13 Ways To Take A Flawless No-Makeup Selfie

Do you cringe at the thought of taking a selfie unless your makeup is flawless? When you accidentally open your front camera are you horrified by the welcome of a double chin? Well there are some ways you can take a flawless no makeup selfie. Getting up close and personal with your naked face is terrifying but also liberating especially when you’re sharing it with all of your friends, family and stalkers on social media. Lately every Instagram “it” girl and celebrity is revealing their beautiful bare face and it probably has you wondering, maybe she’s born with it or maybe it’s three different apps and a filter. You’re probably thinking, it’s hard enough to take an amazing selfie with makeup on but there are some tricks and tips that make taking a fresh-faced picture easy and fun. Here are 13 ways you can take a beautiful barefaced picture that will probably earn you hundreds of likes.

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13 Lighting

Lighting is everything when taking any selfie and it can really make or break a photo. Natural light is perfect for taking natural no makeup pictures with your phone. Stand near an open window or if you’re really serious you can position a bright lamp to create direct light or you can purchase a ring light. Facing direct light brightens dark circles, under-eye bags and eliminates any shadows. Bright light also gives your skin an instant glow. Kim K the selfie queen herself recently revealed that her secret for amazing lighting was her LuMee case, which features LED light strips. So turn off your flash, step into the light and shine bright.

12 Groom your eyebrows

You don’t want people to be distracted by your scraggly eyebrows. Your eyebrows shape your face and make a huge difference when you are going for a natural look. Find your perfect eyebrow shape and clean up any stray hairs. Brush your brows to see where they need to be filled. Fill in thin spots with a brow pencil or eye shadow. Set your brows with a brow gel to keep all of the hairs in place. Just make sure you don’t over do it, eyebrows that are too thin or too thick can be overly distracting and you might end up looking like Oscar the Grouch.

11 Tame your mane

A good hair day is the perfect day to take a selfie. Let your beautiful shiny hair frame your face and function as a cover up for any blemishes on your cheeks or forehead. If a huge pimple on your forehead is causing concern don’t get crazy and cut your own bangs just position a middle part and allow some hair to fall over your face, this can also end up looking really sexy. Next time you go in for a trim or root touch up stop and pose outside the salon on your way out.

10 Find your angle

Holding your phone up high and tilting your head at a slight angle creates a really flattering look. This also eliminates any double chin action going on and allows you to show off a cute top or even a little cleavage. Your eyes will look bigger which will make you look more innocent and young like a Margaret Keane painting. A higher angle also makes your face look slimmer. You can even try taking it while you’re laying down with your head propped against a pillow, this way your arm won’t get tired and you’ll feel comfortable while you go through all 30 of the pictures that you just took.

9 Exfoliate and moisturize

When you’re going all natural you want to make sure that your skin is on point. Exfoliate in the morning and moisturize so that your skin doesn’t look dry. A good moisturizer will also increase your natural glow and give you a fresh dewy look. If you have oilier skin you can use a mattifying moisturizer or blot your face with a sheer powder- you don’t want to look like you’re sweating. If you’re feeling really flirty dust your cheeks with some shimmer. Since you’re going bare you want to make sure your skin looks its best. Sleep also helps your skin look refreshed so hold off on a long night of drinking.

8 Highlight your best features

Does everyone tell you how cute your dimples are or that you have beautiful eyes? Smile and smile with your eyes to show off your best features. If you have great lips add a little lip balm to make them stand out more. Certain apps like Facetune can help you enhance the color of your eyes and whiten your teeth. Let the things you love about your face be the things you show off. You can even go so far as putting your hand near your lips to show them off, your hands will draw attention to wherever you put them so point away.

7 Find a cool app

Certain apps can help increase the quality of your photo or provide really cool filters. Don’t get too app crazy, simply add subtle enhancements. Contrasting photos and changing the tone can create a warm finish. When in doubt choose a black and white filter, that always looks good. Make it fun by adding cute characters or special effects. Apps like PicFx and Rookie Cam have great filters and editing tools. Just take it easy with the airbrushing tools you want to keep it as close to natural as possible and you don’t want to end up look like a cartoon. Jessica Rabbit is hot and all but she is definitely not all natural.

6 Background check

There’s nothing worse than looking great in a photo where there are empty beer bottles and dirty clothes in the background. All of your friends will definitely call you out and nobody will even pay attention to how great you look if your room is a mess. Make sure you’re in a friendly environment; the waiting room at the doctor’s office probably isn’t the best place to have a mini photo session. Natural settings lend a helping hand in creating a great photo. Pose at the beach or beneath some trees in a neighborhood park. Even a simple white wall will do the trick.

5 Be silly

Making a funny face shows off your personality. You’ll stress yourself out trying to take a super serious picture. Try a wink with a little tongue action. Your crush will think, “this girl doesn’t take life too seriously and she’s fun.” But avoid the kissy face because that’s so 2010. If you’re making a silly face it takes away some of the attention from the fact that you don’t have fake eyelashes on, blush and foundation. You can even try holding a prop like a cute puppy or your new favorite book.

4 Lip balm 

Chapped lips aren’t ok in any situation. Make sure to add a little gloss or balm to your lips so that they look smooth and moisturized. Adding a little lipstick is the easiest way to get away with wearing makeup in a no makeup selfie. Smith’s Rosebud Salve adds moisture and shine. Giving your lips some moisture will also make them look more full and plump. No one is going to want to kiss you if you’ve got dry flaky lips. If you want to be really prepared rub some Vaseline on your lips before you go to bed.

3 Accessorize

Wearing some cute accessories adds a touch of charm and sparkle. This also lets you show off your style. Throw on your favorite necklace or even a silk scarf. You can play around with a hat or wear a pair of glasses. This livens up your photo and gives you some character. Limit yourself to no more than 2 accessories because you don’t want to look like a walking mall kiosk. Try a side angle with your hair tucked behind your ear to show off a pair of earrings or a trio of precisely placed studs.

2 Smile

Your best accessory is your smile. Brush your teeth before snapping away and check for any debris that might be stuck in between your teeth. If you’re self-conscious about your teeth you can try a sweet closed mouth smile. Try laughing a little to show off a more genuine smile. Forced smiles can be awkward and really uncomfortable, like that photo you took on picture day in the third grade. Even a cute little smirk can be really alluring. Smiling makes you look more attractive and approachable. They say smiles are contagious, so give a smile and maybe you’ll make someone’s day.

1 Be confident

We always hear that confidence is sexy and when you feel good you look good. So let your confidence be your best feature. Let the world know that you’re fabulous with or with out makeup. If you think you look good everyone else will too. Write a positive comment under your photo and don’t let people know that you feel like a troll without your makeup. If you say you look horrible you’re either asking for a compliment or people will simply agree. Avoid writing things like, “OMG I look like a troll with out makeup.” Go au-natural and feel good about it!

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