13 Ways To Up Your Game In Minutes

When a woman sees a man she finds attractive, the first thing she thinks about is how she looks. Makes sense - she wants to be as attractive to him as he is to her. And she knows how visual guys are. She wants to catch his eye..

Science reveals that attractiveness is not primarily a factor of makeup, fashion or hairspray, nor is it necessarily a function of natural beauty. Eating healthy, staying fit, believing in yourself and so many other self-improvement steps can be taken to become more attractive in the long run. But you need to up your game now - on the spot! - before he makes his first impression of you.

Here are 13 things you can do right now in less than one minute to make yourself more attractive to him.

13 Smile

If there is one thing that will make any woman more attractive to any man - instantly! - it is a smile. Your face will shine. You will appear more energetic and more fun. Yes, smiling can make any woman more beautiful.

But there's more. Research shows that smiling is contagious. If you smile at him or even just smile around him, he will be more likely to smile back. And smiling makes us all feel better - yes, that's supported by research, as well. And if he feels better around you, he'll feel better about you.

12 Try something new

People are attracted to those who seem adventurous and ready to take on any new adventure. If you are normally timid and scared to take on new challenges, try something new, even the smallest challenge will be something he notices immediately. If he has been asking you to try something, tell him you will and book it that minute. It is as easy as that, he will not only appreciate your gesture but he will see the effort you are making in going outside of your comfort zone.

11 Refresh your lipstick

Psychology studies reveal that men are immensely attracted to the color red. You can't suddenly change your clothes, but you can quickly change the color of your lips. You can make them redder. The redder, the better. So take a quick moment to refresh your lipstick. If you are carrying more than one shade of red in your purse, pull out the reddest you have.

He will be drawn to your red lips, and he will not even notice. Men are not aware of the effect red has on their perception of attractiveness, so it's a much more covert method of gaining his affection.

10 Stretch your face

Stretching your face really sounds...weird. But try it. First, turn away from the guy, perhaps toward the corner or in a rest room. Open your mouth as wide as you can horizontally and as wide as you can vertically.

This stretching exercise reduces the physical stress in your face, so that you appear (and feel) more relaxed, and therefore more at ease with yourself, which will surely make you more attractive to him. This is a little trick singers and actors use before going on stage.

9 Pitch your voice

An interesting study found that men are more attracted to women with higher-pitched voices. Husky voices apparently just don't have the same sex appeal. Surprised? This might be because deeper voices are associated with masculinity and higher-pitched voices are associated with femininity. It might also be that the pitch of the voice implies a certain body size, as claimed by researchers at the University College London.

Whatever the reason, there is little you can do about your voice...so do that little. Use the higher range of you voice when approaching a new man you hope will notice you (but don't switch on the falsetto).

8 Show kindness

This is a tricky one, both to do and to understand why it works.

It works because, evolutionarily, men seek women who will make good mothers to raise their offspring and perpetuate their seed. So showing kindness, warmth and empathy can make you more "motherly, and therefore more attractive to men.

You can show this side of you with a soft voice, an agreeable demeanor and a welcoming stance. Basically, just try to be sweet and friendly, and that should do the trick.

7 Allow him to take charge

Don't shoot the messenger, but showing submissiveness will make you more attractive to him. Men like to feel that they are the protectors and that they are in charge. You can make yourself attractive to a man by agreeing with him when he says something, by letting him buy you a drink or open a door or by letting him defend your honor.

6 Check your posture

Men might be attractive to "submissiveness", but they don't want someone who appears sad or afraid . They want someone who demonstrates self-confidence and feels comfortable with themselves. Confidence is sexy, to everyone.

Good posture is a great way to appear confident without appearing threatening. It also makes you feel healthy, and if he sees you from behind, a good posture also appeals to his evolutionary instincts for, well, you know what for.

5 Look in his eyes

This is not a trick to hypnotize him. Making good eye contact can be important. First, it boosts his confidence that you might also be interested in him, which can urge him on; we all tend to like those who like us. Second, it builds a connection and an affinity that he will find attractive. Third, it shows that you are confident.

But be careful. You do not want to stare him down. Especially if the guy is shy, he might feel threatened if you stare at him more than he is prepared to stare back at you. So make eye contact, but be careful that he is not overwhelmed by those pretty eyes of yours.

4 Turn off the phone

Yes, mobiles are ubiquitous now, and you sure do love your selfies (or your social media, or whatever). But if you want his interest, make yourself 100 percent available to pay 100 percent of your attention to him. Your interest in him will raise his interest in you. Anything that appears to distract you from him will diminish the effect that your own interest has.

3 Watch your language

Many sites state that women who curse are actually seen as more attractive, this was a shock to us as much as it is to you reading this right now. Some sites say that cursing makes you seem more confident, creative and yes attractive. But we urge you to hold off on your creativity speak until you have more of a connection. Cursing right away may be too much and will most likely scare him off. So start by removing curse words from your vocabulary right away.

2 Ask questions

When you ask questions, you do two miraculous things. First, you instantly show him that you are interested in him, and want to know more. He will appreciate this because it feeds his ego and makes you more likely to be a potential romantic partner.

But it will also help him relate better to you, especially if he is shy or feeling awkward, because it will give him something to talk about. Being able to speak to you dispenses with the biggest hurdle most guys face. It also gives him an opening to then in turn ask you a question and get the conversation rolling.

1 The very best combination to get his attention

Researchers at Webster University spent hours hanging around bars and carefully noting every flirtatious move that was made by both men and women. What they discovered blows away all the stereotypes. Looks, it turns out, had nothing to do with which women were approached the most. It was their confidence, and specifically two features: their smile and their eye contact. And that takes only one minute.

Did you notice that this article gave 13 amazing ways for you to instantly become more attractive to men, without even once mentioning undoing your top button?  Just thought to mention that.

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