14 Attractive Things You're Probably Already Doing

It's easy to notice all the things that are unattractive about yourself but this time I want you to do the opposite. Women take notice of any criticism and adjust themselves constantly. This is especially true if things aren't going well in the love department or you haven't had a date in a while. We also love to change our looks because new clothes, makeup, and accessories are fun. What can be more difficult is noticing all the attractive things about yourself. What do you already do that makes the men swoon? What do you do that instantly makes women do a double take? You want to pay attention so that you don't let go of the tried and true tricks that people are already noticing. Here are some things you might already be doing that you need to stick with for sure! Men shared their secrets and we are spilling the beans. These elements grab his attention. They make him take a second glance and push him into that first approach. These are the things that men find very attractive and quite frankly drive them wild.

14 Shaving properly


Few things are more attractive than a nice pair of smooth-shaven legs. This actually goes for all your shaveable parts. If you are the type who pays close attention to get a great shave, keep it up. This is one thing guys aren't ambivalent about. They notice and love that smooth buttery skin look and feel. Make sure to wet your skin and exfoliate first. Always use warm water. When it comes to underarms the same rules apply. Its true, the no shave movement has taken off and more women today are choosing the natural look for their under arms. The problem with this is that men are not fans. A nice, fur free underarm is a must! I love the Dove deodorants that promise a pretty armpit because they really work. Applying these to a bikini line is a great trick to avoid bumps and redness in that area too.

13 Moisturizing on a daily

Glowing, moisturized skin looks great on everybody. Are you the woman that religiously drinks her 8 glasses of water a day? Good for you! This helps to keep your skin looking healthy and there really is no other equivalent substitute. Dry scaly skin is not attractive. This applies all over the body. Dry skin on your face leaves you looking tired and old. I love e.l.f. moisturizer for my face because its cheap and leaves me looking great. Another area not to avoid are your feet. Dry, crusty feet look and feel scary. Even if you aren't one for pedicures, make sure to take the time to moisturize before you go out wearing sandals this summer. Legs are another area you should be careful with. We know guys love a smooth shave, but it's important to moisturize afterwards. A smooth shave can turn lizard-like if you forget. Sun protection is very important too. Sunburned skin not can only lead to cancer and wrinkles, after you recover it can be difficult to get back to your glowing healthy look.

12 Keeping your teeth healthy

A killer smile is key and the only way to get one is to keep up with those dental appointments, brush and floss regularly, and be careful about foods that stain. Poor dental hygiene leads to bad breath and nobody is attracted to that. If you take great care of your teeth then keep it up! Floss so that you never have to worry about a food flecked smile. Smiling alone is attractive and if you are reluctant to smile because you are worried about your teeth, this can be a turn off. A healthy smile makes you look more approachable too. Keeping a stain free smile can be tough. Using a straw with your coffee is one way to cut down on discoloration. Whitening products are great too but be careful. If you overuse them, it can lead to sensitivity. A Simon Cowell, super bright smile might be a little bit of a turn off as well.

11 Maintaining A Healthy Weight


Kudos to you if you are already doing this one. Keeping a healthy weight can be so hard and there is so much pressure to be thin. Fortunately a healthy weight does not mean super skinny and guys love a healthy looking woman, regardless of size or shape. Most guys report that they appreciate a few curves. Staying at a healthy weight for your body will not only keep you looking good, it will help you to feel more confident and have more energy. Those who are starving or always crash dieting cannot be all that happy. The same goes the other way around. Eat right, stay active, and don't stress too much about looking fabulous in a bikini. Guys really don't want to talk about your weight and they aren't as concerned about it as you probably are. Most men have a wide range of sizes that appeal to them. Keep loving your beautiful self.

10 Keeping a youthful Attitude

Being too serious can be intimidating and ultimately scare guys away. If you are great at keeping things light and fun-loving , thumbs up! If you are a workaholic, type A, a get things done person, you may need a little more practice. Guys are looking for someone to enjoy their time with. Not someone who can point out flaws and remind them of pressing appointments. Try and make your time together enjoyable. Don't work hard at seeming mature. The Victoria Beckham serious stare looks amazing on our favorite celebs but in real life it can send guys heading for the hills. Being playful and having a sense of humor goes a long way in a relationship. Life is full of stress and a girl who can make that stress disappear will be more attractive than anyone else out there. Youthfulness is linked to fertility and this is a biological attraction men cannot deny.

9 Being patient

Your grandmother always said patience is a virtue and when it comes to attracting guys this is true. Demanding and expecting them to do things immediately , turns guys off, in fact it turns everyone off. Constantly hurrying them can be stressful too. Hopefully this isn't you and you are more of a low-key gal. Patience needs to extend to the relationship as well. Don't be in a rush to achieve the girlfriend label and definitely don't pressure for a ring too soon. Patience also creates anticipation and that REALLY keeps a guy interested. Without patience, a woman appears overeager and less of a challenge. We all know guys love a challenge. When you are patient, it conveys a sense of security. Guys flock to a secure woman with lots of self-confidence. Acting impatient and needy will, at best, land you in the friend zone. Remember, not only is patience attractive, it is a key element in a lasting relationship.

8 Taking good care of your hair

It's no secret that guys love a woman with great hair. They may not verbalize a love for the super shiny, healthy kind, but hair that's damaged with dyes and dull, simply won't snag their attention. Most men report that they prefer long hair, but if your long hair is gross and full of split ends it's no good. It's best to keep your hair at a manageable length for you and take good care of it. Even if you are growing it out to achieve a longer style, cut of the damaged ends. In addition to damage, avoid dandruff at all costs. For many guys, a shoulder full of flakes would be a deal breaker. If you are struggling to get healthy, shiny hair, try washing less. 3 times a week is a good place to start. Avoid hot showers. The hot water can dry your hair out, countering any good conditioner you are using. Heat is really your enemy so in addition to avoiding the hot shower, use the dryer as sparingly as possible.

7 Taking care of your skin

Your face is the first thing a guy sees, so having great skin is a must. Not only will it attract a man, if your skin looks good you can go out with less makeup. If you are blessed with great skin, awesome! If not, working on your pimples is a must. Avoid touching your skin at all if your hands aren't clean. It's tempting to pop every bump but if you have oil and dirt on your hands, this will cause more problems. Use warm water when you cleanse because this helps the pores open so you can keep them clear. For a big zit, tea tree oil or even toothpaste may help. Make sure to keep all your brushes and applicators clean too. These can be transferring bacteria that causes you to break out. It's important that you remember to wash before bed. Makeup traps free radicals against your skin clogging pores. Washing it before bed will help keep them clear.

6 Keeping your makeup looking natural

Guys prefer a more subtle made up look. Those of you keeping it natural are doing a great job! Sometimes it's fun to spend a ton of time and money working on your look for the evening, but this isn't necessarily what guys are into. Many say that they don't like makeup at all. This isn't really true. They like makeup they "think" isn't there. Giant lashes and bright red lips are totally fun, but they may be too intimidating for most guys. Keeping it simple is always a winning look. Only one in ten women report that they wear makeup to impress men, so do not give up using your face as a canvas except on those special evenings when catching a hunk is your goal. Sometimes that could mean impressing the hunk you already have. A lot of guys do seem attracted to the smokey eye so don't be afraid to add that in when you really want to look special.

5 Making sure you're always learning

We often hear pop culture telling us guys love bimbos. This one is so false. Men don't want a chick that they can't have a conversation with. Smart girls, you've got this one! Men don't like to feel inferior but they do love a woman that has a mind, goals, maybe even a degree. Being clueless may be cute but it gets annoying fast. A woman with intelligence has the ability to create a lasting relationship. Everyone may not be academically inclined but you can always keep learning and experiencing life while growing your knowledge. Don't be afraid to let your guy know just how smart you are. Being smart does not have to mean that you are too serious or can't have fun. Just make sure that you don't work so hard at flaunting your awesome brain that you make him feel dumb. Sharing your achievements is way different from bragging about your achievements .

4 Being adventurous

A woman should never be willing to do something she is uncomfortable with. Once you have a partner that you trust it is a great idea to consider meeting them in the middle. Maybe try something that they are really into. A man won't be super happy to get it on the exact same way for years. Even if you aren't ready just yet, let him know you have an open mind and are willing to think about trying some new things. Exploring within a committed relationship is ok. This extends beyond the bedroom. Guys were born to explore and try new things and so are we. Most women find they love this too but are a little more reserved. Climb a mountain, travel the globe, eat something crazy, and yes try something new when you are alone afterwards. Men love a woman who is unpredictable. This translates to a lot of fun.

3 Being modest


Sexy doesn't have to mean skin. Guys are often attracted to the idea of what is underneath instead of being able to see it all up front. This is why your boyfriend says he loves you in your pajamas. Men also appreciate girls who respect themselves and their bodies. Lots of celebs manage to look amazing and fashionable while covering up a little more than their peers. Olivia Palermo, Mary-Kate and Ashley, even Kourtney Kardashian rarely walks the red carpet with everything hanging out. Emma Stone is another example of a starlet who typically makes conservative choices. Loads of skin may attract them initially but men are attracted by the unknown which leaves them wanting more. A modestly dressed woman appears to have a hidden secret she is saving for later. You can never go wrong by dressing up instead of dressing down.

2 Not forgetting to smile

Having great dental hygiene is awesome but a smile isn't all just about the teeth. Smile is a verb and the action has a lot of meaning and emotion behind it. Your face has 44 muscles and there are so many different ways to smile. When someone smiles, you can't help but smile back. Smiling tells your brain that you're happy, even if you aren't feeling it. That makes even a fake smile genuine. This causes you to be a little happier and that is contagious. The happier you are, the more attractive you are to men. If you are a habitual smiler, keep up the good work! Smiling also relieves stress. Someone who is stressed will be the opposite of attractive. Someone who seems carefree and helps you feel the same is a catch. When you make someone feel good, they want to be around you more. It's pretty simple.

1 Being confident in yourself

One thing that everyone finds attractive is confidence. You notice when someone walks by and fully owns who they are, it's magnetic and we are all definitely drawn to it. This is something that everyone notices, you might be in a crowded room but all anyone can take notice of is your charismatic charm. People will always notice confidence, and this is not to get confused with cockiness or arrogance, no this is just about you knowing who you are and not trying to change for anyone. People who are arrogant are often trying to conceal insecurities and this becomes very apparent to those around. But not you, this is something you know very well, you are proud of who you are and those around you can't help but notice. Keep being the wonderful confident person you are, everyone will take notice.

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