14 Biggest Unsolved Mysteries

If you’re anything like me, you have a morbid fascination with urban legends, serial killers, and unexplained phenomena. As human beings we rely on our reasoning skills and logic to make decisions. That’s how our world makes sense. When events happen that seem to defy scientific explanation, or humans commit actions that are so outside of the accepted norm, we do one of two things: either lose our s*!t and panic, or bury it under the rug. Society has become more than adept at turning a blind eye, and today we are going to re-expose some of the fascinating unsolved mysteries that have haunted scientists, criminal investigators, and government officials alike. This also begs the question, how many of these are actually unsolved, and how many are covered up by the people we trust to run our nation?

With all the technological advances that have happened even in the last decade, it seems highly unlikely that anything will remain a mystery for long. However, most of these happenings took place years ago, and with evidence either inadequately collected or lost, little hope remains for an explanation. In the meantime, we will push for our theory to be widely accepted and eventually will deem the mystery “solved.” Thankfully, with DNA testing and high tech equipment, murder is almost impossible to get away with in 2016.

In regards to our 14 unsolved happenings, after all is said and done, perhaps some things are better left a mystery.

14 Taos Hum

Beginning in the 90’s, residents of Taos, New Mexico reported hearing a steady humming noise. On it’s own, this wouldn’t be so mysterious, except not everyone hears it and no one knows where it’s coming from. In addition, residents hear different versions of the noise; some hear a hum, others hear more of a buzzing, and while testing equipment was set up, scientists were unable to detect any unusual sounds leaving the town to wonder just what is taking place in their “quiet” town. Are these similar noises just figments of the residents' imagination, or is there more to this that science just can’t explain?

13 Overtoun Bridge

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This Scotland bridge is now famous for it’s “canine suicides”, having 50 dogs jump to their death in the last 50 years. Adding to the strangeness, all the dogs jumped from the right side of the bridge, in exactly the same spot. Only one dog has survived the 50 foot fall onto the mossy banks below, prompting owners to investigate this unusual behavior. It’s known dogs have sharper senses than their human counterparts, and many people maintain the dogs are seeing something the owners are unable to. Of course rumors have ran rampant that the bridge is haunted, but what kind of ghost gets pleasure from seeing (only long nosed breeds) falling to their death? Hey owners, try leashing your pet.

12 Pollock Twins

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Tragedy tore the Pollock family apart in 1957 when the Pollock girls, aged 11 and 6, were struck by a vehicle and killed upon impact. Less than a year later, Mrs. Pollock learned she was pregnant and delivered twin girls. The twins had striking resemblances to their deceased siblings; not just in hair and eye color, but in scars and birthmarks. As the children aged, they began to play “games” in which they comforted each other while the other pretended to bleed to death, and asked for toys that belonged to their sisters (of which they had never seen). After the age of 5 the twins stopped having such “memories” yet the parents still strongly believe their twins are reincarnations of their two deceased daughters. Real or cries of grieving parents?

11 Bermuda Triangle

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What in the world goes on in the Bermuda Triangle? There are so many tales surrounding this subject, even in today’s age that it seems we will never have the answers we so desperately yearn for. Everyone has heard stories from this area but the question begs to be asked: how many of these tales are ridiculously embellished? With everyone after their 15 minutes of fame, are the disappearances of airplanes and ships alike really the result of some paranormal activity, or just sailors looking for fame. Believe what you will, but the United States Navy has denied the existence of such a triangle…therefore, seems likely it’s there.

10 Jack The Ripper

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I definitely took a very sinister Jack the Ripper tour while in London and it did nothing but feed my insatiable desire to know who the brazen culprit was. I’ve never crossed paths with someone who isn’t familiar with this dark history, so as long as our fascination continues, so will the quest for closure. From immigrants to local doctors, many people claim to have identified “Jack”, yet DNA scientists are unable to agree upon one man. With improperly collected evidence, contamination, and a span of decades since the crimes, it seems far fetched that we will ever know with certainty who was responsible for the murders.

9 Frederick Valentich

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In 1978, while flying on a training mission over Australia, twenty year old pilot Frederick Valentich began a conversation with Melbourne Flight Service, describing an encounter he was having with another aircraft. After a few minutes pass where Valentich talks of engine problems, four green lights, and impossible speeds, he radios the flight service saying the object flying above him is not an aircraft. Then just as suddenly as it began, all transmissions cease and neither his aircraft or body have been recovered. This mystery is ripe with controversy, as it was known Valentich was a UFO enthusiast, and a pretty inexperience pilot. There are talks of a staged death, an accidental crash while he was disoriented, as well as the possibility of being abducted by a UFO. With no evidence to support any of these claims, we may never know what happened to this young pilot.

8 Shugborough Inscription

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Being dubbed as one of the world’s top uncracked ciphertexts, this inscription is carved on Shepherd’s Monument in England. Some people believe that the secret to the Holy Grail’s location rests with the inscription, thus the difficulty in the code. Others believe it is intended as a memorial and the carving is pretty insignificant. However, since all the great code breakers have taken a shot at this (unsuccessfully) it seems highly unlikely that someone would go to such great lengths for a simple memorial. What is the Shugborough inscription hiding? Crack the code and go down in history. Good luck.

7 Loch Ness

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Just like the legends of Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster is an old tale that we enjoy holding onto. Even with no recent evidence of such a creature existing, the legend refuses to die. Scotland’s sea monster has a special place in our hearts with the “latest” recorded sighting being back in 2011. This mystery seems to be more of our inner child coming out, believing that friendly sea monsters that have evaded our capture for decades really do exist. It is quite possible that Nessie is some form of a creature we have yet to discover, as our technology is still limited when it comes to underwater research, but finding exactly what people describe seems far fetched.

6 The Black Dahlia

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Unsolved murders haunt us for obvious reasons, and assaults as gruesome as Elizabeth Short’s remind us of the unspeakable actions human beings are capable of. This case has been ongoing since the 1940’s and continues to drive investigators insane. The lack of physical evidence, eye witnesses, and technology have all compounded leaving no trace of the killer. In part due to the horrible way in which she died; being stripped naked, body drained of blood, cut in half, and posed in a vacant lot, leads are still being investigated. In fact, in 2013 new evidence was collected and processed in the hopes that her assailant will one day be brought to justice. No word yet on what the evidence concluded.

5 Rongorongo

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Easter Island is strange enough on its own, but add to that the indecipherable Rongorongo script that is found on different wooden artifacts and the place becomes mind boggling. It seems this is an early form of language used by the indigenous people, yet only a select few were actually taught the language. Past records indicate that only elders were privy to this language and when they died out so did any hope of translating these artifacts. Numerous attempts have been made to crack this coded communication, but so far none have prevailed. Looks like we may never be able to catch a glimpse into this society, leaving it one of the most unusual discoveries to date.

4 Kryptos

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I’m sure nothing pisses off the CIA like the coded messages on Jim Sanborn’s sculpture. The work of art contains four messages, three of which have been solved, while the fourth sits on the Central Intelligence Agency’s front entrance in Virginia just begging to be solved. Talk about top secret, Sanborn will not provide the message even on his deathbed but says there will be someone alive that can verify the meaning, if ever cracked. He must be getting fed up with the “best of the best” because he’s also given two clues in regards to the fourth message, hoping someone is able to figure out his ingenious code.

3 Mary Celeste

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The Mary Celeste was an American merchant ship that was found adrift in 1872. Although somewhat disheveled, the ship had no significant damage, was more than capable of being sailed, and had adequate supplies. However the entire crew, which consisted of seven men, the captain, his wife, and their two year old daughter were all missing, including the ship’s lifeboat. Not only did they go missing, they left no evidence as to what took place aboard that vessel, and were never seen or heard from again. Some suspected pirates (although the alcohol as well as expensive personal belongings still remained onboard, untouched) while others blamed giant squids for the family’s disappearance. Unfortunately, we will never know what they saw that made them flee.

2 SS Ourang Medan

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Going along with mysteries on the water, the SS Ourang Medan is one of the most controversial, particularly because there is no paper trail that proves the ship ever existed. However, according to the story, in 1947 numerous vessels picked up a distress signal that they pinpointed back to this Dutch ship; the last Morse Code transmission stated that the entire crew was dead, followed by the words “I die” and then nothing more. An American ship was first to arrive to assist the crew and once boarded found every member of the crew dead, even the ship’s dog. Men were dead at their posts, the captain in the wheelhouse, all with the same twisted, scared expression on their face. Supposedly, while attempting to tow the ship to shore, it caught fire and quickly exploded, leaving nothing but the stories of the men who had witnessed. Some suspect foul play (although there were no visible injuries to any of the bodies) while others claim the death’s were caused by improperly stowed hazardous material, and some say it never existed in the first place. If a fable, what’s the moral? And would such a gruesome untrue event survive throughout the ages? Maybe the “facts” are embellished, but all stories start from something.

1 Zodiac Killer

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San Francisco was a dark place in 1968 and 1969 due to a serial killer who called himself Zodiac. While he committed five murders, he attacked a total of seven people over the course of his killing career and practically begged to be caught. This killer loved the attention, sending in letters to different press companies demanding they be published on the front page. Many of these letters had encrypted messages, but even when cracked, did little to help investigators track down the murderer. This case has haunted lead investigators for years and is now considered cold and inactive. Barring some sort of deathbed confession, we’ll never identify the man known as Zodiac.

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