14 Amazing Facts About Plus-Size Models

The world of modeling in the plus-size industry is changing. Some of these models are becoming stars in their own right and they are breaking barriers left and right. The fashion world seems to be growing bored of rail thin models and frankly, so are we. The models detailed in this list are top shelf, high-end, and in serious demand.

Here are some things you probably didn't know about plus-size models. Besides the fact that they are becoming more and more mainstream everyday, these models have something to say about industry standards and people are starting to listen.

14 They Have Healthy Bodies


Plus-size does not mean "Fat" or unhealthy. In fact, most plus-size models are the picture of health. They have to be, after all, because their job depends on it. Eating junk and skipping exercise does nothing for the body or the face so models know that keeping their bodies strong and healthy will keep the agencies coming back for more. Just like a 'regular-size' model, if you can even say that, these models count on their beauty for their pay check and they aren't about to risk that for a drive-thru habit.

13 Not Just Anyone Can be a Plus-Size Model


Modeling is a difficult job and should be left to the pros. Just because someone can really fill out their jeans, doesn't give them the ability to become a model. It takes years of training and a whole lot of natural talent. Has America's Next Top Model taught us nothing? Looking great for the camera is a difficult skill believe it or not and it's one few of us possess. These women are scouted for their body shape, their facial features, and their ability to pose for the camera. Go ahead, give it a try. You'll find it's not as easy as it looks.

12 Men Adore Them


Justine Legault is a total knockout. It's no surprise that men are falling all over themselves to get up close and personal with this model. It's likely, most plus-size models have little trouble with the opposite sex, as these women are stunning. These models are also the driving force behind loving all body types which is something women need to focus on, we need to find beauty in our own individuality.

11 Women Adore Them


Women adore them because they are real. They are normal and they have body sizes and wear clothes that are attainable for the everyday woman. They remind us that our curves are beautiful. The fact is, plus-size models are more representative of the female population, considering the average clothing size for a woman in the U.S. is between a 12-14, these models are rather relatable. It seems that these models are finally getting some recognition for promoting healthy body types and making clothes look good.

10 They Watch What They Eat


You can't frequent the candy store and still expect to be walking the runway for high end designers. Fashion models are expected to love their bodies and treat their bodies well. Just because they aren't a sample size zero, doesn't mean they don't work hard to maintain the body they have. These models are strong, fit and healthy and very careful about the foods they eat. They know that food can affect your size and shape, as well as your skin and hair. They aren't about to mess with their moneymaker.

9 They Exercise


Women's Running magazine made headlines recently when they used a plus-size model for their cover. Erika Schenk rocks the cover in her sneakers and tank and proved to women everywhere that anyone can run. Runners are usually portrayed at having lithe bodies but not every runner fits the bill. This cover likely motivated a ton of women to lace up their kicks and get moving and that was worth every bit of publicity garnered by this history-making cover.

8 $200,000 to $300,000 is Not Out of the Question


Plus-size models are finally starting to make the money they deserve. They work just as hard as any typical model and they should be taking home money worthy of their effort. Most are not taking home supermodel money, yet, but their pay checks are finally hitting six-figures and it's about time. These models have huge fan bases and can really bring a lot of positive attention to the brands they model for. Maybe it's time they start demanding a little more of the cut.

7 They Wear Padding to Create Proper Proportions


Clothing is never a one size fits all, no matter what they say. Industry insiders use all kinds of tips and tricks to make clothing look exceptional on their models. One such trick is extra padding wherever it may be needed. It may seem strange to add padding, but fashion experts know that proportion is everything. Models will routinely pad their bras, their shoulders and even their behinds to make an outfit look fabulous. Maybe we should take note and try a few of these tricks ourselves.

6 Models Bigger Than Size 24 are Called "Super-Size"


Tess Holiday is a size 24. The average woman is about half that size. That didn't stop a top British modelling agency from signing Holiday to a major modeling contract. The mega hot model signed with Milk Model Management and has been all over the internet for breaking some serious fashion ground. Models bigger than the industry's average plus-size model, which can be size 6-16 are considered super sized. This is a term the women it describes probably abhor as should we. It doesn't seem to bothering Tess at the moment as  her career is full speed ahead.

5 They Want Their Wings


Yes, they want to walk in the Victoria's Secret runway shows and they are making their demands known. Many in the industry feel the world is ready for a curvy angel. Now it's up to Victoria's Secret to find a handful of plus-size angels that are the perfect fit. It shouldn't be too hard since the world of plus-size modeling is blowing up lately.

4 They are in Demand


Robyn Lawley was the first plus-size model to ever grace the pages of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. To be fair, you'll question her designation of plus-size as you browse her swimsuit photos but she made it in the magazine either way. Lawley has been a household name in the plus fashion world ever since so you're sure to see her much more. She's about as stunning as they come and works non-stop so if models in the plus-size industry ever get the supermodel designation, Lawley will be a front runner for sure.

3 They Have Huge Followings


Ashley Graham might be the most famous and adored plus-size model today. She's a stunner for sure, and working non-stop. Graham might be a great contender for the Victoria's Secret runway. She's gorgeous, talented and a household name. In fact, she's successfully branded herself as the name in plus-size modeling. Miss Graham's calendar is probably pretty full but we are sure she might consider the aforementioned need for a plus-size Victoria's Secret angel.

2 They Don't Aim for a Thigh Gap


Plus-size models are pretty average when it comes to size. They range anywhere from size 6-16 (Plus-size in most stores starts at size 16). Stacey Hiett has many top ten plus-size model lists but it's clear that the blonde bombshell would make anyone's top ten list. You can see that she isn't aiming for the ridiculous 'thigh gap'. Hey, if that's your natural body type, than all the power to you, but for most of us, that so-called thigh gap is dangerous and probably impossible.

1 They Would Prefer to be Called "Models"


Christina Schmidt is a Canadian model. They make them pretty gorgeous up there, too. We're betting Chrissy, as she likes to be called, would prefer to be known simply as 'a model'. She does the same work of any model. So, why then, do we insist on tacking on the word plus to describe her work? It seems the fashion world is slow to accept that models don't have to be stick thin to be standard. However, this list proves that it won't be long now. The category of model is about to broaden and it's about time.

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