13 Ways To Show Off Your Modeling Skills On Instagram

Prove to the world that you can be and really are in fact a model. Instagram is the latest tool women are using to become recognized as professional models. The women who work at it, practice their poses, and their social attitude are the ones who are making it big.

If you doubt that you, because of your body type or your less than cheerleader type looks can make it as a model on Instagram, think again. It is no longer about how tall a woman is or if she has super high cheekbones. In fact, shorter women are finding that they are having great success as a model on Instagram because they represent the average woman and brands are picking up on that.

One of the main goals when you are working on building yourself up as a model is  to push for those first 100k followers to show brands and modeling agencies that you have the following and the self marketing skills necessary to be hired as an Instagram model.

But don’t expect to become a popular model overnight. You have got to learn how to show off your modeling skills as well as your inner beauty and winning personality. This takes time and patience, but with the right know how, you can reach beyond the stars.

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13 First, The Lighting


Lighting is key to taking the perfect shot. It doesn’t matter if you are taking a selfie or if someone is taking the photograph for you, always check out the lighting first before the posing begins. Natural light is the absolute best light for selfies and photographs. It is free, but it does demand a bit of know how when you use it. First of all, always face the light and let it brighten up your face. Having the sun behind you will put your face in the shadows and that is something you don’t want. If you have no choice but to use indoor lighting, test out the lighting first by taking sample photographs. If it doesn’t work, consider changing your lightbulbs to bright LED bulbs and then softening the light with a white umbrella.

12 Practice, Practice, Practice


Practice posing in front of a full length mirror. Really look at yourself and see which poses look the most attractive. Try out different hand poses, such as hands to the waist and hands on the hips. Also, spend every free moment practicing facial expressions. Experience every emotion in front of the mirror to see what looks best on you and how you can improve the look. Examine your eyes and teach yourself to smile, show anger, and excitement with only your eyes.

11 Angle Phone Downwards


When taking a selfie, never angle your phone up towards your face. Doing this brings out the shadows in your face and can accentuate dark circles under your eyes. Instead, hold your phone above your face and angle it downwards. This creates a flattering selfie and it hides the baggage under your eyes and pretty much eliminates the double chin or fat chin effect caused by selfies that are angled upwards.

10 Pose With Intention


Don’t go limp in front of the camera or your cell phone and don’t just let your arms dangle. If you are posing for a shot, then make the effort to pose. Modeling is a lot harder than it seems to outsiders and once you understand that every move a professional model makes is intentional, you gain a deeper respect for the profession. Think of Madonna’s song, Vogue, and “strike a pose”. Deliberately place your arms, hands, legs, feet, face, and torso into striking positions for each photograph. Change your position slightly for each selfie so that you can find that one perfect pose to post on your Instagram account.

9 Chin Up


Tyra Banks gave Seventeen a list of dos and don’t when it comes to striking a pose. One of the most important don’ts is to not hide your neck in a pose. Keep your chin up or pointed forward. Elongate your neck, because showing your neck is showing that you are confidant in yourself. Burying your chin and hiding your neck is a sign of a weak will and no confidence. Avoid it. Instead, show your strength with proper head tilting and posing. Work in front of the mirror to find your power poses and your strong, seductive poses.

8 Know Your Best Side


We all have a side that we like the best. I prefer the left side of my face, but I also know that I can get good, strong selfies by focusing on my right side. Know which side is your best side for each shot and work with it. Use it to hide one eye being smaller than the other or use your best side to hide a flaw on the other side. If you are unsure which side is your best, experiment with your photos and find out what side works best for which kind of picture.

7 Avoid Slouching

Avoid slouching pictures. They make you look heavier than you are and they are not the most attention grabbing pics. Slouching also makes you look defensive and show a lack of confidence. Instead, learn to keep your shoulders back and relaxed. Keep your back straight. If you are having problems with your posture, practice good posture throughout the day by balancing a book on top of your head. Yeah, it looks silly, but my friends and I would practice this method a lot back in school to improve our posture.

6 Embrace Silliness


Get silly for your selfies. Goof off with your best friends and take a bunch of snapshots while laughing and goofing off. Be outrageous and don’t be afraid to make silly faces for your selfies. Some of the best poses and selfies have happened by sheer accident. If you are not feeling up to a serious photo shoot with yourself, get goofy with it instead.

5 Capture Your Reflection


Take selfies of your reflection. Reflection selfies can be extremely fascinating. You can use a mirror to take a full body shot, but you can also use other sources for capturing your reflection, such as your reflection in a window, in a puddle, and even on your blank computer screen. Aim for the unusual and use the reflection of your body or face to your full advantage, capturing angles and shadows.

4 Go Natural & Go Ham on Makeup


Never be afraid to experiment with both your natural beauty and with makeup. Depending on your lighting and the angle of your phone or camera, you can capture some amazing photos of yourself both with and without makeup. For myself, both the early morning sun and sunset are the perfect lighting for my natural skin. For afternoon and artificial lighting, makeup rocks. In my day to day life, I wear little to no makeup, but when I do a photo shoot for myself, I like to occasionally pile on the makeup. What looks awful in real life can sometimes look simply amazing on camera, especially heavy eye makeup and lipstick.

3 Play Music


Put yourself in the mood for taking selfies. Decide on the mood you want to portray in your pics and play music that will help put you in that mood. When you are feeling bummish, opt for playing music that will energize you. Always use music to your advantage when you are modeling for your Instagram photos. Music can put you in the mood for the photo shoot, it can give you the oomph you need, and put you in the right mind frame so that you can take that day’s perfect photo.

2 Keep Away From Trashy Looks


Post selfies and photos that are classy, down to earth, artistic, high fashion, and even dramatic. The only style of photo you really need to avoid to appear professional is the trashy photo. Avoid looking like a cheap prostitute. If you are going to show some skin, study the models in high fashion magazines to see how they pulled it off. Unless you are a biker babe and are aiming at representing biking brands, avoid the look altogether. As a model, you are selling a look and not your body. The look that you put out there will determine the brands and modeling agents you attract. Either aim high or aim towards your personal interests.

1 Take Classes


One of the best ways to learn how to look like a model is to take modeling classes. There are modeling classes available in most cities. Do your research, read reviews online, and take classes that you find appealing. Even if you do not believe you have the classic model looks and even if you think that you don’t have what it takes to hang out with other beautiful women, just know that many of the women who take modeling classes are there to better themselves and improve how they appear to others. Modeling classes will help you build the confidence you need to take amazing selfies of yourself.


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