13 Wild Facts About Women's Voices

Shrill or nasally, high-pitched or with a bit of rasp, everyone’s voice is different. But when it comes to women’s voices, in particular, you get a host of interesting facts to educate yourself with. From attraction and arousal to why men just don’t seem to listen, we’ve compiled a list that may make it all more clear when it comes to every word spoken by your sister, your best gal pal, girlfriend, mother or wife.

Throughout a remedy of scientific research and surveys, there has been plenty of studying done of the female voice. And did you know that April 16th is actually World Voice Day – a day which encourages both men and women to assess their vocal health and take action to improve and maintain good voice habits. In the meantime, learn a bit about pitch difference, brain recognition and the like which can all be found below. Now, go on and browse with ease as you check out these 13 wild facts about women’s voices.

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13 More Attractive During Ovulation


Did you know that during a woman’s ovulation time frame she becomes more attractive overall? From a fuller face, redder lips and flushing cheeks, men may not be able to pinpoint the difference but these are all subtle ways that women attract the opposite sex at her most fertile of times. And besides that, their voice seems to become a bit more attractive to a man’s ears as well – bizarre right?

12 Higher During Ovulation


And that attractiveness comes from hormonal changes which makes a woman’s voice slightly higher during ovulation. According to Live Science, a woman’s voicebox has estrogen and progesterone receptors and when there are hormonal changes – changes take place within the actual sound of one’s voice. Some men may even be able to predict these hormonal changes by paying closer attention to the pitch and quality of the women’s voices in their life.

11 Shorter Vocal Cords & Smaller Larynx


Women actually have shorter vocal cords and a smaller larynx than men – which accounts for the higher pitch in their voice. In fact, their vocal cords are also thinner – as are children’s – and because of this they tend to vibrate more creating a higher sound. Men usually have thicker cords which, in turn, will create a lower sound. This logic can be similar to that of musical instruments making it easier to visualize.

10 Stimulates The Area of the Brain Used for Processing Complex Sounds


Did you know that music activates the area of the brain that is used to process complex sounds? And the same goes for women’s voices! According to Discover Magazine, even if a wife’s voice isn’t music to her husband’s ears, it may be melodic to his brain. The natural highness gives the feeling that women’s voices have a musical sense about them, while men’s voices activate the “mind’s eye,” a portion of the brain used for conjuring up imagery.

9 Men Prefer Higher-Pitches


According to Smithsonian Magazine, men prefer women with higher pitched voices. But why? Well, it allegedly has something to do with body size and the relationship between a higher voice and a smaller body. Controversial and highly-debatable to some, these results come to us by researchers at the University College of London which studied a small sampling of women and found the theory to be true. And even when voices were manipulated, men rated the women’s voices more attractive when higher – those that suggested a smaller frame.

8 More Natural Melody


Touching base on this earlier, women’s voices have a natural melody about them. Overall, they just sound more pleasant than a bellowing man’s bass voice. Again according to Discover Magazine, because of the melodic sense of a woman’s voice it taps into the part of the brain that processes music – which is probably why there are a vast array of people who prefer listening to women’s voices over men’s.

7 Men Find It More Difficult To Hear/Understand


Remember that talk about complex sounds earlier? Men actually find it more difficult to hear and understand a woman’s voice. Which may account for all the miscommunication between the two sexes. Because a man’s brain first processes a woman’s voice as music, the understanding isn’t as quick. So when a wife is telling her husband what needs to be done around the house, there truly is more analyzing and deciphering going on inside her husband’s brain.

6 Higher When Flirting


When a girl is hanging out with a guy she may like, and she starts flirting, her voice may just reach a new high. It’s just like batting an eyelash, tossing some hair over their shoulder or leaning in during the conversation, women may not even realize that they’re doing this when it’s happening. This modulation happens when they come in contact with someone they find attractive, which works seemingly as though men have been found to be more attracted to women whose voices go a bit higher.

5 Higher-Pitches Like Lower-Pitches


Opposites attract when it comes to the depth or height of a voice’s pitch. The lower a man’s voice goes, the higher the female’s goes if she’s attracted to him. Again, it’s all about that chemistry and flirtatious appeal. And it’s incredibly bizarre how it can play out subconsciously within our voices, don’t you think? Some may even call it a “mating” strategy within our innate sexual selection process.

4 They’re Found More Pleasing


Why do the majority of people prefer women’s voices over men’s? Simply put, they’re found more pleasing than their male counterparts. And this easy reason is why there are so many computer voices found with that of a lady. According to CNN, it’s much easier to find a female voice that everyone likes than a male voice that everyone likes. And that research has started as early as in the womb. For example, fetuses were seen to have reacted to their mother’s voice but not to the voice of their father. Which brings us to our next fun fact…

3 Babies Prefer Them 


Babies also prefer female voices, but their mother’s is obviously number one. In fact, that same research shows that fetuses react to their mother’s voice but not to other female voices. And the best guess as to why this happens is they are simply more familiar, and that familiarity and comfort stays with us throughout our lives, whether we realize it or not.

2 It Can Serve as a Sexual Signal


That modulation in their voice when a lady starts flirting with someone they’re attracted to is also known as a sexual signal. It’s distinctly in the pitch. In fact, it is deferentially modulated depending on whether the target is to a woman’s liking – according to Psychology Today. So yes, a woman’s voice can truly serve as a sexual signal or a “come hither” look. You just have to know what to look out for, or well, listen for.

1 Communication: Women Vs. Men 


Even though a man may not be able to quickly analyze and understand a woman when they’re talking to them because of the way their brains process a female voice, ladies may be able to communicate more information than a male voice – making the entire process even more difficult (and humorous). A woman’s sentence can be packed with much more information than a man’s. This could be why people find female announcers to be easier and clearer to listen to.

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