14 Beauty Trends You Should NOT Be Following

The beauty and fashion scene; It is forever changing lately. There are constantly new beauty hacks, new fashion trends, new ways to get the hottest look on the cheap. Not surprisingly, not all of these trends, practices, and tips are safe. And (hopefully) also not surprising, not all of these trends should be followed. Take a look at the list below and see for yourself. Some of them are truly outlandish, others are seriously mainstream; Proving just how far our society is willing to go in the name of beauty. After seeing this list you may think, “Man… any kind of beauty enhancement has its dangers!” And, yes, that is true. And many of us will continue to follow trends knowing the risks because... well because we all want to try to "improve" our looks.  But reading this list may just help all of us take a step in the direction of "self love" instead.

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14 Waist training

Ok, let’s get this one out of the way. Waist training has recently been made popular by the Kardashian ladies. This one is not a new “beauty secret.” It’s just one that seems to fade in and out. It fades out once people start to realize the serious dangers of this trend. Dangers that include difficulty breathing, rib damage, compressed lungs, and crushed organs with long term use. Short term use simply is not effective. Now it’s true that when these devices are used correctly, to support the back and correct posture, they can be effective. But when tied so tightly to change the shape of one’s waist, the waist trainer then gains its riskiness.

13 Tight Ponytails and Buns


Even though we love these hairstyles and absolutely love the way JLo can pull them off, a tight pony is not good for you. Doctors have advised that people loosen their ponytails and buns to avoid long term damage. Pulling the hair back can cause a condition called traction alopecia which can lead to permanent hair loss. Keeping your hair pulled back in such a tight manner may have its very negative affects in the long run.

12 Crayon makeup

Before anyone says anything… yes this one is for real. Why? How? Why? Ok, the why. It all has to do with the green, baby. The money. Women love MAC’s vibrant lipstick and liners. They love the look, they love the sometimes outrageous colors. What they don’t really love? Apparently the price. So beauty bloggers came up with a way to get the same look for a fraction of the price. Melt crayons, mix it with oil and shea butter and viola! Lipstick. Only one problem. Crayons were not made to be on your lips or that close to your eyes all day. Yes, they are non-toxic for those children that get a little curious or maybe missed snack time. But they were not tested for the purpose of remaining on your skin all day for days at a time. Crayola even made a statement asking people not to use their crayons for this purpose. Not to mention the entire process of making the crayon makeup sounds dangerous. Cutting crayons with a sharp knife and then melting them with a flame. Yeah, I would definitely get hurt.

11 Super High Heels


Ladies, we are all guilty of this one. Super high heels. Nothing adds a touch of both glam, sex, and class like a nice pair of painful shoes. We all know the dangers. We all know the pain. They can cause not only arch pain, misshapen toes, and general food pain, but also nerve damage to the back and damage to your knees. There is a way to get the look and minimize your chances of getting some very permanent and painful side effects. Take it down a notch. Lower heels, soft insoles, and limited use will all help in preventing the pointed toe design we are giving to our feet.

10 Rubber Band Teeth

This is another trend that started on the fabulous world wide web. Remember when you were younger and you would either get braces and hate it or beg your parents to let you get braces in order to correct those pearly whites? Well now, YouTubers, bloggers, and teens have figured out a much cheaper way to close the gap between front teeth and move those chompers into place. Simply slip small clear elastic hair bands over your teeth and leave the bands on for 12 hours a day for 30 days. Does it work? Of course. If it didn’t then why would it be trending, right? But here are the possible side effects of this “beauty hack.” Are you ready? They get pretty heavy; Starting with the roots of the teeth dissolving. This means, yes, the teeth may fall out. Other side effects include problems with jaw joints, periodontal disease, shooting pain, and muscle spasms. Yuck! If you still don’t have the mullah to get your teeth straightened by a professional, there is a cheap and safe way to feel better about your smile: Learn to love it as is.

9 Super Tight Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans! These hit the scene over 10 years ago and haven’t left since. Even guys are into the skinny look nowadays. There are, of course, obvious signs that you may be taking the skinny jean just a little too far. Discomfort and marks in your skin for example. But did you know that wearing you skinnies just a little too tight could result in nerve damage, blood clots, bladder infections, and even fertility problems? For men, the painted on jean look could result in all of these plus…gulp… twisted testicles. And it’s not as uncommon as you thing. One fourth of men experience bladder infections from tight pants and up to one fifth have their trendy look lead to twisted testicles. Ouch. If you’ll excuse me, I have to go buy some bootcuts now.

8 Circle Lenses


Circle lenses, for those of you who haven’t seen them (because I sure haven’t) are a trend that made its way over from the land of extreme beauty measures – Japan. They are large contact lenses that are supposed to give your eyes the look of an anime character. No, I’m not making a joke. That’s seriously the aimed look. So, what’s wrong with enhancing the puppy dog quality of your eyes this way? Apparently, a lot. One of the most serious potential outcomes – completely losing your vision. With prolonged wear, these lenses can lead to infections that cause vision loss. More common dangers include vision problems due to the lenses scratching the cornea. The scariest part of these lenses (ok, maybe on par with losing your vision,) is that they are illegal in most Western countries, including the U.S. That means, there is very little, if any, regulation of the product. Meaning, you never really know how safe or dangerous each pair of lenses are, since there aren’t many check points.

7 Botox

Oh, Botox. You seem to have so many uses. But mostly, you are loved by those who fear the dreaded wrinkle. It seems like such a simple, almost painless procedure. Simple have a doctor inject you with this wrinkle eraser serum, clean up, and go on about your day. But do you know what Botox is derived from? Botulin, a bacterial toxin. Now, Botox is relatively safe. Especially if performed by an experienced doctor. If the injections are placed correctly, the most common side effects are headache and flu like symptoms. Uncommon side effects do include vision problems, trouble breathing, loss of bladder control, and all over body weakness. So go ahead and spring for that well known, highly acclaimed doctor for your botox injections. And skip over that boutique that just popped up and started offering treatments at a “steal.”

6 Tanning

We all know tanning is dangerous. The most dangerous side effect is cancer. But do you know just how dangerous it is to use the efficient tanning bed to get your golden glow? Tanning beds have now been classified as “carcinogenic to humans” by the International Agency for Research on Cancer. What does that mean? Basically that tanning beds are toxic. Those under the age of 35 who use tanning beds increase their risk of melanoma by 75 percent. Seventy-Five.

5 Brazilian Wax

This is another one of those situations where if you go to a reputable place and they do everything they are supposed to do, don’t cut corners, etc, you will be fine (I mean, other than the immense pain you will experience.) But the dangers lie in those salons where the employees may be more concerned with getting through their day than they are about… well… sanitation. Burns and ingrown hairs are the most obvious dangers. If your waxer isn’t paying attention to the temperature of the wax, you may be in trouble. And ingrown hairs can happen with almost any hair removal treatment. Some of the dangers you may not have thought about. STIs and infections. This goes back to that who concerned with sanitation. Pulling out hair…down there…. Increases the risk of tiny skin tears, leaving an access point for bacteria to enter. These infections tend to be deep and nasty.

4 Fish Pedicures

Even though this beauty trend is no longer in its prime, for those of you that still go to spas that offer fish pedicures, this is for you. Various sources have noted that that having fish nibble at your feet is very unsanitary, these fish have eaten someone else's skin before yours. Also, think of the fact that these fish are probably starved in order to ensure they are so hungry that they will nibble on your feet.

3 Ear Candles

In case you happened to be lucky enough to miss the height of this trend, ear candles are used to remove ear wax from one’s ear. Ya see, simply inserting drops just wasn’t cutting it for some, so they decided to stick a hollow candle in their ear, light it, and allow it to suck out the oxygen (and ear wax) in your ear. First of all, disgusting. Secondly, the vacuum to suck out the ear wax is simply not created. Not only is it not really effective, it also has several associated risks such as burns to the face, ear canal, hair, scalp, middle ear, and ear drum, leaving candle wax in the ear canal, and puncturing the eardrum. Just. Buy.The.Drops.

2 Juice Cleanse

Firstly, we don’t give our bodies enough credit for just how efficient they are in taking care of toxins without any help from us. Our liver and kidneys are quite effective and would be highly insulted if they knew how little we think of them at times (if they had the capacity to also think, that is.) Secondly, you feel like you’re starving yourself because, well, you are. Yes, you will lose pounds quickly. That happens when you restrict your calorie intake so severely. But what you may not realize is because juice cleanses tend to be low in protein, the body ends up breaking down muscle tissue to compensate. So really, you’re losing precious muscle, not fat. Not what I would call healthy. If you really want a cleanse, you don’t have to eliminate food. Infact, its best not to. Simply cut out all of the stuff we all know we shouldn’t be eating; processed foods, junk food, alcohol. Focus on eating whole foods and getting the correct amount of each food group.

1 Thongs

As disappointed as 90’s R&B star Sisqo would be, wearing a thong all of the time is not as pleasant as some have made it seem. Yes, they’re sexy and can even be comfortable. And of course, no panty line! But what are the possible outcomes of wearing that teeny tiny piece of underwear all of the time? The main risks are infections (you know what kind) and irritation. We all know we should be wearing all cotton under all of the time to please our lady bits. Its understandable that that’s not going to happen. And the thong isn’t bad for you when worn occasionally. Just be sure it switch it up some days and give your hooha a breather.

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