Girl On The Bed

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If your girl is laying in bed and poking at you with her foot, it may be time to log out of World of Warcraft, or whatever stupid online game people are into nowadays. Seriously, she wants to get busy and you can't be bothered to pay attention to her? Honestly, if this guy's girlfriend didn't sentence him to the couch, the rest of us should.

13 When You Have A $15 Gift Limit And Absolutely No Imagination

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If you have a $15 spending limit for a birthday or anniversary, definitely don't buy a mug. There's nothing less romantic than a mug. Especially one that says, "world's okayest girlfriend". Even if your girl has a sense of humor, this is just a bad move and a surefire way of ending up on the couch.

12 Looking Like A Cartoon Character Can Be A Good Thing... But Most Of The Time It's Not


Okay, some women can dress pretty ridiculously in an effort to look fly. But that's no excuse to compare them to a cartoon character unless that cartoon character is Lola Bunny, Harley Quinn, or Jessica Rabbit. Patrick Star from Spongebob Squarepants is a definite no-no. But, this boyfriend had to learn this lesson the hard way.

11 Never Put Him In Charge Of Writing The Card Unless You Have An Interpreter On-Hand

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Some guys can write eloquent, personal, funny, and authentic cards for any occasion. However, the vast majority are lazy and have no clue what to say. So, really, this girlfriend should face the consequences of putting her man in charge. Then again, the level of incompetence here is pretty outlandish and astounding.

10 The Psychopath's Way Of Making Avocado Toast

Bored Panda

No way. This doesn't deserve the couch treatment, it deserves a citizen's arrest. Honestly, this is psychotic behavior if we've ever seen it. Who slices precious avocados like this? Although we may not have gotten our wish and had this guy arrested, he almost certainly received a tongue-lashing as sharp as this butcher knife.

9 How Could She Possible Post This On The Gram?

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So, the idea of a cookie-cake is on-point. Most women would adore their bae if they gave them this. But this isn't gram-worthy. And, at the end of the day, most girlfriends want to be able to show off what their boyfriend did for them on social media. This girlfriend had no such luck because her dude totally had to ruin things.

8 If You're Making Him Take A Pic, He's Gonna Do It His Way


Every boyfriend knows the pain and suffering of having to take a ludicrous amount of photos until their girlfriends feel like they've found one that looks natural. So, it's only likely that the boyfriend will take one or two shots for themselves. That's what happened here. And it's funny. But it's definitely not going to go over well once she flips through her phone later.

7 A Creative Way Of Dealing With Indecisiveness But A Surefire Way Of Getting Shunned

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Never mess with a girl's food.  Ever. They may be overly and annoyingly indecisive about what they want to eat, but that doesn't mean they deserve this passive-aggressive and downright cruel treatment. We hope that this girlfriend found an equally creative way of punishing her man. Lord knows that his actions justify it.

6 Good Thing It Wasn't Tournament Day...


Okay, so this is actually pretty funny. Maybe his girlfriend will have a sense of humor about this one day. Perhaps this post signifies already that. But chances are, she was furious when she discovered this. Not to mention, utterly confused. Then again, this is probably the kind of thing that her bae does to her on the regular. Man, is he ever ballsy...

5 He May Not Have Had To Sleep On The Couch Until The Next Morning

The Things

Usually, when a messes up he's sentenced to the couch that very night. But given the nature of this crime, he probably didn't have to suffer the consequences until the next night. And we do say "crime" because this is pretty close to being one. Sure, it's a smart and economical way of occupying your girl so you can go out on the town. But it's also completely immoral.

4 Happy Valentine's Day, Babe, And R.I.P.

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Let us hope that his girlfriend has a warped sense of humor. Because if she doesn't, it's likely that this dude will be on a couch... six-feet-under... permanently. This is perhaps the worst possible idea for a card on Valentine's Day. It's funny. But funny usually isn't good bedfellows with Valentine's Day, a Hallmark holiday that most women totally adore.

3 The Age-Old Battleground Of The Genders


The bathroom is the age-old battleground for the genders. It's a place where men and women clash. It's usually over cleanliness or space. But, more often than not, the toilet paper is the root cause. Men loathe when women place the toilet paper the wrong way. And women despise when men don't replace finished rolls... So, you can expect that this guy will be sentenced to the couch... for a good week.

2 After She's Eaten Those Chocolates, He's Getting A Good Yelling

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A girl's never going to pass up the opportunity to eat a nice box of chocolates. So, you can expect the proper response to this terrible gift to be put on hold. But after she's finished chowing down, she'll be taking out her fury on him. His level of aggression here will not stand... even if he's totally right not to let her anywhere near his car...

1 No, You're Girlfriend's Cat Isn't Peter Parker


Don't mess with your girlfriend's feline -- please note that we totally could have picked a different word here but decided not to go for the easy joke -- Thanks for your attention on this matter. Anyway, making your girlfriend's cat Spider-Pig from The Simpsons isn't a good way to endear yourself to her... It's a good way to be sentenced to the couch if not booted out of her life entirely.

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