13 Ways To Make Sure Your First Kiss Is Not Your Last

*Sigh* Your first kiss with the new guy you’ve been seeing. Hollywood has been capitalizing on your emotions and your hormones since Casablanca was released in 1942. You’ve been fantasizing about it since you arranged the date and the feeling of butterflies has only gotten stronger since you saw him walk into the restaurant and run his fingers through his hair. Now you’re thinking you should have made him wash his hand before sharing the bread platter; that was a lot of hair gel. Never mind, off topic. There are so many variables in place and they are all going through your head at a mile a minute. How will it be? Will it be good? Bad? Long? Abrupt? Or everything every movie ever has told you it will be. Or will it be like kissing a fish? The truth is, you never know until you take the plunge.

13 Have Soft Lips

Guys love soft, supple lips. It’s important to have soft lips and not dry, flaking, sandpaper mouth. Carry around a chap-stick or one of those fancy Eos balls if you find yourself wondering if your lips are as moist as he wants them to be. Most chap-sticks come with a scent too, which helps if you don’t happen to carry around a toothbrush or mouth wash with you.

12 Fresh Breath Is Your Best Asset

Speaking of fresh breath, it’s probably the most important variable on this list. Not because if your breath doesn’t taste like the right amount of fresh cherries that he’s gunna care; more that if that garlic and onion pasta you just ate is lingering if your mouth, it’s a quick way to guarantee there is no second date. Always carry a pack of gum, spearmint, peppermint, wintermint… if it has mint in the title, it’s your new best friend.

11 Have Intent

You wanna kiss him right? Then prove it. Nothing is worse than when one party goes for the kiss and the other person half pulls back and gives a half ditch effort. Many people say what makes a good kiss is the passion put into it. And though you cannot control chemistry, you can afford the amount of effort you are putting into it. If you’re going to participate in the kiss, then make sure your partner knows you want to kiss them just as badly or not only is it going to be boring, but they aren’t going to want to go out with (and kiss you) again.

10 Kiss Like A Human

This might sound strange but then there are horror stories about people having terrible first kisses with people who have little to no (or the entirely wrong) notion of how to plant one on the smacker. They have compared some people’s kissing technique to those of dogs and fish. The idea is not to eat your partner's face. You are not a zombie. If you aren’t sure, use minimal tongue, not-too-fast movements, and let them take the lead.

9 Be In The Moment

Nothing takes away from a first kiss than when you aren’t in it. Stuff goes on; in your life, in your head, maybe even at the restaurant five minutes ago. Don’t let it ruin the moment for you. You’re better off letting your date know that your mind is preoccupied with something than going for a kiss that you can’t really focus on. He’s going to know your mind is somewhere else and if it’s not on him, he’s going to take it personally.

8 If You’re Not Confident, Fake It

It’s probably safe to say that some of you MAY have more experience with this whole kissing thing than others. And that’s okay. If you can dance, cook or ride a bike, you can most likely figure out how to kiss. Try Googling some kissing tips, which will tell you to take it slow, use your breath and maybe throw in some light lip nibbling. And if you’re not confident, fake it. Kiss with intent and passion, be in the moment and let them lead. Everyone kisses differently anyway so you’ll figure it out.

7 Time It Right

Timing is everything. A kiss at the wrong time can be a complete mood killer. And a poorly timed kiss can cause serious concussions if you’re both super excited about the whole thing. It’s said that the time spent on the lead up to the kiss is almost as important as the kiss itself so make sure you allocate time for eye contact, moving in close and some close range breath before your lips make contact. And probably not best to cut your date off mid sentence while they’re talking about their dead grandmother with a big pucker right on the mouth. Bad timing.

6 If He Doesn’t Go for It, You Can

The year is 2016. Feminism is at an all time high and women everywhere are grabbing life by the horns. Though most guys will go for the kiss because they want the kiss (and probably a lot more), that doesn’t mean you have to sit around and wait. Some guys are genuinely shy or have concerns about timing it right or are insecure and just won’t be able to do it. Cute right? You can wow them and kiss them first. Most of them are more than happy to do the kissing but don’t want to make a faux pas in kissing you first.

5 Make It Short And Sweet

Your first kiss shouldn’t be a hardcore make-out session that ends with half your clothes in a pile on the restaurant floor. Besides the fact that you’ll probably get kicked out or arrested, it’s in bad taste. First kisses should be short, sweet, passionate and make your partner want more. It’s perfectly acceptable for a kiss to end with some giggling and eye contact only to lead into another kiss. But it has to end to gauge your date’s reaction first.

4 Don’t Ruin It

Well that sounds vague, doesn’t it? If you manage to have soft lips, decent breath and not eat their face, you’re halfway there. Many perfect first kisses have been ruined by the awkward blurting out of something random that follows immediately after. If you are prone to killing awkward silence or nervousness by saying silly things, do yourself a favour and kiss them again to avoid verbal diarrhea. Or there will be no second kiss.

3 Use Your Hands

Use your hands doesn’t mean take their clothes off or grab them inappropriately. But a passionate first kiss doesn’t mean you are both going to stand 2 feet apart and lean in close while you try to keep your balance and try not to bump heads. Pair your pucker techniques with an embrace, run your fingers through his hair, let his hand graze your cheeks… all of these things contribute to a more memorable, hotter first kiss and almost guarantee you more.

2 Leave It At Just The Kiss

Do I or Don’t I is commonly thought by both parties on the first date, usually even before the first date occurs. In modern dating culture, hooking up is almost more popular than casual dating. And in some cases, whether or not you go home with someone will have zero impact on subsequent dates. But there are some who stand by the fact that it’s bad form to get it on after date one. So follow steps 1-12 and you won’t leave a bad taste in his mouth. Instead you’ll get more kisses and a second date.

1 Set Off Actual Fireworks

Ask anyone what made their first date special and you’re sure to hear some story about how they kissed and there were butterflies or fireworks and it was magnificent and doves cooed and there was probably a double rainbow, you get the picture. How adventurous are you? You, too, can experience fire works. Just carry a Roman Candle in your purse and light it off while holding your hand in the air while you kiss and you’ll know exactly what it’s like.

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