13 Ways To Get Out Of The Friend Zone

So you have a crush on a guy who is amazing. He’s everything you've ever wanted in a man: tall, sexy, smart, caring, and he started out as a friend. How perfect! Well, maybe not. While some relationships do kick off with a solid friendship, others never blossom from them. Instead, they are succumbed to being in the friend zone forever and ever. If you met someone and you’re afraid of getting stuck in the black hole of the friend zone, you need a proper plan of attack. And for those who have already found themselves in the unwanted territory, there’s still hope for you too. There are several ways you can help try to get your friendship bumped up to the next level of something romantic. For all of you gals out there looking to have that guy see you in a new, sexy light, here are a few things you can do to make it happen.

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13 Admit It To Yourself

The first step to overcoming something is by admitting there is something to overcome. When you tell yourself you are still aching for your ex even after a year, you are finally giving yourself permission to move on, but first, you need to grieve in order to heal. The same goes for this circumstance. Admitting to yourself that you are in the friend zone will allow you to understand where things stand and therefore allow you to fix them - or at least try. It's also important to understand that if things progress to something romantic, you won't have that same friendship anymore. And if things don't work out, you may never get that back again.

12 Figure Out How You’re Perceived

You might think you are being this sexy vixen when you are out with your friend, but in his eyes you’re like the sister he never had. No bueno for you. Take a step back to stop and think how your friend perceives you. Are you always there listening to his problems? Baking him brownies when he’s had a tough day? If so, he might see you more as a mother than a potential mate. Or maybe you're hanging out with him doing guy things like he does with his male posse and that make you seem, well, kind of like one of the dudes. When you put yourself in your friend’s eyes, it’s a great way to see things in a whole other light.

11 Don’t Be Too Interested

Of course you are interested. Not only is this person a friend of yours, but he also holds the key to your heart. Naturally you’re going to care...a lot. But it’s important to hold off on seeming too interested if you want to skip your way out of the dreaded friend zone. Sure, talk about what’s bugging him, but once the conversation is over, let it be. Don’t text him constantly asking how he’s doing or telling him you’re there if he needs you. Duh, he knows that already. He doesn’t need you constantly telling him. What he does need is for you to care about his issues, but not obsess over them.

10 Break Away

If the two of you are always together, doing anything and everything with one another, you may need to take a break. Naturally, you want to spend as much time as you can with your friend, but he needs to see that you have a life of your own. It’s not sexy when a person doesn’t have their own interests. Plus, when you give a little space between you two, you’ll be able to have more to talk about once you do get together. Who wants to talk about the same ol’ thing anyway? And with a little distance, there’s a good chance that he’ll miss you too.

9 Have Your Own Life

As stated as above, it’s really important to have your own life. It’s not only essential to simply give you and your friend some space, but it’s important for you as well. You have one life and you need to live it to the fullest. Do the things you enjoy and hang out with the people you want. Try new things and make time for some quality alone time with yourself. A person with their own life, with lots of things going on and who is cool with hanging out solo is so much more attractive than someone who needs to hold someone’s hand through life.

8 Mingle With Others

Yes, we know your friend is the main person whom you want to hang out with. We totally get it, but you still need to make time to hang out with others. Remember those girlfriends who have been asking you to happy hour for a month? It’s time to get back in touch with them. Your friend cannot be the sole person you hang out with. It’s not healthy and you’ll only get sick of each other. And while you’re at it, mingle with some other potential singles. Who knows, you may even meet someone you click with better on a more romantic level.

7 Don’t Overdo It With Favors

While cheering up your friend’s day with funny videos of cats or freshly baked cookies is something you enjoy, you need to stop. You cannot overdo it. Yes, if a friend is in need, you want to be there for him. But you also need to have your own life and make time for the others around you. Don’t allow yourself to do too many favors for this one person and have them take advantage of your kind character. Overdoing it will make you appear like you have no life and that your main concern is your friend and nothing else. Would you want to date that?

6 Ask Him On A Date

Speaking of dates, why not just ask your friend out on one? We get that it’s scary - there is a chance he might say no - but it’s worth a try. If you don’t you’ll never know. Enough of the waiting around and wondering if he will ask you out. He probably won’t since he considers you a buddy. By you asking, it will definitely put you out of the friend zone. Your friend will finally know that you are interested in more and eager to see whether this relationship can be pushed to the next level.

5 Don’t Assume You’re In The Friend Zone

Now, while it’s important to admit you’re in the friend zone when you are completely sure that’s the case (like if the two of you have been best friends since growing up), you shouldn’t assume you’re in the position if you're not positive that's the case. For example, if you just started hanging out with a guy and he has yet to ask you on a proper date, don’t assume he only thinks of you as a friend. Maybe he’s just shy. Or maybe he’s nervous that you only want to be friends. Don’t put yourself in the friend zone right off the bat when you don’t have to.

4 Be Truthful About Your Feelings

You need to be honest about your feelings, especially to yourself. If you have developed feelings for a lifelong friend, accept that. Seriously, things could be a lot worse. Don’t feel weird around the person because you’d now like to see him with his clothes off. It’s normal to have feelings occur overtime for someone you are close to, so accept that and be honest to yourself. If and when you’re ready to tell the other person your true feelings, be sure to stay truthful to him as well. After all, he could do a lot worse than having you interested in dating him.

3 Check Your Attitude

Holding in your feelings for your friend might have you cranky. You hate having him see you as a friend and you find yourself getting crabby when the two of you are together. Why can’t he just read your mind and feel the same way as you? We get that you’re frustrated, but having a bad attitude isn’t going to win your guy over. Come on, there’s no way you’d be attracted to your friend if he was giving you attitude when the two of you hang out. But maybe you don’t have an attitude toward him. Maybe you’re feeling more emotional because nothing seems to work in your favor and the last guy you had dumped you for your friend. Whatever it is that’s bugging you, you have to channel it and let it go.

2 Revamp Your Look

We are not saying you need to change your look completely in order to win over a guy. No way. But you should give yourself a once over before you see your friend. If you want him to look at you romantically rather than as a buddy, you have to sex it up a bit. Dress like you would as if you were out on the prowl with your girls, or on a hot date with that sexy new guy from your office. You need to feel sexy and confident before he can look at you with those googly eyes you're hoping for.

1 Let It Be

If you've tried everything imaginable to get out of the friend zone and it just isn’t budging to the next level, you need to let it go. Maybe your friend can’t take a hint or maybe he’s not feeling the same way as you. Regardless of the reason for it not working out in your favor, you need to let it be. Yeah, it sucks, but why lose a friendship over something that won’t work out? If it’s meant to be it will be. If not, it only means you will find someone more suitable for you. Bonus, you'll still have your best male friend there by your side. Sounds pretty doable to us.

sources: huffingtonpost.com

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