13 Weirdest Things People Do To Get Rid Of A Hangover

Is there anything more annoying than a hangover? Waking up parched, with a headache, nausea, and sometimes feeling impending doom over what you’re doing with your life really sucks. (Not to mention, sometimes trying to figure out what exactly happened the night before.)

Even when you learn your lesson and swear off certain types of alcohol, your body will adjust and still sometimes punish you for your drinking. Getting a hangover from a couple glasses of wine just sounds wrong because of all the antioxidants and stuff, but alcohol has no mercy.

But the thing is, that people love drinking. So it’s not surprising that humans over the years have tried pretty much everything out there to get rid of hangovers, even when it sounds worse than the hangover itself. Here are some of the weirdest things that people do to get rid of hangovers.

13 Drink More Booze

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Yeah, “hair of the dog” is one of the more universally known ways for dealing with a hangover, and almost certainly can be credited for starting the boozy brunch trend. Just keep drinking all weekend and you won’t feel anything until Monday, and then you can just post some cute memes on your social media about your exhaustion level. Scientifically this doesn’t help at all, since you’re just dehydrating yourself further, but in practice, it’s one of the only things that can truly mask some of the hangover symptoms. But it’s also a great kick start to adopting an alcohol problem, so it’s not for everyone.

12 Eat Super Fatty Foods

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For many people all bets are off when it comes to food. While some people can’t even fathom eating a bland cracker during a hangover, other people swear that the best fix is loading up on a greasy, fatty breakfast with a little bit from every major food group. Here’s a bit of hangover history of how this concept affected the future of U.S. breakfast menus. Supposedly in the 1800’s a socialite was really feeling crappy after a night out and asked the Waldorf-Astoria to build this crazy breakfast sandwich to heal the pain. They did it, and the eggs Benedict was born. True? Who cares, it’s delicious.

11 Drink Pickle Juice

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I’ll be honest, I’ve drank pickle juice. Even before I found out it could help a hangover, so obviously I’m thrilled with this knowledge. What, I was curious. I’m not entirely sure how well it works, but the concept of replenishing your body with salt and electrolytes from the pickle juice sounds pretty legit, and it’s a nice alternative when you can’t stomach the idea of drinking a sugary sports drink for that electrolyte boost. It’s for the folks who like the savory tastes in life. Just don’t go overboard or you’ll end up so swollen off the sodium that you can’t fit into your skinny jeans.

10 Eat a Pickled Plum

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In Japan, the pickled plum snack called umeboshi is considered a hangover cure. But here’s the thing, you can’t just chew it up and be on your way, you have to let the thing dissolve completely in your mouth without chewing it, which will take about 30 minutes to go down. The plums are pickled for about six months in sea salt and shiso leaves, and supposedly the bacteria, enzymes, and acids that are created in this process is everything you need to feel as good as new. If you can’t deal with the sour taste, you can also put it in some tea and get some of the benefits that way.

9 Pop in an IV

Someone figured out that those nice IV’s they use at the hospital to replenish fluids and bring people back to life might also have the ability to help clean alcohol toxins out of the body. You can find this option in a lot of towns at wellness spots if you know where to look, and in Vegas they actually have a bus you can hop on where a nurse will stick a needle in your arm and let you relax while you speed clean your body to prepare for your next round of drinking. Ah, adulthood.

8 Drink a Prairie Oyster

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The prairie oyster cure involves literally drinking a raw egg seasoned with some Worcestershire sauce, salt, and pepper. The name comes from the fact that the egg yolk remains unbroken in the glass and hence sort of feels like an oyster going down. There is some scientific reason behind why eggs can help a hangover…but it doesn’t need to be raw and disgusting to do so. Eggs are a good source of cysteine, which can help to break down the toxins that are left in the body as you try to break down the booze.

7 Rub Lemon in their Armpits

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We can supposedly thank the people of Puerto Rico for coming up with this idea. The concept is that if you rub a lemon in your armpit before you start drinking that you can prevent dehydration that causes a lot of the hangover symptoms. Except, there’s no science behind this concept and it sounds more like someone got tricked into walking around smelling like an air freshener and then the trend just caught on. Stranger things have happened. You’re probably better off slapping on some deodorant and drinking some water. If there’s anything that prevents dehydration, it’s water.

6 Eat Dried Bull Member

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I sort of wish this was a joke but also really love the absurdity that it’s not. Apparently in Sicily, people used to chew on some dried bull penis when they would wake up after a night of excess drinking. (Too much wine, one would assume.) It was supposed to increase virility, which sounds a little sexist, but let’s face it, we can all use some extra strength in the face of a hangover. For some reason this hangover cure seems to have gone out of style however, so we may never know if it actually works or not.

5 Practice Voodoo

Apparently in Haiti one idea for attacking a hangover is to stab the crap out of the cork from the booze bottle that really pushed you over the edge. Voodoo suggests putting 13 black-headed pins into the cork and then that should do it. Logical? No. I mean unless you only drink wine, you’ll be hard pressed to wine corked alcohol bottles, and you’re really not going to hurt any bottle caps by trying to poke them. Plus, it sounds more positive to sort of take responsibility and move forward. It’s not like that vodka jumped down your throat.

4 Get Buried In Sand

In Ireland, folklore says burying yourself in wet sand up to the neck will do the trick. Why? Who knows. Maybe it’s just weird enough to distract you? Or just cold and uncomfortable enough to distract you? Those are my best guesses. Unless you live on the river’s edge, this also isn’t a real practical idea, because if you feel good enough to drive to the beach you might as well go to the gym to sweat it out instead and avoid getting sand in all your unmentionable parts. Plus you really have to trust the people who bury you, because they also have to dig you back out again. Pass.

3 Eat Tripe Soup

This one is a popular option…in Turkey, Mexico, and Romania eating tripe soup is the way to go. Tripe, by the way, is the stomach from animals like cows, sheep, oxen, etc. Whatever type of guts are on hand. The soup is often made with some vinegar, cream, garlic, and onion, and is all boiled up. Why is this a hangover cure? Who knows. I don’t know about you, but I do know that chewing on an animal’s stomach while my own stomach is churning would not go well at all. Or at any other time really. I’ll stick with the pickle juice.

2 Eat Pickled Sheep Eyes

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You thought stomach soup was weird? How about some pickled eyeballs? In Mongolia, drinking some tomato juice with sheep eyeballs in it is thought to be the way to go. There can’t possibly be a reason why the eyeballs are helpful as far as what they add nutritionally, but tomato juice always sounds pretty good with a hangover. Hey there, Bloody Mary. Perhaps seeing some eyeballs in your morning drink is the equivalent of having someone surprise you when you have the hiccups? I’ll never know, I’d much rather nurse a hangover with Netflix than have sheep eyeballs anywhere near my food.

1 Lick Sweat

Some Native American cultures supposedly believe that working up a sweat and then licking it off the body will help a hangover. Or maybe someone just totally made this up. It is true that working out can help a hangover, (sort of), thanks to its mood boosting benefits. When you get that body moving it will lead to some endorphin boosting, which can make you feel a little less dramatic about your pain, whether it be physical or emotional. Plus, if you get up and burn some calories on Saturday morning, you can make some extra room for that brunch you have planned.

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